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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 23, 1907, Image 7

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At our new leader "'Winnie I
very stylish and long lived sho
a smart dressy shoe for men. I
this new triumph of the shoemm
that has been brought out in y<
A Special Display of
Slippers and Sandals
(white stockings to match) and
on display. Guaranteed to s
have everything in Oxfords e:
them in as soon as you in
guesses with purchses.
D. I
Summons for. Relief'.
;'o' phiinlt se1v\d.
Pickeins (Iunty.
Court. of C"tlllion P1itis.
David 11. 3erk, II '1rv )1 erc(, E!vira
Sauer"1tioldI, '1TeXalna K4.lle* and) ZIlis
sour111 Smiith. Phtilntiffs.
aiin ?p'
I ,aw\rn'Iee I'. M l ek. Mtrs. ':l1: BIrt'on,
Ii. A wait . 'hi'' it:!v St4li!ew r't. :lI W . 1B.
'To I he I 1int;n.
Yolu nm)i.n'll t'1i and 1 r.
.luir"a i 1m I l'I: c nt inl Ih
acuion. n;y I )'h'trewIth1
t:e'rvld ( ils'r\ve :: cop v I f
IIr' nrlt c omihl inf I. ( upI onI I
Illter<.. ~II -r :" C. wVI1h-1
mi t.w\cnty 1h1I' atetr I1he sert'il'( h r.,f.
I'xchl Is' of the Ii oI f ui hl . rvi"I ;
:In( if vonl fail to :Inswt h<':" 1 m14 p11n :iin
,-:ithlin) ilhetimII a fo,r('aidt, t1he PT nI nill':
ill this at"tion wril! e l y tI, !'h ('u lr! f'or
the relief ilninde in th colmind
whichi I wa: i':I t i1 i th l' rk's f ee al f :.
pI '2 t " I If i r'1h ite, ithlti.
.atI l D'c. ' 1. 1!o..
A. tn4iil 114 II W(1 .iOl 1>Ntl Ii, (
lji at.iV4 1011 a ni d 1.1 u'je I li:Kn,.
fuNnnddiiVt' t P ldn uts. or -Iv.syt
Rrcky ih<taiu Teat <Nuggt
Atne Busy Ieiven fr Tbyole.s ndi
hBanhv olditin Healthe dy :newe Vind
whicthey foret Cosnakone feedlg.n joyful
Pre,L 2om 5 cnts. amph-. feen al byc
Aoo o, isineh morn euasily tened a
whe. theI i bowelsa ar lpeu-d fonn$dy'st
Loxtie Hney antiI011d TaI Iopn lhe bow
ots nnd1 dies th coh . ont of the1syt,
Auy eicin for Busy'hil Peopte.s
BringsGoldenHealt and42 Reeeuig or
A0 spcfi o Cosipatin. Inetion. wLive
nd Kine t.obls Pimr. Eczi n . o I ir
Blod ndieah sluggishi Howe1ls. each
]nd.acne.' Its Hoky Mounltain ena i tab
olt, fom 35 cets box. enine mad blily
Guioode flour ever gnack guaran)oiite atk
o4.25 hieIe bh1 sugr 20x ilbs frin $, best)('
y create more favorable corn
on the foot of a pretty woman
ley do on our shelves. Shoes
very conspicuous part. of your
ig and it pays to wear good
It pays to have your feet
dressed and wve can honestly
fat a pair of our shoes will do
)avis,"7 a moderate-priced but
for women, and - Kipg Bee''
'Iore people are pleased with
kers than any othcr one kind
Nill be found on our counters.
t'he finest white canvas slippers
or ladies that money could buy
men's "pumps'" are now on
tand sc.nshine and rain. We
cept ioti' feet and will get
spect our stock. Still giving
F,,r the abol)v(.e tc i''n t1be Chiarl's.
-ii .1e ,t We a, Caroliua RIZ lway will
I cleai}> t'uit trip tickets. F~r
rte"k etc See tick:t a gents or writ',
Erniest. W'illiamsu,
G P. A. Augu:ta, (.
Poley's Kidney Cure
makes i.idneys and bladder right.
FIor the Neox t
Fruit of the loom bleachint
Other bleachings iyd. wid
Riverside checks, 7c.
Danville checks, 6c.
Other Dry Goods at p)rices
have just received a shipment o
line con,plete and we make the
ins:pect these goods.
CLOTrI~ i I N G!
We are still offering bar-ga
your eyes.
S I lO ES!
WVomen's good every day
Men's shoes from $i up .
Nice line of O)xfords for av
is to insp)ect our line( andi& if we
claimn is true, don't b>uy of us,
Wec have a nlic( neGw lot of
lhe letest st) le on wIhich W:.e Cu
BrigL) oure &rdc
IDenle r in General i\ es.,,n
Amended Summons for Relief,
Co. piittt N .t 8 Iveul.
Pic"k,"nS, Oun':,y
( i'n r! of (7o'nutonl Pi;'.:s.
Fe1: -, Ava" L. Li,.k, An1uts'n: 1).
F''r, ' .u c1mlun'I R11 ao. mal;,"~ tli
11:tih I. -'tIglSon andc! l wn F'.rrn
~t", Jr., and .hmllu Frg1ln"on
'tIhn P'(rtlisUn, iutj. 1. J itig, J. i .
('a l, II. C. Ml kt 't, T1. I. 'hI it
mi-', W. to . I'rrl'imu. .,. P'. Mill,l' -
T~1,.' mlyt i ' a Id It, Na.tintl "t nk
'( .i s !'', a ' por Ii . I' T.
. i on , ''. . l trgus,n. JI. M. er
n tt, . 10:l-? (nly) F', rgu1'on, MaI:
i" ,T,nn. lJiit W h'Iite, Anni,'
A r:1, Jmtes l. Frun,A
L.L..' .ugutus 1). F'ergunson1,
Samm-1t l . Fer,gulst'n, Jantes J1. For-.
r n,Jr., \\'tti, J. W heite lltil
\" nthcilt, J1. McD'1. Iirne't, aml .;. P'. C - N,I,1tt(l t
raroy. D tbns
To th De ,J,f+',tltmis :ab Vr nuImled:
Yon :'re he( rnI'1y summlnlnedl ttm, r+'
(Inliredl t~ : i)Sw1. r the amet nded ('o11ph)ant
it tist o, wh"Ii('' is thli.- dac Ii'+', in]
theo tflice o,f r: er1k of 'ouirt for Pivlk
Cns county, tl to erve ~ ( 'Iy of your
tinSWeroOth Ohl o th.ut n thVe'ub.
cribel it Dy is oll tat Pimkns.S. o r..w th
in) twenty dl'ys :,fte"lr ' he srvie heri,of
ecclusihe oif ilhe dar (f "uc i r; and
if you fa1il to anlswer. the comlplttitt Withl
in ti time aforesaid, tht I oI in
thtisaction will nappl.N t' the, c,nrt. for
tlhe r 'he tn(let i t'''r) m
TeI'd. Anri0 2d. A. D. 1o907.
A. J. Bloggs,, C, C. 1'.
To ' )the abshnt dofendat. .t M.
Ferlgnl on. J,(ae A. Fe,rgulst-.1. I.,
IIt-\" Grad Ferul-n, llti,' Ftg
su. .hmti, White. Adv L. Link. A g1a
tuls 1). F'er'n-on, Samuel I. F',rgnson,,
\;atlit' 1. W hite n'td Ib.t:i(n b'let o.ie.
T.,ke no1(tice thatt the au-''te1e ctuml
lt10us :at nd tl,mphi..t inl the above stated
(:as(. were1'c fil'e i1 m the "f1Ale of Ith. ("t"rk
of ('~'ut of ( 't~mmonl Pleas for P'i, 1:'ns
c"ounlt\' (nt he.( 2-1 nay} otf A\pril, .i7.
1. l'. I':tret",
\ pyd -1. G. -5-M ,111t'.'s .\lly.
Two Wesw
ort c
Are Selling for C
Comparin our srles for
April 1907 shows a gain c
of April 1907.
? Such gains make us feel
ciate our way of doing bus
* shall continue the sat
old way."
tWe have added to our S
we are prepared to Guara1
don't fail to see ours.
We have also put in a lit
They are strictly first-class
11 Come to see us,
Buys cey chicken that
3-lIST AR-t
a; x e -( -ml'
ar-h dac guar id for Sp~,irig
We are show Oing om hIdo
April i 906 tor sales for
>f almost two to one in favor
like our customers apprc.
ne "Old story in the saime"
tock a line of Stoves that
:ee, and when you need one
o of New Era Paints.
in every way.
comes around their
-I TR *.
~t''VedI Irom thle t rain ;.{
andc Summen~r styles.
ic an nbyIdecs, H

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