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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 23, 1907, Image 8

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' The effect of ma
You catch cold
down because of the
Strengthen yo
" Emalsion.
It builds new blood a
Business Locals.11
Nu/i e 11f 'SJl . Wa ,nts. lp' t. \ .
L rrt i inl thi' ('(luinn lit; .5 rlt"nts)p r
:: l'o r l'alch in'tr lIll . \N tIh1in11 t11 i;e -
r.I ht' thantl llnltents.
Sugar and Cotfle d at .). I. Il 's(,H.
Wanted, to U.y 1,001) l1r', 1,500 doz
en1 eggs and all the roostrs that we enn
get. W, E. Fremtt & Co.
I:lour and meat at .1. 1). Mloore's.
WN171 in E 'sley put up y.1nt1 stock;
at B. 1', Martin's feed and livery sta.
ble. He also handles all k in l' of
feedstuf. 38-tf
Mullscavalod and Portorica molasses
at Craig Bros,
fobac+co &. can goods at J. ). Moore's.
I will pay top prices in cash or trade
if you will hring me your chlckens and
eggs. J. D. Moore.
I would like to fill a limited number
of bills lur house, with first-class rough
lumber att ?1 per 100 at mill. .. miles
west of Pictos. A. W. Gravlv,
Route 3 Pickens.
Bran, shorts and chops at Craig Bros,
A few first class tewing nmachines,
:liglhtly used to be solel at greitly re
duced prices. Also sewing mal1n es re
paired. Call at Craig Bros
0. P. Knight.
Just recuived, a fresh supply of Post
im11, rolled uats, ctot r i ani Bakers
jelatine and :11(ned goods at 1). B.
Call on W. 11. (,last iin, R. F. D. 3,
m:ib's North (t Pienlas, if inl oneed of
building Ii1l r, (Ml; or pinv. enil ordel
will rm.'iv'e prompt :(t (Iut t.
A t;C1:11.T.%IN CUl cr l)1t .W i N.ig'.i'
a1 iien', & J:tEn , a1 1itnander,t'ures T'iredl, Ach
i Swe(' 1ti;.e. Sw ulen ieet. Samltc sent F Itl.
nl i.u I le f o I' : S. uiLrr.my ltN '.A, a
llt'e. iilVt lt iuni. Addi re.--. :\l[ell S. Olmstcll ,1,e
Ko,N t
For sale-120 acre farm four m Iv,s
west of Easley, three good houses and
all tect ssary outbuildings, etc., 75 acres
in cult ivation balance in tunher. Price
$45 por acre. Terms to suit.
We earnestl y reruett all youn- per 'onz. no matter
how limited their nans or eIducat t h,r wish to
obtain a thorough business training an. )"oodl posi
tion, to Write by first mail for our frat hnlf-rate
ufTer. Sue s , intel)endleneund pr)l)able fortune
are guarante,ed. Don't delay. Write today.
Th' Ga.-.Ala. Euslness Collw$e, Macon. Gta
StoPs theI 00"o '
ISadelciu chew,
made from the best
North Carolina leaf;
a leaf that has a spec
ial texture, a special
flavor and which
makes RED EYE a
specially fine and satis
fying chewingtobacco.
Most people prefer it
to tobacco costing one
dollar per pound.
Ask your dealer for it and
insist on him keeping itA
Write for special Prices.
'i I I I
laria lasts a long time.
easily or become run
t after effects of malaria.
Lirself with Scott's
ad tones up your nervous
f0o. AND $1.00.
00000 4*oo
Negro Slave Owners.
Rt f(rence' by ()tlte of ouir c'nnm
p.rries to ;he falt Ilht fr"ee niegro(!H
in the ,ti: uthi owned neigro silves he"
fore and (luring the war bet.ween the
States r(mintds us that a iegro in
this State, who is no,w at the head of
a negro inst itution, was the owner (t
his own fa.bher, whotn be purchatser-t
from a wte mant t fhe R su'j('t. r' -
enlIs another int!eresting inciden,tt.
Soon afte the w%ar at New Engla(nd
Senator visited in s, tne of the South
iru States to look Iho si.uationl over,
'tnd while in South Carolina was the
uest of a welI-o do negro. i th
^onversation the New Euglande
remarked: "What a glorious thit t;
that the uemnbers of your race 1m .
received their freedotu." "Glorious
nothing!" replied the negro. "My
negroes were my' property and the
Y Itkees took them from ike withfonl
piying msi a cent".. Traditio says
at that point the New Inhnd Sem n
tor dropped t he sub,j,ct -tichm,t(
Times Dispatch.
An Aged Negro Dead.
Adam Frost, colored, aged 127
years, died early \V.dnesday mnorning
at. his home between Uedar Spring
and Rich Hill. He was pler 1t1)5 tbc
oldest n,an in the United Staler,
Unt:l t.ree wceks ago old Al~n,
Frost seemed to ie in exceller
health for a man who hlad livd mor,
than a hun:dred years.
Adam F'rnst was born on ,Sulliver.
lslatnd in 1780. 11is first own( r w
at mann named Hiter who ro' l hirr
to Col. Drayton. Before the ci% i\%wit
ho was bought. by Dr. Frost atr~ i I,,
old negro lived with the Frost bui,r,,
until after the war.
During the civil wi' thw Frosl
family refugoed to this cot)nt. n'e
located at Cedar Springs. Thle e'b
buildin:; that was form rirhl u e(I
the colored institute for th I
an(l blind at Cedar Splrinlgs was I,ill
by Dr. Frost. When the Frost. t'~ t.
ly ret urnied to Chlarleston AdaIIn re
tunned itt this countv.
M. B3. Sm*ithi, one of t he b4
knowni faurer in the Cedhir Sp'rior
section of the countly anti on a,
ici' A.dam' ["rost, lived, wals in* t b
ity Wednlesdayl and3 told of the dea'n h
:abeA Bold Step.
To overc the1*3 wll-11rounled'4 id.?
\ .,33 s in t in- ago,. ducialied to1nu hIl4 a boldS
by thei *inakers of puit.-up1 mnedicinjes forl !o
m33'stiC uIst. :11311 53) has itbllishe3d biro:i
c'a1t and( opjen3ly' to th*e w(hob' wor'ld, a :i
1*nd comltple'te list ofll the1*4 1i r(ients31
ter'igito the14 compos)31113it ion of his wbb-!tiv
C(13l':rated ined'icines34. Thuis hei hads 1., .
his 13utner'*ons i pu.r'ons andl ~ pu1t-nt ins1.3
hbIs ful1l 'onftidence1. ThIius tou, he ha:s ro.
mfoved'3 his833 ied iinehs fromit amon4ilg SIee
nos4trutns43 of dr(ht1ful uOiritsi. andti m1:34le
lithm 033 Heme1ies of/hi 1) K 'orn ompisuljon.
I y this hoht ste p 1 r. irc3'e hias 51hown3
that. is formu*lahs are of sucht excellie,-4
that,1 heQ Is ntL3 afraid Lto Subtj!ct themti to
t,he fulleIist scrut iny.
Not on3 I~ lydos 3 he wvrapie,r of? eviery lr (1"
of 4hr.Plere's G olden'i 3Idcl I Iscov'e r'. *h
farnlous med4 ie fotr wea k storna3 ch.1* tor311d
llver' or billoutsntes a1141 al1l *'atarrbal3a dIIsises
whereOvet' loented(, ha11ve'3' rItedl upon14 it. inl
phlrIn* Eng3lh,h a full and3( 'oipll'te list* of allI
111he*(3( ngeIts 3 cornposing1 ~it, but3 ai srnall1
book hais been'* 4o'iled41(' from 33ii nurer-,
st3*1and(arteil~ w'orks1. of all t he 1 dierent
schl s of)l (It ract(' I((, cotil1* a in very3 no13n. --
01ons. extracts5 from33 the witlinges of leading
racti *tiners of r3(Iuedicin. 4ndo.i ng''1* in /u
.'trongesC.t po(ssile term,s. ('a3ch and)1 lvery hr
dient,1 ('ontIned*t' in* 13r. lPieree's *iI db;n.
On*e of I these' little' books1( wIll he' 3 in..;1413 free
to4 any* one3( send1(ing addre3Lss! (3n liost al i'a~ 4.11o
by 1let *ter. to lit'. R. V. P'Ierce. hIulf*alIo. N. Y.,
and1( reL3ur4stin the( 1 samei. ''roin thiis little t
boo31k 1t. wIll be~ leard that( Dr31 1*. P1e's me4 -
Iin*es cont313 *a(n no aleoboli, narro'ltirs. *3nin31ral
agent 0*ro*er ittsIoous1or 1in.n'iaenis
and(1 t41 ha t*I ey4 are made frotit native4. *iedh'1-.
13a1 roots5 of 134a1, v'?3lue'; also thait some*( of1
33ervous**, over-w'orki,*led, "tm-down.3I**" wrvous'(*
years5 agoli, by' teI indianis forti lar34113 331 al b:nn
InTost vatluable'1* me33dlua plant f te ring14 1 ito
the coin o.sitio f Ir. Pie's4*3' I"3 avoiil r
ser'Iion was3 known i.il'* to3 the4 ,ndlins as
of not)1 a few of ou1r3 most31 valuablel 3*at Ivei. me-4
dIi'lnal1 ptlantst wa*s gain*edi from1 1*4 1h *adians3.
cesses, thle "I avorito Prescrpt'i n "1 is a1 m s3t
(3.lIeIentt remedy((l3 fill regu313a*l*n3 all thie wo13w
an33ly funtitons, correc'ting1 dIisplacenwn*4'ts. as5
p3rolapsus533, an*teversion and ( rtorersion'30,
01(ovrcomig 1)aIn1ful periods,15 tontIng up( the
nerves 3* an brig1ing about33 a perfectt state of
hnnih Soldt tw all daltors 1n mo3C(hinnmC5
Will cure any case
beyond the reach of rr
How a
Saves You
r f 1s way to figure th<
wagon, a carriage, a
Is to figure the cos/ >er y,
use it.
If a farm wagon. for example,
lasts 20 years and regnires only $:
you of that wagon is S3.10 a year.
If another wag n costs only $50,
and requires $10 worth of c epairs,
cost to you is $6 a year, at least.
Which is the cheaper?
* * *
There is no doubt about the /ast
qualities of Studebaker wagons, c
riages and harness.
It's the material that goesi
them----phis the way they are mzad
Studebaker farm wagons
deeper than others, madec fror
.. lack H ickory--air-dried from
The axles are also re-info
bar of steel running from ti
to the other.
~. The Studebaker Pa
are made from cast ir<
verse strength of over
that he knewv Adamt 40t years ago) ma
e bIll ne1 irt 4.nw t hi niegr' *o was a~l
v. rs obi n'an. tio old to plow,v but he~
w u iitbl to d'1 o~hi -sIi" r
htad a b ook 'mi which was r'ecor ded
the dater of his bitrth 17(80. T'hei old(
neiigtri ofa-n i ll )-l (If the early da.ss
.,*f Churlesronu I,i I oh ofk i he <bii tris
a I.n I liIlhan.s *I.ed tot vh t, t.he (it.y'
andt sht .o at,. titi -''Is for theame
i.qnout of the ii* p.t, . Ad -mrn aI 44 t.old
It If 4tay- -vhiie [L It ih warrip ~MsO ntOr
ed the Italbi r -Sprtatthmgt Joum
Imrproi.ve i.ich shinling hirnr;
111 gets It heinp on hoine. If
anud worki -(ch I 1h iting Iower.
rI'imes wasI iver: uns tetter than
For thiejo',fu tins odming hay;
It prvents afi f romI till mig
And yo'l thid t her.'s lots of
pleasure by the waiy.
of Kidney or. Bladder Disease
tedicine. No medicine can do n
Comtip y , Pi'ck.m+ts, Pa rko ,'s Pharmne ~,v
W15.D Bilys a Fil
Schlosae sFil
Don't envy the tlanl in a ne_
onle and know the Com
And mere c(omfort is lot the
incomparale "Schloss" Cloth
plertect lit and good quality art(
Concaved anl .perfectly ro
that simplly can't break or sag
that will never lose its shape,
linements of skilled tailorin
Best of all, they have an air
tinction you won't find in one
no matter how much you pay.
Othr splendid Suits and Overcoa
120 S. Main Street.
co,t to you of a squarn inch-2 % great
buggy or a set of ments of the Units: Sta
p)robaly 5L) greater tha~
car as long as y"ouc 'heStuclebaker.Iubs
nisr'ing a proper funndat
that costs yoi $61) are treat<e with a secret
repairs, the cos/ /o to tl:ir weather resisting
The Studebaker slop)e
and lasts 10 years, greatest improvements ei
the carrying
into the
See the Other sp
The Studebaker edge tire
Ae tent withA s
tothor eahe retn
aave axls 3.(Tihh Sudebakoerloe
n selectedbu greattsD improveeta it
3 to5 yers. o yo ~ntor tht it
Se hen ooangtther be<
300pu tote GtaStudebaker edair
tote tdearAen nl
F~ce oth.,Ctheli a
Wae A reic Sueae Now overloke
g oo5 es. Dyowndra i
rceowthn ba spe citaio behin it?re
e kel f oe e Yousie cantatr to
!)~'Lew(henu cani getheb
tet rusSkin t poeanmytc
>n W gaving r ing out mone frt'repair
3,theou-m. tomte Gt ar htuebaer and
tho the avuerae akstmer wAgntsa
thrce as Moow omsar
Pi ens youcoto Carvla.
mrkght ay anyterihtpics
Dont Lt CeapTal Sc
Cures Backache
, Do not risk having
not .right's Dli c. e
10c. or Diabetes
v Spring Suit--get
fort of wearing it.
Jnly feature of our
es;----style, grace, a
among0 their other
m1ded shoulders, a
and a coat-front
lC some of the re
you find in these
of fashionable dis
uit in a hundred
.. 1O stoss
Uroouvlife, S. C.
er than the require
:es Government- and
.n the ordinary wagon.
ire large in diameter-fur
on for the spokes. They
;olution, which grea''1dds
qualities. '
shoulder spokes-one of the
rer made in wagon building
the largest amount of wood
bub. They are strongei/ where
kes are weakest.
Studebaker patented round
s are oil-welded and cold-set.
hy they never loosen.
o on-point by point-feature
c-e-othing that will add I.
bility and long life of the
is the wagon with a repu
buy a "cheap" wagon,
~t for so little.
be constantly pay
save money.
in the selection of these
have the right groods, the
ie the qualitys
tedl, you don't1 have to b)uy
ian last season, buit wve will
ng in
d ve ab)solutely guarantee
come to see us,'we' wviI

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