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Not to Be Beaten.
-The station at. a certain city," says
a traveler, "Is surrounded in all (I-1
-rictions -with a lot of saloons and
cheap restaurants. In great lilumi
,ated letters %o,%er one of these saloons
-wsm the sign:
"-Open all idight.'
-Next to it was a restaurant bearing
with equal prominence the legend, 'We
m'ever close.'
"Third in order was a Chinese laun
,dry in a little tumbledown hovel, and
-upon the front of this building was
the sign in great scra.Wlag letters, 'Me
'mrakee too.'"
"Everybody Shold Know"
..s~ 0. C. Hays, a promninent business
mne's of Bluff, Mo., ,th at Bucklen's Arni
er dei the quickest~ and surest healing
enhve ever applied to a sore, burn or
'wound or to a case of Piles. I've used
ist and know what I'm talking about,"I
Gueranteed .ly the Piokens Drug Co.
Druggists. '2L5c.
Conquered St. Peter.
. Boston clergyman tells how a wit
t~y st'ishmnan stood before the gate of
tfne -other world, asking for admission,
says TLppincott's Magazine. St. Peter
insed him, however, telling him he
~was 'fee :great a -sinner to enter there,
sna 'bade 'him -go away. The man
'we nt a lIttle .distance from the gate
anC Whnen ,crowed three tImes like a
t!'ost--'r. St. Peter at once throw open
tihe rate and cried out: "Come In, Pati
We3t Set bygones be bygonesi"
Ver an Impaired Appette.
To lmprove the appetite and strength.
en 'ffe diestion try a few doses of Chiam
lieth's Stonmach and Liver Tablets.
Mir. 1, Hi. Seitz, of Detroit, Mioh., says:
"~Theyv testored my appetite wvhen im
paire&, relievedi me of a bloated feeling
sandl esused .a 'pleasant and satisfnotory
anovemetrt of 'Ihe bewels." Samples
troe. Piks Drug Co.
Site Was On.
Th~e Doctor-You understand, don't
you, that 'this is only to be used ex
iternafly? The Patient's Wife-Sure,
sir, 1 .allus makes him get out o' bed
Vto drink it.-Harper's Weekly.
Fue sto Face With Work.
"Darling. If you refuse me, I don't
know what I am to do0."
"Well, Tm~ not to blame for that; you
shonia have .learned a trade."-Piek
Mfe-1 p.
Wood Poisoning
results from eoici constipation, which
is quidkly -oured by D)r. King's New Life
Pills. 'Uhey remove all poisonous germs
from thJe system and infuse now life and
vigor, cure sour stomach, nausia, head.
ache, dizziness and1 colic, without grip
igg or discomfort. 25c, G)uarantced byr
E~ekens Drug Co,
O N Se
full line c
our store,
Hary Slo
your ineas
fit. It yo
will fit we
.pay you t(
Two da
A Nautical Explanatior.
In front of the Theater RoyI n t 0
fordI are, or were, soie gigar. ie sto
figures, the age and object qd whi
are buried in oblivioz. Twi, snili
were going by, and on- of' them, ask<
"Who are these follows, Bill?"
"The' twelve apostles,"' was tinnrep
without a smile.
"Twelve apostles!" rcared: the
credulous. .Jak. "How eau: that L
There's only six of 'em."
"Well, y" swah," replied the leae
Bill, "yer wouldn't have 'em nU
deck at one% would ye?"-1teeds. 1
Sulphur the Aeeepted Remedy for a etu
dred Years.
Sulphur is one of the greatett rerr
dies nature ever gave to man.. Eve
physician knows that it cures s1kin au
blood tronbles. Hanacook's Liqid Si
phur enables you to get the full hoe
in the most convenient form. Doealb 1al
bulphur tablets or wafers or powdena
hulphur in molasBes. Hancock's. I&n
sniphur is pleasant to take andi pNie
in its action. All druggists sell it.
A well known citixen of Danvills-, Pa
writes: "I have had an aggravated ca
of Eczema for over 25 years, ]Iha
used seven 50-eent bottles of the L:hqn
and one jir of your Hancock's Laqu
Sulphur Ointment, :anad now I f.eel
titough I had a brand new pair of, han,
It hats cured me and I am cer tain it w
cure any one if they persist in usli
Hancocli's Liquid Sal phur according
diitections. "Butler Edgar"
The finer articles of harness: and s
diery used in Italy are imported trc
Germany, Austria and England. 1
duty Ia about $17 per 220 pomnda.
The popular remedy in Otmego c' nun
and the best friend of my f *mily
writes Win. M. Dietz, editor bund pii
lisher of the Otsego Journal, Ghilber
ville, N. Y., "Is Dr. King's Nowv D
covery. It hars proved to be an infal
ble cure for coughs and eols, maki
short work of the worst of them.
always keep a bottle in the house. I 1
lieve it to be the most valuable pr -soi
tions known for Luna and Throat ii
eases " Guaranteed to never disappot
the taker by Pickens Drug Co's Dr1
store. Priee 50c and $1. Trial hot
free. ___________
'The Ballet.
The ballet is said to have been
vented by the Duchess of Maine
For tile good of those sufferihg wi
eczema or othler such trouble, I wish
say, my wife had something of that ki
'and after using the doctors' remedies I
some time concluded to try Chiamba
lain's Salve, and it proved to be betl
thau any thing she had tried. For sa
by Piekens Drug Co.
ptemher an d 7, F
Saturvcyxr, the Col.
?ompany will bave
f samiples1I on displ
in c bi i expert (
an will be here to
nre anld guaratee
a wan C a fall suit
11 and wear well il
>come and see thi
ys only, 6 an
Trees That Last a Lifetime.
X- If you live for your descendants, as
i the Englisi are said to do, and wish
to plant trees for posterity, two things
rs that will outrast one mortal 1:ife and
can he handed down like teaspoons
are the box tree and the smoke tree,
and these take- little room. The' srmoke
tree (Rhus eontinus) Is a shrubbery
tree that is covered in summer with
e'? feathery flowes In large elustees of
soft pinky pwrple, making the tree
seem envelopeif In mist. It seerm to
a have been rorgotten of late years.. and
every yard I e'tock full of hy rmPeUs
and other thing. Why not go back to
old favorite lilhes and smoke tree, the
box if you do-nit dislike the smnel. and
.- pyrus Japonica'l All these last andl are
watisfactory.-Phiradelphin Ledge.
"The oldest etktreh In the 1E'n.Ied
States is sid tis be in Santa Fe.. N. 3i.
It was erected; tas 1552 and is caledithe
Church of Sam Mtguel.
-d WOrthS of Praise
1For the severail ilagredients of wvhiit 10 ..
II Pierce's med ieias are composed, as given
Jby leaders In al the several selkools of
'-.3 medicine, shiouwl have far more weighs,.
se than any amounth of reon-professionni! tes
timnonials. Dr:.l?fiee''s Favorite 12taesesip
id htion has Tux.BA.K iIr.OnNETY Inevctay
Id bottle-wra pluir,. liim a inll list of mill lla lim
ita gredients priadi rn plain Engl isli,.
Isa If you are an illwal&id womanti aindi sadlinr
lfrom f requeait.lkeudache. back ade, gie~w.
log distress. ihi stemmach, perlodiunali peltu,,
dlisagreeal,. eutarrhal, peli-a- dAualau%,
draggIng -down, d orreds in loweir alkdometia
or pelvis, liahaps dark spa'att urspeakLs
d. dancing inane- the* eyes, fahira. spells and,.
m kindred symuptom.cauised by femalo, weak
, noss, or et~4harangemient ol thaeemuinine
organs. ,a ca en not do bet~tesr thiaa talke
Dr. P'ier,&e lFavorite Presviitiou..
The hosp4tal. surgeon's kuoih-.d opr
ting tablh-may be avoided by -theo blianely
b-. atlons andci lioeasl treatments-ot the family
aR- physiciinc. ean be avoided autit a thorough
T1 courpg-et sweessiuil trr~abment earrted out
hi- In the pelracy of the home. "Payorite
rig Preseripthe " Is5 COmplosed r.A the very best
IVe native medicinal roots known to med ical
science for the cure of woman's peculiar
ailments, cotinsm no alcohol and no
P harmfuinl or ha hit-forming drugs,
15- Do not ex pect too much imom "Favorite
ut Prescription; " It will not pecrforma mira
,gChS; It will not1 disolve or eure tumors.
.) o medicine wvill. It will do as much to
eestablish vigorous hieaIlth in most weak
nesses and ailments peclilarly incIdent to
women as an y medline can. It must be
given a fali chance by persevera nce in its
In- use for a reasonabiile length of tIme.
In You can't afford to accept a su'cre't nos,
trunm as a stubstitute for this remedy of
known comp josi tioa.
8lck women are Invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by leoiter, frec. All correspond
lh once is guarded as sacredly secret and
to womanly con tidences are protected by
id rofessional privaev. Address Dr. R. V.
orDr. Pierce's Pieasaunt Pellets the best
-r- ia tative and regulator of the bowels,
er They invigorate stomach, liver and
dle bowels. One a laxative ; two or thiree a
cathartc.. Easy to take a candy,
undia -
a y at
you a
; lin e.
d 7.
To xrtfore the elIstle!!v of the seat
of a enrw clnir. turn over te ehaitr,
and withC hot water andl sponge w-ashi
the enne wort so thnt It may be thor
oughly s-eaked. ir tie enneworc Is
badly solned, use a little soamp. Dry
In the atr and It will be ais good na
To Mntihern In Thin Town,
Children who are delicate. feverish
and cross will get immediate relief from
Mother Gray's Sweet Powdeis for ebHi
dren. They eleane the stomach. aet on
the liver, making a siekly child strong
and healthy. A certain cure for worms.
Soi1ld by all htggists, 25c sample Free.
Address Allen S, Olmsted, LeBay, N. Y.
The peachi was oiginally a poisonred
ahnond. Ita fruZty parts were- used
to poison aerewst, and for tfIut pur
pose were iteuced Into FNrsia..
Transplantt'lani ad cnltivation- have
not ronly removed Is polionens- qtuai
tIes, :t trneid ii Into the deliciousq
fruit we nar engy.
Serub youiselt dily, and you're not
alean inside. Clean inside means clean
atomach,. howeist, blood, liver. olean,,
healthy tieus'ie- every orgar-n.. Moral:
Take H1olliste'r'h kiooky Monntain Ta
35e Tea or Thlbltes
Hewitt-fl hear they made a lIon of
you at the- b~airquet the other night.
Jewett-Tes. anid when I got home. I
found a mani tamer all rIjght.
A cold Is mneb more easily cured
when thme bowels are opened. Kennedy's
L ,xamtive Eieney and Tar opens the bow
ela and dIrives the cold out of the system.
in young or old. Sold by Pickens Drug
"Do. yoni keep good,. honest goecds
here ?'' asked the fusery old man in the
"WelT, sir," responded the waiter,
"the wMsky's straight, all right, but.
to be candId wIth you. I think theI
pretzets: are crooked2-Cleveland L~ead
Men Pat Sixty in D~anger.
TIore than half of mankind over sixty
years of age sullbr from kidney and
bladder disorders, usually enlargement
of the p~rosItato glands. This is both
painful aind dangerous, and Foley's Kid
nay Cure shovl be taken at the first'
sign of danger, as it corrects irregulari.
jes and has onred many old men of this
diseas9. Mr. Rodney Burnett, Rockport,
Mo., writes: "I Suffered with enlarged
prostate gland and kidney trouble for
years and after taking two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure I feel better than
.[ have for twenty years, although I uam
now 91 years old."
SeientIsts measure by the contrac
tion of petroleum other temperatures
several hundred degrees below zero F.
At 310 dlegrees below zero, the tem
perature at whieh liquid aIr boils, petro
leum ether remains In a semiliquid
condition and contracts wIth the 'de
crease of tnmperature,
Summiiuonis for Helief.
Court of Common Pleas.
Aurie H. Fuller. PlainbitT,
Alonzo D. Young, Archibald F. Young,
William L. Yoang, Joseph W. Young,
Vicettie Drake, Defendants,
Summons for Rlelief.
(Companint Served.);
To the Defendans aboved named
You are hereby summoned and re
qred to answer the comuplaint in this
this action, of which a copy is kerowiti
served upon you,, and to serve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint on
ohie si.bscribers at their otlice at k'ickens,
8. C.,* within twenty days after the ser
vice hereof, excissive of the day of auch
service; and if you fail to ans~wer the
ecenplaint wit him the time aforesaid, the
PlaintitT in this action wvill app'.y to the
Court or the relief demiandedi in the
Dated July 24iah, A. D. 19)07,
A. J. Bogge, C. C, P.
Jones Fuller,
J. P. Carey,
Plaintiff's Aitorney a.
To the absent Defendants, William L.
Young arid Joeseph W. Young
Take notice thait the summons and
complIaint in the above stated case were
fiked in the rtf% of the Clerk of Court of
Common Pleas for Picens Uounity on
the 24th day of Jualy, 1907.
Jones Fuller,
J. P. Casrey,
9 Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Your Chance.
Y OU have to pay for IIOLM AN'S
BIBLES, and that's. what you
Let me order one for that Birthday
Gift for your Father, Mother, Husband
Wife, Ubild Sister nr Brother withs name
stampest in gold without extra coat.
Picke'ns, S. C.
A cheap lot of good crockery. I
bought a lot at my ow'n price. Cups and
Pianeers, reail (Chitin 250, 6's in. plntes 15e
set. I want to see haow quick this lot
will go ait ou)tt half price. In the lot is
gold decorated wsare goinii the same way.
Wood's turnip reed in bulk at
Poley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
ABusy Medicine for Busy Pole,
Btings Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A speci fic for Constipation. Indigestion. Liver
ad Kidney troubles. Pimples. Eozomna. Impure
Blood. Had Blreath. Sluggish Bowels Headache
and B~aokache. Its Rooky Mountain boea in tab
let form, 35 cents a box. Genuine made by
FIOLIaSTan Dano CoMsPANT. Madison, Wis,
GLEni n UmGaGnET FOn SALLO . EOPL.....

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