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your entire sy:
your stomach,
It is the best
and Spring To
the market, we
bottle, 3 for $:
'We H(an,dl
Bryan's Platform.
The Democratic platform of 1908,
if W. J. Brian controls the conven
tion, will not demand absolute gov.
erunment ownerbip of railrouds. This
bas been authoritatively announced
by James C. Dahlman, natio',aIl
oommittemnn from Nebraaka. The
statemenlt is in the natttrr of Itn
oflicial anunoucement for the resnt) I
that Mr. Dablinau is in close touch
witb Mr. Bryan.
From the same source it iv stated
that tariff reform will again becowe
a domniinant feature of tht plat fol Im.
While Mr. l)ablnan wits not able to
go into m iuute details, he says the
proliinnt phmuks it Mr. Dryani's
plat,fort Vill concerntue ut, t Ile tam -
il, stattu regulation .' , the
railroad ownership p ("O1.
I picuous by its abse-1
('O11,40i1 tionat g ial IHv-e
t si rtlng indlorsetiJeLIt .. p.
)t(e Of Cam)aign c von from
trust; Indt tlrge ecrl......,...., Ild re
CeVii severe COnldemnationlt) it. I le p;;
!Ori will define thO nvc ."itv to at-(l
r11111 11 n il d -118.V ('tIili~( i
llunling campo l \ls.
. Unsupation of power by t he pres
]entt aihin will be askedu to declare that
J 'reid li II oosevel t mI t.his revsp.eti as
well as ini the~ nuitter of accepting or
)pprovm g C amtpatignt contr iution s,
has oJverteppejjXd the tiue demtocratic
Govern met 'c*onomLics will receive
be( demnad mli naval circles. It will
be dCcIlared that tihe vasHt sums1 spent
oi) artnament may be mnuch better
emIployed in irrigatinlg the plains of
t.1be west. D)evelopmnent (If river nav
igationi is to be0 mldorsed.
FElection of Untited Statecs senators
by direet vote of the peCople, reformat
tion of civil service rules and a strong
foreign policy will be strongly p)ro
claimed and pledged.
No oetures of any sort is to be
mnade to the popuilists, beyond ai get -
eral inlvitattion direCted to all classits
to join forces with the Democratic
party mn an effort to efore( the prin
(iples proclaimed and demx.anded in
the Democratic faith.
Grinniell, Iown, is a town of 5,000)
iinhabhitanlft$ and has no gas plant. It
has instead a very energetic electric
com'IpanyI, which is dloinIg its best to
t.,ahe a gas planit unnecessary. A
Special rat,e is made for houiseholders,
who1( matke uise of ' at *for
cooking and similar ' dI pur-t'
posesH. TherCIe are( n lectric
irons inI use in the e
The E~arl of 1Uut to the
end of his life. anh itrie, a
great social favorite amt.1 Ia - (rrible
old flirt.'' On leavinig a r\omI he
would take leavo c.f the prettIiest
young lady with theo old fashlione~d
courtesy and say: "GUood bye, moy
dear, an I pray remlemb er, th at Mlar -
garol, C.ounitess of IBuchan, is ntot
and build up
tem, especially
by using
Biood Purifier
ic ever put on
believe. $i a
Drug Co.
e The Best."
No Plums.
The Southbern Republicans are mad
because tbey Fay that the president.
has iurnored them and given them
nr pluitta. That is the one thing
that wo hnve Fid up Ha a credit tc
Teddy Roc,sevelt. He knows that, a
$outi,hertt tnatn + hc can go hack on
tho pritci 1I4es of hiq hirth andct raisit,"
is n,c,t, nort.h [tru ltic,g with public
aflairQ; Inde lre hoa cut them mut.
1 h,ce c ll.\ 11l.ey 1'statrtec that sort. of
4w'e "'"li thc" '4ham1u and clis.
Vr Ce of se.in,g' white men of good
f nily tutm ling over each othert' t
gt fie uder 101 an Administration
that hiir cOnecee e.uld not ap
prov..-[F.crence Times.
Vi akes cKtinnv, and Miadder light
IFor the iNext
- Offer:
Fruit of the loom bleachin)
- Other bleachings 1yd. wi<
Riverside checks, 7c.
. Danville checks, 6c.
Other Dry Goods at price:
have just received a shipment <
line con,plete and we make the
ins~pct these goods.
We are still offering barga
your eyes.
VVomen's good every day
MVen's shoes from $i uip.
Nice line of Oxfords for e\v
is to inspect our line and if w':
claimi is true, dlon't buy of1 us5,
\VTe have a nice new lot of
the l1t*t styI)le on wvhichi we car
I im n1as )'OIIr pr<lute-1m
get toplI pice for 01 it.
Dec-aler in General \ Ierchan<
Amended Sunimons for Relief,
conpliiut Not S rved.
Pieieum, Cou.nty
Court of Co)nou Pleas.
Jot.t F'erguson as trustee of .Jau. M.
Fer"gnsott lnd hiel children .'Ames M.
Fergnan, Avat L. Link, Augrstus D.
Ferguson, Samuel B. Ferguson, and
Mattie .t. Ferguson and Jothn Fergu
son, Jr., and James Ferguson
John Ferguson, Benj. F. King, J. W.
. Cagle, H. C. Markley, T. B. Whit
mire, W. B. Freeman. t,. P. Mille',
Tames Finley and the National Bank
of Greenville, a o ,rporation, H. T.
Strond, 11. M. Ferguson, J. M. Fer
gusou, James Ferguson, Frank Fer
guson, Henry Grady Ferguson, Mitt
tie Ferguson, Jante White, Annie
Wordlaw, James Ml. Ferguson, Ava
L. Link, Augustus D. Ferguson,
Samuel U. Ferguson, JAm s M. Fer
gneon, Jr., Matt.i(+ J. White Hattie
Valentine, J. McD. Bruce, and .T. P.
Carey, Defendants.
To the Defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re.
quired to ~nsw( r the amended complaint
in this action. which is this day filed in
the ofilce of the clerk of court for Pick
ens county. auid to serve a c ,py of your
answer to the said comtplnut on the sunh.
seriher at his ofTice at Pic:c(ins.H. C., w I I.
in twenty daiys after the sNrvi.' hereof
('xclusive of the day of such seivice; tnld
!i' \(i 1n':lil to ans1we"r tho c:,n ll:int n it
im) the tiune afIOr:eidl, the PI Iltifl t inl
th is action wdl 1apply to the c.urt. For
Ihe re er d"ii1nn11ded i the (op)i tu.
1 ): t el A lril 2d, A. 1,. 1907.
A. i. lggs. (. C. P.
Pill's Auv.,
.' the abset defendants, .Junes .\l
J'ergust ni. ,tnes M. Ferguson. r.,
11Hnry md Ferguson, .ail ;tlergi
son, .Janie \Vhite, Ava L. Link, Ang"s
tlas .P. Ferguson, Samuel H. Fec'rgason.,
Mattic J. White and Hattie Vatlentine.
'1'ake notice that tho Auiended stum
110n1s :1 and c:mlplai..I. in. the above stte(l
ease were filed t the olfice of the t 'erk
of ('outrt of (:ommon Pleas for Pickens
county on the 2'd iay of April, 111l7.
1. 1. ('1rev,
Pill's Ally.
A pil, 4 ,w, 45-50,
Two Weeks we
Sat lc.
ec, 5c to 9C.
in proportion to these. We
f Dry Goods th)at makes our
prices right. Come in and
C7 LOTjIi N G!!
ins in this line that will open
S I.O ELS!!.
'year shoes at 75C to-$i.
erybody. All we ask of you
(cannoVt show y>ou1 that what we
lady's hats readly ti rmmed in
save you $2 to $3 on meh
ything you)( have to sell ,uul
Are Selling for (
0 9Comparing our srles foi
April 1907 shows a gain
of April 1907.
I Such gains make us fee
ciate our way of doing bu
* We shall continue the so
old way."
We have added to our
we are prepared to Guar
don't fail to see ours.
! We have also put in a li
They are strictly first-clas
Come to see us,
Buys every Chicken tha
Their Door..
\s y( can see( they have ju
areF thladvance gu~1ardl for Spinig
Weaeshowingfl some hun~fdso,
L. Roths
lot hier an.ii r:JJilar
April 1906 tor sales for
of almost two to one in favor
I like our customers appre.
me "Old story in the same
Stock a line of Stoves that
Ltee, and when you need one
ne of New Era Paints.
s in every way.
t comes around their
St arriVc(d Irom t!i(e I ra1 I
and Suniner styles,
110 and nlObby (:Ih(..
sch iId.

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