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N)ER the pre
tice of substit
the place of r
the shoe. It
pays the prospecti
to buy a shoe wit]
absolutely solid ir
Crossett, Ab
The shoes tha
Prices $39
The most styl
wearer in women
Price $2.50, $3,
The shoe that makes grrind
KRIDEE'S line of shoes fo
you if you want a shoe for servi
few styles in the cheap grade of
Forcing His Hand.
There was to be a circus ig.-'ows
inext (ay, and Robert wished tby) go- and
see It uina, so he sought to obtain
.hA8f A er's consent. The first question
his : tither put to him on being up,
ro dhed was, "flave you asked your
"Yes,.sr," was Robert's prompt re
"Whut did she say?" the father pur
p eu.
"She uat1 I couldn't go," was the
Prank rejoinder.
'What do you mean, Robert, by conm
:Ing to me to ask to do a thing after
.your mother has told you you could
"Well, ;papa," the little fellow ob
asrved, "I heard you say last week that
. you're the boss of this ranch, and I
:thought it was about time for you to
.assert yourself."-Exchange.
Foran Imlpairedi Appette.
'To i myrosve 'the appetite rand strength--~
en 'the dijestion try a few doses of Cham
berlaid's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
Mr. &J H. Seitz, of Detroit, Mich., says:
"'They restored my appetite when im..
paired, relieved me of a bloated feeling
and caused a pleasant and saitisfacotory
ulovemeont of the boels." Samples
~free. Pickena Drug Co.
'Fynshly--What Is Wally doing now?
JEarrison--Well, when I last saw him
he was engaged In a literary pursuit.
*IJynsbly--Indeedl I didn't think he
had enough brains to write. Harrison
--He wasn't writing. He was chasing
a newspaper that the wind had blown
away.-London Mall.
A woman worries until she gets wrmnk.
les, then worries beeause she has them.
If she takes Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea abe would have neither. Bright,
uimiling tace follews its use. 85o Tea or
Tablets ________
The Arabs use camel's millk In plac6
<>f that of the cow, aind in the orientI1
the sheep's milk Ia extensively used
asa substitute for cow's milk. , .i
Vld maids would be scaice and hard to11
Could they be maide to see. [find,
:i ow graco and beauty is combined
By using Rocky Mountain Tea.
"Book" .comes from Anglo-Saxon
"boc," or beech, since early Teutodie
tribes used the .bark of that tree for
vwriting material.
"F'or ton years I was confined to my
ibed with disease of my kidneys," writes
E. A. Gray, J. P., of Oakville, Ind. It
'was so severe that I could not move p art
sof the time. I consulted the very best
unedical skill nyailable, but could get no
uselief until Foley's Kidney Cure . was I
umeoommended to me. It has been a God.
sent leathe;' imai
uting a coi.a)OSi.
3a1 leather. W
cannot be told fr
.ve shoe b'uyer t<
1 a rep-utation bN
. every respect, i
bott, Perfec
t makes life's wa
;3.50 and$4
ish shoe in the NN
s up-to-date sho<
3.50 and $4.
mother smile The hobby of
ibon Shoes for children; styli
- infants and child:en cannot I
RAND shoes for working im
cc. And remember every pa
men, women's and children'S
The Boy Guessed Right.
They were getting a kindergorte
lesson. The teaher taught them ve:
bimple subjecta. She touhed a tOl
"What Is this?".
"What is thisr?" she asked as 't
touched the fende;
"What is this?"'indicating a bottle.
"What Is this?" and she touched hi
watch chain.
"Brass," said one' small boy. an
thien she changed the oubject.
pokesman Iteview.
lulphur the Accepted Hanmedy for a Hut
dred Years.
Sulphur is one of the- areatest rem
:lies nature ever gave to man. Evei
physician knows that it emies skin: an
blood troubles. Haucobk's Liquid Su
phur enables you to get the full bene'f
mI the most convenient fiem. Don't tals
bulphur tablets or wafers or powdere
alphur in molasses. Iliicock's liqui
sulphur is pleasant to talte and perfel
mn its action. All druggists sell it.
A well known citixen of Danville, Pa
writes: "I have had an aggravated na,
of Eczema for over 25 years, I has
used seven 50-cent bottles. 6f the Liqui
[and one jar of your Hancock's Liugm
Sulphur Ointmenat, tand now I feel a
though I had a brand new pair of haut
[t hats cured ma and I aim coatain it wi
auro any one if they pelisist in naiiu
H~ancook's Liquid Sulphur according I
Elijections. "Butler Edgar "
The ship Ada lredale, abanidone~
afire at sea In October. 1870. drlfte
2,42W) miles as a derellet and w'i
pieted up and towed to'port, still afir
The popular remedy in Otsego o--nl
md the best friend ol my in.mily,
writes Wmn. M. Die~tz, editor and pul
isher of the Otsego Journal, Oilbert
Fille, N. Y., "Is Dr. King's New Di
overy. It hairs proved to be an infail
>le eure for conghs and solds, makini
bonrt work of the worst of them. V#
dlways keep a bottle in the house. I ba
leve it to be the most valuable preserij
ions known for L~ung and Throat dal
mases " Guaranteed to never disatppon:l
he taker by Pickens Drug Co's Drn
tore. Price 50c and 81. Trial botti
'ree. _________
The faster'a man travels the soont
de will get there, and the faster b
lives the sooner he will get there too.
For the good of those suffering wit
ozema or other such trouble, I wish i
ay, my wife had something of that kin
ud after using the doctors' remedies fe
ome time conoluded to try Chambei
ain's Salve, and it proved to be bette
han any thing she had tried. For sal
y Pinkens Drug no
> know whnthei
ok of it. HeVrear
it they are iot you
t Model. A
1k easy.
All leathers ai
rorld. Admitted 1
)s made.
rover! Crov
ie Grover Manufacturing Com
sh, comfortable and durable. Pr
)e surpassed for style. SAd by *
n who work; the best service sh
ir absolutely guaranteed to be rr
shoe.' 13tt good solid shoes fc
ers in Low ]
The Limit of Life
a The moot eminent. mtedical *ci-intish
I are UIIinTW) inl the c1lusionl tha
- the. generally aicepited limi-ation of hu
mYal life is IaMUny years below she attain
nwt- possible with the advanced knowl
e f d ge o f whIiebOf thje race -i s n ow posst-ssed
'Iherifical peiriod that determine" it,
duration aeff So be between 50 and 60
the proper cav(eh of the body during thit
deca-iw wnnnut. be too atrongly urged
r care leatiesa the being Iaital to longevi.
ty. Iatu-re's bent helper titer 50 yc.r
is Electric- BittoYa, the scientific tonic
medicine that revitaliz-s every organ oJ
the body.. Guranteed by the Pickene
Drug Cot Bruggiata. 50o.
The' God of Love.
. Almnosti as tanmient as the earth her
self wasi Eros.. the personification 0f
* love. IKesfod relates that he was
among tilm firsti of existing things and
that he assitedi the earth in bringing
forth freom. chaos the earliest forms of
Ilife and Damity. Aristophanes and (ith,
SIers wrote-ofC Ezos as the son of night,
Later poeta sang of him as the son ol
Ares and' Alphrudlte and honored hin
as the sweet minded promoter of hu.
, man affections& They represented bin
e as a fair-firced boy winged and carry.
e ing a bow- witha which to inflict sweel
I wounds ipon these who came withi
di range. Nor- has- Eros ceased to exist
a even in tis pracetical age, for to this
d (ay the poets afng of this little wvinged
god as skillful and as pitiless. as in the
gidays of dhlI. The sphilosophic myth of
E~ros and Psyche is one of the mosi
beautiful of the..ancient allegories.
d1 Pearsonir Weekly.
.8 To Mothers in ThiN Town,
e- Children who are delicate, feverfel
and cror-st will get immediate relief fron
Mother G3ray's Sweet Powde, s for chil
.3 dren. They cleanse the'atomtach, act or
the hver,. making a sickly child strong
) nnid healthy. A certain cure for worms.
9 Sold by ali-druggiste, 25c sample Free.
I- Address Alflen S. Olmated, Leloy, N. Y.
g Coke.
e The silvery luster shown by many of
.the best grades of coke Is said to be
-due principally to the decomiposition
-of some of the gases evolved (luring the
Process of coking, and the dleposition
Fof a thin coating of pure carbon on
e the surface of the coke cells. This
thin coating protects the cells from al
r teration ,in the air and ls accountable
e for the durability shown by many
-. cokes.,
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggetu
ABusy Medicine for Bs
Suings Golden Health and ROMpi vigor.
r an d yfor Cnhat on.Iun g loLie
*- lod, Bad Breath, ~luglsh hJ*gi eado
r and Backache. IL's Rocky Mo)utfl(in iran tab
iob for, 36 cetits a box. Gefi is tade bI
e HoLI'Tra Dana (pourAsr, M j~o, WI,
on among the mar
andC grourd scraps
sition is used .it si
pearance of the s.
getting. The only
a few lines that w
get your .inoney b
made by Lewis A.
id shapes.
>y all shoe dealei
pany is soft shoe; for tenvder feet
.ices $1, &1.25, $1.50, $2, and $2
dl up) to date shoe stores.
oes made. You want to see this
lade of solid leather, if not, your
>r the least money is our Hobby.
I Ike Gardlen spot of
B'eaitiful scenery. Invigorating clima
Caietul attentioni to needs of studentis.
colleges. Terms very reasonable.
For eatnlogue orimtion, address
Beflars th'. , lsKt YuHv Bodti
BI3LES, and that's. what you
Ltma- order one for that Birthday
Gitfowy'or'Father, Mother, Husband
Wife, Uhild Sister or Brother with name
stamped in gold without extra coat.
D. D. JONES. -
Pickens, S. C.
Clerk's Sale.
County of Piokene.
3. Court of Common Pleas.
In purauance of a decral order made
in the following named case and /on file
in the clerk's offce I will .ell to the
highest bidder during the legal hours for
sale'at Piekens Court Hlouse, S. C. on
Saleeday in September 1907, the follow
ing deseribed real estate upon the terms
hereinafter mentioned towit:
T. J. Mauldin.
John Hunt.
All tbat piece parcel or tract of land
lying and being situate in Piokens coun
ty, S. 0. as represented by plat of nurvey
(which is on file In the clerk's office,
made by John A. Robinson, Surveyor,
on the 8th day of July 1907 containing
nineteen (19) acrea more or, less joining
lands of John Montgomery, Murphrey
Lands and others.
Terms :-Cash on day of sale. Pur-.
chaser must comply within one hour~
'after sole or the premises will be resold
on some subsequent saleday at the risk
of the former purchaser.
Purche ser to pay for papers and re
corinofA. J. BOGG8 p, s.]J
Clerk o Court.
L utacturers a prac
of leather to take
iortens the life of
bloe. Therefore it
way to knowl is
e guaran1tee to be
s to be the best
$2, $2.50 and $3.
line of shoes, they will please
money back. We also carry a
btitutL go
[le "bahd of Win ."
te. Competent Teachert,
Prepares for Sophomore elass in best
gig AIIGMUT 19.
LI., Principal.
Scrub yourselt &i-ty, and you're not
clean inside. Clean inside means cleaa
atomach, bowelsy. Wsood, liver. clean,
healthy tissue in every orgarn. M1oral:
Take HIoiliste'r's IRoeky Mountain Tea.
35o Teai or Ta bleta.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder sigM..
Summions for Relief.
Court of Common Pleas.
Aurie H.. Fuller. Plaintiff,
Alonzo 1I.. Young, Archibald F. Young,
William. L. Young, Joseph W. Young,
Vicettie Duake, Defendants.
Summons for Reelief.
(tComplaint Served.)
To the IEfewdants alhoved named
Your are beruehy summoned and re
quiredi to anader the complains in this
this actilon,. of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint on
the atdbscibers at their offida at Piekens,
S. C.,. within twenty days after the ser
vice hereof, exclusIve of the day of such
service; and if you fail to answer the
comiplainit within the time aforesiaidl, the I
Plaintiff in this action will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
Dat,-d July 24th, A.D. 1907,
A J. Boggs, C. C. P.
Jones Fuller,
J. P. Carey,
Plaintiff's Attorne3 S.
To the absent Defendants, WilliamL
Young and Joseph W. Young
Take notice that the summons an
complaint in the above stated case wer
filed in the offle of the Clerk of Court
Comnmoi'j Pleas for Plokens (Jounty
the 24th day of July, 1907.
Jonee Fuller,
J. P. Carey,
9 Plaintiff's Attornaey

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