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SGra ustai
r uat oncie. Ohi de: r, I hav I Lor
*C-oliliit't yolt seal it wvith your ring?'
4 stgoed Ih11-veily. "OI. I hIa ve It
Mifritronl I hi.iloI-S and ha.ve hlim
-vn less your sigrtuitire. Ile can't gol
vwny from thi, you sec, : an( til'tr wt
h -zo EdIlwNeiss you enan fix ip ti reg.
_.' edlit, seal and all." cried the re
-i:ewful Amniericln girl.
Tnk. -ind paper were sent 'or. and tht
r.wo.4 conlsiraitors lent their wvisflom it
P 1nslc of preimriglt .tn order for dlh'
*:'.)t'tloi of Bahlos, the fugitive. Th
u-dr read:
!7., ID3aron Jasto Danglosas. Commnandir:
.,are (Ivfc antd Military Pollee, of Grall
'T1 ar- hevreby lin foriet thiat Itildov
.'-. - %%n who e.nter'd the city wvitl Miin
.::,sn, Is it It-) bi -egat..d ;s it pra'h
: ,'r no 710W or lir'' o us'r. Ie i, to be i give
axT-m le i ned11:t :I ni stirgliI at tation
.::Iei fully recovi'red, whien lie .is to I'c
I'Atowed to go Is waty Ill 11tee limitle
A l he i. to be providled with stiitahl,
u'axnrins ipparel iad niadc comi'ortable In
*-ecry way.
. 01.3 the mnibers of hi ptrty, now in
:h hills (whose itam'.'s are tiknown to
c..:-i. are to be ave)tcodl every prothctior..
)hnz, the dIriver, Is to harvai his freedoirr
2 %e <1e lies it.
lry3 from this eciet ttiwre Is no recotirse
i: s ,1. abatemien t by royal dc r*e.
"There." said the princess, af1x-Ing
er i~rnitre."I thlink thant will b(
*4.'Ttei'ntL" Tihen slie rang for a serv
-.1.. "Seld to) Baron lnnigloss, and
k hin to come lere at onte."
i ft n minute11111111 sv. t It t. 1he chief of
du stood inl tile presnc'll Of tle eager
. ei1i: ilterpreters ol' jistick..
I wanlt ycou to witnless Inly skilmtiure.
-roll 1hamlo.'s," said the princeLs
-er the greevIings.
hrilI,"' 1snid the oilcer.
W0l, bvre is where I s1igned," said
FUAvk. h1andinig him1 the! paper. ".
& o 1 hove to write' my name ove:
.; 0 ido I ?
No). at all." said the baroin gallaut
tAnd he boldly signed his mie a.
h T w-1 Nvouldn't do that hi the Unit
4t. -'mates.," mtumured Res \erly, who
Sw tionetiig about red tape at
'T is a Command to you. b:aron,"
413d Ttlve, handing him the document
*wh:u rare smile. le read It througi:
<re'.. 'Then he bit his lip and cough
et-''Wha't is the matter, baron?" ask
,t.. Wiet-ive, stil SMiling.
.'.*insitory .emotion, your highness
ta'.iuAs J,*sead1 ;he, but his hand trew
)*d as he f6lded .the paper.
-11(7RHT and early the next morn
lug the party was ready for the
nekat -of the journey to Edel
weis. Lessthan twenty miles
seprated (Ondl1ook from the capital,
-.'n ethe road -.wns .in excellent condi
ebe. IBeve'riye Calhoun, tired and con
Tdesn ihad slept soundly until aroused
)47fne ,rJncess heraotf. Their rooms
:'ua#$kkend ,each other, and when Yetive,
:*inheuy :.stter daybreak, stole into the
. *Yammon1 girl's chamber Beverly was
*lsmbin :se sweetly that thte intruder
fSetVb:..e retreated had It not been
Vfew ' the 1No1ster'ous shouts of stable
Mig a 'the courtyard below the win
Amara :'Shd hurried to a windlow andi
&saledort'.ipen ithe gray cloaked morn
ing. V~osthiensuand stable boys were
isgregated near the gates, torment
.oj: zagged old manl Who stood with
danhon'k against oneeait the huge posts.
.i.i0Mriome nlosity, she called Beverly
7'hon our 'elumbers, urging the sleepy
- m6t'no ten. to the- window.
"Mithis .one Mt yoruriuends from the
*inerivessy 'shetabked.
- 74'7rard" crldd IBeverly, rubbing
Maerret'ty eyes. Then she became thor
* 'tgy :.aw'ake. "What are they doing
r~uu'dj? Who are; those -ruflans?" she
* mrlaed indignantly.
- TThjiy:nre my servants and"
*Shamae 'on 'theni 'Tile wretches 1
'i'Eoth'has sold.'Franz done that they
Malid- h f11 -to them.; tell 'em you'll
S:tthet0 'hebda '6ff 'ir 'they don't stop.
ue:avear-:od'felow In spite of his
Ete-'#naew sash flew open, and the
r UmrentIers i 'the- court below were as
-ur~thet '1y-'the soundl of a woman's
w'altoe 'corming. -as :it were, from the
daIn.as. .a dozen spalra of eyes were
-*tamadi --tpwar'd; the commotIon ended
wudLMeily. *Ir he window above stood
tci gracetitl. White robed figures. The
qu1. 4tA inv '4av'eow 'the ridge of mloun-~
tk~'.ri, *ihah net yet robbed the morning
*JfJ EAtYylew3' shadows that belong
"'What *re you doing to that poor old
rniz" -eked Tetive', and It was the
'12af ftre any ofd thern~ hadt seen anger
-'a:'te th prmesf face. They slunk back
"ii dismtry. '"i~t him alone I You,
al '!ri, se thnt, be hnu food nnd drink.
k -.* Aulhor of "Grauslark" -.
- Copyreht. 1904. by Dodd.
Me and 'Company
anld wifhouit lehty. oport to m3e0 later
oil, sit, aid explai: ir youi can, w,h
you 112 Viv c(Id etii t yolir'elves iII s
unlhiv-oml in, at a:e. Then the( winl
flow wvas l-el.and theprne(-:
founl hersl in the warm ilrils ofr
"I :ibin't iiter-staind a word you
sail, Yetive, but I kilew you wer
giving 4 it ti hem hot and havy1.)id
youl mho nirely cht] Franlz I:)lt
Yon-? ;wns.Ik head allmo" tAtI h
ed the vgr11.4)111 "
"l %v.was bow)Nv ing to youl, liever!y.
Yout forgist tha"t youl are' the prinvess. 11)
"isn't that im y *v? I hiL <nit efor
gottenl it. The poor. ol go'!e4!".
Lat.wh the cotaheiiP. andes
we:e tir. ni up I:i front ot' the 11:111o.
-witz pahace ready for the start, the
prinaless 1l t I' -i ol t li' C oie o illo.
Gartz, to toj, step1 of her coach.
"What Vs the Ieanuing of the dis
turban e I ited this mornhfg.
she 1emandiitledi.
(arz'. hunI his head. We thought
the man.1i vas uratzy, your i highnie.:. ill
had been telling uts such monstrous4
lies." he mumiilbled.
"Are you sure they were lies?"
"Oh, 'illite Sure, yl e higihnsis. Th'ley
vere lau;glihabh. lie said. for o:.
thing. that it weA he who <!rove ymr
highne:.-s' conch: ;anl.k :.litt
Ing, weliin overybody knwi s ht iI;d
full (barge of' the iontehi ii h >r: ."
"You are a1iv ry muh0 m:.:
Gartz," she s i i-d distin tly. Ill blink
ed his eyes.
"Yorii highlne.;s." lit g;sI~ul. "you
surely remetber"
"Enl-gh. sir. Fr::nz idrove Ile prinl
Coss into Un111look last night. H1oe say
so himielf, doest' lit niot'
"Yes, your 111gh11ess." 11111miiured
poor ("artz,
"What more (1141 lie Say to youl?"
"He saidi he lid come from his mns
ter. who ls lin the hospit.a. to hiquiure
after your hea1lh and to hear hi1 thai:k -
for the kindnesses you have st-irid
for 11111. 11! says his miaster iS ain
well aind is satisiedi to rema.1!In where
lie is. Also, he said that 1., master
was sending him back into the moun
talis to assure hIs frieits 1hat lie is
safe and to he:rt- a certain messa-re of
cheer to the1m, sent forth hy tih' pin
cess. It was all So foolish and crazy.
your highness. that we could but gibe
and laugh at the pjor creature."
"It is you who have been foolish. sir.
Send the old man to ie."
"He has gone, your highness." in
frightened toneS.
"So ruch the better," said the Irii
cess, dismissing him with a wave of
the hand. Gartz went away In a laze.
and for days he took every opportunity
to look for other signs of' mrental dis
order In the conduct of his mistress, at
the same time indulging' In speenlation
as to lisa own soundness of ninud.
Ganlook's population fined the chief
thorough fare, awaiting the departure
of the princess, althourgh the hour was
early. Beverly peered forth 'curiously
as the coach moved ofli. The quaint,
half oriental costumes; of' the to'tfis
people, the odd little chilhiren. the
bright colors, the perfect fove and rev
erence that shone in the faces of the
multitude ipressed her deeply. She
was never to forget that picturesque
Baron Dangloss rode beside the coach
untIl it passed through the sunthern
gates and into the countryse.e. A
company of cavalrymen acted as es
cort. The bright red trousers and top
boots, with the deep blue Jackets, re
minded Beverly more than ev'er of the
operatic figures she had seen so often
at home. There was a fierce, dark cast
to the faces of these soldiers, hio'vever,
that removed any suggestion of play.
The girl was in ecstasies. EverythIng
about her appealed to the romaintic
side of her nature. Everything seemed
so unreal and so like the story book.
The princess smiled lovingly upon the
throngs that lined the street. Thiere
was no man among them who would
not have laid down his life for the
Igracious ruler.
"Oh, I love your soldiers," cried Boy
1erly warmly.
"Poor fellows, who knows ho0w soon'
.they may be called upon to face death
in the Dawsbergen hills?" said Yetive,
a shadow crossing her face.
Dangloss was to remain in Qanlook
for several days, ,on guard against
manifestations by the Axphalinians. A
corps of spies and scouts was working
with him, and couriers were ready to
ride at a momient's notice to the castle'
in Edelweiss. Before they parted Bev
erly extracted a renewal of his promise
Ito take good care of Baldos. She sent
a message to the injured manl, deplor
ing the fact that she was compelled -to
uT'ro wn -rod u) to the carriatyc.
Tyae Gl: wi au Mr:; Iu;-* as
slh h:t:d jiwo :Z'ed. It wNas liir iiteltioll
to h:: v' him m't Mv tlhviss :Is sool
as he . w's in c tadllti:> to he reiov,(l, el:
1:,ron llaI n.nons mI ed Imlysteriousy
hill bh t n11! II on::uenl~it to lit,.11
had reeive:1 n or.er.-; an0 AN1s obey
ing tlII to) (11v Ith h t!'. T
"I wolier if rt'all hasi heard of it
my haruim-st-aruum trip to St. Peters
burg, re!eete'd Yetive. mnakdin*e her.self
comrVtabl In th oltn ater the gates
and the mullitutls weVtN1re far behid.
"I'll go you ; hax) of (h1ocolate e.eams
that w- mncet h1in1 bef'ore we get to
".\greed.," said Ihe prinesis. .a
"I)oi't s:a y 'ge:i.' dear. 'Done' Is
the wordl," corrected the American girl .
leverly von. Greniifall Lorry and a1
suinal collpllny of* 1101semnen roIde up1) 1n1
furious hastv long before the sunll wias
in iiid-sky. An attempt to deplet tlhe
sei betwe:1 hm11111 and 111 venture
some wife w'ouhl be i hopeless task. Yr
The way iII wlh his fcel cIlred it. re
Self of distress and worry wits a Joy in l
itself. To use li-; own words, he
breathed freely t'or the first time Inl
houtrs. The Amercanl took the pla:ce.
of the officer vlo ro le he::id 'he co'ach,
and the trio kept up :nl eag'r. hutere.'t
Ing conversation durlinig the next two
It Wa1s a warm, sleepy' day. but ill
signs of drowsinless disappeared with
the advent of Lorry. Ile had reached
i'ItdelweiSs late the nilght before, after
:1 thee days' ride from the (oifereceIM.
in Dawsbegen 1. At first he encouna- 1
teal trolehc in try'in-g to di.ucover What of
iad becoime of * ite priicess. Those at ih)
the castle were aware of the fact that Of
she ha( reacd (;hInlook safCly and tit
sought to put him of'f with subter'uges. T
le stormed ta such a degree, however.
that their object falledl. The result wias
that he was Iof for Ganlook with the t
earliest light of day. 0
Regarding the conference with Prince lj
Gabriel's representatives. he had but ti,
little to say. The escaped muurderer
natiralLy refused to surrender and was
to all appearamnces quite firmly estab- fr
lislhed in power once more. Lorr'y's f(
only hope was that the reversal of feel- r
Ing i Dawsbergen might work ruin for
the prlue. ie was carryinig affali
withm a' high haniid. dl1in;;g venigeftul
blows to. the friends of his half brother '
and encouraging a lawlessness that.,
sooimer or' later. must pro0ve his undoiug.
ils rejpcesetaztives at the con(ference
were au' ar-roganlt, laLw defying set of
mhen whos kaughed scornfully at every
pr1opos.Il! madiee by the Graustarkians.
"We told theml thalt if lhe were 1not
surr'endered to our'authorities inside of
sixty days we would declare war and
go downs andi take him," concluded the
"Two months?' cried Yetivye. "I dlon't
"There- was method in that ultima
tumn. Axpha in, of' course, will set up
a howl,. but we can f'orestall any ac
tion the' Pincess V'olga mayt~ uinder
take. Naturally one might suspect
that we' should declare war at once,
inasmuch as he must be taken sooner
or iaten;. but here Is the point: Before
two muenths hav'e eilpsed the better
elemenit of Dawsbergen will be so dis
gasted: with the new dose of Gabriel
that fit w-ill do anything to avert a war
on lsi account. We have led them to
believe that Axphaint will lend moral
Whereas petitonsR from Central, Tan
bor and Sy'mmes school districts have
been flied with the Canrnty Board of Ed.
ucation of thtis coUnty. uisking thnt they
be consolidate d. This is to notify aill
parties within the above districts that
the County Board of Education uli
meet Tfue alay Sept. 17 at 10:80 a. m. to
consider the above namued pettionls.
R. TV. Hallumn,
Sec. & (Thrm. Co. 1. of Ed., P. Co.
We earnestly reOquest all young pe. 8ons,1no matter I
how limited their means or education, who wish to
obtain a thorough business training and good post.- f
tion, to write by first mail for our great haif-rate
offer. Success, independenceandl probable fortune I
are guaranteed. Don't delay. Write today. q
The Ga.-Aa. Buslns.. Celede. Nacon. Gm,
Pickens I
We take great pleariure in ainoing
at We will have niih tS the following d:a;
September 1o
ai Export Op.tician, re; rerwnting the celo'
ni t., Ga., tle largest and most favorably
He Will Test Eyesig
Thle Doctor is a syradiuate of oie of th
nited States!4, is thorongIly convorOan1t. w
iene, inluldinig Retin'oscopy, Ophlihalml
ce in his specialty.
ant wo have arranged this engagemse.;t atl
iand reputation, and that we, personally
All exameinations are fre', and only ros
it obt-uin the highes At ( lsa f pr ssiom
go of this opportunity. Bear inl naiind tl
If you have kidney and bladder troub
tind do not ouse Foley's Kidlney Unro,
m11 will h1alVe only yotself t) blam-- for
suits, as it positively vnreSi all forum if
duey and iadider disetase-s.
Trotter-Heo told me about this tline
st year that le had airrived at the
ImelusIon that the trip to Europe
ould doh(1 ( 1un good. H-lolmes-Yes. and
e's there yet. Trotter-In Eluroil?
[olmues-No; Where le had arrived
lien you saw hlim.-Pliiladelphla
Thati. raith is stran ager than fioi etion has
Ice miore' ben lmnstated int 11he lit
I townl . 4 F. doaa Tl.a., t v reidonc
L;. V. P.-pper. tit, writ ,: ''-I wasi in
1 1, ena rtidv .1hsabl. I with itwrrlhagns 4
thle Ilugs :uist throl C. D trsfalldd
ha miae, and ad ha h1 l fled whien II
-gan t.king Dr. Kiiog,, New Diiascavery. i
W(d ins-tanlt. reljivf 11amel~. rlh con 41hing
n comie; toot lue.1ag iui t:i.ied
1'idiy . al aa in hr.-c ivo-.k. I was. ahld
ga1a to work " tualrantoi cae for
'a ned (-,0jd4. 5> -. aanad 1.00, at
ukensa Drug Co., drug store, riaIl bot
a free.
Short-There goes one of my pro
rred ertors. Long-Why pre-,
'rred? Short-He never asks me for'
oney.-Cbliego News.
Hay Feover and Saaaner Colds.
Victims of hay fever will experience
eat benetit by taking Foley's Honey
id Tair, its it stops ificult bsreathin im
ediaitely and heio'a the infl'umed air
usages, and even if it abould fail to
re you it will give inatait relief." The
muine is in yello)w package.
are a symptom of tne most dertos
trouble which can attack a woman,
viz: faling of the womb. With thIs,
generall'y, comes irregular and painful
perids, weakening drains, backadhe,
headache, nervousness, dizziness, ir
ritabilty, tired feeling, etc. The cure is
thtwonderful, curative, vegetable ex
trcwhich exerts such a marvelous,
strengthening Influence, on all female
ogn.Cardul reieves pain and
rgatsthe menses. It is a sure
adpermanent cure for all female
Ataldruggists and dealers in 81.00
in my womb and ovaries," writes Mrs.
Naomi Bake, of Webster Grove, Mo.,
"also in my right and left sides, and
my menses were very painful and irreg..
ular. Since taking Cardul I feel like a
new woman ar4d do not suffer as I did.
it is the aest medine eve to.".-2,
)rug Co's
to oltr pair 'nt and the goiter it pilblie
- only:
5, 17 and 18.
)ratteil firm of A, K. lIawoi Co., of At
kIowii optical establismlinits inl the
ht ard Fit Glasses,
lealdinjig Opihthalmic Colksges inl the
th tl odell u ern m Itods oif rcfractive
iogy, etc., and has had ltog e'xIeri
d seei ro 1 th services of a man of abil.
gnar.aut-e his work.
tilar price.s will be eih tr~go I for gliasse.
1 .41 rvile in thiq lifo' by taking advan
it d ,tes, Sept. 16, 17 aid 18.
[housands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect iL
Prevalency of Kidney Disense.
Most people do not realize the alarm
ng increase and remarkable prevalency
of kidney disease.
While kidney dis
V,, -~orders are tihe
most common
di'eases that pre
vail, they are
*almost the last
recognized by
paticit and phy
sicianIs, Vho con
tent thrm.elers
eith doctoring the efrets, while the orig
*nu discase undermines the system.
What To Do.
There is comfort inl the kiowvledge so
ften expressed, that Dr. Kiler's
iwatnp-Root, the great kidIney remedy,
ulifills every wish inl eonring reumiatisml,
:)ainl in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
ind every part of the urinary passage.
[t corrects iiabilitv to hold %water
itad scaling pain in passing it, or bad
.effects following use of li(Inor, wine or
)eer, and overcomes that ipleasant eii
:cssity of being compelled to go often
iring the day, alid to get up manry
times during the night. The mild an(d
Ihe extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root
is soon realized. It stands the highest
or its wonderful cures of the most dis
:ressing cases. If you leced a niedicine
you should have the best. Sold by drug
gists in fifty-cent and one-dollar sizes.
You may have a sample bottle and a
book that tells all
bout it, both sent free
by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co.,. ing
Irattiton, N. Y.. When Rome of Swamp-Root.
writing nmention this paper and don't
ma~ke any nmistake, but remember the
namue, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
Lie addrcisa. Binghamton, N. Y.
For ae--126 actre farm four mrie
west of Enaley, throoru good honnes and
dil tcceissary oathildigs, oto., 75 aoe
in culuivation balancre in timber. Price
$45 per acre. Terms to suit.
Good Farm for Sale.
160 acres, loca ted on Little Eastatoe
Creek, 21 nrorea guood bottom, nrew hoise,
& mile ILo churell and school. Good home
a bargain if taken at once. For par
tiionars ripply to C. 'W. Puarrott, Greer.
B. 0.
NOtiee to DebtorS and Creditors.
A LL Persons holding claims3 against
Fthe e.state of the Iato James E.
Bro.wnmutL present thre samno diy pro
venn oni or betore the 1st day of Octotber,
1907, or be deba~ried patyrunt; andi ail
persons injdelte.t to saidt L'StaiLU, must
nuke pa.' mnont on (Jr before the above
.late, to the ude'rsiguued.
MALarti E. Brown,
nuu22 i4 Ext-cutore.
(!toatdee andi beauitnea ihe hair.
4* . l't apuoie a tux araa g rp
M. 50S0, and $l.00 i Drugglste
Sore MI'pples and Chapped Bands
Ire quickly cared b~y mapplying Chanirbriain's
,alv'e. Try It; P 4 a sucCcess. Price 25eents.

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