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Pickens Selltinel-Jounmal
Happenings of a Local and Persona
16h inst, to Mr. am<
Lth, a daughter.
graimar sohuol will
open on the 22d inst., with Prof. W
F. Earle, of Contral, as principal.
The Gates school, Central, will cpet
Monday, 22d inst., with Miss Ine:
McOlanahan as teacher, and Mis
Lillie Burroughs, assistant.
Mr. and'Mrs. J.. H. Ne vton aud
family wish to thank tbe peo)ple e
Pickens and vicinity for their kind
ness during their recent bereave
Those in any wayv interested in' th
graveyard at Enon are requested t,
meet there Friday before the four-tI
Sunday iu this month with tools ti
clean off.
There will be an all-day old an
young folks singing at (lamp Cree
church the fourth Sunday in July
Bring song books and well-filled baa
kets. B. P. Kelly.
At a regular communication c
Keowee 'Lodge No. 79, F. & A. M
the -"Legend of the Third Degree
N. will be given by a Master Mason <
renown, who is a fine speaker, and
- therze is any one thing that he ca
-deliver impressively and with ful
force it is this 'lecture. Those menr
bers of this lodge wvho fail to atten,
*this..meeting will certainly miss
rare treat. All breth'ren of this lodg
and all Masons in good standing sr
urged to be present. There is som<
thing doing in Keoweo Lodge all Lh
time. New interest is being awvaker
ed and ~nor mf.,el is at all time~
- *.on. if Masonir
* . accepted as
* I I- - *-Idln't be kept ou
- - *tatement migh
* .~*.- 3gard to some c
the other secret orders.
A Solid Car of C
A Solid Car of N
inted nicest finish
ag Vehicle made
ne before buying.
Xlso just received
d a car of furnitui
othing, Shoes, H1
ecia.lty. Sole ager
tggies, Iron King S
twe $3 Hats, Boy
All winners.
Jall for Butterick
Mrs. C. M. Bowen visited i
Greenville this week.
Mrs. Stansell, of Greenville, h'
bu:n on at visit to Mrs. W. L. Jer
Mrs J,. M. Gantt is spending th
week with relatives and friends i
Spartan '.urg.
G. M. Maddox, of Henegar, Ala.
is on a visit to relatives and friend
in Piokens county.
Miss Bessie Partridge, of Fair
burn, - a., is visiting her brother
J. TI. Partridge, in Pickens.
Contractor B. E. Grandy i8 rush
ing the brick work on the C. E. Rob
inson storeroom on Main street.
Edward B. Owen,, a very popula
clothing salesman and gentleman
Swe.! known to many of our readers
died ..at bis home in Greenville las
Capt. J. W. Bramlett, of the Sand
Flat section of greenville county, ii
spending a time in Pickens with hi
sen-mn-law, Mr. Hutchins, at ti:
Confederste soldier and as suppi
and spry as many who are considern
ly younger. The Captain, who ha'
,not been to Pickens in many years
is very much pleased with the prog
roes the old town has made. He
the father of Dr. WV. J. Bramluti
who resided here 'several years agi
The Liberty Township Singing
Association met with Zion chureb oi
a the 7th inst. WVas opened by th
e pR esident, P. C. Cartee, who arranga
e the class and led the first lesson,. fol
lowed by Jshs. Hughes, L. C. ('hui
a man, Elihu Smith and Samuel ( b-t
-try. One hour and thirty mnute
a was consumed. P. ('. Cartee, W. I'
y Alexander, Jas. Hughes, 3. F fLesli
t and Samuel Gentry led the class il
t the afternoon. The next mneetit;
6 will bo with Liberty Baptist chiute,
f on the first Sunday in August. Reu
-furs Boggs, Sec.
hase City Buggies.
[itchell Wagons. 'I
ed most Idurahle a:
tor the money. T:
a solid carS. r arbe
oe, with prices righ
As and Gents' Fui
Lts for Mitchell Wa
toves, New Home 8
,den, Wallsover ar
I Miss Lui1.u Bolt is visting reh.
tives in Anderson.
Walter H. Griflin, of Gr:cenville,
was visiting in Pickens this week.
Misses Annie Willimon, or Green
villo county, and Eva T-rle, of Pick
ens, t re the attractive gUests of 5'r.
and Mrs 0. K. Brenzeale aiud family.
I Miss Earle is Mr. Breazeale's niece.
------A plensure party, composed of
A. W. Leathers, C. [1. Stonecypher,
Moses Terrell, Goo. Hull, Ottaway
Mnett, D. (1. Sheldon, Misses Odell
Dunbar, Liie Harrison, Clara Hunt,
I va E irle, Lena Waddill and L ,uie
Breazeale expect Jo star t for -L ake
Texaway, Friday. D. P. Butler and
wife will chaperon the party -[ West
minster GOr. Keowee Courier.
It is just a few weeks nntil the
election of cotton weigher *for the
town of Pickens takes place, but, as
yet, no one has offeredI for the place.
Under the law, all who sell th dr cot
jten at this market are eligible to
vote. Some one should i-on and a
a lively market should be kept up in
I the town. It will be against the
business interests of 'the town to do
3 away wvit~h the marketh&re and send
- all cotton to the mill to be bought
tiand weighed op, and we do not be
,lieve the bus8iness people of the town
-will consent to any such arrange.
M~r. M. B. Walters of Brevard, N.
('uccompanied by his wife was in
Pickensa TuesdayI from aL visit to rela
Sive and111( friends aind star ~ted for
home. When at t be branch above
W. RV . Price's housec be let down the
bridle for the horse to drink water
and the horse becoming en'.angled in
- thew rein stumblled1, fell andc overturn
11d the buggy. Mr. Walters jumped
oit, pulled his wife out and then ex.
pired. His remains were brought to
P'ickens, prepared for burial and
aunt to Birevard by rail. J. It. Ash
mhore and Guy McFall accompanied
- Ithe corpse, lie was about 58 years
"hey are the best
ad lightest run
ake a look at our
)d wire and nails
nishing Goods a
gons, Chase City
ewing Machines,
d Zeigler Shoes.
cannot b<
Unless you first cleanse you
good fine comb. We
I oc to Sc. Other
$i.00. Ilair
A nice line of Tooth Brush<
Call and evamine the
are so sure that yc
,we will almos
the price of what you want it y
Yours to give satisfaci
J. N.
Prof. J. W. Swittenburg spent a
few~ dayIs inl Pickens) Jast week.
irs Cooper, of Lnnrens, is on a
visit to ber son, D B (Xloper, in
Mr and Mrs W Hf Johnson, of
Cha rlestoni, are ari'eding a wvhie in
Piekets with friendls.
Mr's. Wma. Ls. Bolt of' Anderson, is
visiting her danlghter~li-aw, Mr's.
Thomas Bolt, in P'ickens.
Congressman George S. Legare,
Mayor B. B. LaBoon. ,J. M~cD. Bruce,
L. C. Thornley, B. C. Robinson, J. E
Boggs, Jr, and 'E IH Shanklin areo
enjoying themselves hugely up1 onl
the headwators of Sainda, behind
liald Knob, this week, catching
speeled trout and "red1 hugs." TIhey
wvill be home Saturday and wvill spend
the next week ridding themselves of
chigres, fleas and other postiferous
r scalp with a
have them from
combs, a big line 5C to
brushes 15c to $2,50. A
~s 5C to Soc.
Lbove lines and we
u wvill be pleased that
say that we wvill give you
u Feel like going, elsewvhe.
-lallum, Ph. G., Manager.
Mrs. J. L. 'Thornley and childr.
'eturned Saturday from an extend:
risit to her sister, Mrs. W. H. Ni
it Spencer, N. C.
Car load of good hay and corn
Jraig Bros.
Wan ted-500) cords pine wood, t
Ilvered at oil miii.
6-4 Tr. C. Robinson,
LOST UOY -My boy left homne
Sundlay night. Ihis name is Robby,
bo weighs 135d pounds5 and is 23
years of age, has black hair, blue
Jyes andl haid on a black coat, no vest,
str'iped pats~t, and( a1 telescope hat
w'ith the word "Consttution" p)rinted
n gilt letters in the hat. Any infor
nation will be thankfully received by
li8 father, -J. M. Lii Wrenee,
Central, S, 0.
My homeo place for sale, near Nor.
is, 8. 0. Any one wvanting a good
ome, nicely located, nlow is yQ' r'
hance. 1B. D. Garvin. J'imre . 0.n

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