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Pickens Sentinel-JournI
The Sentine1-Journal Company.
J. L. 0. THOQMPSON, Em~DTon.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
IOjered at Plckens FustofiUce a6 Second class
Mal Matter
TIURSDAY, MAY 80 1907.
Don't cuis the editor, or the paper.
You don't have to take it and read it
-you can pay up and quit.
According to the Philadelphia In
quirer, no state with an ambitious
millionaire 'really lacks senatorial
A sensible councilman in Atlanta
wants painting eliminatEd from the
curriculum. He is right. Too many
frills have been introduced into the
public school system, leading to a
frightful waste of valurble time
After painting would doubtless come
sculpturing and architecture-a mis
erable smattering in each instance.
Tonsorial artists, says the News
and Courier, are said to be astounded
by the announcement of a London
scientist that he has effected a paste
that will clean away the beard with
out the use of a razor. But the
story sounds very much like some
kind of a skin game.
The lIdianapolis News thinks that
"no free people cught ever to get into
the habit of thinking or any one man,
no matter how good and great, as
indispensable." Right. If they (io
the lone man will soon be character
izing the people as "undesirable."
Watered Stock.
The Calvert eorres.oident of the
Sylvan Valley News says:
"The greatest cow in Dixie is
owned by Mr. Lewis. le sayu lie
sold 700 gallons of skimmed niilk in
live m11onth1s, besides 100 pounds of
butter. Thme Captain has turned the
''card" ovtr to Mr. Lewis.''
Evidently p)lenty of salt and water
in that counitry, as well as8 "mZoon
shine "
' he traveling revivalist mn Georgia
who lashed his 12-year-old 80on nlearly
to death, because the little fellow
played b'ase-ball Su ndaiy, prob)ably
thinks that he has incuilcatedl 1n his
offspring the Christian idea of kind
ness and forbearance. Six months
of hard labor on the rock-pile mayli
clear up the befogged braiun of the
fanatic who has been living off his
own pious shoutings and the collec
tion of his congregations.
Wc dlon't have to write a smart ar
ticle and flood the country with sam
pIe copies to call the attention of
people to the merits of the SENTINEL
JOURINAL. There is not a week passes
but what new subscribers voluntaril3
C>me into th i office and give us their
names, and every now and then
one comes alorig and-- quits. We
appreciate the support and( pat
ronage given us and1 we find no fault
with the quitter. If he doesn't want
the paper we don't gelt mad.
Weare rulnning this paper as a1
buinifess, and1( we. give yonuas mulchi
for youlr dollar as 'ou will get anly
where. 'The mecrchan1t has his goods
to sell. Our reading matter' and ourn
advertising Spaice is Our stoek in
trade. We ('ffer the public al lit-I
traictivye p)iece of goods anid it is left
withI them to buy or not, as they see
their needs, and wo do not fall out
with them if they (do not buy of us.
Porverts Nature.
Tlhe Westnster corre.sp)onden t of
the K eonee Ccou rioer says':
"D). C. Ward, wvho died on Mlay 13,
ba:) eight children."
No wond1nr ho (lied.
Not All Did.
"When we see so many young men
with their hair parted in the middle
and hanging down over their fore
heads so as to obscure every trace of
intellect, and so many young woman
with their hair all frizzly-frowsly and
lopping arovnd over their pretty faces
in ifty different directions, we are not
surprised that the followers of Dal
win are now 'positively sure that
mankind descended from the monkey.
-[Leesburg News.
"Oh, don't be so hard on them
Most of them are young and inexpc
rienced. Soon the frizzly-frowsly
woman will become the wife of the
dudish follow, and then the frizzles
will come out of her hair while his
hair will come out by the roots. Just
Just walt.-[B'acUsburg Chronicle.
Some few folks in the country yet,
who trace their paternal origin from
Adam and Eve, even if they do
not "ape" their ancestors in their
manner of living, dress, etc. One
thing they are adepts in, that is in
"disobeying" the laws of God, man
and nature.
The work done on Main street has
had aeveral hard rains on it,' but it
is standing up well. It is a pity that
the town council did not have the
money to make a clean sweep of Main
street, from one end to the other, cut
down the knolls and drag the dirt
into the swags and low places, take
up the trees from out of the street
and sidewalk and put the walk and
street in good condition. It would
take probably $200, and we believe
this amount. could be raised by pop
ular subscription, one gentle.an'al
ready signifying his willingness to
contribute $10 to this fund. The
work already done is fuvorabl;' con,
mented on by both citizens and visit
ors alike. Let the good work go on,
as soon as possible.
Somewhat Inexpedient.
The C)harleston News and Caurier
"It is hoped that as mr,an3 as pos
sible ,f the S >ut h Carolina )-ditori,
who will meet, at the Isle of 1'aimts in
.JI1)n)., will tring b)rid ."
.lost of themi) have pats:u'd b e
"bride" stage, tand as this is Lot.
l?tali, it, will I., as less for (the Neus
and11 Corier to hopo that itt sufg(-fs.
Ii)nt bu, acted Itu . H owever, f,r
the benelit of Col. Hemphill, we
would suggest that the editors carry
their wives and a "jounug" lady
friend, Tphis arrangemren t muight be
coniduiv e of somie of the old bachelor
pencIiil-puishetrs ebanginog their mod(e
of living.
Went Down
T1he Calver't correspondent of the
Brevard paper gets off the following
".J. WV. Brooks, of Cherryfield, hasu
ret urned home and is visiting Mr.
Lewis at Calvert. Lewis says that
lirouks is singing "Too, Oid 1Home1 is
Not Like It Usaed to Be.'' Mr'. Brooks
camne iome wvith the mumps Lewis
says lie dloesn't know which direc
tien the mumps wvent, 'up or downi."
Judging from the song the mumpe
must hauve taken a downward course.
A Terrible Mix-Up.
"A mnix-up of horse and bugg~y,
colored nur~se as driver and wvoann
with1 a baby in her arms, and the
female portion of two Chapman fam
ilies, occurred in front of the J. WV.
Caapmnan residenuce on North Cald
well street alonday. What we have
beard about it leaves so much unacer
tainty' in our mlinid that w'e leave our1
renders to learni part'tceulars fronm lirst
hands. No one wats hurt, yet the
baby and1( its mo)ther escaipe'd abn ost
byV a miracle."
TIhe above ia from I he .:laant Val
Icy Newis, of lirevard' , N. C. , aral is a
right smatrt of a ix *up, in fact it
r'eadls a.s if thle editor hIiad g"t "uanixed
.1p'" somuewhaut himselfI, but whet.].her
wYith the '"horse and b)aggy," "c~)oored1
iulrse'," "wo'naum with a~ lnaby in her'
01m, 'o ' "or "h female~t portioni of
~wo (Chapman famib'ue," we aure unail
bleT to say. Anyhow, we leave our
readlers to separait(e tor unura'vel the
mix-up) as best they can and get
what iniformationi they cjan from the
mlixed-up story.
"Du Tell."
There is some talk of establishing
a Kaeley liquor cure establishment
at Sassafrat Gap. We hope it will
go through, as we understand the
location and suiroundiugs are very
conducive to the success of such an
enterprise and that it will 'have the
moral support of several of our prom
inert citizens.--[Brevard (N. C )
Old Soldiers' Day.
The ladies of Pickens Chapter of
the United Daughters of the Confed
eracy, are doing all in their power to
make next Saturdey, the 1st of June,
one of the biggest duys yet had in
the interest of the surviving Con(ed
erate Soldiers, and, to this end, all
soldiers of the Confederacy are espe
cially invited to come and partake of
the hospitality of Pickens on that
day. The people of Pickens are
looking forward to this day as one of
the pleasures of the yeai, when old
comrodes can came together on comr
mon ground, and feel that they have
at least won a victory in which the
people rejoice with them. It is always
aipleasant time not only fcr the vet
eranY but for their descendants, for
the spirit that animated the soldiers
of the '61 to '65 still lives in the
hearts of the children of those sol
diers of the greate.t war on record.
This will be an occasion of rejoic
ing -not a revival of old bitter feel
ing-but a day of exultation and
thanksgiving, as it were: for the
blessings that hnve attendad men
whose patriotism has been severely
tried, and who have found for them
selves, and to hand !o .n to their
children, the priceless heritage of
victory over seif, though their ulti
mtate success at attrmn ws not reward
ed with the ulitti t: victory in war.
Tl y did sutweed, and their suc
cess is written in the present pros
perity al( realized hope of their
country. N:, peut can a:deqluately de
Seribu thtietl gratndear of the Con
fedetale sltdier, because no words
can <x lress the soeriflice and rca
ao;2tl,od di;plated through those
tlys of trial ttd peril.
But. the ladies are fathful in their
eftI>rls to <xlpress their appreciation
and b.o tetch the, young generation
the truthi that impelted the soldi.rs
of the: civil wa'tt ; amt no hetter plan
to do this has ben dlevi-sed thani to I
upenly slow thir faith and11( love fur
men who gave all without promise or
Ii ipe of reward, other than selif-won
bonor of doing their whole duty
Lot everybody come out Saturday ~
und the ladies and1( all the people of
Piackens will help to make all have
the best time possible.
Tihiose who bring baskets will ca
ry them to the vacant tot in front of
the Methodist church where they
will be cared for until ready to
be spread.
There will be music and speech
appropriate to the occasion, andI ev
erybody is expecteds( to be at home in J
P1ickens on that day andl everybody
is expected to feel at home in Pick
0ne on that day, and eieryl ody is
rx pected. .
scholarship Entrance Examination to
Freshman Class
Th'le examination for the award of
lctholarhipsF from IPickens county and
Ldmfission to. Frefshm .n class witll he
mold at the county court hiouse) on Fri
lav Jlty 5, at 9 a. m. Applicants for
clholarslmps mafy recnure blank forma
'ro Im h (coun1ty Suin iI o tedent of Edu.
:atin. T1Imese blan1ks muist be filted out
yorintondent 1 of Edhteat ion beOfor the
sinniting of the e!xamina utioni. Th'lose
*.king~ the exuaminammtion for' entranlIce to
,o Freshl1main obtics and not trying for ai
chnlhtiip shouhl fdil their appiencitioni
titPidnt IilW h-t)), Iol. TheLho larshttlips
Iro wo'rtht .8100 and free ttuitioni. One
telolarship from eachm county may so- F~
<et tihe Text itle~ rcre, others must tako J1
'nie of the Agribnilturat couursec. Exam
na(tionl paper wilt be fumrnishecd, but eacth
'eratch papr Thei numbe )tIfl)r of schuolar
lhps to b)e awarded wvill b) anniouncmed
CIlemsnon College, S. C.
stons the oondb and hal. l.ngj
Is here with all of it,
refreshing soft drink
We are serving a cis
cannot be beat i
sparkling, life revivii
Come in to see us v
all we want is for yo
we will not be worri
get your soda water
Up-to. date;Druggist
W. E. Frwee
"AT THE 01
Are still offering
goods, notions, E
fancy groceries.
We can sell you a good roast
Fancy patent 1lour at the old )
Rib side meat at i i c the pour
Nice white lard ioc.
Cottolene, 25c, 55C, and $1.2:
Best grade granulaned sugar
White Lake fish 7c the pound
Three cans of good pie peach<
Three pound cans tomatoes a
Alaska pink sailmons at i oc tl
Three cans of green beans for
Three cans sweet corn at 2 5C
We have just opened a new 1,
)c glad to l'ave you see them,
W. E. Freei
Jon't forget that we pay highe'
>roduce, either cash or trade.
J. McD). Bruce,
-5 Per Cent Interest
F. Banister, B. A. Hago
J. M. Stewart, I. M. I
T. N. Hunter. H1.1
P'residen1t. Vice Pre
Depoit1 - -
, B. MoItuaN W. T1. 0
N' 3IltAN, J. OAl'rTF
Accomtis xOf Me i lhnts, Formers, FJims
Job Prn n -h 1
uivAdvrtisinsr ini this
glory, its ul
ss of Soda at
n any city tir
ig quality.
ihen you a um1A,. y,
u to give us a trial,
ed about where you
in the future.
tnxious to please.
& oo.
s, Pickens, S. C.
bargains in dry
;hoes, staple and
ed coffee at i 2 1-2C the pound
)rice, $5 the bart el
the bucket.
i8 pounds for $i
s for 25c
t 1oc each
ic can
2 5 C.
At of Iies: Ind would
iiaii -Co.,
~t maisket pr.ices for counitry
I. M. Mauildin,9
- - $20,500o.oo
- - 20,532.0o
- 150,000.00
Paid On D)eposits.:
od, W. M. Hlagood,
Vlauldin, J. McD. Bruce.
~. Richey, J. P. Carey,
D 1901.
(, S.C.
40, 000,0
I 4i:i.., . S n .
asty k(ind-wve do.
pai>e brigs reults

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