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Eutered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879
. In Society's Whirl.
The most delightful place to visit ik
Mr. Legare's park, and what a grand
view of the Blue Ridge we have froma
there! It is a picture one nevei
tires of. Then there is tLe throng of
happy voung people who gather ther(
in the afternoons, and evenings to
enjoy the many pleasures that our
big-heakted congressmai has pro
pai ed for them. There is a lovely
skating-rink, a merry-go-round, a
shoot-the-chute, a number uf soe -
saws and swings, and even a spring
board, with a nice bed of sawdust,
where the small boy may jump and
rell to his heart's content. The people
of Pickens will long remember the
many happy hours they have spent
in this beautiful playground this
summer, and visitors will carry away
with them many pleasant memories
Monday evening the young people
had a most delightful dance at the
elegant summer home of Mr. Ben
M'sses Ina aud Maka Boggs art
at the Jamestown Exposition thif
Mrs. Ben Hagood entertained tlhe
your.g people Thursday evening at
her magnificent summer home.
Dancing was the feature of the even
ing. Among th->se present werf
Misse-s Helen Boggs, Vesta Ashmore
Floride Carey, Lucia Folger, Mari
Folger, Bertha Long, Ola Richey
F a Earle, Frances Robinson of Eas
ley, Lizzie Horton of Columbia, Jmni<
Thornton of Easley, Esther Carey o
Seneca, Elise Latimer of Yorkville
- Smith of Birmindham, Mr. an<
Mrs Geo. S. Legare, Mr. and, Mis
Ivy MaulJi, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwel
of Birmingham, M!esars. Ernest Fol
ger, Wayne Mauldin, Christie Robin
son, Jerry McMahon, - McConnau
ghey, - Shannonhouse, Alex. Robin
son of Eaeley, - Morrow of Bit
mingham, Paul Robinson of Easley
Ray Smith of Easley, Frank Folge:
of Easley.
Friday evening Ernest Folger en
tertained a number of young peoph
at his residence with music from thi
Miss Elide Latimer, of Yorkville
is visiting Miss Helen Boggs.
Mrs. W. W. White and her charm
ing little daughter Helen, of Ander
son, are visiting Mrs. Evje Thorinley
Mr. and Mrs. Will Ambler, ol
Grcenville, spent Saturday and Sun
day with Mrs. Emma G.ilreath.
Mrs. Will E. While and her inter
esting little daughter, Evelyn, o!
A n 'orson, are visiting Mrs. Evie
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gilreath, oi
Greenville, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Emnma (*ilreath.
Miss Maud Higgins, of Easley, i
visiting Miss Meda Boggs.
Misses Vickes and Partridge, o
Atlanta, are the guests of Mrs. T1'mon
Miss Josie Bogds, of Easley, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. John Hlallum
Judge D)uncan Baker, of Chiarles
too, is the guest of Congrassmar
George S. Legore.
Miss Symma, of Greenville, ii
spending this week w~thi Mrs. Larr'
Mr. and Mrs. Boner', of A tlanta
re visiting the family of 'Mrs. Jas
Miss Lizzie Horton left Mondal
r her home in Columbia, after
.lightful visit to Miss Helen Bogga
similating theroodandRegtla
tig the Stomachs atd Bowels of
Froiotes Digestion.CheerM
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
R~rA eM &&* -
AB&MM akA*&s
Asie Xe~d +
A perfec Remedy for Constipa
Hion, Sout Stoinach,Diarrhoea
Worms ,Convulsiois,Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSimite Stgnature or
F Mr. -John Harris and family,
Greenville, are spending this we
at the Hiawatha liotel.
Miss Frances Robinson return
to her home in Easley, Monday, aft
a visit of two weeks to Miss He!
Miss Janie Thornton, of Easle
spent several esys last week wi
Mis Floride Carey.
r Wednesday evening a watermel,
feast was given by the young men
the town in honor of the visitii
young ladies.
J. Wilton Hester of Atlanta, Gi
accompanid by his wife, is on a vii
to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.
J. Lee Carpenter of Greenville,
visiting in Pickens. Mr. Carpent
has many friends here who are gli
to see him.
Miss Hester Cureton of Ga'n(
yille. Fla., is expected to arrive
Pickene this week on a visit to h
mother and other relatives..
T'. IH. H-olliday of the Six Mile si
tion, enel John Stewart of Greenvill
are on a visit to relatives in Georgi
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Lesene,
Wiluiamsburg, S. C., are on a visit
the latter's mother, sister and brot
ers in Pickens.
Mrs. M. J. Harri?, of Easley, is e
a visit to her sou, T. D. and daughte
Mrs. J. F Harris, ini Pickens.
J F Brock visited his sister. Mi
Essie Snellings, near t'4 ndleton, 1,i
Scott'.s E mulas
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-nerve force.
It provides ba
and mineral food
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
THE 01P4?AUn @@MPANV. V09W VORN Oany.
of Mrs. J. T. Richey, and daughtr,
kKate, of asley, and Mrs W. VI
Martin, of Eadley, I. F. D. 5, visited
Ad relatives in Pickens last week.
Mr. J. T. Price of Amerious, Ga., iE
in the city for a few dayt', stopping tc
y, see some of his old friends before re
th turning to his home from the mounitaine
North Carolina, where he hoe been
spending several weeks.
)n The aged parents of Mr. Price are
if still living at the old family homestead
Ig over in Pickens, They are not far from
the hundred mark, but are hale and har
dy. His father is Mr. T. R. Price.
Since he hse been visiting among bis
ut relatives, Mr. Prica has been counting
ti. p the number of living decendants of
his parents and countihg only grand
chaildren, great grandchildren and great.
great grandehildren lie has accounted
er for 195, and he is sure that there are
id more than 200 as there are some of the
family out west whom they h.1ve not
been ,in communication with in several
a yers Mr. and Mrs. T.. B. Price have
n fivo childrenu living. It is a large family
Or and the members are scattered over
about twenty states.---Greenville News
18th instant.
eMr. Price is well known to many of
e, our older citizens, being at one time a
R- membe~r of the bar in Pickena but he
of gave up the law, studied telegraphy and
to has been following that avocation in
b-. Alabama and Georgia for the past twen
ty years. He is a brother of W. R.
(Pete) Price. His many friends through.
nout the county will be glad to rea'd the
rabove notice of him.
~ . Bar the 118Kn oulae BougMl
at 8lgnature
Ion strengthens enfeebled
ncreasing their flesh and
by with th necessary fat
for health growth.
STS: BOo. .ND $1.00.
@1199 999a*AAA
C. H. Alexander Dead. he
Our people were shocked beyond Is
measure last Monday morning whenI th
the news came flying over town that th
Claude Alexander was dead. They
were stunned by tho intelligence and is
cook1d nout. Prasp the import. ti(
Mr. Alexander died in a sanitarium (
in Asheville, N. U., wher he bad an
been for about ton days in quest of es
heaLth, but all that could be done for an
him was of no avail.
Claude Hagood Alexander was a th
son of P. McD. and M. E. Alexander St
atid was about 33 years of ago. - He fr
was raised in Pickens and received
his early training at the common
schools here, later graduating at the as
College of Charleston. He read law in
in Washington and was admitted m
to practice but did not follow his in
profession. '
A few years ago be was married
to Mrs. Laura Hagood O'Neal, of
Rirmingham, Ala, and his wife andl a
two children and his mother and one
brother survive him. 'I
He was a young man who had a e1
large circle of fiends and was uni
ver.ally liked by all who knew him, do
ana they, with heavy hearts, will
drop a tear to the memory of C. H
His death has brought the bittei I
cup of sorrow to the lips of friends
and relatives.
It is sad at any time to stand be
side the bed of the dying and watch
life's ebbing tide drifting the lovetd
one slowly, perhaps, but surely, in to
the great ocean of eternity. We can
meet the pain of parking with some
degree of fortitude; but the sting of
death, in all of its agonizing features,
bursts upon us in 'all of its horror
wben we part nith a loved one in the
rosy flush of life and reoeivtj tbemu
back in the cold embrace of that,
grim monster, Death. None but
those who have sat in the shadow of
a great bereavement can justly weigh
such a sorrow as this.
The silver cord is loosed, the gold
en bowl is broken, the dust has re
turned to the earth as it was; the
spirit has returned to the God who
gsave it.
The devoted boy who remembered
his Creator in the days of his youth,
jre the evil days cmme, or the years n
drew nigh when he should say "I
hAve no pleasure in them," has fin- a
ished his course and reached the h
heavenly goal while yet an infant in o
the race of life. ti
The last services were held at the d
home of his mother on Tuesday even. d
ing at 5 o'clock, Rev. J. F. Mlathe,.on
officiatmng, arnd at 6 o'clock at the
Hagood family burymig ground thee
mortal remiains of our friend and
ne-ighbor were lowered to his final i
resting place, to calmnly await the
reward of a just God.
To the broken-hearted mother,
brother, wife and little children, whot
sit in sorrow where his footsteps j
shall never again find echo, we extendh
our heartfelt sympathy. When thev
have drained the cup may the peace
that passeth all understanding come
to them from One who cares for each
little sparrow that falls,.i
Mrs. D.I H. D~avis, who has been
quite sick for some time, is better,h
and hopes are entertained for a comn
plete secovery.
Several visitors are now entertain
ecl by our citiz'ons in anel aroun d d
town. Mrs. M. E lioatwright and T
Mrs. Edith Leonard, of Polzer, are
visiting relatives in the community. F
Mr. and Mras Bluford Alexander n
paid a visit to the family of W. 3.
floggs last week.
Miss Lucille Tlhomas, of A tlanta, A
,s been a guest at the Brown house
veral weeks. Many more visitors
a writer would report if she had
eir names.
The meeting at the Baptist church
still in progress, with eight, addi.
ms to the meinborshin io-far. Rev.
truer is a consocraaid Christian
d has pretched soveral plam, earn
sermons, and hats made Christ
d His love and willinguess to save
all who put their trust in Him -a a
E main basis of hia arguments.
ch sermons cannot fail to bear
I heard a mother some time ago
k her son of perhaps 18' summers
iy be didn't take an active interest
church work? "Why, mother,
n't you know that all they (mean
g the old church member.) want
to do is to help when there is any
>ney to be raised? We haven't got
nse en:ugh-so they think-to do
ything else," replied the young
an. Not long after that I was at
ureb whore they were electing del
ates to a religious gathering when,
my surprise, out of nine or ten
igates, nut one young man was
the list. I said perhaps my young
iend was right-they didn't want
em only when they wanted money.
think the church is doing a great
rong when they do not couple the
)uthful energy with its gray haired
isdom in church work. But dear
>ung people, do not let that deter
>u from doing something to help
hove distress and bring sunshine
to some life. I think if the young
ore allowed to spend part of the
ioney they contribute in helping to
Alieve distress in their o yu town
ud community, they would give
iore freely. Many vj niolle' W9rth
f eaudy or gum woild be dispeiAed
vith if they cuuld see where the
>oney went, instead of sending it off
aChina or Africa. Now, don't think
hat I am against foreign missions,
)r I am not; indeed, there is no
tronger advocate of foreign missions
ian I. Did you ever n9tqe hqW
much more enthusiasilaily -otdk
sople work when they can see the
rruit?" Perhaps there is some one
ek, and he or she cannot afford the
Beessary nourishment and ice or
moos, perhaps fuel and clothing
-e needed. Now, my young friends,
are is where you can go ahead with
it the consent of the Solomons of
ie church. Tell the needy ones
tAt you are all banded together to
) sunshine work, and that you
ould tke it as a pleasure to be al
wed to help. Another way is to
mid good literature to those who
'e not likely to receive any except
he given. Not the Ingst- among
to things you can do is to make the
ranger welcome to your church.
'u you not recall a time when you,
o, was at a strange church, and how
nch "at home" you would have felt
vi pome one spoken to you and
vetn you a hymn book, and after
rvice told yon to come again?
I will desist, hoping that anm abler
an will take up this subject and do
justice. DREAMI:R.
Men PaMst. Sixty in Dlanger.
Tore thtan half of mankind over sixty
bar's of agn auffer from kidney abd
dder diiorders, uaually enlargem~t
the p'rostamte glanmds. This is both
iuful and dangerous, and Fotey's Kid
ty Cure shiovld be taken at thre finbt
gn of danger, nas it corrects irregulairi
tas aid has cured many o'd menr of th's
seas. Mr. Rodney Burnett, Rockpomt,
:o., writes: "I Suffered with enlarged
mattate glmnd and kidney trouble for
aars and after taking two bottles of
'ilay's Kidney Cure I feel bitter t auz
havn' for tw~ent.y years, although I atm
w 91l years old."
Sure Nipples and Chapped Bands

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