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- Eutered)April 28, 1903 at Pickens, B. C., as secoad class matter, under aet of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Presentment of Grand Jury.
CJounty of Pickens. '
We, the Grnd Jury, beg leave to
mtake this. our final presentment,. at.
this term of the Court:
L We have passed upon all bills
placed in our hands by the Solicitor,
and mide such returns thereon its
the evidence warranted, in our judg
H. We have, by committee, ex
amined all 'the various offices of the
-county, and report thereon as fol
lows: We find the seve.al offices in
good condition an-d the bonds of the
-oflicers satisfactory to us. We checked
,up the Supervisors' books as to the
expenditures through that office, a ud
found the same coriect. We took
the settlement made by the Comp
troller-General with the County Treas
urer, and the same satisfied us as
being correct. 4
III. It having been reported to
us that there is at present some illicit
traffic going on in - the county in
liquor, we recommend that the offi
cets of the county Ite instructed to
use more vigilance in apprenendioug
all persons so engaged; and we albo
ask all the good citizens of the county
'to render such ausistance as they can
by reporting to magistrates and some
member of the Grand Jury any and
all persons whom they may know to
be engaged in such business. The
Grand Jurors will pledge them
selves to have all violators prosecuted
without disclosing the name of the
IV. We recommend that the ad
dition be made to the court house
according to the plan made by the
arcbiteet, Mr. J. B. Ca ' the
same can be done for an a /.not
exceeding the amount al .'ated by
the Supervisor, and provided that he
-can procure the funds necessary for
the same at the rate of interest and
on the terms as stated by him to
this Grand Jury.
V. We further recommend that
our Representatives in the General
Assembly make arrangements to pro
-cure the necessary funds to retire
this obligation at a low rate of in.
We thank His Honor,'the Presid
ing Judge, the Solicitor and the other
officers of the Court for the assist
ance rendered us in the dis
charge of our duties; and we take
occasion to congratulate the citizen
ship 6f Fickens county on the very
small number of criminal~ ases sent
up for trial at this term ot the
Having' completed our work, we
beg to be discharged from further
*attendance at, this term of the Court.
June 4, 1907.
Ber the ,1h0 Kind You Have Alws Bought
That truth is stranger than fiction hats
once more been demonstrated in the lit.
tie town of Fodora TIerun., the residetee
of C. V. Pepper. He wntes: "y wats in
bed, entirely disabled with hoemorrhagns
of the lungs and thiron~t. Doctors failed
to help me, and all hopnt hatd fled when I
began taking Dr. King,e New Discovery-.
Thted instant relief camne. The conghing
aoon ceased; the bleedinp ' -inmished
rapidly , and in thre~e w'e ''ible
to go to work." Guaran~~
coughs ned colds. 500., and
Pickens Drug Co., drug store,\ at
tIe free.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hlave Always Bought
Bears the
ignature orf i2
The Kind You Have Alwa
in use for over 30 yea
All Coutiterfeits, Imitati
Experiments that trifle
Iifants and Children-L
What is
Oastoria is a h.armless i
gorie, Drops and Soothi
contains neither Oplumi,
substance. Its ago is its
and allays Feverishness.
Colic. It relieves Teethi
and Flatulency. It assi
Stomach and Bowels, gl
The Children's Panacea
Bears I
The Kind You I
In Use For
Pickens. R. 0, 2.
As onr lives have been prolor
and filled with blessings, we wis
commune with the many reader
The dear old farmers are wini
up their work through this seel
Suppose they are feeling happy
their won victory. We are delig
to see crops looking well, and to a
that the health of our communil
very good. All nature seems t(
joice this morning, and should
not likewise be gladl
We are sorry to hear of so a
fever in and around Pickens.
certainly sympathize with you
and hope the dread disease will
. P. Smith left last week for
Jamestown expositiou.
Prof. McDuff Weams spent Sa
day night with his friend D. Gart
Several from this side atteu
the all-day singing at Pleasant I
The (Garvin school opened on
15th, with Pdrry Durham as teac
Missionary Mass Meeting,
A missionary mass moeting. wil
held at the Baptist church, Oole
beginning on Friday before and
bracing the first Sunday in Aus
A cordial invitation is extende<
all Baptist churches and individ
to meet with us, that we may foa
late a plan for church and indivil
co operation in missions. We at (
noy believe in and practice the a
tolic mode of missions as is set -f
in the New Testament, and all
favor this plan we hope will a
with us, that we may consider
importance of forming ourselves
a co-operative body for missiol
and church purposes. There
some members in nearly all chur
that do nothing for missions.
especialiy invite you to come to
meeting, as we hope to interest
enlighten you in missions.
And now dear sisters andl brot
ys Bought, and which has bec.
rs, has borne the signeltUre of.
d has been made underlhis per
nal supervision since its inrancy,
Llow no one to deceive you. In this.
as and "Jxist-as.good" are but
6vith and endaniger the health of
xperience against ixperiment.
nbstitute for Castor Oil, Pare
ng Syrups. It Is Pleasant. 16
Morphine nor other Narcotie
guarantee. It destroys Worms
It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
ng Troubles, cures '"onstipation
mnilates the Food, regulates the
ving healthy and natural sleep.
-The Mother's Friend.
he Signature of .
lave Alway Bought
Over 30 Years.
remember that the Lord gave i
iged preaching of the gospel to His churel
b to Among His last words to His chur<
s of were: "Oo ye therefore into all ti
world and preach the gospel." He
ling can we close gur ears against th
.ion. solemn commAind of. our Lord, Jesi
Over brit? .o come aEd let us reas<
ated together as to these things.
take There will be preaching every di
,y is at 11 o'clock. We have also arrang<
> re. to begin at this time a protract<
we meeting. Eid. 0. P. Bostick is e
pected to be with us, who is now
muoh from Ohina on a visit. Also Elk
We Owen, of North Carolina, and Ne
all tor, o Blacksburg.
loon W. 0. 8EAoDRN, Moderator.
The Handkerohief Bank.
"SbeIs on to a little Sunday tri
tur- that a good many women know." on
Ott. an observing policeman in the vicini
ded of several churches.
"Whenever I see a woman give
*ll gentle kick, as that onje did, to a hani
kerchief tilat some one's dropped I i
the ways know she hopes to hear the hlii
her. of money. Especially on Sunday 0mo
lngs Is 'money frequently found knm
D* ted up in the c~wners of handkerchiel
These invgsriably belong to woim
who, I supbose, haven't such a thh
as a pocket'and don't want to carry
I epurse to church, so they put enouu
noy, small chatuge for contribution and e
em- fare Ipto the corner of a handkerchi
anud tie it up. When a woman hen
ust. the metallc noise she's hoping for si
I to has to piels up the entire handkercih
uals no matter how muddy it may be, b'
a man whips out his knife, cuts ti
mu-. knot and pockets the money. The oth<
luai Sunday morning I saw a man51 coul
)ole. out 80 cents tvhich he had extrae!t(
from the corner of a disrepuitable loo
pos ing handkerchief, if he hadn't given
>rth a kick and heard the chink or tI
who coins he'd never have thought
neet touching it."-New York Sun.
into ". A Bit of Sarcasm.
r "Apor tramp stopp~ed at the do
today," said Mr's. Subbubs, "and I ga'
are him a good meal."
:-bes "Wehl, well," sneered her husban
We "why did you do that, softyr'
our "I just couldn't help it. ie remiu<
and ed.me so of you. I asked himu If he
saW some wood for nme, and he sal
he was too tired."-Catholic Standar
ers' and Times.
* A New Orleans
Because she di
nourishment from I
She took Scott.
She gained a pounc
H. L. L
SW. H. C
Oct. I R. F. D. 3, PI
in Earning His Money He Did Just'
What He Said He Would.
The other lool, on1 1 owntiown
street, where a crowd of ien gatlier
along the sunny walk after their
trips to nearbl)y "qlick Iinches,"'
there was a little scene enacted
which illustrates vividlv the atti
tude of "live and let live which is
the mark current of the ordinary
New Yorker.
A :.oung, smooth faced, sharp
eyed chap climbed up on an empty
box where the crowd of idlers fromi
the shops and offices was thickest
and began in a perfectly calm way
to harangue those who would stop
to listen to him. lie gathered a
number to him with his first few
10 "My friends, I ask you to pause
for a moment and listen to my nar
b rative. I am a poor but honest man.
10 My motto is 'Excelsior,' with accent
e on the second syllable. My parents
w are dead, and I am a lone orphan.
is "These personal facts are not re
s lated here to arouse your charitable
on instincts. I do not ask for charity.
All I desire is a fair show to make
my way in life, and, having walked
ky these pavements for several days in
Id search of work, I hmve come to this
id desperate pass.
"I propoeg to try to do something
neve yet done since Adam first
wore trousers. I am going to pass
I. m9g ou with my hat and ask you
- to chp In a nickel apiece and then,
my friends, I shall attempt this
wonderful. feat. I shall try to turn
a quadruple somersault in the aLr,"
He jumped down from the box,
gravely passed his hat around, pay
ing no attention to the claff ad
d dressed to him, and actually col
lected a score or more of nickels.
ty Vhen he was confident that no more
awere to be obtained lhe returned to
atoed box put it aside, carefully but
tond his coat, spat on his hands:
adturned a pretty fair somersault.
He turned another andl another, and
then remounted the box and again
saddressed the crowd:
a "Kind friends, I have tried to
g turn a quadruple somersault, as I
a said, but I cannot do it. Thanking
ab you one and all; I remain yours
r truly."
And not a man in the crowd ut
teredl a complaint as he faded swift
ly fro their midst.-New Yor.k
Nursing Her Wrath.
t Billy ran from the head of the stairs,
where he had takenm in the gist of the
ttalk at the dining table below. In the
Snursery he found1 his yotmerer brother.
f~ "(Gee, Jimmy," he erled,. "mother's
goin' to give it to daiddy after the comi
panhy's gone!"
"Ihow (10 you knowv?" dlemanided Jim
4e her' three( timesiC hand(1P~ unin ii' she was8
isitkeni ahiont some~itin', and she only
R.' aid, 'WVhy, darlin'!'''---('leveiand Lea)
d Reanm the I~4h flnd YuHay8 As Bought
d Bignaturo
woman was thin.
d not extract sufficient
er food.
En alson.
I a day in weight.
STS: 50c. AND $1.00
'KENS, S. C.
Harmless Visitors From Whom We All
Shrink In Terror.
Iev00 d1owi lin the liearl of man there
abides a tirin helief lin the power o1' the
dedtl to walk upoll te eair Ith and af
fright, i' such 1w their pleasture. the
8011S of the living. W ise. oIlks. versed
in the selences and fortilled in mind
agaInst fau1l1h in aught that. savors of
the superlatural, laugh Ideas of the
k ind to scorn, yet hardly one of thei
will dare to walk iione through a
graveyard In the night, or if one be
found 4o hold( he will surely hasten his
footsteps, unable wholly to subdue the
fear of sheeted speetem.4 which may
rise front the grass grown graves or
emerge friom moonlit tombs and follow
on, for, strangely enough, the dead, it
not actually hostile to the living, are
esteemed dangerous and dreadful to
It used to be the fashion, says a writ
er in Lippincott's Magazine, to sweep
away all such notions by saying that.
they had their origin In the childhood
of the race and that they sprang from
fear of the unknown. This unques
tionably was the easidst way to dis
pose of them, but was it fair? The
subject possesses Intense Interest for a
great majority of mankind, and, though
the existence of ghosts is unproved,
there is undeniably a vast deal of tes
timony in their behalf that deserves
serious and respectful consideration.
Fortunately, within the last few years
the attitude of science toward the
problem has altogetkier changed, and.
actuated by a now spirit of inquiry, the'
wise men have been engaged, thought.
fully dnd without prejudice, in studyi
ing it out.
While it-cannot be said that any Anal
and definite conclusions have as yet
been reached, an immense amount of
evidence has been sifted, enough to
show pretty conclusively for one poltit
that the traditional specter of the Cock
Lane school, with clanking chain and.
attributes disagreeably suggestive of
the grave, has no basis In fact. On the
other hand, tpiere are certain phantoms,
altogether different in their character
isties, in whose behalf a mass of testi
maony Is adduced far greater than
wo~uld be requIred to establish .com
plete proof in any ordinary case In a
couirt of law. Nothing short of abso
iite demonstration In such a matter
cirn be satisfactory, but the evidence
in questIon certainly staggers incre
Our fear of phantoms. appears to
spring from a dread of the unknown,
tihe mysterlous andl the intangIble.
That It is a groundless terror Is proved
by the fact that in many thousandsq of
cases of alleged spectral appearances
subjected during the last few years to
palinstakinig Investigation not a single
instance has been found In which an
injury was infieted by the ghost upon
tihe person~ or persons to whom it pre
senited -ltself. So that, even If we are
to accep~t ap~paritionls as v'eritable, we
ought to regard them with curiosity
rathetr than with apprehension, and in
stead( of trylug to avoid such supernat
ural vIsitors we should eagerly seek an
Opportunlity to be haunted for tihe sake
of observing for Ourselves phenomena
so Intensely interesting.
Not a Spendthrift.
AnxIous Mother-I 1h01) you are not
thlnkln g of manrrylng young Cla rkson.
Hie spends every cent he earns. 'Pret
ty Daughter-Oh, wvell, he doesn't earn
very much.-Chlengo News.
Peasimism and1 a good dInner cannot
both bn in one manEcnge.

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