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Euitored April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. C., as aecoud class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Il Society's Whirl.
Miss Marie Mitchell has returne
to Greenville, after a pleasaut visit t
her friend, Mrs. Emma Gilreath.
Miss Rachel Dickinson, who ha
been gladdening the hearts of he
many friends in Pickens, returned I
her home in Charleston, Frida
While in Pickens, Miss D. was thl
guest of Mrs. J. J. Lewis.
Miss Sarah Grogan has returne<
to her home in Washington City
after a most delightful visit to bel
friend, Mrs. J. McD, Bruce.
D. B, Finney and family have re
turned home, after an enjoyable visi
to relatives in Anderson.
Mrs. Ben Hagood entertained tb
children at her elegant summer hous
Friday evening. Refreshments wer
served, and Efter playing numeron
childish games, the tots went to thei
homes bappier for having spent suel
a pleasant even ing.
Mrs. M. A. Hollingsworth, Mr
Frank Smith and children, Mr. anq
Mrs. Fuller of Easley, and Mrs. Laru
caster and children of Columbia, er
joyed a fat-ily picnic Wednesday (
last week at their old home west .
J. McD. Bt uce and family left MO,
day for the Jamestown Expositicn.
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Mauldin ente
tained their children and gran4
children at a dining and melon feai
Mrs. J. F. Williams and daughtF
Ford, of Spartanburg, are the guesi
of Mrs. H. B. Hendricks at the Pie)
ens In".
Miss Emily Bright, who has bee
on an extended visit to her home i
Northumberland, Pa, returned I
Pickens, Friday.
R. M, Holden, of Central, spe
Sunday with friends in Pickens.
Mrs. C. Mf. Bowen and childre
left Friday to visit Mrs. T, M. Norri
at Cateechee and Mrs. Morgan a
Mrs. J. F. Banister, of Liberty,
visitinu her parents, Mr. and -Mra
R. A. Bowen.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nix, of Spel
cer, N. C., visited Mr. and Mrs. Job
Thornley last week
Ufrs. FYora Griffin is out of tow
this week visiting her daughter, Mri
D F Sutherland.
Miss Ferda Legare entertained
number of her friends last Thursda
evening in honor of her cousin, Ec
ward Gadsden, of Charleston. Th
young people skated, danced, playe<
games and had music on the graph<
phone until a late hour. Those prei
oint were Misses Grace Prince, Iren
Jenkins, Lillian Bolt. Mattie G*riffii
Marguerette Gadsden, and Messru
Charlie Robinson, Furman Morrii
Hagood Bruce, Sidney Bruce an
Julius Boggs.
Miss Floriede Carey has returne
fromn Seneca, where she has been vii
ating her cousin, Miss Esther Carey
Miss Dora Peets, of Greenville,i
the guest of Mrs. T. J. Mauldin thi
mont, visited the family of Rev. J. N
Stewart this week.
Miss Eileen Taylor'has ret urnte
from a pleasant visit to friends
WV. M. Hagood, Mr. Mathews an
Will Hagood, of E'isley, visited roll
tives and friends in Pickena, Thur
day last.
Mrs. A. Jobu Boggs and children
have returned from a pleasant visit
to relatives and friends in Calhoun.
Mrs. Cooper, who was called to
Pickens about a month ago on ac
0 cout of the illness of her so), 1). B.
Cooper, returned to her home in
Colembia lust Thorsday, accompanied
r by 1,er attrottivo little daughter,
L Jacqueline.
D. B. Stewart, who bas been visit
3 ing his father, Rev. J. M, Stwart, re
turned to Washington City, Thurs
I day last.
R. L. Ambler, after spending sov
eral days with his sister, Mrs. Emma
Gilreath, left for his home in Green
Sville, Thursday last.
t The friends of Eugene Alexander
will be glad to know that for the past
e few days he has been able to sit on
e the piazza of his home and that his
a health is rapidly improving.
Will Gilreath, of Greenville, is tour
r ing the cotton belt of the United
States in the interest of the cotton
mills. When last heard from he was
in Sa n Antonia, Texas.
Miss Cassie Bolt has accepted a
position as cashier with the Heath
Bruce-Morrow Co.
Willie Jones, brother to Rev. D.
1). Jones. left Monday for Meridian,
Miss., to enter school there.
Wright and Hazeline Roberts, of
Greenville, are visiting the family of
their uncle, 'Squire Jenkins.
Miss Swittonburg, of Newberry,
is spending a tyhile with her brother,
Prof. .T. W. Swittenburg .in Pickens.
' Miss Cannie Brooks is visiting her
. cousins the Misses Farmer near
Twelve Mile this week.
n Sam Brooks, of Greenville, visited
n relatives in this place last week.
o Mrs. J. C. Alexander and two
children, Arthur and Mae have just
it returned from a two weeks visit to
the family of B. F. Murphree.
n Ed Alexander is with the Engineer
s ing Corps at the Columbus Barracks,
t Columbus, Ohio,
Greg T. Mauldin is in Pickens on
i a visit to his brothers. He looks hale
and hear ty and from his general ap
pearance he does not show that be
was recently meshed up severely by a
passenger car in the yard at Colum
Miss Kate McLeskey, a beautiful
and :charming young lady of the
Piedmont side visited the family of
her brother, G. B, McLeskey, and
a and other friends in JPickens last
Y week,,
e Petit Jurors.
i Following ia the list of jurors drawn
to serve at the approaching term of
court, which convenes on Monday, 23(d
inst.. with Judge D. E. Hydrick pre
e siding:
. W T Gr':ffin, L B3Freeman,
. A Cannon, L 0 Smith,
, W TI Bates, F? Grundy Hill,
8 O Skelton, Bink Robinson,
W H Prince, W V Clayton,
I M Sweet, W W MoWhorter,
ai N Morgan, John A Robinson,
J L Stausell, Sr, J T McKinney,
~ W G Cooley, Philip Robinson,
J1 T Power, , R B Byars,
S L Simmons, W D Hendricks, Jr,
e W G Gilstrap, Jas J Herd, Jr,
J T 1'Ferguson. Anthony Baker,
. U W. Birazeale, A P Alexander,
WV L Pressley, B A Allgood,
R F Lenhardt, Frank B Murphree,
Mason Looper, 3 B Mauldin,
a WV R Garrett, Sr, Jas E Pa, sons,
Card of Thanks.
dWe thank the citizens of Central for
tlnheir kindness to us during the sickness
anid de(ath of our baby.
I-V. T. and E. M. Holcombe,
Farmi amnd Factory nplnae pnlh.
Pickens, R. F, 0. 4.
O'Neal Cantrell of Transylvania,N. C.,
visited the faui!y of A. B. Cantrell last
Miss Lillie Lynch spent last week
with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
W. 0. Cooley, at Liberty.
Miss Ida and Oscar Baker spent Sat
urday night with Miss Lillie Lynch,
and also attended preaching at Oolenoy.
Miss Lizzie Day visited relatives at
Greenville last week.
Fodder-pulling is the order of the
day this hot weather.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Rigdon and fam
ily, of Easley, are visiting relatives of
this section this week. PANsY.
Mile Creek,
Nice weather for savi ng fodder. Cot
ton is opening, and the young people
who have been having such good times
will soon have to go to work.
After a severe illness of several weeks
the many friends of Miss Essie Finley,
will be pleased to learn that she is im
There was tan all-day singing at Crow
Creek, Sunday. Everything was jolly.
Little Bowen Hill, who has been vis
iting his uncle, Smith Bowen, has re
turned home.
Misses Nannie Robertson and Annie
Potter, of Oconee, visited Miss Essie
Lumpkin one day last week.
R. B. Lumpkin and wife visited 31r.
and 3Mrs. Robert Curtis, Sunday.
Supt. Looper passed through our
burg last week. We hope he got
through our rough roads in safety.
Pickens, R. F. D. 2.
The county commissioners are having
some work done on the roads in this
section, which is very much appreciated
by the people.
R. T. Merck is erecting for himself a
flue dwelling.
A new school building will shortly be
put up at Six Mile.
P. M. Durham's school at Garvin will
close on the 6th.
Mrs. L. E. Hopkins has been spend
ing the past week with friends and rela
tives in Greenville.
Dr. Colonel Smith will leave on the
14th inst. for Nashville, Teun,, where
he will enter school.
Mrs. Margaret Batterfield is spending
a few days with her brother, Wm. Bram
lett, near Cedar Rock.
Miss Winnie Morgan, of New Hope,
is visiting relatives in this section.
Preaching will begin at Six Mile,
Friday night before the second Sunday
in September.
Mairried, Sept. 1, at the home of the
bride's brother, Walter Pinion, Cleve
land Merck and Mass Alice Pinson; Rev.
D. Hatcher officiated.
A large ratttesnake with 12 rattles wias
killed in R. Parrott's yard Sunday after
.Catlvin Woodaon, of Belton, spen t
Raturday and Sunday with the home
folks. READER.
The two Sababauth schools ait Liberty
combined last WVednesdaiy and enjoyed
a picnic at Hunter's mill. I h.vcn't
heat d how many ticks and chegreai were
brought home as souvenirs. Thle return
trip was marred by the sudden an~d se
vere illness of Miss Calla Chapman, one
of our moat popular younag ladies. I
am glad to reor)it heor much better.
Mrs. Meta Hunt accompanied her H. S.
elaiss to Clemson last week. I like to
see the teachers encouragiag their pu.
pils in little innoccent diversions like
Th'le graded school at this place opensl
Monday. Miss Irene Clark will be on
hand to take chargre of the music class
Miss Clark is very popular, and when
she comes to our town you will notice
the young men begin to slick up a little
inore than usual.
Of course. "Clevie," I may hava "fifty
faunis to otliors olne" and I am glad you
told me; but, "Clovie" dear, how in the
world would there be any refornms made if
iome one didn't expose, didn't point out
the faults. I have got you, "Clevie,"
for there are others who seem to be
stirred up over the same things. I ro
cently noticed in the 8aturday Evening
Post where a certain periodical had asked
a young woman to dress herself very
plainly and go to churches of various
denominations, until she had attended
150 in all, to test two Points in church
work One was "Strangers welcome,"
and the other to what extent the
"average minister would roach out his
hand to help her." So you see the
minds of the great run in the samel
channel. Some of these days Mr.
Thompson will be wanting some one
who dresses "plainly" to do some work
for him on the reporting line, and I'll
be the one, for my clothes are surei
enough plain, but I'd have to take you
"Clevie' to do the reporting, for I see
signs of future greatuoss, and when 3 ou
become a famous author I will feel proud
to have been reproved by you. By the
winy, let's each write a little story I'nd
send it to the editor, to see if he will do
as he advises others, "not, to send oil
after things, taking the money away
from home." Dou't you i eckon he'd
say, "Pshaw! what stufT?"
I was ieadmg the ottier day, when
one of the children spoke up and said,
"fn, what's the meaning of 'Sahu1a.
gundi?'" Another little "smart alec" I
said, "Why, that's just a short way of
saying Sallie Montgomery." I was al
most sure it wasn't in the dictionary, as
I prided myself on knowing a whole
heap of words. I thought perhaps it
was one the editor had coined himself.
However, I !uuted for it and found it,
So when the subject was brought up
again I said, "Now, I will tell you the
meaning of the word you wished to
know." To my surprise they all knew
it; had hunted it up "on the sly."
One of the preachers last week at the
tent meeting said that he was "going to,
heaven" at the rate of a thousand miles
a minute. I thought that was pretty
fast to travel on the "straight and nai
iow path," and that if some of us slow
travelers didn't watch out we would be
run over. I think it best to take time to
"add to your faith, virtue; to virtue,
kno*ledge; to knowledge, temperance;
and to temperance, patience, Godliness,
brotherly kindness, charity," etc.
I hope "Clevie" won't think I am
finding fault again, D nIIVAI,.
in Memory of Little Clarence Gantt.
On Thursday, 29tn ui. about 190a. m.,
the death angel entered the home of
Mr. and Mrs. WV. N. Gantt and claimed'
the spirit of little Clarence, aged 4 years,'
His sudden death was a shock to his
parents; but weep not, dear parents, for
we know lie is not dead, but lives wvhere
inhere is no death. Only a bud trans.
planted to bloom above.
While it was sad to look on that
dear little face the~ last here, let us think
of meeting him somne day in the sweet
bye and bye and say, "Tn'ie Lord giveth
and the Lord taketh away, blessed be
the name of the Lord."
Is remains wvere laid to rest the day
following i'i the Liberty cemetery. Rev.
Bailey coniductedl the funeral services.
We extend our sympathies to the be
reaved family.
Another little lamb has gone
To dwell with Him who gave;
Another little darling babe
Is sheltered in tbe grave.
God1 needed one more angel child
Amidst His shinting hanid,
And so He b~ent with loving smilo
And clasped our darling's hand.
- Lovm>) ONE.
1 will close my gallery from S'eptem-.
ber 7th~ to Nov. 15th. E. M. Farmer.
Additional Locals.
Have you seen the comet? It takes
an early riser to see it.
Last week was very hot but the
nights were cool and pleasant.
Get, up your books. The Pickena
graded school opens next Monday.
Whde the nights are a little cooler
thu sun is as hot in the middle of the
day as one could wish for.
B. E. Grandy started work on the
addition to the court house Tuesday
morning with a large force of hands
and will rush the work to an early
Ben T. McDaniel says for no one
',o try_ to build. He is remodelling
his house and living in it at the same
time and says it is a job. When com -
pletid ha will have the prettiest resi
dence in town.
Saturday was an unusually busy
day in Pickens and for our merchants
generally. Lots of people from the
country were in town purchasing
goods and the mill element was very
much in evidence at the different
The Liberty Township Singing As.
sociation will meet with Reunion
Baptist church, two miles east of
Liberty, the 3d Sunday in September
1907. Come one, coine all. Bring
your song books and dinner. By or
der P. C. Cartee. Pres.
Pickens has not rushed her first
bale of cotton on the market yet.
Several towns in the state have al
ready bought their first bales paying
13S cents therefor. This is about the
price the entire crop should sell for
nud should be held for that figure.
Bolt & Co , the new druggists, have
a new, clean, fresh up to-date line of
drugs, patent medicines, sundries,
toilet articles and prep iratione and
have built up a good trade. Theih
prescription, candy and soda water
trade have gone beyond their expec
tations. They are, all the time in a
gentlcmnanly and legitimate way,
reaching out for now customers, and
they are succeeding fairly well in
bringing new trade to Pickens.
Should every business enterprise here
try as hard to bring new trade to the
town as they have we would certainly
be a commercial centre to be proud
C. E Robinson's building is done,
and it is one of the prettiest little
store rooms to be found anywhere.
Tbe up-stairs has been partitioned off
int > two rooms, the front one into an
office to be occupied by Mr. Robinson,
while the back room reached by a
stair way from the rear of the store
room, will be a storage room for
surplus goods for the use of those
occupying the store room. M1essrs
Ashmore & Nimmons will occupy the
building and are rnoving in and ar
ranging their stock of goods this
week. They have a nice stand, a
pretty store anid a splendid stock of
Craig Bros. have a dessertation on
"Thie Labor Problem" in this issue,
and proves how the ecarcity of labor
coupled with the high prices of same
has been the means of many labor
saving inventions being brought into
practical use. The best labor-saving
dlevice on the market to-day is the
washing mrchine. This boon to wo
muan breaks her chains at the wash
tub, does awvay with tired backs,
beadaches amnd all ills that a day
spent at the wash-tub p~rodulce, and
enables the washing to be done on
time, keeps peaice in the family and1
allows the lord of creation to have

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