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The Sentinel-Journal Company,
TfoMpsoN & Rionar. PaoPs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Stered at PiOkeU Fostofflce as Second Class
Mail Matter
According to the News and Cour.
ier, enterprising Georgians are busy
on the problem of the wireless trans.
mission of booze.
Perhaps the whole trouble started
in Georgia, says the Spartanburg
Herald, when the late governor gave
that boozeless banquet just before
going out of office.
A practical joker in Pittsburg blew
red pepper into the atmosphere of a
crowded theater, and sneezed him elf
to death as a result. Occasiona ly
the innocent bystander gets reven e.
The wife of Capt. Ross L. 'Bdsh
U. S. A., now stationed Alcatraz.
Island, is suing him for divorce on
the ground that the only recreation
he permits himself or her is Bible
reading every night; and that she.
being a social person, cannot vo on
thus for the rest of her da) s. There
ere few such officers in the United
States army, happily for their wives.
Are there really any truly great
native Texans? Bailey is a Tennes
seean and Culberson was born in
Alabama. The editor of the Hous
ton Post, we believe, was born in
South Carolina, more's the pity.
Tillman also is a native of South
Carolina. We couldut help it.
[News and Courier.
Henry James says the American
girl is elusive. Henry should invite
one to an ice-cream feast this hot
weather, and get that foolish notion
out of his head.
The news columns of the papers
Friday annonioced that the members
of the Georgia legislature had gone
to the state insane asylum. Oue man
was moved to remark that they
ought to be confined there indefil
The D)uchess Vendome. a bister of
thie future kirg of Begium, is c3oming
te America to hunit hears in Colorado.
She is a great, sportswoman and has
done much hunting in the Tyrol and
.Black forest.
Recent careful, surveys on the
Isthmus of Panama prove that Gatun
Lake, the great storage reservoir
which will be formed by the building
of the Gatun dam near Colon, will
have an area of 125 square miles.
The former estimate was 110 square
miles. T1he result will be beneficial
to the canal, as the greater quantity
of water stored up will allow of fifty
six lockages a day, instead of only
twenty-six, the former eslimate.
"How changeable you mortals are,"~
exclaimed a Cold W ave?" "Why do
you think so?" queried a man, grate
fully baring his brow to its touch.
"I was here last April," continued
the Cold Wave, "und never got the
glad baud once."
The News and Courier is of the
opinion that "the dispensary busmness
in Charleston is picking up, the sales
In July exceeding the sales in June
yv about $1,000. We have no means
of knowmng how the business of the
blind tiger~s in July compared with
the business of the previous month,
but there appears to be no doubt
that between the dispensaries and
the tigers thcre is a good deal of
drinking in Charleston- Yet, we
venture to say, there is less intemn
peranco here than in any town of
the same size and opportunities in
toot HO kdMetcalr4
if the secretary of the navy, is tb
Pacific slope's sole representativo to
among the hostesses of the executive in
3et. A Californian by birth, ttki- b
ing and education, she is passion- he
itely attached to the West and its B
traditions- et,
B. C. Wall has a negro driver who in
takes his toddy now and then. Mr. at
Wall has remonstrated with him for a
drinking during working hours. he
'That's all right,"' deolared Mr. Wall 1r
to the man. "In a short while you ,
will be fixed. After Jan. lot you as
won't have your liquor." "Dat's D(
right, boss, so dey telle me. An' ht
arter Janerary let you won't have w
yer nigger; I'se gwyin."-[Augusta 0
Chronicle. ti
The only perfumed railway line in 1
The world is the Meiinpolitan Tube
of Paris. As a measure of sanitation
it was decided to pour water conttro- I
ing essence of lavender on the plat- *
form of all stations. The perfume s<
was pleasant, but too expensive.
Now the tunnels are regularly sprin
kled with a chemical preparation, the
odor of which is sniffed with gusto b,
by passengere as soon as they enter *l
the tube.
"Do you think you derive any ben
efit from going to church?" "I cer- tI
tainly do. My wife dare not talk to d
mi;-and I can always finish my morn
ing's nap."-- Milwaukee Sentinel.
"Everybody Should Know"
says 0. 0. Hays, a prominent business t
man of Bluff, Mo., that Bucklen's Arni
ca is the quickest and surest healing a
salve ever applied to a sore, burn or
wound or to a case of Piles. I've used "
it and know what I'm talking about," 0*
Guaranteed by the Pickens Drug Co.
Druggists. 25c. II
Toddlhig Tommy-Where is Slumber- N
h1and, m1amma111110 Wise Willie-I know. b
It's it the other end of Lapland.-Bal
timore American.
A cold is imuchl more easily cnred A
when the bowels sre opened. Kennedy's
Llixative Honey and Tar opens the bow.
els nnd drives the cold out of tise system
in young or old. Sold by Pickena Drug
Experts say that camphor makes the
teeth brittle. It Is eimployed because
it helps to make them white stud, being Is
all anitiseptle, keeps the gimsis heylthy.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup is sold to
under a positive guarantee- to oure con.
stipation, sick headstche, stomach trou- b
hle,or.any form of indigestion. If it a<
fails, the mainufitcturers refunsd your 0:
money. What more can any one do?
The Kid-PIa, what is a "autoiohle 1I
mneet'". The Dad-Anybhody that gets al
In the way of osne is automobile ment. tl
-Clevelsand P'lains Dealer
flIond Po.isosmng p
resuilta from chsrosnic constipation, whichb
is quickly cured by Dr. King's New Lifeh
Pis. They remove all poiaboousger.is
from the system and infuse nby litf'i 0n
vigor, cure sour stomach, nausia,~hg~ad.
ache, dizziness and colic, without grip.
ing or discomfort. 25c. Guaranteed by eC
Pickens Drug Co.n
The Windows.
A young. architeet was5 puzzitjng over.
thme plans of a building which he wish- o
ed to mnake of distinctive appearance. o.
"Just do sonfething to the windows. c<
and you'll be all right," advised an T
older architect. "It is the windows oi
more than anything else that give a ci
house aL character of Its own. Take a h
trip) around New York and make a ti
study of the houses that hit yon square v
In the eye the minute you look at them, c<
and you'll fid in nine cases out of ten ti
that it is somne original feature about ii
the wvindpws that gives the pilace its p1
note of distinction."-New York Sun. a
Cha sinberilan's Clie, Ch olera and Diar-(.
rhoest Eemedy Hotter than '
Three Doctor.[
"'.three years ago we h-id three doctors ei
ijth our little hsoy and everythinig they L
could do seemed to be in vain. At lnst
wvhen all hope seemed to be gone we b, -
gan using Chamberlain's colic cholera
aind Diarrhoea Remedy and in a few
hsours heo began to improve. Todasy he
is as healthy a child its par'ents conld ~
wish for."-Mrs. B. J. dohston, Lin- ii]
ton, Miss. For sale by Piekens Drug el
,,0. ns
Yos, She Painted.
Young Gotrox (atdmirinsg pilcture in
parlior)--Does your sister pitt Mar- u
gie? Little Margie-Yes, sir; lhut she's j
rinished snow, and as sooni as she putts
i little powder on she'll be right down.
-Chicago News. d
1f you have kidney and bladder troub-.
e and do not use Foley's Kidney ure,
rou- will have only yourself to blame for -
eesults, as it positively eures all forms of ea
kidnay and addem. dieaes go
Reado's EccontriE
ltefde's useof the English language
L, was eccentric, not to say-ludicroum
4A Simpleton," when he wished t<
iIfy that two 1)po)le ttirned theli
.cks oil each other in a fit of temper
wrote, "They showed napes." Do
riblug the complexion of the Ne-t
aven fishwives in "Christie John
)ne," he says, "It Is a race of wo
Dn that the northern sun peachiflei
stead of rosewoodiziug."' In "Iteadi
ia" he describes a gentleman glvluj
lunch to two ladies at a railway res
urant as follows: "le souped them
tough chickened them, lie brandlei
td cochinealed one, and he brandle
id burnt sugared the other (brand.
id cochineal and brandy and burn
gar being Reade's euphemisms to
ort and sherry respectively). Whili
t was preparing his series of article
t Old Testament characters he rea
hat he had written to John Colemai
i one occasion and came to this star
nig passage in his argument:
"Having now arrived at this conclu
on, we must go the whole hog o
Coleman objected to this phrase.
"You don't like the hog, I see," salt
ende. "Well, it's a strong figure o
eech, and it's understanded of th
ople, but-yes, you are right. It'
arcely Scriptural, so out it goes."
entleman's Magazine.
Bass Are Real Cute.
It is related for a fact that the reaso
iss jump-and it Is common practic
the fish-is because they wish to a<
ire grace and strength in testin
eir ability against that of fishermei
Several men who say they knoi
hat they are talking about point or
tat bass do most of their jumpin
iring the spring and are especlall
ytive just before the open season bi
At this time they may be reen doin
ng distance jumps, somersaults an
de stepplng.
Oie bass expert goes so far as to sit
at he spent an entire afternoo
atching a three pound bass draggin
long willow sapling through thi
ater and acting as if it were caugli
i a hook.
Leaping into the air, it would tur
Si half circle as If to disgorge th
trb,- and then it would swim bacl,
ard in an endeavor to snap th
This lislherman asserts that whi
inpiig the bass do during the sun
er Is merely to keep in practice an
it get stale.-Philadelplia Nort
Improving Nature.
To "palut the lily; to gild refine
)i(," when taken it a literai sens(
'em processes too absurd for serioti
lIibher1tlion. Flowers of unnatur:
tes. however, bloom in florists' wh
)Ws. an1d the color green as applie
I the earia Iolln Is ino longer confile
the title of, a book. But the Persian
even wvorse things in the name C
auty. They dress il) their flower:
'corldini to Mr. Wills In "The Lan
.!on anid Sun."
Persia is not t land of flowers. Zh
as. es.IN 1 tlus. a:sters, balsamins, wal
owers, 1hr 1athlemum 1 ls, nari1.goid
ud roses aire the lprincil bloomuist
i' coun try.
The P'ersianis, not content with thi
alin flower, cut rings of colored i:
nr, cloth or' velvet and orname'nt th:
00om, itcing ' the circles of dlive!
les bet ween the first atnd second row
rTe effect Is strange. One, at fire
anice, suppoI)ses he sees a bouquet c
ig'Leut and bizarre flowers of ontirel
wi vadrieties.
The Boomerang and Its Inventors.
The boomerang is rather a puizzi
no miight think that the highest law~
mathematics had beent lad uinde
mItribution in the perfecting of I
hie conivexity on one side, thte flatnes
the other aind the sharp, knifelik
Ige on the iniside of the convexit
[tv the air of havlig been carefull
tought out. Yet the people who ii
Bnted this singular weapon catnnt
>unt higher than five and are dest
Ito of all the arts and amenities c
te. TheIrs Is perhatps the lowe~s
ane of hiumnan life. Sonie 1)eople hav
isumned that the booznerang was th
'cation of an older and higher civil
tion, but for this there is no erilenet
must be the prodluct of an age loln
npirical use of throwinig weapons.
ondon Spec tator'.
Sandy's Criticism.
A young Scotchman wvent to a Lor
mn school of niusic, whlere lie leairnei
, play the, violoncello fatirly well. 01
s return to hIs native village he gath
'ed is friends together to hear hi
sw instrumenit. When lhe had played
io or two times, lie looked upi expe'c
ntly. After a slight pause his oR
andfatther spoke.
"Eh, maun," he said, "It's a maire;
ore's nat smell wi' it!"-LiVerpoc
'Splitting" a bank note conslstg o
viding the bill in two so that. one
If consists of the face; of the bil
dI the other half of the back only~
mis sounds like an impVossible foal
t secret servlce oflecery a tat I
n be done, although the method Is
verrunont secret, - -
Ba d . Wes Wtcents.
John Baecom, once president of the
Univeralty of Wisconsin, always had
a keen Insight into men, and for much
of iA life college students constituted
mank.'nd for him. Once when he was
a class oilcer the names of two men
were read by him as absent from
morning prayers. One of them, a pie
tist, stopped at his desk and said:
"Professor, ivhen the chapel bell was
ringing I was engaged in prayer and
did not hear it."
"You're not excused," responded
John, with contempt in his eye and
I in his voice.
I Then, calling back the other man,
r who was about at the door on his way -
t out of the room, he saiu to him:
"What's your excuse?"
"I haven't any, sir."
"You're excused.'
He used to have debates in his clasp.
I room. At one of them a student, whom
- Bascom subsequently -described as a
."florlating fellow," in the heat of his
- eloquence said, "I wish that I had
' the ability and the time to exhaust
this subject."
"You have the time," said Bascom.
i Harper's Weekly.
Smart Boy Wins.
The visitor was examining the class
of small boys. He held the chalk in
"What number shall I draw on the
board?" be asked of one boy.
The boy replied, "Thirty-two."
The visitor drew the number back
ward, which made twenty-three.
"Is that right?" asked the visitor.
"Yes, sir; yes, sir," answered the bo7
in a timid way.
"What number shall I take now?" he
asked of another.
V The boy answered, "Sixty-two,"
whereupon the visitor drew the num
ber backward, as before-twenty-six.
"Is that right?" he asked.
"Yes, sir," replied the boy.
A long way back a bright eyed boy
held up a wavering hand.
"What number shall I draw for you?"
asked the visitor.
t The boy called out, "Forty-four!"
Then, when the visitor had drawn It,
he yelled out, "Now, if you are so
blumed smart, twist that around!"
New York Globe.
A Financia Embarrassment.
A lady who had a kindly riein
brance for all her domestic servants
met an erstwhile waisher womnan andl(]
stopped to ask hler- how she fared.
"Oh, mum, it's turrible finanshul dis
thress me an .the childer's in!"
"Why, what is it? Are you out of
I employment?"
"No, mem. Work's in a fair state o'
stiddiness and not a clut do I owe, but
it's lashius o' trouble I've got!"
"Are you not paid promptly?"
I "As promptly as the day ( 'ils
"What is your financial dh cress,
"Well, meni" (in a burst of horror),
"what's killin' ine is, I earn $6 the
week an' pay $8 for tue boord, an'
God only knows how I do it!"-Short
So Many?
Tihey wenit in to dininer t oget her, ie
a a very ba~shiful. anid slhe trliedl in vain
to draw him out. F'iinally she began to
e. talk bo'oks , and( lhe beenmen resp~onslve.
I"And Ilugo," she asked, "die you like
,his style7"
"Oh, yes," he replied, "I find him in
t tensely Interesting. I've read a num
,ber of his books."
Then she asked, "Ihave you read
"No, I've-er-only read three. I
didn't know lhe had written so many."
--Lippincott's Magazine.
itis As Japanese See It.
Iistsad tihe Jatpaniese thinkou
qgrowvn wvonmen most alarnulfigly over
grown, very shocking in their costumne
.and quite dreadful as regardis their
.teeth and their feet-in a word, out
-rageous. They consider thme kimotno
t preferable to wvestern habilliments lie
cause it so completely obliterates the
lines or the ligure. They teach girls to
ttalk wIth their lips almost closed, coni
e eln he teeth, and to wvalk with the
feet parallel in tinny steps or even too
-ing ln.-Kansas City Journal.
The Latest Hour.
"What tunme Is it, my lad?" asked a1
tra veler of' a small boy who wias driv
lng a couple of cows home from the
"Almost 12 o'clock, sir," replied the
"I thought It wias more."
"it's never any more here," returned
the lad, In surprise. "It just begins at
1 again."-Lustige Blatter.
And the Boy Was Right.
"if one quart of berries cost 'id
cents. how muclh would three qunarts~
cost?" Itsked a Brooklyn teacher in an
oral test the other day.
"They would cost you 22 cents,"
promptly3 responded a little boy. "We
have nof:hing less than 1 cent in our
money, and1( the man would just make
it 22 cnts."-New York Press.
Frightened Actor-The leading iatly
t is tearing her hair! Stage Manager
1 Well, wha t of . it ? It Isn't her hair.
Detroit Free Press,
When the
Hair Falls.
Then It's time to act! No time
to study, to read, to experi
ment ! You want to save your
hair, and save it quickly, tool
So make up veir in dih
very minuti. il yo'ur ;,u
ever comes r wu 'ilt use
Ayer's Hair i mnes
the scalp hei. e ir
stays in. It cannot do any
thing else. It's nature's Way.
The best kind of a testimonieA
" Sold for over sixty woear.
Aqer PILLS. '
For Cotton Weigher.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for cotton weigher for Pbckens Town
ship, subject to the action of the quali
fled voters of this township on August
17th. T. 0. ALLOOOD.
I hereby announce inyself a candidate
for cotton weigher for Pickens town
ship subject to the. action of the
qualified voters on Angust 17th.
Natice is hereby given that on August
24th 1907, the undersigued will ap, ly v)
the Secretary of State for lettt rs of in
oorporation *of -the Clemson College
Baptistoburch. A. M. RJedferu,
P. H. Mell,
C. M. Fuiman,
P. T. Bro(lie.
A cheap lot of good crockery. I
bought- a lot, at my own price. Cupat and
saucers, reil China 25c, 61 in. plates 15e
set. I want to see how quick this lot
Will go ait about half price. Iu the lot is
gold decorated ware going the same way.
Wood's turnip Feed in hulk at
8 111101s for Relief.
Compinint not Served,
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas.
Benjamin L. Lcwery,
W. Alec Ramsey,
To the Defendent above named:
You are hereby summoned and ro
quired to a nswer the complitnlt inl this
action. wh ich wa filed in the office of
the Clerk of Cou t of th e
on the 12th day or
serve a copy of yo
complatii upon th.
flee, on the Public
Court House soj
twenty (lays after
ciusive of the diy v
if you fail to answer the complaint
withiinethe lime aforesaid,thue Plaintiff in
tis~ auction wvill apply to the Court for
tthe relief demnnded in the complaint.
Dated July 12th A. D). 1907.
R. T. Jaynes,.
A. J. B~ogga. [L. s.] Plffs. ALt~y.
C. C. P.
Suimiiins f'or Rlelief.
tCompilahiit Served!
County or IcIkens
ini Commonuc Pleas court.
Licenia Rligins, Reauben W. Rice, Malinda
T'omiln. Adlolphlas C'o~insDlelomnar isllenbutrg,
V. V. Collins, Lontey iPowell, Osecy D~avenp~ort,
cia Hiryant aund D~ean ('ollius. Plaintifrs.
. against. *
Clayton Collis. L~eora IDurhami, and IEugene
C:olins, the hnst iwo named being minors over ~A
foiurteen, years of age. 'iDefendlants.
Tlo lihe Defendants above namted:
You are hereby summoned and required to
ansawer the comrplainit in this action, of which a,
copy is herewith served upon you, and to servo
copy of your answer to the unid complaint ont
thce subscribers at their oile at Piekens C. II.
8. C., within 20 diays after the service hecreof,
exclusive of the d by or such service: and if you
fail to answer the c'omplaint within the tme
ply to thle court for the relief dimandecd in the
Complaint. , MORGAN~ .v MA ULIiN,
D~ated Jiune 15th, 1907. P aintiff's A ttys.
T1o (lie absent de~fendlant, Clayton Collinis:
Please take notice that tile stumons anid corn
plaint in the above stated action were filedi in
thte oice of elerk of court for Pickens counlty
on the. 15th day of Jlune, 1907.
.June 20t6 Morgan A Muuldlin,
WITH Dr. King's
Now Dis car
F'OR C8gIg' Tt!ftt

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