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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 23, 1907, Image 5

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o found in any tc
Sole agents fo:
Sewing Machines
S hoer .1.1 w\Tinnl7
Fidden .iel-Journal
Hap1)eniIH .I and Personal
Mrs . 1-1. Craig has heen sick lut
SR impit:ed atL this wrii lg,
Mrs'. W. A. Bi uce retuned la.at
week from ai visit to re?latives inl
Mr. Craig anid daugh ter, A da,
have peenm on a visi I to the family
of her son, E. II. Craig.
MrI. andl( Mrs. W. A. (ilreath of
Greenville, Tpent S uday in Pickenis,
the guest of his mother; Mrs. E A.
Deborah, the infant daui ghter of
Mr.and1 Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Lesesne,
died at their home in Kingstree, S.
(., on the 13~th inst, and was buried
at Kingstree.
The Pickens ball team went to
(reer last Saturday like game cocks,
but returned like wvhiipped rootsce.
Cheer up, boys, there's a brighter
day coming.
M rs. J1. .. Lewis was called to R ich
land(1last week to the bedside of her
niceO, Miss Margaret Hughes, who
han since dlicd, of consaumtnO].
Married at 3 o'clock oni Suniday
evening May 19 at the hiome of the
bride Miss Lone T. Burgess to Mr.
Marcus Rodgers, all of P'ickens
county. Rev. WV. (. Seaborn, oflici
Mrs. l'oE), wife of :st r.
F. WV. the miost pr'omi
nenit citi eenville aind presi
dlont of 'Inoiuc.uring ('o.,
dlied at I n t hat city Sat ur
dayi~ aftem - nn illness of six
weeks. wasn oneI of t,ime
most belove(t womeu of the city, and
her (death in genierally nmourned. She
isi surviyed by her hiusband, four
daughters and one son. The funeral
line of Clothing,
3rgest and most r
mwn this size in the
Our stock of Clothing is
75C to $5, suits for yout
line of two-piece suits, s
Buy the celebrated HO:
ways "get your money'
Hats for everybody. V
Hat, This hat needs nc
ter than any other hat s
all the latest styles.
Walkover $3.50, $4 an<
Boyden $5 and $6 for r
Zeigler $3, $3.50 and $,
We have crowds of the
There are more $3.50 a
makes at the same pric
To see the prettiest line
a look at the Boyden, \
Big line of Shirts, 5oc t
Furnishings. Best and
r MIitclell W1ag;ons
3, I orse Shoe (otl
hliss Ina B g Iattended tho usic
fest.ival in Greenville last week.
I'on. Goo. S. LPgare and family
will ro ueh Pickens about the first of
Miss Hel en Boggs is %isiting Mrs.
.Lee (nrpenter in Greenville.
Miss Bence, of Greenvillo. is visit
ing her brt~ ther, WV. A. Bruce, in
viitig relatives in Charilotte and
othter North Carolina poinlts.
Miss Maittie Finley, who has been
visiting Miss Sarah Ella Reid, inl
Walhalhs, has returned to her home
in Pickei,s.
J F Brock no0w occupies the Hiar
ris house on Ann street, recently
vacaited by W. A. Thomas. M.'r.
C'hristo)phir, the h arber, is occupying
Rt. L: Davis, proprietor of the
Pickens Bottling WVorks, will move
his family to Pickens next week and
will occupy the Harris hiouse on Cedar
Rock streeot, recently vacated by Ml.
S. Nimnmons
(2ol. (Colum~bus 1. Hunt, wvho liad
b)een p)ract icing lawy iln Greenv~ille for
the paslt 1G6 years,8 dlid at bis hiome
in that city Monday iningiif, ag('d
.54 yeartis. At one1 time1 hle wais i a y
goods merc3ihaniit Itr, i5h ( sold out
and1( moved away, returinIg later1 to
H1. A. Rlichey, of Pickens.
\li's II. C. ('lyde, i e M i: b.a
I rad1lev, is visiting hetr unch-t, \haj.
I) F. Bradley, at El',ily, wasi visit ing
old1 frien,ds in Pienis, .\ lu 1day.
,ant ling lyu' 1 known in "ten daislof
auhfll ling syne,"' to all theO youngierti
friendslwh werie tl ruly3 glad to ee
heor, and look ilng so w'ell, too, andt
a hey w trt glad to revel in the rem
, iisUcnces of tiue b'h aso
Shoes, Ifats and (
ip-to-date line of
State and we are
the largest we have ever carr:
hs $2.50 to $i 2.50, suits for m<
erge coats and extra pants,
ZSE SHOE BRNND of clohin
; worth." Get your Spring sui
le are sole agents for the celeb
introduction as everyone kno,
old for $3. We have them bot
I $5 for men.
1 for women.
n in all styles both Shoes and
nd $4 Walkover Shoes sold t
in the world because they are
of Shoes and Oxfords ever sh
Valkover and Zeigler.
o $2. Heavy ncckwear and e
mist up-to-date line at right p
ihse City Bugg
The imnut i' o everybn d.
c:'ie to Piclkens, Sat u rdaV. .111n 1..
W. A. 'T'hmas ha Imnov-d to his
residence to "Greater Pckni."
B. C. Robulinson nt,w occulpics the
(1. W. Kielley houISe, haigmoved
C~ome to the exercises at Pickwe,
Saturday, .Junai 1st. T'his is youri
big dayv, old soldiers.
Let tvershody hav'e a gooud time
>nl the 1st pro)x. Come out and( hlp1
Las have a big (lay.
Saturday, ,June 1st, is the ilay for
oh old soldiers ini Piekons. Let
averybody come, and bring b)askets
md partake of the enjoyment.
Court convenes he.re Monday3, Juno
3d, and the ladies are arranging for
i great day <,n Saturday, Junne 1st.
rDet every Old soldier comoi.
Those who bring baskets to the
L)id Soldiera' picnic Satunrday, Tune 1,
ire requested to carry thoem to the
Methbodist chmuch, whore a commrite
will take charge of them.
If you are a veteran of the Civil
waur, como out on the 1st prox and
se0 anid hear and1( talk witb youir
(1hl i*omrades~ of the sitiOs. We
nreed soni in Pikes nn fthe Iatch
HfinIg honesLY onI the outs5ido for yon.
look( after von Ruf o,rdiiy, .Ju,nc 1sf,
and( lie hias the assiiInEe oif the la
dios of the. D-m. her1u of the <'onfd
0irac:, uand overyi inaniti an 01nm1 in
ii'n will help hihi in eiry iwayt~
pos)5ib)le to makel( ii pileasani for I he
'Tle memubi is of Al ii' ('r,1 iel hue
haell 01r!1an to ihe hu~ihe.s! bI I r, atf
fh ch ilorebl oin S oiuda eve r e, the
251Ith init., and( oni Sunudayv, flun- 1 ib,
there wil be anu all-day imi:uIn, to
whuich (everyhOdy is invited to ('ome1
'md( bring song books and1( wIIliled
ents' Furnishing
clothing and ge
prepared to prove
d) aaltg for ch'ldren
:n P.5. i C $25. Big
all sizes and all
g and you will al
t while you can be
irated Hawes $3.00
ms that it is far bet- C
:h soft and stiff in
han any other two P C
the best made at the
own in Pickens, take
verything in Gents'
LEmY &
Ji.es, Iron IKing Sto
,ts, B-oyden, Wa.1k
And 1e
as Is UOW I
tr drin
M1rs. (.. S. m'orrison, of Coluti IJI,
is visi tinig .\lntP*.1J. T1. I ichey, in
\ Iisses~ .Fan i e RobjinsIon ancl l.sie
ing Mrs ('. TB Ilagcod,.
bijllie MisI :iE e andS her( brol h.111r,
ltichuard. chIiirIen of Mrs. .1. B. I t.
l-i'eernan, aro0 quIito H.ek w ith foe. .
TI ho I'ickens Graded School w ill
cL,ae JV-'riday, theill' st ins1 ., and( will
.\<hnission 1~ and11( 25. a
'o!. W\, 8. J.'iceno~, a pro~ninent
Cil i/Iens of thiie B rush8y (Cree'k nectioni 1
of A\ nlersoun couunty, died at his homo v
Sun liy aufter a t wo months' illness, in t
hi I ih year. I Ic was a voteran of the L
eivd warLI and( huad a splendid re'puta ii
tion1 s a sohldier. A good man has
Goods. We can
nts' furnishings
what we say.
ves, New I oine
ovel and Zeioler
w ill do our best to please
Soda Fountaini(
pi andw are serving bet
ks than -ver b)efore, anid
v that is "saying a good
NVe will be delightedI to(
.s to you when you come
ur 01(1 A e'quainltance.
ens Drug C.o.
N. I lallum, Manager.)
P~rof. Wmn. E. Dendy, of l)oufglas
ie, Gau., spent Saturd.y with friends
n PickensH, anid passed1 around1 theo
Wie f'rm binjiy leasedHH to sOe
imn, his friends~ were glad to Peo him
kig so welV'(l. 1Prof. Dlendy~ has
'E en re el Ici 11 l CHpres ie t of t he
41'n t(federed ai rise.' insa ry--w
hing a~Pi teacher is 1 always prond .
hIii le he ikes his presenI)t loca1tion1
'olilihe likee Picensfl better, an<l' wasi
140ioihed at the progretss4 roa<i1t inI
ho townt sinfce his11 last visit here,.
Felo I wll obalIy 'spend!( huis fIunnuer~~
uitinug at the ile of Pines, Chairles
bo Stato P'ress AHsociation mueieto
1 June.
(Acddinional 14C<I col oni hs I noe )

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