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Pickens lSentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TOMPSON & RicHr, Pos.
Subscription $1.00 Per Anunm.
Advertising R'tes Reasonable.
Eniterel iat Pickens Lustotice as Second Class
Mail N:aitter
'rlURl)AY, JULY 11, 1907.
About one-third of the land in the
Mexican state of Durango is held
by lifty-fivo men. One estate covers
1,000,000 acres.
Since Pius X was e!evated to the
ponti'ical throne, less than four years
ago, no fewer than fifteon cardinals
have died.
Th next national Republican con
vention will be composed of 992 del
egates, of which 332 will come from
the South. The number required to
nioninate is 497.
Gulls are being trained for postal
service in pla'ie of carrier pigeons by
the maritime station of the biological
department of the University of
Lyon, at Toulon, on the Mediter
Where the trouble is physical,
such as failure of an organ, indiges
tion, congestio7 of the liver, and so
on, strong, firm martial music will
give best results, according to Dr.
Latson, editor of Health Culture.
For this class of treatment -the key
of C major ,is particularly recom
Mrs. Rosa Horrison, of Trenton.
N' J., just dead at the age of 104
wv.'. has never before suffered a
I: Ay's illness.
-m seventy years young is some
i - r more cheerful and hopeful
tuan to be forty years old.
It is possible to build a house to
day, and such houses have already
been constructed, which shall be
entirely of reinforced concrete, x
cept for such minor items as drs
and window frames. This, says the
Cement Age, makes a house which
is entirely unburnable from within
and practically unburnable from
The new Alabama senator, John
H. Bankhead, is a self-educated,
farier, who was wounded three times
in the Confederate army, and later
herved several terms In the state leg.
islatujs and was vwerden of the state
penitentiary abefore going to con
Mrs. John Young, residing near
Owerfiefd, W. Va., has learned to
read and write at the age of 80. She
undertook the task because she de
sired to write a letter to her daugh
ter in Washington. Mrs. Young's
grand-daughter was her tutor. :When
she began studying Mrs. Young did
not know a letter of the alphabet.
Now she writes a legible hand.
J. E. Martin, proprietor of the fa
mous Cafe Martin, New York. has
been fined $4,250 for having grouse
.and quail out of season.
'Sir William Preece, the scientist,
declares that he can hear the clash
'of electric atorms on the surface of
'the cun.
There is a movement in Maine to
permit an open season for killing
beavers, because of the damage to
standing timber caused by the little
animals. Lumbermen lay all sorts
of depredations at the door of the
'Pennsylvanta is the greatest build
ing and loan association state in
this qpuntry. It had 1,257 organi
s aona at last reports and over
r50 members. Ohio comes sec.
ond, with 674 associations and over
290,904 members.
lie gifts amounting 0 over $18,
000,000 within the past year, in
cluding the $10,000,000 for the Sage
foundation. C
Through the inteicoesion of Au- 0
gustns St Gaudens bimstelf, the park
board of Chicago has been persuad.
ed to let a Copy ,be made of the
famous St. Untiidens staiue in Lin.
coIn park, Chicago, to be placed at
the Lincoln farm, n, ar Hodgeus
Ville, Ky.
A jeweler had a thermometer I
stolon from outside his shop, and the H1
next day ho affixed the following
notice to his door: "Will the mis
guided individual who took the ther- c
mometer without leave the other day tt
please return eame'? He has made " w
great nittako. It can be of no'use
to him in the place where he is going,
as it only registers 125 degrees (.1
The silvery luster shown by many
of the best grades of coke is said to
be due principally to the decomposi 4
tion of some of the gases evolved dur fl
ing the process of coking, and tLe el
deposition of a thin coating of pure t
'carbon on the surface of the coke S
cells. This thin coating protects the ti
cells from alteration in the air, and t)
is accountable for the durability
shown by many cokes.
Pickens Popular, m
Solicitor J. E. Bogge, of Pickon.
was in the city yesterday on his wav
home from Piedmont. Asked about l
the number of summer visitors in hi.
town at this time, Solicitor Bogg"( 3
said many people had already arrive.i i
and many others would be there later ID
to swell the size of the summer col
ony. He says the number will be
limited to the capacity of the hote
and boarding-bouse ascommodationeo. of
Pickuns has not near enough room to e
accommodate the people who womuld Ot
like to vlsit the town in the heated be
term. He almost regretted that lie ak
himself was not running a boarding- er
house, so abxious is he to accomno- or
date this class of visitors. --[Gree- bi
ville News, 9th. ~ Ie
It is a great pity that Pickens is
not choek-fhll and overflowing with
such men as Messrs. Boggs, Legare,
Hagood, Bruce, Harris, etc., whtose dr
names space 'forbids mentioning. th
Just such men are the ones wlio 8
make communities, build towns said A
develop cities. With such people
talking and working, Pickens must 1i
Six Mde.
Health is very good at thais
There will be an all-day singing at
Gap Hill the third tiunday of this n
month. Everybody cordially invite~d
to attend and to bring their song
books and dinner.
Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bry -J
ant, a fine girl.
Jute Merck has treated himself' to "
a fine top buggy.
The protracted meeting will begin
at Gap Hill the third Sunday of this
month. a
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Findley, ol the tI
Sltewart section, visited at the horne rt
of Mr. B. W. Willimon last Sunday.
Crops are icoking fine in this re
community. M. B. Evans has the
finest piece of corn we have seen in
many a day. 1
We are glad to see Mrs. GordonI
Pickens able to be out again.
Mrs. Robert Mauldin and Mrs.
Laula Arnold are visiting the little
town of Cateechee.
Born, on the 80th ult., to Mr. and
Mrs. U. W. Garrett, a fne girl, a
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Willimon and si
their charming daughter, Miss Mag
gin, dined with Mr. and Mrs. Bob .
Mauldin on the 4th.
Gordon Pickens now ownms a fiue
organ, and be knows how to play it. .
Jim Mauldin, of the Stewart sec- c
tion, was in our little burg last Sun- i
day. Wonder why Jim calls so often? a
I willoclose, for I see that necw top el
buggy coming, and it may be my d
fellow. OLD RIDDLE. J
ealth Notice.
Itevort han bee- matde to the
3u ncil by the Bm11i1 of Health as to
nitary coiditions ill Pieun, ak d (
view of typhoi-l fever being pts
It, a I I m r~ w) 0 %ilI it"Imediatl y tab
3 andt t (r ( tuy precaut io's w%- th
I surface waterv, aill drains, Jtablf-,
civif, v 10ot, ete , elin il)g up immne
ately, u.il. litre a d other ilt'ir
Ctants frci.lV. All Alcaving ioft!, (
Sanytliig tihat w uld blrved dis- as(
epns i uAt he wrmediately treated
If tlis t i1,t .i d (i dieg rded, the
remi-ai wili I.e 11tetided to by the
ouncil, m i-d c, l, t ion for i-oit, uade
d Ifine mni's4d IV the Council
ithin Ihl. ir diiser< twol.
Cleanl olp ,ou r l prelisfEt im medi
e.Iy uno saV *v ... IA i n'b4-.
B i L XallorN, M,
The dangerous taracter of acoulte
iolkslood leave is Well knon. to
Lost grovn persons,. but thuiIlren need
striitlon to afvold those large palm
mlped leaves which are dark green on
te upper surfa'e. This most deadly of
)getabile P0oos 4u11s4% great depres
on, often blilldnss. tingling all over
le body, patiilng and1(1 hirning of the
irout alnd stomah(%, and finally death
Number ilt.e is a wonderfu! masco
r Oor~. H. P. ri3+, o((C-dllr Grove, Me..
!cording lo it letter wt-ilh retds: *Aftnr
ffering lilt-el h ttl livt.h . andelvintnoy
onble, and i ecomimg greatly dcom'
el by the faiire to fiid reliet, I tried
levctric Bitter-, and as a result I am a
all mini to-dy. The first bottle reliev
i an,(] th reo ho)tle comiploiled tl- enrre."
nt traki'tn e t et onl virth flor stomachit,
Ar mii kidney tioulies 1y Pjeiien,
rng Co., druggit. 50(-.
The Ashanti Army.
The Ashanti army is the male part
the Ashantli nation. Elvery ian who
n keep up on the narch N oblIged to
rve, and after an expedition has set
it the women scour the streets and
at any man whom they discover
ulking at hone. In bttle the gen
als occupy the rear to' t (own any
te who may try to run, arway. If the
.ttle goes against theni tMe generns
mmit suielde.
To 1iotlhorn Asn Tisle Town,
Childrei who are delicate, feverish
d cro-s will got immediate relief from
other Gray's Sweet. Powders for chil.
en. They cleanse the stomach. act on
e liver, making a sic-kly child strong
td healthy. A certain cure for worms.
id by all druggists, 25c sample Free.
idress Allen S. Otmsted, LeRoy, N. Y.
On the greht Orsi goldi fel'd io SI
Pria all may dig' fjree of ehaige, but
iey must sell 4heir,.gold! at a fixed
ite to the proprietors.
For the above bccasion the Charles.
it A Western Carolin~a Railway will I
II eap round trip hickets. For'
tee etc. see ticket agentis or waih,
Ernest Williams,
(T. P. A. Ananera, Ga.
Bids Waisted.
bIDS are invited fear enlarging the
~present court house at Piekens, ..
"C., in accordance with the plaus ~
dspecifications now on file in this
lice. Bids will be received up to noon
e 20th day of July 119)7, after whfeh
e contract will be awarded the lowest
aponsible bidder. The successful bid.
ir will be required to give an accepts
e bond in the sum et his bid. Rights -
served to reject any or all bids.
E. F. Looper.
'june8t. Sup'r Pickens Vo.
Your Chance.
{TOU have to pay for HIOLM AN'S
BIBLES. 'and that's what you
Let me order one for that Birthday
Ift for your Father, Mother, Husband
tife, child Sister or Brother with name
amped in gold without extra cost.
,. Pickens, S. C.
otice of Final Settlement and Discharge.
OTICE is hereby given that I will
make applicationi to J. B. Newbery
SEsq., Judge of Probate for Pickens
>unty, in the state of South Carolina,
a the 25th day of July 1907, at 11
'cibek in the forenoon, or as soon there
fter as said application can be Jteard.
>r loave to make final settlement of the
state of J. R. Williams and to obtain
ischarge as Executrix of said estate.
Sarah A. Williams
[here are
)nly two Classes
)f Candy
if you want to p
>n a picnic trip cai
Jp=to=date Druggist
[f you Want
Shoes at
We have divided it Stoodiy par'
SHOE, tit MIX big hits whiaor
entirely at the pnces below:
Lot 1, couitg of 69
The pair.
Lot 2, Ces aat
Tie pair
Lot 3 .*:s"s.*o
The pair,
Lot. 4, 1:w;* o 1
TIhe pair,
Lot 5, .on,*"""g of
The pair
Lot 6 Consisting of 11
The pair,
ehse are unditdfld.l the blgg at bargs
"A mice easy diess aboe, , good easy lbE
.Iour wif, yone boys, your girls and y
We have bought a very he avy ateek of ]
hese that we offer these bnargains, Come:
jiced that what we sniy is true. Buy them
ndt also you will save half of your shoe mo
Mean $ $ ma
buy or wear th
ease and durability, '
toe the mar'k<
And others
I.ease every bod y
ry a box of
Fin e
Candy 5
Pickens, S. C.
b Good
a Low Price
of our excelleut itook of
we propose to close out
pairs obildret and infants
78 pairs- of Women and
as at
97 pair, m.ae and wo
a7 pars. meu,. wome n c
187 pois Women's shoen -
5 pairs of men. shoes
4rn ever eflered in Prokens oounty..
eashe you wumnt.
,an eae'elleunt every dauy shoe for your
our babin, and theyare all goes ser
I's shoes urud it ini to make room for4
19) and see them and you will be con
an;d wear them and y ou will be pleasaed
de to all who
em. In style,
'Shield Brand Shoes'
>f perfection.
O. Manufacturers.
A4 &A.

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