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Pickes Setiilel-Journd
The Sentinol-Journal Company.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Piokons rostofaico as second Class
Mail Matter
THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1907.
American goods to the value of
$14,875,274 were sent to Alaska in
1906, an "increase of more than 28
per cent. over the shipments of 1905.
The average amount of honey taken
from an English hive is fifty pounds,
double ihe American average. The
record "take" from any hive was 1,000
pounds from a stock of Cyprians.
Joseph Brayer, a Bohemian glass
cutter, has, after six years' work,
made a clock whish; with the excep
tion of the springs, consists entirely
of crystal glass.
Mrs Brittania W. Kennon, great
grand-daughter of Martha Washing
too, and a descendant of the last
Lord Baltimore, recently celebrated
her ninety-second birthday at her
home in Georgetown, D C. She was
born there and has lived in the same
house all her life.
Caller-"I'd think that your fa
ther's duties as building inspector
would be awfully dangerous going
round unsafe buildings." Small Son
of the House-"Oh, no: he doesn't
go near 'em till after they fall down."
Bishop Sanford Olmstead, of Colo
rado, at a dinuer in Denver said apro
pos of Sabbath-breaking: "I was
talking to an eastern clergyman the
other day about his church attend
ance. 'I suppose,' I. said, 'that in
your district rain affects the attend
anco considerably.' He smiled faint
ly. 'Indeed. yes,' he said. 'I hardly
have a vacant seat when it is too wet
for golf or motoring.'"
The proprietor of a large business
house, says the Ladies' Home Jour
nal, bought a number of signs,
readiniff, "Do It Now," and had them
hung around the office, hoping to
inspire his people with promptness
and energy in their work. In his
private office one dlay soon afterw~ard
a friend asked him how the scheme
affected The staff. "Well, not just the
way I thought it would'" answered
the proprietor. "T[he cashier skipped
with $30,000, the head book-keeper
eloped with the private secretary
three clerks asked for an increase of
malary, and the office boy lit out to
become a hyighwayman.''
,The democratic manners of Justice
Holmes, of the United States supreme
court, continues to impress them
selves upon the residents of Wash
ington. The other morning he stood
on the platform of a street car enjoy
ing his after-breakfast cigar, when
two colored women lumbered on
board with a huge wash-basket,
which they deposited at his feet be
fore going inside. Wben the car
started a piece of gauze netting
which was over the clothes began to
blow loose and was about to disap
pear when the justice grabbed it and
chirefully tucked it in. One of the
sable owners remarked to her comi
panion: "Fe' do Lawd's sake, look
at dat! Ef he in't fixin' it all right!
Look like his own wife might or tuk
ini washin' herse'fI"
A German newspaper has benn
started at Tangier, Morocco, in the
interests of the ever-growing German
A property-owner in Kingston, a
London suburb, has posted a notice
that "mno gralndchildren or cats" will
The. average American church
member gives hfty-four cents to for
eign muissions. The record is held r<
by the United Presbyterians, who C
give $1 77 a member.
Speaking at Cardiff, Wales, re.- P
cently, Miss Gawthorpe, a suffra. .7
gotte, stated that a bride's blushes ti
are caused by the kupwledge of the w
kind of man ahe is going to marry. at
Alderman Penny, 6f Wimbleton, si
London, was condemned the other
day to pay $125 damages for having
said that a certain local grocer put m
chicory in his coffee. Medical wit
nesses stated that chicory was a dan.
gerous irritant.
What is claimed to be a record a
day's winding for any colliery in the
United Kingdom was made recently el
at the Bargood colliery of the Powell
Dyffryn company. The quantity of ri
coal raised during the day was 8,245 h
Admiral Sir Charles Drury, who
succeeds Lord Charles Beresford in
command of Great Britain's Mediter- g
ranean fleet, is a son of Baron Drury, 0
a French Canadian of New Bruns
wick. tie is a man of splendid
physique and is one of the few offi- h
Mers of Usnadian birtfi in the royal
Pointed Paragraphs. a
Give, the inchworm time and it I
will gain a foothold.
Many a government forecaster has a
been badly weather-beaten.
The. more a man accomplishes the
less time he has to talk about it.
And when it comes to mistr.kes the I
supply always exceeds the demand.
Men who believe that whisky is e
good for a cold nearly always have a
We meet some people with pleas
ure and part from them with genuine
satisfaction. 0
- t
(Jan a mnan be said to be partial to. t
a thing when he gives his entire at
tentiou to it?
A women likes to have a nian li,
ter bor when she knows he is pOni
cious fabrication.
Many a man Who acts like a bear
is foxy.
It's easy to discourage a man who
hasn't any co)urage.
Nearly 'all free-thinking men are
in the bachelor class. .
' omorrow is 'the only time to
b)orrowV if you wouldn't sorrow.
It doesn't do a particle of good to
ya wn when some people, talk.
If you. want a bhink. done awell A
don't do it youraelf unless you know'
bow. .
As a matrimonial prize a homelf
girl makes good more often than a
pretty one.
A woman Isn't satisfied if her hue
band's life is an open book-unless
it's a checkbook.
if men were compelled to practice
what they preach most of them
would giv-e up the preaching habit.
When a girl shows a young man a
photograph of herself she expects
him to ask for it.
- - - ~ -c
THE MAGIt) NO. 3.t
Number three is a wonderful mascot i
for Geo. H. Pairris, of Cedar Grove, Me.. V
according to a letter w bich reads: "Aftert
suffering much ith liver and kiuiney Ii
trouble, and becoming greatly disconr- r
Iaged by the failure to find relief, I tried
Elecetric Bitters, and as a result I amn a e
wvell man to-day. Th'Ie first bottle reliev- a
ed and( three hot this Iomle~lted thme (nre." ''l'
OnIat dbs nearth for stomach, S
, lve aiikideytrubesby Pickens, b
])rug Co., druggist. 50c.. c
- -- - . s
The Wily Fox. f
A story is re(latIed ini Halley's Maga- r
zlue of at reector ot' a i'rish not far :
fronm Oxford, who as ho wa walkingr
ic'ross some1 fields he'ard the' cry of
hounds. Them pack ran into an adja-n
cent fleld, antd presenitly a fox camne
toward the c'lergyiinani tad trotted S
along by his sk(1e as a (dog would do. 6
'The hiuntsman, lookiing about, saw
nothing but t he' r'etor and( what seem
ed to be his (lOg, andii et'l off In another i,
dlirectlin. As soon1 as the coast was
clear' the fox gave a whisk of his brush r
anad disappeared (Iihrough the hedgerow.
-~St. James' Gnaette.8
'Comw6endable Example.
.The popular after-dinner speaker
se to respond to a toast, says the
hicago Tribune.
"Gentlemen,'" he said, "the unex
3ctedly flattering mauner in which
)ur toast-master has introduced toe
tis evening reminds me of a story
hich strikes me as being' appropri
e to the occasion. By the way,
>w many of you have heard the
ory of the Pennsylvania farmer and
ke young wolf he bought for a
Don dog. Will those who -are fa
*ilior with it from having listened
it halt a dozen times or more
ease raise their .hands?"
'An overwielmitg majority of his
idience raised. their hands.
"Thanks, gentlemen," he said, "1
all not inflict it upon you.'l
With th. ir rapturous applause still
oging in his ears he sat down. He
ad made the hit of the evening.
rith each dollar's worth of coffee I will
tve a nice plate. cup and saucer of dec
rated ware with gold band. My obffee
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Overstocked on pants-prices cut..&I
Some bargains in stoves. 2 Second
Find ranges cheap. T. D. HARRIS.
To Mother. In This Town,
Children who are delicate, feverish
ad cross will get immediate relief from
[other Gray's Sweet; Powders for chil
ren. They cleanse the stomach, act 9n
e liver, making a sickly child strong
ad healthy. A certain cure for worms.
old by all druggists, 25c sample Free.
Lddrtss Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
The pleasant purgative effect experi
iced by all who use Camberlain's
tomach and Liver Tablets, and th
ealtby condition of the body and mind
rhich they create makes one feel joyful.
)ric, 25 cents. Sample free at Pick
Un Drug Co.
Bids Wanted.
BIDS are invited for enlarging th
present court house at Pickens, S.
C., in accurdance with the plans
'nt specifications now on file in this
lice. Bids will be received up to noon
he 201h day of July 1907, after * which
lie contract will be awardod the lowejt
esoniible bid(lder. The successful bid.
er will be required to give an accepta
le bonld in ie sum of his bid. Rights
eserved to reject any or all bids.
. '. Looper,
7june3t. Sup'r. Pickens o.
Your Chance.
[OU hnve to pay for IIOLMAN'S
BIBLES, and that's what you
Let in order one for. that Birthday
iift for your Father, Mother, H-usband
Vife~ Child Sister or 13:othier with nani(
tampeat in gold vtithout extra cost.
- D. D. JONES.
- Pickens, S. C.
Seas Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
~iney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
ourages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
___ and cheerfulness soon
disappear w~hen the kid
tpeys are out of order
'dr diseased..
Kidney trouble has
- become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
- for a child to be born
. O afflicted with weak kid
-rnoys. if the child urin
- t.. ates too often, if the
rinle scalds heflesh or if, when the child
saches an age when it should be able to
ontrol the passage, it is yet afflicted with
ed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
te diffic~ulty is kidney trouble, and the first
tep should be towards the treatment of
iese important organs. This unpileasanm
-ouble is due to a diseased condition of the
Idneys and bladder and not to a habit as
iost people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
rable with kidney and bladder trouble,
nd .both need the same great remedy.
he mild and- the immediate effect' of
wamp-Root is soon realized, It is sold
y druggists, in fifty
snt and one dollar
zes. You may have a
mple bottle by mail "if
ee, also pamphlet tell- "nome of Sr-asup.n~ooe.
g all about it, including many of the
ousands of testimonial letters receIved
om sufferers cured. in writing Dr. Kilmer
Co.. Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
ention this paper.
Don't make any mistake, bui remember
e name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
wamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
.Y., on every bottle.
"That horse was enpable of winning
i a walk." "Anid did lhe?'' "No. They
olshly enitered hIm In a runnin~g
ace."-~Washlngton r.a
frhere are
Only two Classe
Of Candy
If you want to
on a picnic trip <
Up-to=date Drugg
Are the best because they ar
fewer parts and stronger par
are so simplle that anybody c
have to be a machinist to I
to keep one in repair.
We have them, also the ha
Prices are most reasonable at
We take pleasure in showi
cussing their features with yc
We have a fill line of Hat
needs he can find in the best
price at our store,
Full line #f~carpenter tools
tools and supplies.
In Furniture and Stoves w
be had any wvhere. Come at
We want your trade. We
Harns, Chickens, Eggs, Bees'
thing you have to sell bring
Moore &
I IA square deal is guarantet
ey back if not satisfied."
Scholarship Entrance Examination
Freshman Class
The examination for the award
4cholarships from IPickens coauty a1
'admission to Freshmatn class will
held at the county court house on F:
day July'5, at 9 a. m. Applicants f,
schiolarshipa may E'eure blank forr
from the county Sup>erintendent of E~d
(oation. These blatn m must be filed o
properly and filed wvith the county S
perintondenit of Educaition, before i
ginning of tie examination. Thoi
taking the examina tiou for eintraice1
the Freshman clain and not trying for
schsliarship should file their applicatic
with President Meli. 'The scholarshi1
are worth $100 and~ free tuition. Ot
scholarship) from t'eh county may a
hect the Tlextilo course, others must talt
one of the Agribulitural courses. Exan
ination paper will lbe fuu niheld, but cac
a~iphcanlt must pridn~l himself wit
scratchu paper. The nmber of schola:
ships to ho auwarded ill be announoce
later-. le P, H. Mcli, Pros.,
.....,Clemson College, S. C.
And others
please everybod
-arry a box jof
7 Fine
Y Candy
& co.
Pickens, S. C.
2 the simplest, less complication,
:s, therefore less breakage. They .
.n understand them. You don't
'-in one nor have a
y rakes, hand an<
id terms most gener
Ig you these machim .
U. Come around a
dware. Every tool the farner
quality at the. most reasonable
of'standard quality. Blacksmith
e have some of the best values to
dsee for yourself.
want your produce of all kinds:
Nax, Peas, Corn, and in fact, any
t to us and get the top prices.
d all who trade with us. -'Mon
to For the above occasion the Chie'si~.
ton & Western Carolina Railway will
of sell cheap round trip tickets. For
)i rates et<6 see ticket agents or write,
'C Ernest Williams,
r G4. p. A. Augusta, Ga.
'; Notice of Final Sottlenient and Discharge.
11 N OTICE is herehy given that I wit
emake npplication to J. B3. New
o bory, Esq., Probate Judge for Pieken
a county. in the State of Sentfh re nc
nonl the 21st (lay of Juni
a o'clock in the forenoon, o:
o after as said application -
.* for leave to imnke final scei
e estatn of Ann Griffin decc.
~. tain discharge as admin
h~ estate
h May 28, 1907t4. Admr, . t
stope ora cada and -a

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