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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, May 30, 1907, Image 6

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The effect of ma
You catch cold
down because of th<
Strengthen yo
It builds new blood a
TS made of the
on the very 1
To thoso wh<
we uphesitating
' " you will use it exclus
: ought to sell it-if yo1
Business Locals.
Notives of Satle, Wiints, Swaps, etc,
insertit itu th; Co:I0tlinitn at 5 vents per
line for eath insertion. Nothine; taken
for eu iin than etents.
We do not Ct quality, therefore we
C tiinot :nt. pries.
Pickens Bottling Works.
u5t1t,-r and ntl ' (' at i. 1). Moore's.
Wanted. to Iuly 1,0I00 ien , 1,51)0 doz
t a eggs and all ite ro. t"r. that. v.m ca
1t1\ . 1". F"reem-1anl . Co.
ELlour and nwat atT',J. ). Mores
W lne' iii l.islt put 1) vatr Stock
at B. I', Marli f li anei iivt:rv sia
1ble. lie also handles all kinds of
foedstufl. 38-f
(all antl see me it you want a group
(r any wvork int the photograph line.
AhLy "29t3 E. M1. 1'AiRtMER,
Opposite Folger, '1'hornley & Co.
Wo have just receivedl a solid car f
Zauesvillo stone vatre consisting of
churns, pitchers, etc. The churns will
be sold tt lk; the gallon. Ask to se:
this beautiful ware whether you want to
buy or not. Craig Brothers,
Tobacco & can goods at J. 1). Moore's.
I will pay top prices in cash or trade
if y ,u will bring me your chickens and
egg. J. 1). Moore.
I would like to fill a limited 1number
of bills for houses with first-class rough
luimber at .1 per 100 at mill. 41 mils
west of Pickenis. A. WV. Graviey,
Route 3 Piecen.
Bran, shorts and chops ut Craig Bros.
A few lirst class sewing machines,
slightly used to be sold at greatly re
(lutedl prcs Also jiewing machines re
paired, Call at Graig Bros.
0. P. Knight.
Just recoived, a fresh supply of Post
uim, rolled onits, cocoa and Bakers
jelatin(l and canned goods at D). iU.
CJall on WN. I[. Chastain, R. 1". D). 3,
5 miles North of Pickens, if in nueed of
buiding lumber, oak or pine. All orders
will receive prom pt aiten tioni.
F"or sale-126 acro farm four miles
west of El'asley, three good houses and1(
ull necessary outbuildings, etc., 75 aicres
in cultivation balance ini timber. Price
&.I5 per acro0. Tormis to suit.
For Sale---A good milk cow, fresh in
milk, B. F. Freeman.
Wo miake our drinks, not on -the plan
of how cheup, b)ut ho0w good.
Pickenis Bottling Works.
For the Picnic given by the Pickens
Chapter .Dauughter's of the Con
fedoracy to the fVtorans, Satur.
day, Juneo 1, 1907.
1. Veterans assemble at the Meth
diit church, where badges will bo
2. M arch to coulrt-hotso underl. comIf
mianid of Col. W\. B. Allgood.
3. "D1ixue" by the band.
4. Prayer.
5. Address of welcome by mayor,
6. Music by the Uand.
7. Annual address
8. Music by the band.
9. Pre sentation of crosses of honor
10,. Benediction.
11. Music by the band.
12. Veterans march to the Method
ist churchyard, wvhero a picnic
dinner will be served.
ana lasts a long time.
easily or become run.
after effects of malaria.
urself with Scoi1f
ad tones up your nervous'
so. AND $1.00.
- [email protected] [email protected]@2?L
very best leaf that we can buy
?est leaf market in the world.
prefer a natural leaf tobacco
y say that after one trial of
ively in the future. Every miarcliant
irs don-t, insist on hia getting it for you.
rS--Writo us for our special prices
s: . s -
- a
To A Bold Step.
To overcome the well-grounded and
reaso:uable objections of the more intel
igent to the use of secret,, medicinal con
pounds, )r. R. V. Pierce, of nffalo, N.
Y., some time ago, deckldd to make a boid
lepartulre from the usual course pursuerl
by the makers of putt-up medicines for do
nestic uts(,, and so has published broad
,ast and openly to the whole world, aIul!
ind complete list of all the ingredionts
mitering into the composition of his widely
.clebratel medicines. Thus he has tai.i:
ilS numerous pa trons and pitient. ith)
his full conlfi<ltnct. lThus too he has I
moved his medticiies from amcnong secre'
instruims of dotuibtful merits, andt male'
them HeImecdlics of" 14 iiKoen ( oit iu i.
By this hold stop 1r. ierco has shoIwn
that his forniilas are of. sncIi exce!Icw
hat. he is not afraid to subject thr'mt to
Whe fullest, seruitiny.
Not cinly" does thet w%raq er of every !-t,ttle
'Af 1)r. Fitrc"c's (ioldt"n .4114al I)i"",vt;-r-, ti.,
1amcous mceiine for" wiakc slunn:n-h. I'l t:c
liverorhiliusntess ani all catarrhal di-:I -
w0he,revc'r boate l. have I rinic-d Ii iupon it. i'
phcinr inglish, a full and c"omplei't' Iikt tf a1!
Hthe in;.r"tdients comou n g t it, but a .:nnal!
book has b oil edtI) ctciti cl froni iinun:-:
stan dard medical wt"orks. of all tlt tllt:-ert"1
schools of Iuractite, contaihiing V'criy' non.t"r
onls extracts from tIll' writlir.'s of 11: 1.::1
tnraetItionrits oft mldicint', t'dor,ing in ti"
xt "crycst possil,lc termis. 'ac h - and evc"- t ;ry ,
dient contained in ir. I'ie rc - ' I i r .
11 of these little loks will b n,..sl'l fr,-c
to any one sending address on post al 'aii or
by letter, to I)r. lt. V. Pierre. tutfalo. N. Y..
and rlutestint; the sane. Froun Ilk Ii: tle
book it will he learntl *hat Dr. P'in ;'r ,.ri.
leint"s contain no alt"ohol, iiar"c rit'., ini0c"ra
ageits or other Ioicosoinlus or lniiiriiu, an ::ins
and that threy arte made- troin naivt iv, :.,iic -
nall roots of grt"at, v;lNt"t also ti:t .uucne of
the muost Valuable ingr,<lir,nt, rcnr::irc. in
Ilr. l'h-r'n's Pavorit1' Prtscrittiotl n fo'r ik,
and dlilit t itil wi otnun, were empinlcc*41. ilo,ig
Years ago. by the Inclian s for siii- arll.
aftfechtin their stiuaw s. lit fact, int' of the
Most valuablte tucdliclnal clanit, t"nh"rnr:. imot
tie crinlcosit lon of 1)r. l'ile 's I' . . Po..ill !
seriltio .lwas1 kno~wniIl to' thehui:n as
"Sllia-Mt.l." 4 u r kniowleigeof th,- u,l' s
of not1 a few of our most, v?lalabb. ntis. -.
dlitnal p1 lnIs wals tgained' fon ti- llI lilais.
efli'loeit remledy3 for n-'dIlatino a i . -l
ani.y funet luns, corn-etinog d(llam~ ,l., a
ovr i ngs. 11 IOainu t l l Ieio s,to i l,-pl It'
healthl. Sold by all dlo'.h-in hon.iit.i'T.*
iyi. I1. Neowhery, P robate i
W HE'ilmAS.t,* E. . l.amnstv onll 'T
S. 1amsay mol sumt 'to nm) te
grant themi Letoters of Admois.t,-uijn
(of the estlate anud efflects oft .\b.; lipr
oret'orsl o1S(f thei salid A lextamler' M;ltisaiv
dernosed, that1 they be andt ippiar
bo held ait Pickens onl the ;th dIi ili f
o'clocek in tIhe ftoenooni:, to sholw 0ause I I
any t hey have, whly thIl said t. iminiistra-.
Given underi my h'unl, this Ith' '211th
day,'~ of May A ln I)ominii 1907.
II 1U. Niewmuany, Is51aI.
.J. P. P'. C.
Winthrop College Scholarship and Fn
trance Examination.
Th e'xamionation for the award~ If v'a
11nud for the adisiou41 of ne0w sIimb-lnts
will be held ut thei Court Houtise o1
Friday July 5th at 9~ o'clock ai, mn
Applicantsn musi-t be niot less thani Iiftent'
year's of aige. When11 scholirsip njM i
vacted( aifter .Jnly 5, they will be a0 wardi
edl to thoso tmaking the highiest averae:I
t this' Oxainfation, prov(idedt' they mren
the condititionsX goverinilg the awardI't
wr'ito to PrCi(edt .JohnsiFon beCfore thl
'xamiiilnai'on for Schu1ohtrshiip e'x?lmin1)
tioin blanks.
Scholarshuips are wvorth $100 andl for
tuitiou. Theli next. ,sess1ion wili oape
SeptemfbOr' 18, 1907. For furthier info:
maIltionl and catalogne, iddress
Pres. D. lB. Johno, Rock H ill, S. (
Muscavado and Portorica ~olaiss(
Will cure any ca
beyond the reach o
1'd us D)
How a
Saves You
' -HE way to figure
wagon, a carriage,
Is to figure the cost fer
use it.
If a farm wagon, for exampi
lasts 20 years and requires only
you of that wagon is $3.10 a year
If another wagon costs only $;
and requires $10 worth of repair
cost to you is $6 a year, at least.
Which is, the cheaper?
There is- no doubt about the 4
qualities of Studebaker wagons,
riages and harness.
It's the material that goe:
them-plus the way they are r
Studebaker farm wagom
deeper thaa~ others, made f:
Black Flickory-air-dried fr(
The axles are also re-a
bar of steel running from
~The Studebaker
are, made from cast
vesse strength of ov
NJbIC ul lR Setll6[o1n alld DSilar
()ICI& is herby 'v evn flhat I
:ke:.pphiionl to) J I'. N'
ber V ~iinir. Judge' of [i Probat!
olin -, on the' 27d d 'y of .Jnne4 19
11 l in'e'o in the for(u.ooI, or as w
bii;tI, forV !'av-- to) m Ike final se
I 14 it o then Res-talt4 of Elzabe41thI (op
d4ec'e4 41, and 4obt.,it dlischaiigm as' ex
A 2i 4 (Ii IEASTO(N, S. C.
12n y>ur hm*, -. Sept 4mber 27.
1 -itels, Seiir.ee. E'1fngi rinog. (
'-ho4(larshipa to) 4' ('h 4counlty in 801
Car4 hna, gIiving Il4ree tuin Tni), 111
I40. IIIAed( ,nd1 firnished roo41n
I!ornm >y Si si I a nu#th. All ennlhdi4ar
for vacant Bo4ye s.'hobdirShipsL whlich
'8100) i year). Ret Iranai 0 exain fllati
t~I en iiday, Jul. 5th at! 9) a. m4.
Attention Ru:ral Carriers.
rriers Assoc i tio wvill hold( its 81n
eal meeting atI Picken.s ourt, hohiM
n (lay nuight. June 1et 44. 8 o'clock at wli
time dleIgates to the' sNt.;te covn
will be0 selectedl and om.~rs wvill
-elected. All carr1'iers of the counity
Surged LdvL l pre'senrt lI. M. 11es)ter',
se of Kidney or Bladder Disea
f medicine. No medicine can do
rug Comp-iy'v, Pick''xns, PI'rkel,'s Ph)rnu
$150 Buy a F
on't envy the man in a 1
onle and know the C<
And mer" comfort is not th
iIW)1no)aIrable ''Schloss"
)er"teCt Iii and gOod <luality"
Concaved and perfectly 1
that simllply cant break or s
that will never lose its shapc
finenents of skilled tailori
Best of all, they have an i
tinction you won't find in on
no matter how much you pa
Othr splelndid .S\Lits and Ovsr+
'1 S. Man31 Street. . . .
the cost to yon of a square inch-251 gre
a buggy or a set of ments of the United St
E)robabiv 51);o grcater' tl
year as long as you The ,tudebaket" hub
nisi ing a proper found,,
e, that costs vou. $60 are-treated with a secre
$2 repairs, the cos/ to to their weather resistit
The Studebaker hub
.0, and lasts 10 years, greatest improvements
s, the carrvn
See the other s
Studebaker edg }t
Agent That's
ade. -the di
have axles 4 inch Studebboker is overlookc
'omn seetdutcut Do you wonder th at
m 3 to 5 years. IBo>you wonder thati
forced with a special tation behind it?'
the heel of one skein You~ cannot afford t<
when.you can get the b
Patent Truss Skeins Et is poor economy
iron having a trans- ingr out money for repa
er 3,000 pount to the * Get a Studeba'ker a
) to the Studebaker Agerm
Bruce & Morrow Comj
Pickensi, Southt Carolina.
goos WAre satis e ha
rihtstl spteright anaes
Dorn't Let Cheap Talk >S
But exam
'"If our goods are not as repres
themn. Some goods are higher
Vdivide with you. We have every
D1y0Qo3, N0U0n8, ~nel0wt
'that the average customer wvants,
the p)rice as low as same goods ai
IWhen you come to Greenvilk
at- make it pay you.
A. K. i
Cures Backache
Xrregutlari cies
4A.. Do not risk having
se not .ight_p Di enge
m ce. r... beit
ew . Sping Sit--get
)mlfor1t (of wear:ingll it.
e OI)ly fteaiture"C of our
tre among their other
ounded shulders, a
and a coat-front
are some of the re
1g you find in these
.ir of fashionable dis
suit in a hundred
aQ-1O r to $20,
:(:reenvm]e, 9;. C.
ater than the require
ates Government -- and
an the ordinary wagon.
a are large in diameter-fur
Ltion for the spokes. They
t solution, which greatly 4dds
g qualities. "
e-shoulder spokes-one ut the
ever made ii wagon building
g the largest amount of wood
hub. They are strongest where
pokes are weakest.
Studebaker- patented round
res are oil-wehded and eold-set.
why they never oosen.
so on-point by point-feature
tire-nothing that will add to
ability and.lion g life of the
t is the wagon with a repu
buy a "cheap" wagon,
est for so little.
to he constantly pay'
ir bills.
d save money,
d in the selection osf these
ve have the right goods, the~
ell You Goods,- --
ine the quality,
ented, you don't have to buy
than last seasoni, but weC will
thing in
and we ab)solutely guarantee:
'e sold1 anywvhere.
>, comeIH to mIe us, we will
Greenville, S C

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