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. . r tere(i April 23, .1903 at PickenH, S. (., a secoud clast maItter, under act of Congress of MDarcb 3, 1879.
a){4v ' Il)
41 "
1h ( LodgeII Full of M;1
iests-T-'lIhe G1
' > nle tilr prt"t the s'er
ier: of onr t .vn1 htvo beeti
utp-gratle and Mastiniy, in part
has ieet (" vy active, 1mt tnr
they havi' the oplrtnnity the
gr'aspoed it, '10nd last ni;;ht tho,
tuted a li;oyal Arch Chapt(.r
23 memb--rll .1.
T Illowin ).g J lrso"ns were
-hv o frttttistod tili--r for ihr
i tntg of t, tomopl, :
:A hmnlr , l;. Iu 1R , T . j-, 7 I,
E. 1 \V -bb, F. I. Cox, TI. J.
dlitn, (i"-i-'rp (;h.Ipmon, \V A.
.1. M . ( ,o tt, J. N. Iflh tn,
1%rre k.B. ai m,J T 11
The IweIr a vl od sound
fir nbly in ti,O TenliiIle, onel
wI~tHIm RaUised inl
(r used.
4ttt(d wit hi '03 Members
it" t1 rr ~ . . "'
Erst eries-Th le Hiaaha vull o1
i ests F i ll of1 En th.u
alldl Good Chever.
.t tr- Hi twalth1, where plates for 50 gucsts
rtt th],uu1 b,'eni Itid! and a splenudid repat
l,was served rs. Harris had the
entire supervioion of prtep) trint; the
w htcollaboration ttnd everyt.hing waE
hac'fuelyv Itprepred and- well served, and
. the baxt,qutler1S were loud in theit
ra",ise of th)e nie"e spread. MIint
bost Harris t"xcelled him)self,antd pro
tu sunt.edS eath g;uest with at handtsona
incon] catrd, done iln f;",d letter"ing,
, I wals iul two parts antd tiedi L)>gethiel
J L'with tinaihl ribbon. The follow
mgtt 'Ii inscription WasH on thtemr:
B ruco.a B A NW ICT
' -
ichtey, L4 (.u.m lwr.:
ire, ROYAL AR CI ' i AS
nr.4 GodCer
.44 l.~ )4,1 4141iiIIWAHA IIOl'E (!41
wui t14berv4llI rh. r w-ars; hdL
e he tie81 i' 4 01 fpe i gtl
I11ol I --- ( 1' PD-k|i4 , a 1 n g41 i t w a t ha
4 th 1'i l Fre ch rea fat I l4( i es rtlc
(co bl . L (ns C iinty a:i
J). . Lmal ia ah
ea;hs '1ItNre New'J iPitaloos
id ron i1n-:4 s .), ..597
ItI <Er,'0 Vaila WFI Flavo
ofthe hobie>rs PacPi
Salted Walnu ts French Coflee
This was at spl)lendidl sp.read. It did
c"lit to 1'icleaty. It was tnuch bet
ter tim an yi that, are given in mn1h)
larg;cr citit-.
After the gtc-sts were served l r.
C. F. (Grauily, acting as toast ililister,
itrodncaeeI (1h orge 1'. 3ry a, T. J.
.\lauldiu, L, N:thlschild, antd J. 1"'.
130;;;, in the: crdler tnanoed. Th1ettr
r,naurks were all timuely and well, bI.ut
Mr. l3oggs brourght down the house
with his local hit, a conversation over
long distatne telephone for medicine
'for a doctor and at the same time
trying to sell a preacher a barrel of
peas. An afterthought was a call on
13. Lewis for a speech. He was, how
ever, not caught napping and his few
well chosen remarks brought the
baiuietters to their feet.
Most of the visitors left on the
morning train for their homes, lotid.
ly singing the praises of Pickens and
all of them were genuinely that
they were given an opportunity to
visit us and partako of our hospital
The local chapter is instituted and
read;, for work. At a called session
to-day they will elect their oflicera.
Pickens' Hospitality.
A Large Crowd Present.
On Saturday, June 1st, the Old
Soldiers held a meeting o re
un111n, comm tnemsorating the death of
JeffIrson Davis. This is ' not his
birthday, but on uccount. of June :3d,
his birthday, falling on Monday. and
that the day for opening the summer
term of court, the Daughters decided
to 1old their commemorative exor.
-cises on Saturday.
The exercises were held in the
courthouse, the Old Soldiers assem -
bling at the Methodist church and
marching ill a body under stirring
nusic furnished by the Easlev mill
bind to the court house, under the
contunand of Wiml. B. A ilgood. They
were all given badges and seated on
the froat, be i eh es, where they c,iutld
t) comfortable and enjoy the exer.
cisies t, tlho fullest extent,. I'lilip
A. P rter was ccoloir-hearer and(c
narch.ed at the head of tho column
bear-ing aloft thle Stiars aind Unrs1-.
This~ companmy of Johnniiay Rebs elicited
iimnehi favorable emntinen(1t an id were
iroundly11 che ered , ind 31w hen the haindl
iendered "'Dixmuithe "H1ebel Yell''
Swas given, ini whlich the spectators
heart,ily joined.
T hhe in vocation was by3 the R.ev.
John T. lei, who ~l( put up an able
prayir for lhe p eace of thle Ol)d Sold
(diers and t he prosperity of the coon
try. '.Then followed the addresm of
welcoime by thle Mayor0 whot, becauseu
of his timidity, bucd this pleaisanIt tastk
iuponl Solicitor .1libuis . lh>ggs, who
is aliways5 remdto I)1a mlk, andl hiis re
tutr-ks were Limnely antd weilh it fact,
nit-y fipokt of 1. ms the best effirt 13f
his hife. Thle (Oh!i Stiltern were wvel.
comned in that r*tyal style and hiospit
a uol(i mi:m8 for which Pitckenis is so
we lcted.l Th'e kt-ys of the~ city'
we-re I:ti:ed over to ilhe Old V-ttiraims
and(1 thi- were tohlin totartake- of our
m ii aits aindI 8ht silhty adl itnouie
htostages: if uis as thmey sawi~ lit. The
tieaitedi u- rotyally, tot hbe pirison-i
(i - of wV 3, andt -htowt''h us thiat t-y
wee-i bonnoil atit heat, becusue thley
gave us oif the tir )l p lur and enii -ijoy.
I mcie timort: than they took amay
We would f:ke to be their" h atatges
oftener. antld in) f hese rPtrmalrk we.
vo,ice the true s(mtiment of the entire
cit.izaiship of 'ickens, and we long
for the return of the day whena we
can again d: ).olior to the bnave and
d"'e' (i oildc buers of the "1,ost
bthwie by% the 1111d was fl"v(lowed
yiv the attmlial address. delivered by
the l.icrv. ,1, F. i lal heson, who s"loko
tituely and well. His address was
full of meat, not only for the Old Sol.
diers, btt, it was tueat for the rising
generation who had heil compelled
to stily sec(sHsion historv fro I at
Nrthern viewloint. le gave facts
and figures which showed much
thought and study on his part,
and frot an educaitional point
of view were astouncling facts
to his hearers, some1 t-tatistics being
unknown, even ta those wvho wore so
proudly the gray. Mr. Miathesou's
address Was a m11ost able ono, Wats
liste3ned to with very m1arked atten
tion, and he wias highly coptulilented
by those who heard himu. ()(r only
regret is that his remlarklt were lige
ly xt"n>peore, alldt we ire nnable to
p'i bl hli tlewi v(erbaitit. I.loweve"r,
if we can get him to give u the giat
of it, we will, in the near future,
publish what we can of it. It con
h,ati a fiir,d of inrformation that is of
lim- all e v;lu l ) t lt e risin gen
r pti.n o Tlh.,.- wi O w(- wre t 1 tle
obe p(n- 1(sdtlt missed t r"tare t fetIt.
Ari mi s it b t he band Iv I 11111 the pr
seltatiol of Weros (s of milr toWok
in)(et,t owing to a dety in the
r,cipt of thei cross s, they havin to
be engtaved with thme name of the
recipient, the ladies pinned rosettes
on t,hasr. who were entith-ed to the
crosses, and at. at Iater day these
souvenirs will be dist.ribu)ted.
The benedict.ion "f God was in
voked upon the audience by 1 ev.
I. 1). JoneB, lfter which the Old
Guard was held together and mnarch
ed to the grove in front of the Metho.
dist ch(lrcl, where i bountiful repast
wits served in picnie st yle.
''he crowd in town that. (113' was a
large (ine, something ike 2,00) peo
ple betun; present, and was at2 o dorly
and well-bwhavted 1(on(e, an1d whllu the
keys of the city wire given into the
inods of the Old Soldiers, lie hnor
of the City was not violated by themu
in a'y particular. r
218 l) di(s andti children c;une to
town thti (ay, ndi the beauty as well
ats the chivaalry of our couty" was
pre:"ent to help) nuak the daay anl
a1U.spiciolsi one. It was ia remiarka 1
1bl0 falch.t tt you2 ng nmi 20 el olks
)ullSJ absent.
Thei dl.y was one 0121 th1 mos 2)t pllels.
tint ever' spen1t by the Oh)I Sohle20rs m2
PI?ckens2, bult there1' could( not but21
stea21l2't 12.r 1us ( the flehng of hladness8
thalt ill coni o32ver the4 IiOl~I t t
ltero were( somle her l'IIIast yea1r whio
were no0t hIere thi year)12. and2( wel won0
derI wh'o of tIll vast. assOemi 2ge that21
wasi here11 thIiis year1 wnill be debarred 214
bly 1the griml reaperU, D)eathI, frlom
with friends onI June1 Ist, ini P~ C<021,
so hve, mlad act, that whomui the( E.lerne
monster102, IDeathi, ealls, t hey 1212 saiy,
"Thy13 will be2 done."'
Alluh oif 11he p)lealsure 2222d en2j(.y.
men'It of thei (OcolnioltWn asui etribu1ted
by Ih p2 iGal ey \l ill BIandI, wholl for
m218hed2 the muIi:0, and12 moeb:l very'
fa:vorledl 0.munen222t was hlea:rd (on al1
lidesi for thieir' gool playing.
As the (eveninlg 1had4.s apltpeared1
oI,ring the we!1wishes of tIhe Pick
2ns people2 and2( the deire. thaIt niext
shtow tIhl am>r)ieciation anid love we
Iave for those who during the trcing
d(}S of of '(1.--41 so nobly boro arms
in the defense of their homes atndi -''
what t.hIey construed to be their in.
alienable rights. And while they
ar(, 'ne by one, droppin." eut of
rankcs, l-t us, with the tnself15hness
1+o feely(IS iiiedI)iI froml1 th1onm, cherish
the n a a howet our lOve and 1 bloss
ing upon theIll, andl(1, inl a measure,
s'ow to h1101 that while, tt the limtio,
tlhey fou;;ht for a "Lost. t':ause," they
did nlot ";o down inl i;~not'iny' and
lufeat, but that their caus is CVeu
more deeply imllbeddcd in the hearts
of their progeny than it Was engrtav.
en on their own hearts. Heroes of
'61, adiau!
School Closing.
The Pickens Graded School closed
its session of 1906-07 last Friday and
[it night the scholars gave an exhibi
tion that did credit not only to them
3elves but to their prectiptors as well.
The siudents all acted their parts
w;ll and displayed at great dal of
tbility and tallont and showed that
much thought had beenit sx ded, on.
L1aeir training.
The progra11me waS not. at very
long oe bit. it. uta ww4ll selch 1 and.
well rer(cu((d antd displayed oh1ilt
Thel( weoath1er1 wast Very) Inc-mllent,
bIut the house V.asH ptcled andl antuk
aIt t('ut"1Oll Was haaidI to tho4 h"o
;raunlne. '.Very1on1 (LigaIged. (lid
5pi:n(li(lly, 1)1 some did except1ion
ally well. The programme was about
two hours long and was as follows;
Prayer hv Iev. I), D. Jones.
Battle Ilymnl of the republie' by
the school.
Ilialogue - Massage Treatmt,nt.
Canltata--Concert of Nations.
Costume 8ong-Timid L i t t I e
Maidens From Japan.
)ialog;te--- Tile Bobtown School.
Wand Dh-ill.
Motion Song -- The Jolly Old Crow.
Sang- iobby Shaftoo.
Son g- L'lag of the Free.
So--T -'en Little Nigger BoyH.
Dialogue A miarial and his Boys.
Song- -Goodbye.
'Ihe Song, 1 obby Shaftoe by Mae
tb+r" I/l LoI e TIhornlev and little MIissos
ittrt atd A ttalway was the best
mutaber renldee(d a11(1 it Met with a
marlty enore.
Ti 'len Little Nigg.r lioys' was
lvill 11nr .and crated a1 grex2a , t
It is Out of0 thet Ill province of tihis pa.
>er' to go ito detaitls for we could
lIt ido ju stica e to the oca21fsion. Hfow
:ver, saallise at. to esay they alhl acted
veil thei(0r part and11 th aere all the hon
T1he schol wvil open~ in Septemn
>er agan ithii '.ibithatering pro)sp(ects,
I 'rot. ,1. WV, Swittenbulrg hasi been11
tender a l th 1supe21Jirin11teinlencey of the~
whI ol 1for an I Iother session1 , and)4 Iih
vill very proably11) ne1cep Jt. lI is ta
1ap!end41id teneb(e2 r and (will have, no
loubat, even1 a1 better' school thuan tIhe
pr enflt 011e. Theii asistat 11,1tehers
will be electd l(141Iater21.
'Th e a wer no,11 grOadIu altes at this
SO- iaa oIf scho' l ' on1(I aIccount o if the
rals tees la'' Inag aIdded furlrthar gr'ad(e.
to the( cours0 r f stuidy and1( nlext seH,
iona i.t wilb pne sahg
Card of Thanks.
To( those who 1( have W bet n1 'vi th utt inr
oura bearealvemena't 1a114 by, kottd wvords
an1d kinliy aicts have t raed to lesse
our so rrow oV4ver' the death1 oi(f ou1r tbe,
lo)ved wvift, we0 extend 14 OIl lCince4'r'
thaunks for thueir' svmtathvy.

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