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Entered.April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Will cure any case
beyond the reach of r
Pickens Drug
Farmers' Union
Bureau of
- Ilfo'111 at0on.
-Contiducted by the
South Carollin Fitrmers' Ei daicatoiittI and
Co-Operative Unio:i.
Con 1 till ictiti is IlItcldetIc for this depair
niert should be wddressed to J. U. Strilitng,
endleton. S outh Carolina.
That bright fool that ii in your
Union who sold his own crop of cot
ton for future delivery and keeps at
it trying to persuade others to do
the same ununion act, should be
backed up ag.inst the business end
of his first cousins, the long-eared
ass, where lie will receive the grand
bounce out of the UAiou and land
into some future society that carries
its brains in the opposite end from
where good Farmers' Union members
carry theirs.
Remember this, that a large por
tion of cotton-growers that are yet
outside of the Union, watch the mill.
imum prices set by the Union as
close as Union men do, but aomehowv
or otber they do not possess the re
qiuisite amount of grit, pluck and
fairness to come into the Union vet.
About the fifth of 8eptember you
will hir the minimlOm price on cot
ton, then heave for it, altogether.
Now, let me implore you to go al
once to digging and throwing u.
your fortifications so that you car
hold your positions against the on
slaught of all the cotton bears or
I mean this as an illustration t(
ehow you the importance of sowing v
large crop of small grain this fall tc
fortify yourselves against the possi
bility of being forced to sell your cot
ton next year at cotton-bear prices t(
pay for the stock food that you may
raise at home by starting now t(
do it.
'Take a common fertilizer drill ot
eotton-planter and drill in from two
to three rows of oats between cotton
rows just behind the cotton-pickerp
at the. first picking. This machine
will open out the furrow and put in
the seed all at one time going and
3, ave the open furrow in just the
ideal condition to stand the winter
Farmers' Union objects are, first,
how to put more business in your
farming and, second, how to put more*
brasins in your work.
These principles applied to farming
properly will do wonders in tbe way
of making fine crops, but your prlof.
its just here are in uncertain status
if you allow others to name the price
for your products. There is in most
men a kind of disposition to take all
that the other fellow will allow, a; d
the pro fits in your ye ar's labor have
gone to others whbo have neitI er
opeut a day's labor or a (dime to pr. -
duce the crop.
Just here is the strong position of
the Farmers' Union whose obijets
-are to combine their interests in a
way to control or place a fair price on
their own products, and they have
been very successful in doing this
during the last three years.
This principle is the right thing to
do, and so long as we stand by these
rules we are going to continue to be
of Kidney or Bladder Disea
aedicine. No medicine can do
Company,*Pickens, Parken's Pharmi
We are in need of a little reform
and forethought in these public meet
ings in two ways. In order to make a
I sure of entertaining the crowd and 8
fencing against an accident by some
speaker not showing up we overload P
the meetings sonietimles by about e
double the number of speakers that
is needed, and constquently the peo
plo become worn out and disgusted
with the whole lot of speakers and F<
the cause for which the people were ru
called together to discuss. be
We have known some men to get W4
up and talk one and a half hours re- tl
peating about the same thing over a
and over again. while about half a P(
dozen speakers, and the people, too,
are waiting on him to get through. M
The remedy for this is to start in
time and be sure to get men that ht
k low something about the subject to Be
be discussed and above all to know bi
how to condense their ideas and stop b
at the right place. When you get the "
right man remeitber that this man th
p iym his own expenses, and if he is
not worth this to you don't get him, K
but get another man that is worth mr
his rare and you pay it. 1uf
Tor ten years I was conifined to my th
bed with diseaso of my kidneys," writcs to
R. A. Gray, J. P., of Oakville, Ind. It c
was so Revere that I could not move part r
of the time. I consulted the very besti
medical skill atvailable, but could get no a BI
relief until Foley's Kidney Cure was i W
recommended to me. It has been a God- ic
Bean tome."
15 Cent Cotton Below Cost of Pro- 0
The price of cotton is practically set
by the Union again, at less than the cost
of production, or for less than it was
when it brought 6 cents per pound.
N. B.-Mules are 125 per cent up, la. d
bor considering quality 150 per cent up, S
land 350 per cent up, insurance 50 per O
cent up, everything else required to
grow and gather a cotton crop are about gi
in proportion to the above pe cent, and th
cotton only up 117 per cent. Farmers
cant you see that you are still making a
cotton for less than 6 cents per pound. W
Who will be able to staud? I do not P
hesitate to answer the question. The di
negro will always stand so long as the w4
white man has anything; the man who
works his family even his women folks
out fu the broiling sun shine and denies
them everything saive the bare necessi
ties of life. It will not be the man whoip
is in debt for his farm, it will not be the I
man who feeds, clothes and educates this a
family like othersi do, it will not be the 20
farmer wvho spends his money like a
white m mn and drinks Bourbon whiskey to
like others do. There are limited ex- wi
ceptionis to the above.
Being as money is cheap, why make
only cotton cheap with it, the South's It
oily hope? Mr. Union, keep your cot-.
ton cheap with money and money will
react and then wihere will you and your wy
Union be?I
Talik about John Calvin and John' bi
Knox fighting together like the jaws of'n
a wild beast to devour the human family, a
whlat is the Uotton Growers' Association
S Rickets.
* Simply the visible sign
*are not forming rapidly en
S Lack of nourishment is
Scott's EmuLsion
*entire system. Stimulates
* Exactly what baby nee4
.s ALL nnnGmI-rS. 5a AN
Cures Backache
Do not risk having
se not Bright's Disease
more, or Diabetes
cy, Liberty.
id Farmers' Union doing?
M. W. Hester.
The pleasant purgative effect experi
ced by all who use Chamberlain's
toiach and Liver Table ts, and th
althy condition of the body and mind
hich (hey create makes one feel joyful.
rce, 25 couts. sample free at Pick
is Drug Co.
Congressman Aiken's Appeal.
Abboville, S. C., Sep. 7. 1907.
Dear Sir:-Under the ruling of the
)urth Assistant Postmaster General,
ral routes that are not appreciated will
discontinued or changed into tri
seklies. Appreciation, as defined by
at office, means that the people who
a served should subscribe to newspa.
)rs and increase the volume of busi
as, see that roads are kept in good con
One of the strongest arguments that
Ls been advanced in flvor of the rural
rvice, is thAt it induces more reading,
oadens the individual's knowledge and
tter fits him as a citizen aind as a busi
ass wan to protect his interests.
The routes serving you are very near
c danger line in the matler of mail
edled, and it must be increased.
nowiug that you fully appreciate the
erits of the service, let me urge you to
;o your influence for its improvement.
e your neighbors an'd have them sub
ribe for at least one paper. Where
ey haven't approved boxes urge them
put them up. If sections of your
ad are in bad condition have a delega
on of your citizeni to direct the county
Lpervisor's attention to them. A little
ork properly directed will do wonders
>r the improvement of your route.
Trusting that I have your heartiest co
peration in this work, I am,
Very trulv yours,
Orphanage Work Day
Saturday, September the 28th is a
4y set aside by the Baptists of
>uth Carolina as work day for the
Tht call goes -ut to rich and poor,
peat and small to give the results of
is day's labor to the two hundred
d one homeless children at Green
od. The income of one day or the
oceeds of-oue day of labor could be
mnated to the orphanage and who
>uld miss it?
Even the children are asked to
are in this noble work. Let the
rents, Sunday school teachiera and
stors deVnse some plan for them to
mke some money on tha.~ day and
ud it to the little ones who are be
Et of their pariazts.
Contributions need not be confined
money, anything used in a famnil
il be acceptable.
In this work we can be co-workersa
th God in bringing into the lives of
a little ones joy and gladness.
A Baptist.
M. 'T. Lynch, Editor of the Phillips
trg, N. J., Dadly Post, writes: "I have
ed manaay kinds of medicines for colds
,d coughs in my famwily "ut never any
mag so g000 nu Fole~ 's Honey and Ta'r
iannoitt Hay too much in invor of it."
that baby's tiny bones
sugh. o
the cause.
nourishes baby' '0
and makes bone.
D $t.00 0
H. L. LO1
W. H. Chasta
Oct. I R. F. D. 3, PICKENS, S
J. CARTEn, W. T. - O'D rr ,
President. Alice Pre~idont,
Capita - -
rofit, - - -
Deposits - - --
Accounts of Merchants, Farners, Firms, and Iudivid
-----TO anw OUS
Nothing but expense was spared in ti
goods. We are satisfied that we have
right styles and the right prices.
Don't Let Cheap Talk Sell Yo
But examine I
If our goods are not as represented, y<
them. Some goods are higher than las
divide with you. We have everything in
Dry Goods, Notions, Underwear, Hosiorl
that the average customer wants, and we ,
the price as low as same goods are sold at
When you come to Greenville, come
make it pay you.
A. K. Pa
West End, G.
Per cent QQ1 Pe
Discount 00O3 Die
The entire stock of Me:
and Boys Clothing in
Reduced Prices.
All sales cash. Alters
be paid for. No goods a
proval. No ciothiri g ree
Come and take your c
120 S. Main Oroe
H. C. SunuLEY,
uals solicited.
e selection of these
the right goods, the
u Goods,
:he quality.
)u don't have to bu
t season, but we wi
a d Shoes,
ibsolutely guarantee
to see us, we will
reenville, S C
r cent
n's, Youths
he sale at
Ltionls must
ent on ap
mnvile. S.

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