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1A;,I1rQd April 23, 1903 It Pickens, S. C., as hecond olass matter, onder net of Congress of 11arch 3, 1879,
c1( }U! ,
Poi try [
I . v,.ry t:lit!e y
bre 1(':t(1 o", v'
A 'i !;'4.\(;f I!R)M Til.' S1N
()i,1 I h:";i ( ;1 a '''l"t ,!u.'n iii! :
CO 'N " fth In.m
brmn : i1-2%\:.owa the mtlll"l
I r eph'1 , I am Ihinkil of ! J<,1 ' ( i
I h;ts i - -1 It Iiiii' l1'nu b (r w ith tI
valuable iplanets ofi the fields b ut 11
1aswd-1 uto oti(d. No one taims n
aind! l'la '. a im 1e iili so(1 bOx Uit
S'ing and thl'n eniltivates me.
have to fa,ll u)on tho cold earlh at
sny under the frozen ground a
colno upti on my own accord. If
should hIaipe n to fall near rho hou
or in some good soil I am cut dow
I have to live in the briars a
weetts. I have tried to show the pco
pie how valuablo I amn to tho mou
ing Ilen or the arowing chieks. Wh(
my seeds are matured 1 how dlown n
h' ad anti the chilcens fied from nou
ishing seos, and still the kepors
chikons pass mo by unnoticed. I hai
become at last yuito popular in tt
north tind vest and am being cultiva,
od there c'xtesitvel' for chicron feel
I have begun at last to reeive son
tittle attention Iaio and by aid by r
rarcless oft the hardships I have got
through with. I shall be cultivated :
the i llds and, ur,ru very helpful
ihe , oultr . kee ;ea- flocks. I can I
l'lla u(i as ate aoas June and do fair
Poultry Crank.
Pointed Paragraphs.
'iThl, l1tss for faame is plenty
Law.tV(r: ame 11l umost suceessfI
law Iroalkers1
Truth is ,t! hays ia friend to thos
whou loultly oeuh it.
It is jist possiile that liquor wool
improve with ago if men wuuk let i
Ignorance) islc't bliss if yoU don
know a good thing w11he yJu see it
The first. time ia man falls in los
he inlii'Hes lie is in a bottomless pi
Dn't, cast your pearls before swii
or it Womntu who is ia chronic kicke
A change in your manner of livin
may put tuore change in your pockol
Speaking of skin gaiea-what
the m)latt'::r with t,le beaut.% doctor
It takes a hrnve man to be chuin
)ver=Work Weakens
Your J(idneys
Unhecalthmy Kidneys Malic Impure Bloo
AllI thc bloodl in your body passes throus
your kidneys once Cycry three minutes.
The kidneys arc yo
4* blood purificrs, they
- impuritics in the bloo
If they are sick or o'
-of crder, they fail to
their work. nget
Pa'ins, achesandrhe
mu'm come fromne
.4.. c".. of uric acid in i
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes qluick or unstc
heart beats, and makes one feel as thouf
they had hcart trouble, because the heart
ov'er-working in pumping thich, hidne
poisoned blood through vcin.a and arterlic
It used to be considered that only urin.m
*troules were to be traced to the kidney
but nowi modern science proves that neari
all constitutional diseases have their begil
iing In hi. Incy trouble.
lifyou are uick y'ou can make no mlsto
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mil
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer
SwamnpgRoot, the great hidnev remedy
co')n renhized. It stands the highest fcr I
wecndlrful curcs of the most di:streezing cas<
an;d is sold on ks mcr its
by all druggi.2s in fif ty- so
cent and one-dollar siz-- % k I iE~"
e-. You may have a '' 'W
sample bottle by mail horn, o':f .
free, algo pamphlent telling you how to firn
out if you bir-e kidney or bladder troubl<
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kllm<
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, bi:t remenmb<
t' name. Swamn-Root, Dr. Kilmer
-S'm-ot. and the address, B3inghamtoi
w t 1) w) N%idow)Nv who has buried tillre
t I , 1 i
5 t
wul: 1:::31on voul" (i.lilg
h r h hadl 'tl'1 n rIly t(,(4h evon if Ohe
blt'! li't hiave' any1 at at!.
A1 v yug v.l,-.v always rt;is as i
eI w out ldl hive knl wn jilst as Illuch
1(1 si tihe never b).en I Itti ml'ried.
]I A l e ' .ivr ' r.('Ii t) 1)e ahle to
,i lil ..bout, lie: weight twtiti the samue
Setuinuiitstia, ,ie doe,s about her tage.
(I i-.'t> : rlm a
We Trust
If you are suffering from
impure blood, thin blood, de
bility, nervousness, exhaus
- tion, you should begin at once
I with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
e Sarsaparilla you have known
all your life. Your doctor
knows it, too. Ask him about it.
Unlnss there is (lntly action of the bowels,
posniuous pr-dtuets are absorbed, causing head
) acho, hsiliunsness. 111 n aus., dyspepisin, and thus
prevntn,g Ith 5arsaparilla from doing its best
v" work. Ave-r's 1i11ns are liver pills. Act gently,
all vegetable.
Mado byJ. C.A yor Co.. Lowell, Maos.
Also manufacturors of
We have no secrets ! We publish
tho formnulas of all our medicinos.
Benjamin Frtnklil Smith was born
e in Pickens county, S. C., March 26,
18315, moved to Crawfurd county, Mo.,
d in 1870. locating near Leesburg,
t. where he lived for 30 yearq. He
moved to Iecdlky, Fresno Co., Cal., in
. 1900, where resided until his death,
e April 9, 1907, at the age of 72 years.
He was married to Rebecca F Ken
neunur, March 6, 1856, and to them
were born six sons and one daughter,
all of whom, together with 16 grand
c ehilden, survivo him, his being the
only death during a married life of
8 51 years.
'8 lie made a public profession of
faith in Christ and united with the
IN Baptist church at the age of 19. His
life was consistent and he was an
active worker in the church to which
he belonged.
-His last illness was of threoe weekes
I.duration, and31 he fregnentI ly eSxpressedi
hthe desire to be at rest, saying het
believed his work finished Near the
.end hse quoted: "I have foughlt the
r gosd fight, I havt finished my Course:
SI hlave k<p the faithl eceot
o heeis laid upI for me a crown of
righti eouness 8."'
-- Besuides thet aiged widow, tile ch]il
(renl survivinlg him are Lanidrum, of
Whitt.ier, Cal.; Barnett A , of Pasa
,dana, Cal.: Mrs. Belle Moffett, of
s iteedley, Cail.; Joel HL., of Selmar, Cal;
Wmi. E , of (Catatwissa, Mo.; J. D) , of
y D)as fun, 0., and Elphin K , of Reed
lf'y, Cdl. All theo famliily excep)t Wm
-E were wlithl him during~ his lstt ill
e ne8s, anid thIis son) visited him a year
d before his death
lie was laid to rest in the Reedle
s cmetry,on the banka of |Kings
Sriver, amid a profusions of roe and
of.her flowers blooming inl tihe spring -
d -rhety MaIike Votai Feel (nood,
dtomarbe a1nd0 _ Liver Tablets, and1( th
r hlthy consdit ion of the blody anud mind
a which they create mnakes one feel joyful.
i, Prie, 25 coasts. Samlple free at Piek'
(3ns5 D)rui (o.
Executive Justice.
T[hc; trlessienrt's In(%w le"tt, r. c; , he.
case of if;y"r" an)d 111vw: t,. i..
v "ipiig. I wonl 1 h'v 1 .
bett<-r 14.r,l be S.tood nIII his uilt rI-.
totl the c( li.) labor 1"le iiuer t w (I.
tiond 1 itio. His lettr,in th1[et
New Y,)rk1 halbor chief l in d1i=t.inctly -ml
With thei radICal bbor element Whici
h( 11F. ('11 iih:dt. It is booit (I) iti
in) t.his ;if>rt" and, therefore' no good
Ctan be' acc;)mIplished by it, and it
were b)(tt.r unwrittenu.
'{ ho p)lresider)t assures the New
York labor leaders who had at talk
with him about the case that all be
wants is "exact justice." 'uat is all
he is supposed to want, and all he lia
a ri' lit to seek. He is commissioned
to administer the laws with exact
But wheu be assures these men
that he is desirous of doing aiything
he ean do to see that justice is ad.
ministered in thu case of the two wet)
accused of conspiracy to murder he
goes rather beyond his province. The
case of the two n i with the (ourts,
and it must be %%rought out there. It
is not i case of (.icutiv"r handlig at
ill, but bclongs to the judiciary. Mr.
Roosevelt cannot do anything with
propriety to itiuluence the course of the
proceedings antd he should not eve()
suggest that he uight do so. Hu Iai(
himself fairly open to the report that
the attorneys of the accused mnen)
have aitde to him, that they want
iothil g but a fer trial in the courts
wich hive jii;diction, aid thuo:se
C >i)U16i are ii. : .oubj'.et. to Mr. Roo.e
velt'S in)flueni ce.
'l'he pre,sidetnt has gotten himself
into a bud mess by a very indiscreet
utterance, and -he isn't improving ii is
position by trying to improve it.
-[Charleston Post.
A cold is muuch more oasily cured
when the bowels are open(ed. Kennedy's
Ivixative Honey and Tir opens the bow
els and drives the cold out of the system
in young or old. Sohl by 'ickens"Drug
Read The Sen
One Do]
"I Ai
t i'e 10
Of The
I Do So
.7ulia Miarlozwe.
"1 imprl'rviei under the" trealtuin nt, but
P. +oon I ::toppIed taking the muedi
ine, I ':' had again.
"I to~'; the medicine for two years,
I .:t sick again and z;ave up all
hws f otingeured.
I 'aw a testiliouial of a man whoso
(C.e wa . iilar to rnin b'l in": Inr,"di by
'\ rn.na, -] thought I would 1ive it a
"I p,?e("rdI a bottle it. onve annI on
ti:-nc"dl 1:.king it. i have taken several
ht I,tes :1,nn m entirely iure"d.
'I have gained In strength and
fccl like a different person. I be
4ie-e Peruna is all that is claied
i"or it.''
Nervines, sich as coal tar prerpara
tins, arce doing a great, deal of harm.
NI,,l nedicines and headache powders
ar1 a alike,-heart depressants, and
,:r!d. nlt be used. The nerves would
I- :ll ri:rhr, if the digestion wero good.
P',runar: corrects t he digestion,
ecs the News.
k . rigLn - - e
udi' Ort of wea~ring! It.
* ;ly feature of our1
style., grace,a
un Ilon)g their other
o l shoulders, a
I a c:oat--front
m... e i of the re
ufind in these
d tsh ionIable dis
* u in a huInred----.....
i, or ii
' o-oo o -c -....c oooo
Y . .:
oo oCr >o0oo0ooo-o-oooooooac : ,e a
NY \ remedy that benefits digestic
strengthens the nerves,
'i'he nerve centers require nutrit1io''.
If the digestion is impaired, the ner(
centers chome anoinie, and indigcst im
is the result.
Peruna is not a nervlnc nor
stimulant. It benefits the nerves v
bene fiting digestion.
Peruna frees the stomach of catari i
congestions and normal digestion is I h
In other words, Peruna goes to t he
bottom of the whole difficulty, wh';
the disagreeable symptoms disappi:"r.
Mrs. J. C. Jamison, 61 Marchant st.re t,
Watsonville, Cal., writes:
"I was troubled with my stomach for
six years. I tried many kinds of medi
cine, also was treated by three doetor-,
"They said that, T had nervous d;
pepsia. I was put on a liquid diet ior
Lbree nontis.
tinel=Jou rna
liar a Year==G
$15.00 Buysa
lii:onf't enlvy the mni
onel and( know the
A\nd merec comfort is n
in1comph jarab)le "'Schlos
perifect fit andl( good <
cha racteistics,
tihat simlhIy canh't br(ed
tIhat will neverQ Iose its
tinemen.its; of skilled 1
Bes ;iof all, the(y hav. .I
tition you won' nut
Ilo ? ia le l) )n

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