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in the a
Beautiful scenery. Invig
Careful attention to needs
colleges. Terms very reasoi
For catalogue or informati
W, H. V
IN (
The I
MU Tbr
et by the
the Ran
to the ne
Jill--Why do legal pape
ing "to wit?" Jack-I'm
know wlen nost of themI
Wit.-Baltimore Amerlcan.
The Eclipse.
An eight-year-old gir
a great deal of talk abou
ed eclipse of the sun.
hand promptly with I
glass when the exhibit
but comimenced to cry
dark, exclaiming:
"Oh, papa, the sun's g
Being assured on tha
"Do the stars that g<
the eclipse have 'to geta
night ?"
Being asked next' da
thought of the eclipse,
contemptuously: "It di<
to much. It 'was only a
sun."--Chicago Tribune
The Llion'a Shae
It was the night of -
Fourth.' The entire tov
to be celebrating, but M
the wealthiest citizen
more firewvorks than al
townspeople together. 4
terns illumined the
lawn, red fire blazed bef<
lawn, roman candles sy
his veranda, rockets'hit
from his back yard.
Little Virginia Smiti
witnessing this* py'rote4
-play, suddenly observ
brilliant object just abo
inson's roof.
"Will you look at
claimed irginia with
awe. "Those R~obinsonm
got the mnooni!"-Youth
Three Hundred Thousanc
*Fortunately the d'ark (day
alca resembled ai huge bal
,Vlve only as a terrIile me:C
past. Trothy we canu huardi
fact that between the yea
1720 300,000 Ieople- were ii
of revenge and1( that duina
years of last Century--fra
1852--the nmber of' murd
tlimated1 at 4,300.--Wle y
Searsthe TeKind You iI
1oil ljBtitUte
6arden spot of the "Land of the Sky,",
orating climate. Competent Teachers.
of studente. Prepares for Sophomore class in best
on, addtess
VOODALL, Principal.
acky. contestant
ing in their tick
10th instant, or
e will be given
xt nearest guess.
spectfull y
Peculiar Ice.
:s keel) say- A remarkable form of ice, which the
sure I don't French-Canadians name frazil ice, is
nean to out- the cause of the packing up of ice and
consequent floods in the St. Lawrence
river. It forms in spiky shapes where
the currents are too rapid for ordinary
sheet ice to spread across tem and
had heard at the base of waterfanls. During the
t an expect4 prevalence of cold winds the icy nee
dWes sometimes fill up open channels
She was on and, being carried long distances be
ier smoked nieafth the surface ice, gradually ac
on opened, Iuummilate anIm consolildate n ire n
as it grew ble to dami the channel even to depths
of eighty feet,
oing out!"
bpoint, shcoey'gs igdney cure
t u p to see tnakes kldneys and bladder rlght
1p again o- A London doctor, lecturing, saId it
was useless to tell a dyspeptic woman
y what she niot to drink tea. The only thing to do
she replied wvas to give her somec harmless stuff in
Ln't amount a bottle to be rtaken every three hiourl,
holein te with strict instructions that she was
hol inthenot to have any tea for four hours be
-fore or after each dose.
he glorious- _______
en appeared Though~ts.
e. Robinson, Thoughts are certainly able to
of all, had sprcad themselves wvithout the aid
the other of looks or language. InviL ible seed
Jhinese lan- that floats from the parent plant
nillionaire's can root it'self wherever it settles,
ire his gate- and thoughts'must have some medi
outed from urn through which they sail till they
sed upward reach minds that' can take them ini,
and there they strike root, and
i, enviously .whole crops of the same'sort come
ihnical dis.. up just as if they wvere indigenon.'
ad another and naturally belonging to their
'e Mr. Rob- entertainers. This is even more
true in great matters than in small.
that!I" .e- -Jean Ingelow.
havdeven Curious Nesting Places.
's Comnpan- In the slaughterhouse at Earl
jPoulctt's kennels a pair of corduroy
overalls, used whcn tarring or
I Murders, painting is be'ing done, had been
5 wen oi'thrown carelessly over a beam, and
Ir ofil Str in one of the legs a robin built and
iicredof the cmltdits nest. Within a yard
's 13 anid of this an old1 coat had been similar
urdered out Jy suspended, and in a lear in the
rthirty-one shoulder lining a wren completed
mn 1821 to a perfectly shaped nest. Notwith
era was es- standing that the kennel man was
'orid Maga- frequently going in and out, the
birds eintinued their work.--Lon
don Chronicle.
---y Bo~ Sore N'ipples and thapped rlainds~
W ill cure any case of
beyond the reach of med
Pick,-ns Drug 00
Saves You
T HE way to figure the
wagon, a carriage, a b
Is to figure the cost her year
use it.
If a farm wagon, for'example th
lasts 20 years and requires only J2 re
you of that wagon is $3.10 a year.
If another wagon costs only , an
and requires $10 worth of rep rs, the
cost to you is $6 a year, at least.
Which is the cheaper?
* * *
There is no doubt about the lasting
qualities of Studebaker wagons, car
rages and harness.
It's the material that goes int<
them-plus the way they are made.
Studebaker farm wagons ha,
deeper than others, made from :
Black Hickory-awrdred from 3
The axles are also re-inforce
bar of steel running from the
to the other.
The Studebaker Pate;
are made from cast iron
verse strength of over 3,(
Go t
Heath B
He Got the Hare.
A well known Norfolk squire was
lamenting the increase of poaching
to his keeper, who mentioied one;
Richards as the most notorious j
poacher of the neighirihood. Soon'
after the squire happened to meet
this Richards, who asserted that he
coul(l get game whenever he want
ed it, keepers or no keepers. This
annoyed the squirc, who said:
"\Well, if you bring mc a hare
tomorrow off my own estate, I'll E
give you a guinea for it."
"Wha.t ! An', you a J. P. ?" r
"Oh, that'll be all right!"
"Well, then, done, sir!"
Next day the grinning poacher
arrived and was shown into tie
study. I
"Well, have you got him1?" t
For ansmwer he opened the sack,
out of wich jumped a fine hare, C
which rnshed wildly around the
room, seeking to escape.
"Why, hmaven't you killed it?" t
yelled the indignant squire.t
"No, sir," said the poacher with
a grin. "I have no license."--Lon
don Graphic.r
Are said often to be buried six feet under
ground. But many times woemen call on
t heir family physicians, suffering, as they4
imagine, one fronm dyspepsia, another free,
heart disease, another from liver or kid
ney disease, another from nervous pros
tration, another with pain here and there,
and in this way they present alike to
themselves and their easy-going or over- I
bhsy doctor, stiparate diseases, for which I
he, assuming them to be such prescribes I
his pills and potions. In realiliy, they are4
all only symptoms caused by some uterine
disease. The physician, ignorant of the
cmasc of sufferIng, keeps up his treatment
until large bills are made. The suffering
patient gets no bettor, by reason of th~e
wrong treatment, but probably worse. A
proper medicine like Dr. Pierce's Favorite
P'rescription, directed to thme cause would
have entirely removed the disease, there
by dispelling all those distressing symp
toms, and instituting comfort instead of
prolonged( misery. It has been well said,
tat"a disease known is half cured."
lDr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
scientifle medicine, carefully devised by r
an experienced and skillful physician,
and adapted to woman's delicate system.
It is made of native American medicinal r
roots and is perfectly harmless in its C
effects in any condUhn of the fchtale
As a powerful ipvigorating tonic ."Fa
vorito P.-rescription " impa~rts strength to
thenvhole system and to the organs dis
tinctly feminine in particular. F or over
worked "wvorn-ou t" run-down." debili
tated teachers, mIlliners, dressmakers,
seamstresses, "shop-girls," house-keepers,
nursing mothers, and feeble wvomen gein
orally, D~r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon, being un- .
equaled as an appetizing cordial and re
storative tonic.
As a soothing and strengthening nerv
ine "Favorite Prescription " is unequaled
ande Is invaluable in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, rritbility,
nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration,
neuralgia, hysteria, spasms St. Vitus's
dance, and other distressing, niervous
symptoms commonly attend ant upon
functional and organic disease of the
uterus. -It induces refreshing le and,
relieves mental itTrxicety and dcs odncy.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets I vigorate
th~e stomach, liver and bowels. O~ne' to 1
three a dose. Easy to take as candy. o
Kidney or Bladder Disep
icine. No medicine can do
mpanv, Pickens, Parken's Pharma
ost to you of a square inch -2S%
iggy or a set of ments of thes JOited
probably So0% greate
as long as you The Studebger h
niahing a proper foui
at costs you ' U0 are treated with a sei
opairs, the cost to to their 'weather resil
The Studebaker a
d lastq 10 years, greatest improvemen
See the othe
Studebaker edge
Agent A
,e axles inch Studebaker Is overlo4
,elected butt-cut Do you wonder th
to S years. Do you wonder thi
d with a special tation behind it?
heel of one skein You cannot afford
when you can get tho
it Truss Skeins It is poor econon
having a trans. Ing out money for r
)00 pounl3; to the b Get a Studebaker
D the Studebaker Agi
ruce & Morrow Con
ekens, South Carolina.
lothing but expense was spai
oods. We are satisfied that
ight styles and the right prices.
9on't Let Cheap Talk |
But exarr
F our goods are not as repre
bem. Some goods are highe
ivile with you. We have ever
Dry0ood, Notioni, Undoi'1
bat the average customer wants
lie price ass low as same goods a
When you come to Greenvill
iake it pay you.
WVest End,
Per cent3
['he entire stock o
Lnd B~oys Clothing
leducedJ Prices.
All sales cash.
>e paid for. N o g<
>roval. No slothi:
Come and take y
20 S. Main
e kackache
g DQ iot risk having
3e not -Bright's Disea;e
more. or Diabetes
cy, Liberty.
[reater than the require.
States Government- and
than the ordinary wagon.
ubs are large in diameter-fur.
idation for the spokes. They
:ret solution, which greatly adds
iting qualities.
lope-shoulder spokes-one of the
ts ever made in wagon building
ing the largest amount of wood
the bub. They are strongest where
r s kes are weakest.
he Studebaker patented round.
tires are oil-welded and cold-set.
-'s why they never loosen.
nd so on-point by point-feature
)ature-nothing that will add to
lurability and long life of the
at it lasts?
Ltfit is the wagon with a repu
to buy a "cheap" wagon,
best for so little.
ty to be conBtantly pay.
pair bills.
and save money.
ed. in the selection of these
we have the right goods, the
5ell You Goods,
ine the quality,
sented, you don't have to buy
than last season, but we will
rthing in
c o Heity ad Rhos,
and we absolutely guaranitee
re sold anywhere.
e, come to see us, we will
'.Greenville, S C
1 Per cent
~3 Discount
f Men's, Youths
'in the sale at
Xlterations mus
>ods sent on ap
ag reserved.
our choice.
Greenvile, S.

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