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She wis an exceedinglly (111111ty lit
1'e vonian, wIlo was taking at Vgiry
great lIterest in tIhe wellare of tle
-onviets When shie wais beling Sliown
tho~hthe penliteniti.1try the othi'r, dty.
GuaNtlird O'lrienl was along wiei slhe
n)pl)nled to Spenk to oane of tile prisoll
'ers. "]. :im ,sosorry for you." slit re
lnarked inl a tenlder tole of voice. "Of
course you wili In very thankfail whien
tIle time coies for 01 to leave this
Areadful platee."
"No," retori1 tle m1nn1. "I'd a sight
-rather slop hTre Ver I 11111." The
'bitle wvomlanl ninosi colhlanwl.
"Isi'l It 8t stranig'' silo asked. turn
ing to the guard. "I had no Idea the
,'risoners were so contented. What
'A'ds tihe pooir ellow's otTnse' "
The guaiird ceailkled at covert grin.
.le wis Just a little absentinlUded,
'at was all," followed the grin.
-Abelintilillided !" exclalilLed his ias
'nislied liltrrogator.
"Yes, mnadain," politely replied
'.0rien. "lie persisted In forgetiling
e 1 maTICl, and now when lIs
ille( 1is ) up he has live wives awnIting
m on the outside."
The woman could not delay that the
onlviet had sill'icient rensons to be
-o)11telteld with lis present lot.--Columa
T Dispa tch.
How Will the World End?
It has always b een 1an intensely in
l.-restinag conjectlre to sclentists and,
:n tile same time, the greater part of
:he other intelligent membnhers of socl
"ty as to the way In whieh our world
'II at len ' come to an end. Many
fTlnk (1lat .111 he through the gradiu
.'1i cooling of the sun, whileh will even
'mially fall to give out sulilelent heat
a sustain life oI our lalniet. But an
the'r- -nnd a particularly unlpleasant
. te tha t Might befall us Is explained
* a -work by Mr. Ellard Gore. ""al
.anr,"says he(1, "IS always to be
red from the Presence of immense
<ilArk bodies, mlloving lnseel in space,
Rfast dea(d s1111, whose collision with
omr o wn wo-Muld Inerease Its heat
enormously and thus lustanatly destroy
the eartIh." We should not. however,
htl vithout at warning or our terrible
ati, for oin enterinlg a radius of 15,000,
010,000 m1nles fromt the "tm the advanec
:hig body would beglil to shine with re
'nled~( light, ald lif'leen years would
ap e between the tilme (f the destroy
er's beIng sIghted and its collisIon
'wilhte sunil.
Glass Cutting.
Tle liyman who is introduced to the
- )ysteries of cutting glass for the first
"''Ume 16"nmazed at the amoun11t of work
- -that the workman does entirely by his
eye. The first stage of the bowl which
- ls to be-ct finds it in a perfectly plain
rendition, not a scratch up1)on) It and
*:Only a half dozen or more inarks in red
'hOialk, iach mean absolutely nothing
e the'unpractIced eye. But to the
- -workman''they mean the whole pat
Ttern. Perhaps tle dish Is a salad bowl.
The marks In -chlk will run from the
- edge, five Intervals apart, down to the
t..enter of the: bowl 'at the bottom. In
ione of the divisIons-of the bowl thus
'.anarked there may be a little further
:i.xnarking in the shape perhaps of a
&dlamond. This iidlcates the pattern
Iibato"-whleh the'iboWl- ja to be cut, and
kit twill be repeated in each of the five
4 X.1yvesons. All 'the intrIcacIes of the
4'idetgn .the workmaEn has hn his head,
, swandi4they develop on the glass In a way
'1:bith seems to thie looker on absolute
Uy -marvelous.-New York Times.
( ' aIthful to the End.
'l'he flames crackled ominously, the
vwater -bubbled' in the great pot, and
?eoated :Ln the Ishade of a palm the
u slaked savages -began. to. .sharpen their
e rudl knives.
'' .Is there no. hope?" murmured the
s doemed commercial traveler.
*"None," hissed the ebon chief.
- "Then," saId the..young man, poInt
'i ing to his sample case, "if .you are do
r~ternilned. to eat.me, at least let me
S-fahak you, as ea' last favor, to try our
t)brand ',f mustard with the feast. I
a -convineeithat one trial will secure
v 'as your' permanent patronage, and I"
But strong arms seized him here,
t-there was a splash, and all was over.
.):os Angeles Times.
'Senslble Preference.
'Kn lone of MIss Mulock's storIes she
.m0ys 7that "a cheerftfl heart seeth cheer
iHuhlthinga" 'and gives tils incident in
.'a proe! "it it:
A lady'in'd- gentleman were In a hum-.
MAer yaMitu Iated by a dIrty, tol smell
i? iug rIver. The lady said, "How good
*the pIne boards, smell!"
"PIne boards!" exclaimed the gentle
n-man. "Just smell that foul rIvern"
"No, thank you," was the reply; "I
lyorefer to -smell (lie pIne boards."
No Reform Wanted.
"I[ hope he'll reform when you are
a' married."
"I don'tl"
"Why, he spends every cent he
"I know It, but lie spends it oni me."
* -'-H~ouston Post.
Caustlo Critlam.
Sculptor (to his friend)-Well, what
.e.o you think of my bust? Fine piece
t-et marble, Isn't it? Friend-Magnifi.
xisent. What a pity to have inade a
!tist of it. It would have made a love.
'' "' Us mantalniece.-Ron Vivant
One of..Them.
A foreign tourist who had received
permissibn to visit one of our large
asylums for the insane wias sirprised
at the neatless, (ietude and good or
der that prevailed within the lastltu
tion. He asked if it was iways like
that, and the polite attend:ant who was.
showing him through the buiilings
said it Vas.
"We have wIiat we enII ot. violovt
warts, of course, b i I pr*esuile you
'would not Cre to see :hese."
"1 think not."
"It is just as we". perhlps. They
tri ra ther noisy, al I'u:4h. of cour.'.
we exercie: the samble eare inl providing 0
for the welfare of the Iunates thiat
you see in this part of the iistitutionl.
'We a0lso 'ave .at etioll where we keiep
the 'ineurabls.'11
"'iieso limates, then, are considered
vhi enss are lt least liopefil."
"I am1 greatly liter.etd," s.41 t. 2
visitor, "but I will nIot take uip a:'
itore of your tille. You have oli-r b
dlities to atteld to. have you nit':" ti
*Yes, sir. This Is mler'ly on of ly b
recerentionls. Inl o1e of -the riuos in
the mau i)mibil!n1g 1 31 aml en:.;ged tN'r- (1
Ilg m1o1st of the tilie inl puirsuilug what
may be called tuy life work."
"Your life work? May I ask what
that is?"
I "1Inve'1t you heard?" said the at
tendilnit, in a tone of astonilshmet. "I
am coipilinlg ani index to Webster's die
tionary."-Youth's Co'mpaion.
For Shakespeare's Sake.
There lI soiethlug remiarkably at
tractive for an actress in the rolli:u;
cadenoes of the i ard of Avon. nnd1 I
do not wo1er tha1.t so lally players
drean of phylIng his work. I think it k
was in Los AnIe!e; som1 year.4 ago
that a youlng n:or who was 1hthen be
comlinils populr1 deelledl that the tm
was ripe for i hun tuo do Iliillet. What a1
his mnztail( roess vwas ini arriv in:g at
this decision I have of c0--e no
meiaus of ku->vI:rg. ilt an po-r.phnI
aiecdote wIs told of 1m1)1 the -:-ni:V.
after hIs first ppenenne as Ihe ' .o;
anteiholy Panle. It seemis a frieml ap 1
proacled him anwl said:
"Ihow dto you reel tills mon:
"I have failed to -'et myl whole mean- 0
Ing into the cb:114e. I sia II never
phty I Iamlet aiga inl." wIs tie rep!y.
"Oh, but you uilst play the par. )ll.Oe
agailn," remiionlstra t" d the friend.
"And 'why ?'' asked the yoing ae-tot -
"Shlake.'spenre turni ed over- ti hls co-- (y
fin last night. You will h1rv- to. do- ft
once lngaill, for you enn1't lealev- t be poor' i
chap in t Ilat position," said hl r friend. j
-Eleanor Iobson in 11olienhiemn.
Wanted Permanent Employment..
Old San had been for several. dlrya n
patiently sitting on the balnk of the i
Itappahannock river near t-he dup,.
holding his shotgun in his hanid.
Finally he attracted the attention oC
a passerby, who asked, "Well, Unel e.
Sam, are you looking for something- to
"Nov sah," answered Sam. "us get
tin' pa Id fo' what r's doin'."
"Indeed!'" answered the strainger:
"And what may that be?"
"Shootin' de mpskrats dat am under
minin' do dam," answered Sanm.
"Well, there goes one now!"~ exclaim'- -
ed the- stranger excitedly. "Wihy dou"r4
you shoot ?"
"S'poso I wants to lose myl jiob,
sah?" answered Sam complacently.
Llppincott's Magazine.
Racing at Ascot..
Itacing at Ascot dates back. as greart
number of years, and it is recorded thest
Queen Anne was the first roya1tperssn
age to- -patronize the fixture;. ia 1711.
The first and second Georges were not
great patrons of the turt, but they
bred race horses on a large- scalle toi
order to encourage their subjects,. and
George hiI gave a plate of 100' guinees
to be competed for. Ever since those
times the great annual festival on the
famous Berkshire heath has met with
royal favor.
H. Compilid.
Mr. Transeient-Is this all the hut
ter you have, Mrs. Caterer?
Mrs. Caterer-It is, Mr. Transcient,
and I wish you woulgI try to make
it go as far as8 you can.
Mr. Transcient-With pleasure. Mrs.
Caterer. (Opens the window and
throws the butter against tihe hlae'k
fence.) 'There! If it hadn't been for
that fence, I could have made it- go a
little farther yet.
That truth is stranger than fiction hxua
once more been demonstrated in tho lit.
tie town of Fedora Ter.u., th~e residencou
of C. V. Pepper. ie writes: "7 wasl in
bed, entirely disabled with hemorrhiagns
of tihe laugs and thront. Doctors' failed
to help me, and all hopn had fled whend
began taking Dr. King,s New Discovery.
Thed instant relief came. Tihe conghling
soon eeased; the bleeding diinished
rapidly , and in three weeks I was able
to go to work." Guaranteed enre for'
0Iuhs~l ned o1(ds. 50~n, and $1.00, at.
Piokens Drug Co., dIrlIg store, Trial bot -
tie free,
Oluan... and beauunfes 1in. batr. ofc
- i'roniotes a luxurantstooth' il
Cur e aip d,,es r h al falng. R
S0e and *l.00at Dr:u aite
Business Locals.
Nd tices of aie, W1nt$. Svaps, ete
isrted in this Column at 6 cents per
line fotr ath insertion. Nothing taken.
for les then 10v eits.
1In Busi1iess Again.
J. D Mxti will s1oon b1.4 3veiv to sell
>m n-it gin and nill buy . our pru
Wo do nlot u1i iunt'ity, thrrcrf. ro wo
nuiot cut prics.
Pick(ens'4 lIottling Works.
it E h y1f. v Ip y. ur rtiti'k
- B 1', .'' ra' rtd and~i hier sa
le. Ib rMso hat2lhe all 1.int~i., of
edstliff 38-if
Sl;v. just r& (elved n l: d dar of
-(.v Ih- st. nIw W e0nS ting of [
aur, pn-er- eh, hechrawl
~-)thI I 11)- t'i- .i2llon. A:,k 'o see
is hllamtif-l ware whe14th. r you wv I.0 to
ly ow m.t. 2'a.ig Brothers.
I wv .n0d likev to r1:1 at limitedl uiin-er
b ls 4): r hous w 1,ht-O 2,144 rough
mik .t l t1.r 100 at m1ill. 4-1 mi.i -
vv.t tit 1'Ic2ke.z. A. W. (ivley,
A f.!w ilrs' el.a-s 4 ving. 11neb11lins,
Iith'y 1: d to be lt 1 1 pre.stly re
o edpries.A lso ewgmlones re--1
iie. ll ait Gratig Blo
0. P. KnIght.
We -iko oulr drinks,. not. mn tho plan
flow chte pj, lut how good.
Pickoens Brotling Works.
Moii nt- & )latdini have-jjv.3. received a
Slot ie r. wiro, ns i- ailos of all
.1 AllO who114'me please.
{O ,ome icel '2tle1 . fl; is too
1m1i'ou"IIble for - me to go
11 mo I d t- c'llect, es2petijllI2 Ithose
Iall,st h ib, Sol pilase cooandc set
t 1ad i i bxe. J. 1,. MIORis.
Remi mber 1. A. ar r the-. Po
.g.1.0herl 'tt I -k I's tid call onl Fli
usnu Stulasfor pi r: rait-s or
4I ne' of lmi ill j,;be'ty f' soe.
vell improvdvt. T-rums eas. ]aMrgi
tk n nik. 4U C. E. R1fobi: sn
F.r S r--42 neres or lard,. gwd
oom 're, goo w. %;1f w11tr, gIood
S-Ternis, re .-owtable. A pp iy to J- ,.
V. Farr 't
For -al--126 acre farmi fouir mi les
*est of Ei'. ley hro glloil h1otuses'l alnd
11 Ilve--lRiary en*it'nitlitigs. oti-., 75 acres
01 ul-t'im h-11anc1e inl till b.-r. Price
45 pp r 2vro Terml'ti to Sut.
H. . H iSTER-.
The pleasantr purgativo effect expert
ed 1)y aill who u1me Cham berliu' -
toteh and Liver Tible t', and th
nalthy cidition of the body $)I minud.
riclh t hlfey ornate 112kes one feel joyful.
-w-, 25 cmIts. Sample free at Pick h
w Di Proa Co. hj
Sore Nipples and Chapped Handt a
re quickly utred by applying Chamberlain's 0
1 Ise. -' it; I' I iniS.cem PriCC r, cents.
oars the . The Kind You Have Always gMV91t
ia'ature - f
of a woman's life is the name-offt
given to " change of life.."' Your "
menses come at long intervais,, andi e
grow scantier until they stop. 'Fh b
change lasts three or four yeaas,. and
causes much pain and suffering, F
which can, however, be cured., by p
taking ii
Woman's Refuge i Distress
It quickly relieves the pain, nerve i
-OUSneCS, irritability, miserableness, "
fainting, dizziness, hot and cold
-flashes, weakness, tired feeling, etc. W
Cardul will bring you safely through t
this "dodging period," and build .a
up your strength for the rest of your in
life. Try it.
You can get it at all druggists in at
Si1.00 bottles.
I suffered." writesVirg1nla Ronbson~of legt
on. Md.. "un 1.1(1 took Cardull, whichl cured
me soqukv it su.rprised my doctor. who
dIdlgt know I' was taking It. i
e earnestly request all young persons, nonfatter |
w limited their meIanls or education, who wish to
tmn a thorough businesstraining and good posl.- 1
n, to write by first niil for our gethalf-rate '
er. Success Indepe eneeand rble fortuno | "
o ruaranteisb. on' delay. Wite today,.
ko Ga..Ala. Besin. Colee, Pacon. Ga.
I have a go
Amoiag thn are tho recomwme
Clocks. with w4ighta, which ]
Aied a ajew line of SILVERW
Silver WATOhES. A nice 11111.
glasss to fit eyes. All kiiid of ii
. IL. A. R I
3ull TMT1I
%an run through
i. or climb over i
For Inants and Chikdren. t
,he Kind You Have Always Bought "
Bowrs the 01
SIgnature of
Dumas and HisMOny.
Dttinrs the elder was not i' the habit wi
r -ounIting his mioney, Wirt did once,
ai-fng it on the mantel' wile he left
ec room for a few minutes. when he
turned and was giving:some Instrue- .
ans to a servant he' nurchanically
minted the pieces over- again and
mond a louis missing. "W'," he said, E(
itr a sigh, "considerinr tat I never
muted my pioney bet6ne;. A ean't say vil
03 interest To Womeun. th
To sneh women as are not seriously out
hoahih, but who have exacting duties
Iperform, either in the way of house
l cares or in social duties, and func
ans which seriously tax their strength
well as to nursing mothaer.. Dr. Piercs
avorite Pres~cription has jpenved a most WI
alnable supporting tonic axia lnvigorat
ig nervine. By its timelyR nse, much
rions sickness and suotering may be ca
voided. The operathigr table and the
argeons' knife, would.. il is believed. of
Idom have to be emnpibytd if this miost dta
ainable woman's remiediy were resorted
tin good time. The."Taivorito Prescrip
nn"has iproven a greant ibuon to oxpctant Bn
others by p)repa:ring! thse sys~teml for the olt
ming of baby, ther.eby; rendering child
rnh safe, easy, andi aia&t painiess. W
Bear in mind, please that Dr. Pierce's an
svorite Prescription, is not a secret or
1,tent medicine, agaest~ which the most
tolligont people. are quite naturally la
terse, because off the uncertainty as to an
leir composition and harmaleschargeter,
ON, a ful list ofO :ll Its ingredients being 00
inted, in plaint Einglish, on every bottle- t
rapp~er. An examination of this list of
gredients wvili dLisclose the fact that it is ar~
n-alcoholic inm its compoition, chemic-.
ly pure, triplb-refined gycerine taking WI
e place of time commonly used alcohol, g
its make-up. In this connection it.
sy not be out of place to state that the hi
I'avorite Prescription" of D~r. Pierce ila
e only medicine put up for the cure of ern
man's peculiar weak nesse~s and all- Ia
ants, and sold through druggists, all an
e ingredients of wvhich have the'un- Q.'
imous endorsement of all the leading
edIcal writers and teachers of ail the pht
veral schools of practice, and that too
remedies for the ailments for which sa,
l'avorite Prescription " is recommaended- 'an
A little book of these endorsements wvill
sent to any akddress, post-ipaid, and sir
>selutely free if you request same by
stal card, or letter, of Dr. R. V. Pierce, R
nifalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
ipation. Constipation is the cause of
any diseases. Cure the cause and you,
ire the disease. Easy to take as candy.
lar the IheKf.!d You Ha ~ BW 8Ug hei
. . 'tio
Omwas oataa Prevants PaamntaaninA4
d 1ie of
idable old stylo Seth'Thiomas
m) seling at speciil bargains.
Al1E. Also solid Gold and
of Spi-ctachviz; I guairantee
pair work in thimjiwelry line.
- Easleyv, s. C.
~. 1. c.,
it, crawl under
t. and break it.,
Pickens, R. D. 4.
Crops aire fine and health good ini
is sec-tion. Everythiing cheerful
Ii lovely.
A jolly crowd of ourt people took a
atiLure trip. to Tabor Rock last
Judge and B. Haes with their
vei visited bher brother, - Hayes,
it week.
iss Lillie Lynch visited Miss Liz.
Miss Bertba Harris and brother
Idia visited their uncle in Green.
le last week.
W. T. Daby is running his cannery
is week.
Dock H-eaton, from Laurens coun
is visiting relatien in this section.
A '.eries of meetings began at
ifin.. oa lbhe 12kh. Rev. Ashmore
ii asieu, Re~v. 1-oward,
Corresponde~nts, cheer up! We.
snot alwaya rest on ll.>wury beds,
ease.. Most of us have our blue.
ye as weB as our cheerful ones.
~et everybody with a welcome
dos. Mother taught me to respeet
L. people and father taught me to/
et every body with a welcome smild
LI cal the~m by name. Girls, how
~ny of us are ladieb? To be a true
ly is to be without bad habits,
~l kitid and-courteous to everybody.
a should be a Christian, and should ~
bivat. those traits of character
bt all good people admire. There
many hard trials in this life, but
ha heart full of love we can over
ne them and be able to see our'
asings more clearly. I think flow
and music are the lilt of a homne,
LI I wsould ocall a hiome withoutA
wers arid music just a staying
ce, not a happy bomne. Motb
rs that wheni abe has the bI
g swveet song-i, her mnelaneiol
pears. CLI
A Carwd
Phuin is to certify that all drng
hiorizedl to refnnd your money
'a Honey and Tar fails to cen
gh or cold. It stops the
is the hf'/gs and prevents ser
te from a'cold. Cures la grip
I prevents pneumonia and
in. Contains no opiates. TI
is in a yellow package. Be
ntesi. Parkins Pharmacy,
I Piokan Dru-no.

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