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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, June 06, 1907, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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j (
Are the best because they are
fewer parts and stronger parts
are so simple that anybody car
have to be a machinist to ri
to keep one in repair.
We have them, also the ha,
Prices are most reasonable an
We take pleasure in showin
cussing their features with yot
We have a full line of Harc
needs he can find in the best y
price at our store,
Full line of carpenter tools <
tools andl supplies.
In Furniture and Stoves we
he had any where. Come an
We want your trade. We v
Hams, Chickens, Eggs, Beesw
thing you have to sell bring it
Moe &
Ao scIu uarante, 'l
ey back (d1."
a sea1nd.J dur a' ilit,
t temr
sono n neiA.* e
M. C.KISE ('
I '1~~ALN~' '
buorn ear.
a.e e Teannd 'Kelea n.lit s
soui mit. mitoe he ar
Larn M . Cek . NER (uto
ird o n we thein coirplinti ti
ton, d .f wheb I [ is hy~ erewE iu
erii~ of' t vihe IS (ir'. win
vent 11b11 ie heeo
Wi the in i nt Il'if:
if h'()1 ..j -, ompIit1
wa il ed l inth 'lek llie alt
X 2 lI of I )ecembler, i 106.
I Ded. 2 2d, 1906.
J. 1O0005. C. e. P.
E. W. T.ONO,
' JULlU1U E.1IO(ls,
Plinoiom .
the simplest, less complication,
, therefore less breakage. They
i understand them. You don't
in one nor have a machine shop
rakes, hand and self dump.
1 terms most generous.
g you these machines and clis
Come around and look them
ware. Every tool the farn,er
uality at the most reasonable
)f standard quality. Blacksmith
have some of the best values to
l see for yourself.
rant your produce of all kinds:
IN, Pea , Corn, and in fact, any
to us and get the top prices.
al! \ho trad, 'with ;. -'Mon
em. In style
'Shield Brand Shoes"'
of perfection.
MrmormmjTs ONY
)O. Manufacturers.
A. LA.
Theo Scotch Juror.
In Scotlai in ai ci vil case' jurymien
get 10 hiing a <lay1 hI for their serv..
are triied c Onseeunt ily on one .iny and
thei same ju.n1 : Ii tte. I hy g t
I dhi l for 4 eac a. I 't h
* Io'\t Iiitu o t n ifI r I ; e n
nii '4sil Uln i ' 144(14i liiju
\n4, l i ish .iy whenit rein ih
? ri et GAIa uslhesgCIo u;a:.:. Ga.
IS a delicious chew,
made from the best
North Carolina leaf;
a leaf that has a spec
ial texture, a special
flavor and which
makes RED EYE a
specially fine and satis
Most people prefer it
to tobacco costing one
dollar per pound.
Ask your dealer for it and
insist on him keeping it.
Write for Special Prices.
ii I I I
LAV 1RENCEl P0f !jliI
OPViCf -w.
1" I. IARJ;Is,
Coutrt of' rouo
1 ": N?i hi1 fhi'
*ee . m al~ ..2 ,... 7. 4
rlohn F 4.g 4444n, 44' ( j. 4y
. 4L,C 1h''y T. . h
Is. .'- H.E em i ., P . 84m.
I 44n44 .1 i nh-y and .hj. NaItions .
'4 nai, '" . 1. Ii-'rg s.,4 , . () 4i .
Wordlaw4 , J mes MV''.i4. i. r '\-an leA -
12.:4 4a4 , annu)1 s ( ns 4. >.4)4 I-44-rg-Ion
Ia : 24 I4rgl.( ) Fergus44n. Jnme41(4. 1Fer-4
iN'I)'on4. Jr.. 1444tti4 J1. W ite4' ihdtiu
alentin, J1. McD.J) Bruei... .:.4 ' . P.
in, thII n44tion. WLe j4is t. his day~ 4:4Ii ii ;
tI he ,111'o f 44 he4 (4lerk of1 44one4 '4or Pit.k..
('44r :'0r lit i.i o b- 4 t4 Pi kn1 (4444I-'4 ( (*-*4
4xhsi ]o 'br4 dray~ of '44( srv''- m
in (14 Ih time4 :,fora* ,id, 11he PlI intiffls in
D 'A l0v 'bl A. ( . 19)
d. P4 "'ay,
I (('s Atty.
Fern 4 um - (4. .4e 4. I .i . gu m. r.
-4n W h4 h4 4,4 \v i ( 4,. .. 44\n .m.
\4 . n' 44 I L 44 -\'J s e
A Busy Mecin fo (r B4'y Ptonh',
IBrings Golden HI'(44'l and f c.'d V4ior,
A..54 4aj444 for ('on,H4~ 4:4 i.n. Indig.'4'nion4. T.':
4.4od. Und 444 reath4044 .Sla a 44 oels, 4.4e4. 2W . ai, .
.4't, form.44 :. 4444' 4 44 . C:4 uin4 e 44r.u - ,
We W
tIn f
for them an
for very sm
E I it would b(
ens all the :
they shed tl
be glad to t
crs, but you
. $Let
1They are
ped like lar
'hey are
home folks
chickens. '
is thcir mat
'' They are
coop in tra:
their desti
their little 1
the city lad
chicken for
around by
of a iarge c
they are lc
they are of
sok at
ne,ver g lutt,
it can bed
them a litt
price for tl
c Com e to
As you can see thy h-ve
ar the( advanc~e g)ImrdI for Sprin,
the open ~i.
L. Roth
(lotILC Ido I o..'WiIo
ant Larger
Chickens Now.
Frying chickens first come
verybody seems hungry
d will pay a fancy price
all chicks. - We know
nice to 0A-sell chick
rear round for 25c before
eir down, and we would
>uy them of our custom
will remember that every
is crying for larger chick
us state a few facts with
ence to the small chick in
:ender and can't be ship
ger ones.
"made light of" by our
who come to us to buy
hey often remark, "where
ften mashed to death in
it and when they reach
nation their destination
earts are broken and when
y comes around to select a
dinner, by being pnshed
heir cruel hand in search
hickens as night comes on
ft alone in their coop
:el kept a few days-some
sonc die, and the rest are
ialf price. Ihe market is
ed with large chickens but
)mle \Vith small ones. Keep
e longer and get a fair
LCi the year round.
seC us,
uist arived\(li romi the: tram n an'
gandl Summler style2.
ome and niobby efects. i

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