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Pickdlls SOlltinlOl-Jourllal
'W.as.I::111D1) EVER?:Y '11II' I)AY MORNINO. I
The Sontinol-Journal Company.
TIOMPIoN & .RiciiYr Pito's.
tibscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites iensonable.
K+utrodi at Pickons Istotttce as Sccond Class -
Mail Matter
TIIUtS)AY, MAl 14; 1907.
And it i:s sometimes neceenary to
put a man out in order to find what's
in him.
Avoirdupois and lots of it fotrms a
subtlo bond of sympathy botweeon
Secretary Taft and John L. Suillivat.
Senator Foraker has discovered to
his astonishment that he is not the
Rspublican party of Ohio after all.
An eminent scientist says "sun
shine is helpful." In Tennessee,
however, they rather prefer "moon
Girls, it's our opnion that you had
bettor be an old maid than the wife
of some worthless inan,&nd there is
a great quantity of them in circu
'The man who gets mad at what
the newspaper says about him
should return thanks three times a
d'by for what the newspaper knew
about him and suppressed.
The man who owes a debt and
persists in spending money for lux
urios is spending money that does
not belong to him. And yet how
often it is done.
It appears to the average reader
that Mr. Taft's candidacy, after all,
is with the consent of the president,
and that he would not think of making
the race without it.
Many more towns die for want of
confidence on the part of the busi
ness men and lack of public spirit
than from opposition of neighboring
towns and adverse surroundings.
A government expert says that
every person in this country eats 76
pounds of sugar in a year. Evidently:
this large average amount inlclud( 5
the consumption in Kentucky during
the mint julep season.
It is the person rather than the
occupation that adds dignity to labor.
There are those who can beautify the
most menial occupation or service,
and there are others who can do.
grade the most honorable calling. n
The woman who buys her goods at I
the nearest corner store is just as well i b
off', and just as happy in iife, as the e
friend that is ripping, tearing and ii
snorting from one bargain counter to Ii
another in the department store.
'Spain is going to expend $t60,000,- *
'000 in providing herself with a new o
navy. She appears to he able to In- s<
dulge in a few fashionable luxuries ir
since Uncle Sam relieved her of her r<
expensive and uinpro fitable colonial 4
bu~rdens. It
Between 21 and ~30 a man is ill S
five and a half days a year on an n
average; and between 30; and 410 seven sa
days. In the next ten voes he loses n
eleven cdays ann.ially, and betwveen (1
50 and 60, thirty dlays. n
There are two wvays of spending a n~
dollar. You canl spend it at ihome, g
gain an oasy consfcieceiC, manke another
friend and perhaps get the dlollar
back to-miorrow.m or you send it away,
feel that you have sinned1, olfond the
home merchant and forever lose the
dollar and the blessed influence for C
good to yourself and neighbor.
'00$ aNy '009 !SJ
*TMOJO Agffeaq 10,
Ig w; .wBssaau aq;i I1MA
palgaajua sua- ii2ua.149 ue
Isn't This
A Pretty G
If Not, Wh
How do you like the town
Pretty fair sort of place
move to some other town, woi
But you don't think much
what's the matter with this
ite book? The Mail Ord,
Now suppose, just for a
paper carefully, watch the ad,
see what you want ask the hioi
all of us trade at home a little
to hlp1 make this a better towi
And maybe if we'd keep an
build up the town we'dl keep ni
A\len should be enreful in origini
ling pet phrases. "All Quiet onth
otomac" killed a big gen<ral; "R:nn,
~omlanism and Reb)ellionl" knif.-d at
ig statesmae.: "T1he P.ublic he D) --d
mbarrassed a bi corporation maO('
ate, and "Dementia Amnericana"~
>st a big lawsuit.
Mr. Gladstone made the mist-dke
r thinking that the phrase "the lhmd
fthe heal'" referred to Scotland, atod
> used it And it was lhe atlse wi,
01one of his Midlothianii speeches,
iferred to the words of the Psalitu,
G~od tempers the wind1 to the shire
omb"-an text for which the devoutI
mny seairch the ScriplturIe~s in vin.
ydne(y Smith was guiltyv of an eve.n
ore atrociouis blh de when(' v l he
poko0 of that beautiful psalm b)egin -
ineg "Now lettest thou thy servait
epairt in PIe." A nlo less eniiou ls
mitake was made by~ Bright on one0
~casion, when he attrib)utedl the com.
Lon p)hraseI, .leaniliness is ne(xt to
n)dhlnes," Io) I hi A pos1tle Pautl.
.sioonaa -nv
pOOJ 1gaau!W pule
quq sopino,Id I
;na:,Xo ranJs*u
ood Town?
y Not?
,you live in -
isn't it. ? Otherwise you'd
l b11n't von?
of this town, you say ? Well,
town ? If there's ainything
wrong, let's all get to
. g(ther and right it.
All of ts live here,
and we ought to )ull to
gether. Nobody living
in New York or Chica
1 : ur St. Lolli> or S:ini
l"ranci,co is going to (4)
any pulling OR1 us.
On the eonitrarv,
j :;m1e of those Cities ar"e
doin; a lot of pulling
1 UO.\M u. 'l'he not
olnly 1)111 lax* S01101 of
'iil bei ll I L u n 11 a,
thre boys grow uip, b)ut
tl1ey pillI awy aWli nV of
101r ".000 Aineric'an dlol
l lars, which ought. to be
spent right here, where
they wonhl do the most.
\Whmat is your favor
r Catalogue? Al, so we
hange, vol read your local
O-rtisemnts, and if you don't
ne merchant for it. Suppose
lnor&' re(gularly. Th at oughit
oroc of ouil' molney at lhome to
ore of our b)oys at home.
A sy'stem that anysH to labor: "'You
shllI take w hat I offer yon wit hout a
word of remnonstrance. without any
Lonferencee as to its justice; you shall
take it or vo'i sh tll move your family
two~ hundred miles before you earn a
dolla1r,'' is as reali a system of slavc.ry
as anything that was over endured
in the Nor-hi or any of the Southern
states, for the man is utterly unable
to resist his circumstance. - Daniel
Webs er.
Scholarship Entrance Examination to
Freshman Class
The e'xamin)ationl for the award of
4rholarshlips( fromn IPickens county andi{
mlimii ~onIl to Freshi n cassH wvill be
h:eld ait the coun ty, courat honso (on Fri
day .1 uly 5, at Ii a. mn. Applicants for
scholarshiips may reenire bhonk forms
fro thI Ile counilty SuperliitenldOlt of FEdi:.
('atEIn. Th'Ie.o lanLlka must be hiled ont
pr'operly anid tiled wvitht the 'ouinty Su.
pe'ri ntenidenit of Education bforev theu
ginuning of the examination. TPhone
takm~g the ixaminlat1in for' entraniic( to
the F"reshmni (class and( not trying for a
sohal4arship slhuld file~ their app'ication
withI PridentCi I Mell. Th eI cobarsh ips
are'( worth $]100 atnd free tnlitioni. One
scholarshuip from each ~onnit.y may an..
bi et te Tekxtile cionrs'e, others must take
one of the Agribulturatl (col1rse. Exam
inationi paper wvill be furnish-ed, buft each
01plicant mlust provide himself with
seratch paper. The niumber of scholar
ahips to be awarded wvill be announced
Clemson Collego. B. 0.
Is here with all of its
refreshing soft drinks
We are serving a clas
cannot be beat in
sp)arkling;, life revivinm
Come in to See 11s w:
all we want is for you
we will not be vorrie
get your soda water it
Yours ar
Upl'-to-dlate Druggists,
W. E. FreeR
At the end of six
are more than gr
result, by fair d(
prices we expect
low we submit a
yOurV conlsid eratic
(iranuitited Suguar 18
Light Browi sugar, i
li. :,t gr eni (nfl 1 8 1 )
i " 41 f i(1)'(I coffee t
('. 4.4 parcht4.e c ffee
i.-ter pe m1 coffev,
t.Meat, (rib -ide) Ile
Eli jiil 1.1 .kg..ev"i
Univy (;1lV,iin,z dl wel
ht s ell , il, and res t11:L1rtl
Lndies do't fall to iS
millinery before b)uying
J.IMcD. Bruce,
-5 Per Cent [nterest P9
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hagoo,
J. M. Stewart, I. M. M
T. N. Hunter. H. A.
- t S made of the V(
'fNu (1h(i~ jon the very be:
/Jfii/ 'To thoseo who
we unlhesitatingly
TER S t 0M
ldory, it I
s of Sodk t
any cit r
' (11i111t)'
Icll y OU
to g
d about I
i the ftilt 4
mious to
Pickens, S. C.
un ~ Co.
weeks stay we
atified with the
aings and low
to increase. Ble
few prices for
lbs for j1
3 lbs for I
for .31
ulk, 14e lb
bulk, 16c, lb
milk, 200
p apples 25c
No. 6, 0ec
No. 1. (0o '
I-buckets :35c
,kets. 1)c
se ShR)ots for mnen
si, sho(
p ward.
>ect 01
ian &1 Co.,
Pickens, S. C.
;, and in fact, any thing that
that you are getting the top
I. M. Mauld in,
- - $20,500.OO
- - 20,5.32.0o
aid On Denosits.:
d, W. M. Hagood,
auldin, J. McD). Bruce.
Richev, J. P. Carey,
ry best leaf thait we can buy
at leaf market in the world.
>refer a natural leaf tobacco
say that after one trial of
Ion " 't. fl iiS WotiE Ii" for yOU.
S-Writo us for our spcinal prices *

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