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That backing
Because your
your powers of r
Take Scoti
It builds up and strer
It contains Cod Liver
prepared that it is easy
WVitha full realization of
we print it here in big, head t)
describing our linie of goods
Many a man might have 1
niess ifU he had been satisfied w
every sale; the houses which a
those who do a big turnover c
house with new goods and goc
Just to keep the ball rolli
7C quality calicos
Wc "1 Giniagbat
10 Organudies
35C bist PeIp)erel
1.'c bed ticking f
120( bed ticking fo
teao Pereales for
50 Tablo Damiitl
121 qi;ality Line
S*.50 Queen 1R1is
Si King Bee Miei
50c qur.lity cuips e1
.Ac dinner plates' I
Other Goods Reduced ac
These prices are not copy
copy them,
Business Locals.
Notices of Sale. Wants. Swaps, etc
inserted in this Column at 5 cents per
line for each insertlon. Nothing taken
for less thani 10cenits.
We do not ont quality, therefore w4
oannot out prices.
Pickens Bottling Works.
Wanted, to buy 1,000 hens, 1,500 doz
on eggs and all the roosters that we car
get. W. E. Freeman & Co.
When in Easley put up ydur Stool
at B. P, Martin's feed and livery sta
ble5. He also handles all kinds o
feetuff. 38-tf
Call and see me if you want a grou1
or any work inith photograph line.
May '29t3 E.M AMER,
Opposite Folger, Thornley & Co.
We have just received a solid carc
Zaneaville stone ware consistingc
churns, pitchers, etc. The churns wi
be sold itt 10c the gallon. Ask to st
this beautiful ware whether you want I
buy or not. Craig Brothers,
I would like to 1111 a limited numbe
of bills for houses with first-class rong
lumber at $1 per 100 at mill. 4j mi
west of Pickens, A. W. Gravley,
Boute 8 Pickens.
1FOR SALE- Mare 7 years ol<
850 lbs. In good health.
jun13tf D). D. Jones.
A few first class sowving machine
slightly used to be sold at greatly r
duced prices. Also sewing machinesr
paired. Call at Craig Bros,
0. P. Knight.
Just recoived, a fresh supply of Pc
urn, rolled oats, cocoa and Bake
jelatine and canned goods at D.]
Call on W. H. Cihastain, R. F. D.
5 miles North of Pickens, if in need
building lumber, oak or pine. All orde
will receive prompt attention.
For sale-126 acre farm four ml
west of Ealey, three good houses al
all necesseary outbuildings, etc., 75 act
in cultivation balance in timber. Pri
$45 per acre. Terms to suit.
We make our drinks, not on the pl1
of how cheap. but how good.
Pickens Bottling Works.
Fresh Milcht Cows for Sale.
3 0. A. Ellis, Pickens, S. C.
Moore & Mauldin have just received
big lot of barb wire, also nails of
kinds and sizes'.
cough continues
system is exhausted and
esistance weakened.
's Emuetidon. 4
gthens your entire system.
Oil and Hypophosphites so
to take and easy to digest.
S: 50c. AND $1.00
te, to Sav \\'OrfIs in pl)Crl
the "b2st'' the'rt is; on the ma
>milt ip a huge, enduring buis
ith a small day. by(-day profit o
re nlow-a-days "big ones' at'
Oi1 a sillall profit. Oars is a bi
d goo(ds at a fair prolit.
g, we offer:
fo M to G.
lis for now 10e
I Sheeting 30ek
or 100
r 1
for -15t
n1 Chambravo for'the
Ladies' Shoes ,2'
' Shoes $3.75
.nd sanLuers a set 300
k set 311c
righted, others are permitted
B. Cooper.
Do You Think
r dFor Yourself
Ordo You oven your mouth like a you
bird and gulp down whatever food or rae
cine may be offered you?
If. you are an intelligent thinking- woma
in need of relief from weakness. nervousnite
pain and suffering, then it means nme~h
you that there Is one tried and true hotm
gaediclne or ENOWN COMPOSITION. Sold
druggLsts for the cure of woman's ills.
The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite M
scription, for the cure of weak. nervous. rr
down. over-worked, debilitated. pain-racL
women. knowing- this medicine to be masde
of ingredients, every one of which has 1
strongest possible indorsement of the lead1
and standard authorities of thoevs
Cschools of practice, are perfectly wIlling. .1
ia fact. are only too glad to print, as they
the formsula. or list of ingreVents, of wh
16 is composed, Esm pletn E'ngiIsh. on etv
The formula of Dr. Pierce's Favorite P
scription will bear the most critical ex uml
tion of medical-oxperts, for it contains
alcohol, narcotics, harmful, or habit-form
drugs, and no agent enters into It that is
highly recommended by the most advani
and leading medical teachers and anth
Itties of their several schools of vraet
e These authorities recommend the ingre~dIe
o) fiDr. Piercse's Favorite Prescription for
cure of exactly the same ailments for whi
$his wol-f med m edii s advised._
h* *' *' * *
'iNo other medicine for woman's Ills h as
such professional endorsement as Dr. Pier
Favorite Prescription has received. In thme
qualified recommendation of each of
several ingredients by scores of leading mn
I, cat men of alt the schools of pract ice.
such an endorsement not worthy of y
oensideration ?
II, A bookiet of ingredients, with numer
e- authorative profesional endorsements by
e.. leading medical authorities of this con
will be mailed free to any one sending ni
and address with request for, same. A dd;
at r. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Tf.
r. Winthrop College Scholarship and
trance Examination.
3, The examination for the award of
of cant Scholarships in Withrop Col
re and for the admission of new stude
will be held at the COurt Honse
es Priday July 5th at 9 o'clock a,
Id Applicans m~ust he1 not less thanit lift
'es years of "ge. When steholarshiips
ce vacated after .July 5, they will be0 awr
ed to those mnkinug the highest avter
at this examination, provided they ni
the conlditionsH governing the awn
ill Applicants for schtolahips sho
wvrite to President Jlohnson before
examination for Schiolarsthip excami
tion blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and I
tuition. Thme next session wvili oj
Ia September 18, 1907. For further inl
mnuhtionl and eat aloglte, iiddress
Pros. D . .Tohnson n, c Ifil c:
W ill cure any case of
bevond the ieach of medit
-PioL,.V4 I-11 COrit 11o
S t
How a
to Saves You
.H E way to figure the co!
wagon, a carrage, a bup
IsH f a the cost f r year
use it.
If a farm wagon, for'example that
lasts 20 years and requires only $2 rep
you of that wagon is $3.10 a year.
If another wagon costs only 50, and
and requires $10 worth of repairs, the
to coat to yon is $6 a year, at least.
st Which is the cheaper?
), * * *
There is no doubt about the lasting
qualities of Studebaker wagons, car
, riages and harness.
It's the material that goes into
Pd them-plus the way they are made.
Studebaker farm wagons have
me deeper than others, made from se
aV -. Black Hickory--amr-drisd from 3 to
The axles are also re-inforcsd
abar of steel running from the he
.-- to the other.
c'h The Studebaker Patent
are made from cast iron I
verse strength of over 3,004
Go to
Heath Br
' isotice of Flnal Settlement and Discharge. I
~- OTOIn eb gvntha~t I w'i~ll A
m.. Pickena e olinty, in 'ha Statte of Sonth
tsCarolin , onc the 27th dlay of Junei 1907,
di- t 11 o'c ook in the forer.oon,, or as soon
our heard, for leave to make fiunIal sttle
mnent of the estate of Eliziebeth Cooper,
delceaseWd, anud obtain dischairge uas exec
ou utrix of sai estatte.
the May 31 1907t4 t'arah .1. Gravely,
~rr. Exeentrix- No
- -U(H A RLESTON, S. U. rigl
122nd year begiua Septembher 27.
Letersi2, sience~f. Enineiniiig. One
scholarshtip to eauch county in, South
SCarolina, giving free tuiitione. Tuition
v-$40. Hourd anud fiur'.ished room ini
oDormuItory $11I a miouth. All canudidantei I
n1t4 for admiion~,, ar permitte*d to compete thei
" fo vaantBoyce schlarahipR which pay -li
rnm 10. er Entrance examinations t
aen w ~ill he held ini the county counrt house
aire en Friday, .July 5th at 9 a. mn.
ige ---A Rs-, that
eet HAIR BAL.SAM the
Cures ~Ii)',f~~ air famlng.
roe Ask For Allen's Fon't-sase.
DA powder for siwollen., tired, hot. smaqrt
or- ing feet. Sample sent tree. Alan armple
invention. Addresi Allen S. O)huit I,
C.T LeDay N. V.
Kidney or Bladder Disease
:ine. No medicine can do n
apaiv, Pickejns, Parken's Pharman a
$15. Bilys a Fir
Schliossiiade piu
Don1't envy the nian in a ne
one and know the con
And imlere comfort is not the
iikcomul parable "Schl os;" Clotl
periQect fit an(l good (niality ar
Concavel and perfectly rc
that simply can't break or saE
that will never lose its shape,
linements of skilled tailorin
Piest of all, they have an all
tinction you won't find in one
no matter how nmch you pay.
Otho splendid Suits and Over0
1.O rr H . E D N I
it to you of a square inch-25% gre:
gy or a set of ments of the United St
probably 50% greater th
as long as you The Studebaker hub:
nishing a proper founda
costs you $60 are treated with a secret
airs, the cost to to their weather resistin
The Studebaker slop
lasts 10 years, greatest improvements e
into the
See the other s
Studebaker edge ti,
I ~That's i
Agent Ai
by featu
the dur
axles K inch Studebaker is overlooke
lected butt-cut Do you wonder thati
5 years. Do yuwonder that il
with a special tation bhind it ?
:el of one skein You cannot afford to
when you can get the bi
Truss Skeins It is poor eceomiy I
having a trans ing out money for sea
the Studebaker Agen
miee & Morrow Comg
kens, South Carolina.
thing but expense was spared
>ds. We are satisfied that we
at styles and the right prices.
m't Let Cheap Talk Ses
But examir
>ur goods are not as represen
mn. Some goods are higher tl
de with you. We have everythi
iy O00$i, Notions, UndorWear,
the average customer wants, ar
price as low as same googJs are
Vhen you come to Greenville,
C it pay you.
A.K. F
Cures Backache
Do not ris: having
not Bright's Disease
Lore. oi Diabetes
', Liberty.
w Spring Sut- et
ifort of wearing- it.
only featurc of our
amOng thCir ot.er
uniided shouklers, a
and a coat-front
are some of the re
you find in these
of fashional( dis
suit in a hundred
1t-S10. to $20.
EWL VLO )114"
GreeuviL, S. O.
ter than the require.
tes Government -and
an the ordinary wagon.
are large in diameter-fur
tion for the spokes. They
solution, which greatly adds
g qualities. 0
5-soulder- spokes-one of the
ver made in wagon building
the largest amount of eyoo4
hub. 'They are strongest i ers
ekes are weakest.
Studebaker patented round.
es are oil-wdded and cold-set.
vhy they never loosen.
3oon-point by point-feature
re-nothing that will add to
ibility and long life of the
is the wagon with a repu.
buy a "cheap" wagon,
at for so little.
o be constantly pay
r bills.
:1save money.
in the selection of the
have the right goods, t
1 You Goods,
ie the quality,
ted, you don't have to buy
an last season, but we wi!
ng in
d we absolutely guaran~
sold anywhere.
::ome to see us, wew
Greenville, S

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