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Entored.April 28, 1903 at Pickens, f3. Q. as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
In Society's Whirl.
Mrs. M. Norris, of Cateechee, is
siting the fatnily of R. A. Biwen.
Mr and Mrs. B. A. Morgan, of
rtenville, spent several days last
week' week with the family.of R. A.
Miss Hester Curcton, who has a
position in the Odd Fellows sanita
rium in Gainesville, Fla., is spending
aher aation in Pickens with her
mother, Mrs. L. K. Cureton,
Fletcher Brock enjoyed a visit last
week from his brothers, John and
Miss Mary SullivAn returned to
her home in Sumter last week, after
a pleasant visit to her sister, Mrs. J.
C. Qt6per)\
Miss Radbel Dickinson, of Charles
ton, is visiting her friend, Mrs. J. J.
Miss M( ttie Findley has gone to
Anderson to 3pend the winter.
Miss Marv A, Taylor, the Baptist
home missionary of Greenville, was
the gaat of Mrs. C. E. Robinson last
Grandy 'Childe, of Greenville, vi
ited the family of his uncle, Win,
A shmore, last week.
John and Walter Elrod, of Pied
mont, are visiting the family of their
uncle, Win. Ashmore.
Lavrence Brry, of Greenville, is
visiting the family of L. R. Dalton
Miss Louise Jones has returned
from a pleasant visit to friends in
' Miss Brown, of Greenville, who is
.general mqnsger \of the telephone
cormpany, spent Saturday with Miss
Louise Jones.
The rain Thursday evening ran
the skaters from the park and they
spent a pleasant 'evening skating in
the hall over olger, Thornley &
-Co.'s store.
Mrs. John rhornley and children
have returned from their summer
outing and -a visit to Mrs. Thornley's
-ister, Mrs.- Margaret Nix, whose
home is in Spencer, N. C..
. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Douglass have
returned to their home in Charleston,
after a pleasant visit to friends and
relatives in Pickens.
,. H. MeKagan returned to his
home in Sumter, Thursday last.
Mrs. M. A. Hollingsworth, of Eas
ley, spent several days -last week at
her old home in Pickens.
Mrs Willard Gregory, of Atlanta,
is the guest of Miss Helen Boggs.
Aliss Sarah Grogan, ofa W aghin g
dity, is the guest of Mrs. Me3.
* Bruce.
Mr. R. Eb. Ambler, of Greenville is
spe.ding his vacation with his sister,4
Mrs. Emana Gilreath.
.M. J. M. Niekols, of Abbeville is in
town for several days.
Prof. J. W. Swittenburg arrived
-on Monday afternoon.
James B. Craig entertainedI
several friends Monday afternoon
with music on the graphophone.
Jas. Hagood, of Easley, was in
N .town Monday visiting I is sisters,
Meadarnes McD. Bruce, T. J..Maul
din and Mary Alexander.
Claude Keyes, of Anderson, is vis.
iting the family of W. L. Jenkins.
.A. G. Wood, after a pleasant visit1
to the family of Mrs. Jfames Earle,
has returned to his home in Wi!.
liameton. f
Mr. Walter Griffin, of Greenville,
name over Mouday to visit his
mother, Mrs. Flora Griffin.
Joe Austili, of Nrew York, who
amo all the way from that city in
his automobile, spent Monday in
Pickons and took several of his
rionds for a ride in his elegant ma
Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson attended
, select picnic near Easley, Satur
lay last.
Messrs. Leathers, of Westminster,
mnd Austin, of Belton, visited the
amily of Mrs. Janet Earle last week.
Wyatt Jennings, who has been to
ichool in Atlanta, returned home Sat.
Miss Smith, of Easley, spent Tues.
lay in Pickens.
Dr. G. ). Oureton, of Greer, is on
i visit to his mother, Mrs. L. K.
Hendersonville, N.:C.
Please find inclosed $1 for another
year's subscription to your paper.
[ know my time was out in July, but
[ have neglected to renew until now.
[ am alwi'ys pleased to receive my
Ad home paper, although I find life
very pleasant here in this little town
>f Hendersounville.
We hfve a lot of visitors here dur
ing the summer from 'your state, and
From Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mis.
aissippi and other states. The town
is full now, ar d still they come. They
ind it cool und pleasant here.
I have just returned from a trip up
French Broad valtey, 'and the crops
are fine all through the country. My
trip was very enjoyable with the excep
aeption of little wrecks on the Tran.
sylvania railroad-one last Wednes
day and-the other yesterday evening.
The train left th6 track; a few people
slightly hurt; nothing serious.
With many good wishes for the
SEP-TINEL-yOURNAL, its editor and its
G.sany readers, I will close.
Pointed Paragraphs.
Clouds come high, but we must
have them.
A landslide is a significant move.
mnent in real estate.
Just for variety, try to make some
ine happy beside yourself.
As long as a woman can 'change
her mind she doesn't seem to mind.
A man may be of the earth earth.
y, but his dreams are of the air
If. some people only saoke their
ninds they wouldn't have so much
~o say.
If you would be happy lend your.
aelf to good deeds and don't borrow
Matrimony makes a man awfully
estless a little while before and for
aver after.
There is no good in lies, yet some
nen boast of their ability to tell
rood ones.
Fathers who think they have the
>rightest child in the world should
reep the thought to themselves,
A man is foolish to go around loo k
nor for trouble unless he is strenuous
unogh to take a fall out of it,
Conceited peeple would not be so
>ad if they didn't spend so much
ime in trying to monopolize all th e
imelight,--[Chicago News.
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup is sold
mnder a positive guarantee to (lure oon
tipation, sick headaohe, stomaeh trou.
>le, or any form of indigestion, It It
ails, the mannfacturers refund your
money. What more ea any o- do
Six Mfle Sketches. I
It is With much pleasure that 1; ,
take my pen in hand to try and giv Il
you a few duts once more from our
little burg. b(
We have been having some fine F
rains which have improved the crops g(
very m uch. I
We are sorry to report that Mr. C.
L. Willimon is ill with fever.
Health is not so good at this I
writing. e
Mrs. Harve Davis is- quite sick. vi
There will be a baptizing the sec.
ond Sunday in September at old Six 0
Mile. w
R. It. Holcombe has treated him
self to a new buggy.
Mr. Gordon Pickens closed a
very successful singing school at Gap in
Hill last week. He knows how to
sing. To
Miss Sophia Mauldin had the of
pleasure of spending a few days of a
last week at Liberty. te
Mr. and Mrs Tom L'oper, of E is. e
ley, spent Saturday and Sunday at
Mrs. Eliza Trotter's.
Little Walter Mauldin, of the
Stewart aection,was in our little burg g
one day this week.
Mr. George Hendricks and his di
charming daughter, Miss Fannie, of p
Calhoun, were guests of Mrs.pRoLert fil
Mauldin, Friday last. ti
Miss Essie Arnold is on the sick
list this week. ti
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Mauldin via-. w
ited in Anderson this week. el
Mrs. C. W. Garrett has much im
proved at this writing. c0
Miss Licena Holden,of the Stewart O
section, spent one night last week
with her friend, Miss Sophia Maul, 8
din. a
The meeting closed at Six Wile A
last Friday night.
Mies Camia Alexander,of the Stew-.1
art section,is With her sister, Mrs. C.
L. Willimon, who is very sick with
fever. ' ti
Much success td the &entinel-Jour
nal. Old-Riddle. di
Dots From Brushy Creek. di
special from Brushy Creek, Anderson Co
We are having some fine weather h
since the recent rain aad crops are D
fine. Cotton is well fruited and looks
Every body seems to be in good b
spirits and having a real good time. gi
One of the most delightful occa-W
sions of the season was the Nalley re
union held at the residence of the C
Rev. 0. B. Nalley on the 21st instant, M
it being the 80th birthday of Mrs..
Mary P. Nalley, mother of Rev. 0. ci
B. Nalley. Mirs. Nalley is truly one of T.
those whose "children arise up and
call her blessed." Her four score
years wh ich have been allotted her, r
already "by reason of strength," have
been well "pent and as she sits and hi
watches for the sun to set she can
say truily "I have fought the good
fight." It is the sincere hope of all M
who know her that she may live to al
see many more reunions of her child
ren, grandchiildren and great-grand-L
children. M rs. Nalley has been ani it
invalid for more than a year, but wvas
able to be carried out on a cot and cc
in the shade of a nice little tent that
bad been prepared for her, enjoyed de
the day. Her many friends will be iti
pleased to know that she is improvmng.
There were one hundred and eigh
ty-seven people present and every
body had a good time. In the morn
ing the timer wasqtLaken up, first, by -lo
Bible lesson by Rev. G. B. Nalley,
Rlowed by singing,then sixteen reci
lio, by different boys, most of '
om being Mr. Nalley's boys or the t
ys he hats given a home, then Mrs. e
ora Lathen, of Greenville, made a
lod talk on "Working for motherless
ildren;" tLi en a good recitation by. a
iss Nannie Green.
One hour was then taken for din
lr, and a handsome spread was
ade. A table 40 feet Ion L and four a
At wide was heaped with exquisite 8
ands to the delight of all. I
After dinner, Hon. Inmann, of
reenville, made an address which
ts highly c'tjoy.
Mr, N. D. Taylor, the photograph
of Eaelef, was present and made a
oture of the group after the speak- C
A watermelon slicing and a bar.
1 of l*inonade were then in evidence
'ch were the last but not the least r
the many features of the occasion,
id every one went away felling bet- a
r. The day will long be remember
i by all present. Blue Bell.
Six Mile.
Health of this community very
)od at present.
The copious rains of the past few
kys have made the c.)rn crop in this d
irt of the state. It is said to be the a
icst crop that has been in this see
>n for years.
Cotton is fruiting heavily, and if
ie weathcr during the next three
eaks is favorable the yield will be
Farmers in this section .are not t
)mplaining about poor crops this
iason. a
A series of meetins came to a close
aturday night at Six Mile, with 12 t
Iditions to the church. Rev. D (, ]
thinson, paqtor, t
Mrs. Lswrenoc Suith is reporka I
3 better.
Mrs. C. W. Smith is very sick at h
is writing. .il
Meioes Effie and Brunette Alexan.
ifeOtNorris, were circulatiug among e
at.Wa Friday, Saturday and Sun- o
ly at Six Mile.
Miqs Damie Tompkins is visiting h
ir uncle and aUt, Mr. and Mrs. A. w
Mann. p
Misses Mattie and Ola Smith and h
other,.of Pleasant Hill, were tae
zests of TI. H. Holliday one' day last
Mrs. Sam Kelley and children, of a
rntral, visited her uncle and aunt,y
r, and Mrs R. E. Parrott, last week. b
Mr. and Mrs, W, E. L'inson and d
jildren recently visited Mr. and Mrs. I
RI. Merck d
Oscar Merck, of Calhoun, visited al
latives at Six Mile last week.1
Ernest WVoodaon, of Belton, visited
s parents, Mt and, Mrs. D). H.
oodson, recently.
The string band met at A. D).
ann's one evening last- week, and
present enjoyed the fine music,
Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart and
ildrer., of Greenville, have been vis-A
ng relatives ond friends in this
M!trs. Rebecca Smiih and little
ughter, of Cateaechw', recently vis
id her sister, Mrsa. B. C. Atkinson.
BRrn RosE.
Long Branch.a
Fine season for crops, which are
Dking fins. The fmer,. .re pr a
aring to sow tutnips.
Mr. and Mrs, A.. V.-Johnson, who
ave been spending the last two
eeks with the home folks, returned
omno Wednesday.
Eugene Westbury, of St. George,
vho spot last week with relatives in,
bis community, returned hoie 8at
A orowd from this community took
trip to runnel Hill last Thursday .
ud Friday. They report a happy
Mr, and Mrs. W, R, Lawrence
ud Wade Armstrong, of Westmin.
er. spent Mdnday night with
Misses C.Qrrie'Shelor of Anderson,
lary Reid of Chappels, and -- Reid
f Walhalla, visited relatives in this
3mmunity Saturday and Sunday,
nd- attended the campmeeting at
entral, Sunday.
Mrs. Vic Westbury and Misses
laudelle Kennedy and Sadie Mur.
ay, of St. George; Mrs. Lou l4urray
nd Walter Murray, of Charleston,
nd Willie Reed and family, of Chap.
ells, are visifiag J. H. and W. B.
lawrence thismeek.
Pickens, R. D. 4.
Jas. Brown, of Anderson, visited
iends in this section last week.
Thos. 4Massingale and four chil.
ren, from Spartanburg, visited rel-4
Lives in this neighborhood last week.
Andrew Parsons, of Liberty, via
Oed frieids in this vicinity Saturday.
Miss Ruth Hendricks is visiting
riends in this community.
l. L. Harris and wife are visiting
heir father, G. W. Dorr, near Enon.
Miss Nina Hays and brother Erwitn
re visiting relatives in Spartanburg.
Our meeting closed at' Griffin ont
be 15th, which was well. attended,
'our ondidotes arg to be baptiued
be second Sunday In Aepf.enber"
'riendsp if Qur inesting was not what
should have. beain ef2aly it *as no
Le preacher's fault. I fee[ that t
ave left undone something that t
bould have done.
"Dreamer," your letter was inter
iting to me, for that is the *a the
Id people treat us, but I do not fOd
iult with them. We'i some day
ave to fill their places. In other
ords, we'll have to fill our own
laces when they are gone'; and I
Dpe I will be able to fill my place as
eli as my parents have done.' I
ould be glad to I-mow that the world
as better for my havmng lived in it.
believe that if we do the best wo
~n all our lives we'll have more hap.
neas than one who lives in sin just
afore death. That is why I want to
something while I am young that
may have stars in my crown. And I
> not belheve in speaking ill of
ys one.
i speaking of a person's faults,
Pray don't forget your own;
shape you may, for aught we know,
Have fifty to tbeir one.
bink of the harm one word may do
Before to others tell;
on have no right to judge a man
While here on earth you dwell.
nd though I sometimes hope to be
No worse than some I know,
y own abortoomings bid me 1et
The faults of others go.'
Hay Fever andi Summer Coluds.
Victims of hay fever wvill experience
reat benefit by taking Foley's Honey
id Tar, as It stops dlifilonlt breathin im
Lediately and he--las the inflamed air
assagen, and event if it shoukb fail to
ure ,you it will give inatant relfef." The
enume is in yellow p ickage.

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