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Not to Be Beaten.
"The station at a certain city," any
a traveler, "is surrounded in all di
reeNtlons with a lot of saloons an
0heap restaurants. In great Ilium
nated letters over one of these saloon
was the sign:
"'Open all -ight.'
"Next to it was a restaurant hearin
with equal prominence the legend, 'W
never close.'
"Third in order was a Chinese laur
dry in a .little tumbledown hovel, an
upon the front of this building wa
the sign in great scrawling letters, 'M
.wakee too.' "
"Everybody Should Know"
83a&cG.. C. Hays, a prominent busines
artL.ri Bluff, Mo., that Bucklen's Arni
ena s mIe quickest and surest healhn1
sasim applied to a sore, burn o
wount or to a case of Piles. I've use<
aand &oow what P'm talking about,
Gusoteed by the Pickena Drug Cc
Jsqggpsts. 25c.
Conquered St. Peter.
.A Doston clergyman tells how a wil
Nj' fin'isbman stood before the gate o
de other world, asking for admissior
says Llpplncott's Magazine. St. Pete
vwinsed him, however, telling him bh
was 'to great a sinner to enter there
and bade him go away. 'The max
'vent :a Ille distance from the gat<
* na m.en crowed three times like
weest~r- St. Peter at once threwv oper
the ga'te and cried out: "Come in, Pat
We'll aet bygones be bygones!"
'#or an unpaired Appette.
'To(eroe the appetite iad strength
ein.the -etintry a few (loses of Chan
thei'iate~ 'Stomach and Liver Tablets
Str. 5 R~. Seitz, of Detroit, Mich., says
"They motored my appetite wheni im
paired, uclieved me of a bloated feoling
and ea~nsed a pleasant and satisfactor'
anoremnent oif theo bewels." Sample
Kree. Pikens Drug Co.
Smal l Egar--You better not go boni
ng with amy sister, Mr. Slowboy.
Mr. Slowboy (sister's admirer).--An
why not, Edgar?
' Small Edgar--I heard her tell Cousi1
Weunne thls morning that she was goin
to chuck yen overboard.-St. Louis Rle
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup is soli
under a positive guarantee to cure 001n
:stipation, sick headaxche, stomach troni
hie, or any form of indigestion. If
fails, theo manufacturera refund you
rmoney. What more can any one do?
"Ihope you weren't rolled because
told that capital story of yours, wer
you, old fellow ?" inquired a "funny
asociety man. "It we it down immensi
Dty, didn't it? You don't mind?"
S"Certainly not," replied the owner (
(tbe joke. "I told it myself just betot
Mou came in!I"
Touched a Sore Spot.
"Sorry, sir," telephoned the butcher,
"but we are just out of sirloL.. Why
don't your wife order you a round?"
"W-what's that*?" exploded Harker
at the other end of the line.
"I say, why don't your wife- order
g you a round?"
e "Why don't my wife order me
around? Great Caesar. man, thnt Is
all she dos-order me around frxu
I morning until night. If you we're
s, nearer I'd"
a But the startled butcher hung up
the receiver and fled.--Chicago News,
Sulphur the Accepted Remedy for a Hn
Sulphur is one of the areatest reins
r dies nature ever gave to man. Every
physician knows that it cures skmt and1
'blood troubles. Hancock's . uid Sul-*
phuir enables you to get the ., ier.,flt
in the most convenient form. Don't rake
Sulphur tablets or wafers or powden. d
atuiphur in molasses. Hancock's lignid
sulphur is pleasant to take and perfect
in its action. All druggists sell it.
A well known citixen of Danville, Pa., I
Iwrites: "I have had an aggravated case
r of l'czema for' over 25 years, I have
Iused seven 50-ent b)ottles of the Lignid
and one jar' of your Hancock's Liqumd
:Sulphur Ointmeit, Zantd now I feel as1
though I h~ad a brand new pair of hauda
It hats cured me and I am oertain it will
enre any one if they persist in using1
Hancock's Liquid Sulphur according to
ditections. "Butler E igar "
"Gerty says she's twenty-eIght. Do
you believe that?" "Sure 1 do. TLo my
certain knowledge she was all of that
ten years ago."-Baltimore Amnerieain.
Thepoplarremedy in Oteego ounty
adhebeat friend of mny fmily,"
wrtWin. M. Dietz, eio n n
lisher of the Otsego Journal, Gilberts
ville, N. Y., "Is Dr. King'a. Newv Dis
covery. It hers proved to be an in~falli
ble cure for conghs and colds, making
sho'rt work of the worst of them., We
always keep a hot tie iu the house. I be
lieve it to be the most valuable pr -scrip
tions known for Luna and Throat dis.
E eases " Guaranteed to never disappoint
the taker by Pickens Drug Co's Drug
store. Price 50o and $1. Trial biot tle
~free. ______ ___
-Benham-Thie paper tells of a mnl
- who has smoked ninety years. Mrs.
Benham-I should think the fire wvould
r he Out by this time.-New York Press.
For the good of those suffering with
eczema or other such trouble, I wish to
say, my..wife had something of that kind
and after using thle doctors' remnedies for
some time concluded to try Chamber
f,. lain's Salve, and it proved to be better
e than any thling she had tried. For sale'
I by Ploken. Drug- C.
Queer Sympathy.
Some years ago, writes one corre
spondent,. my little daughter, aged fve,
was out walking In a country lane
with her nurse. She saw hobblung
painfully toward her a barefootexL
)ent old wonan clothed in rags and
dirt. On her back was slung a heavy
hundle of stfeks which she had evli
dently been co4tecting.
My little dairghter stopped short on,
seeing this pletTrre of misery, evidently
struck with pity. Then, with both
arms outstretched, she ran toward her,
her curls dancing In the wind and her
eyes aglow witr tenderness, crying:
"Oh. you poor. dear old lady; I do wish
you was dead! You would be so much
Tableau.-London Mall.
Bill-Did you ever know an ama
teur fishiermian to tell the truth? JTil
Oh, yes; I heard one tell another that
he was a liar.
A Square Deal --
Is assured you when yon buy one of Dr.
Pierce's family medinijes-for all the In
gredients entering into them are printed
on the bottle-wrap~pers and their formula
are attested undeLr oath na being complete
an(. correct. You know just what you are
paying for and that the ingredients are
gaithered from Nature's laboratory, being
selected from the most valuable native
medicinal roots found growing in our
A merican forests and while potent to cure
are perfectly harmless even to the most
delicate women and children. Not a drop
of alcohol enters into their comnposition.
A much better agent is used both for ex
tracting aud preserving the mnedlcinali
principles used in themn, viz.-pure triple
retined4i gl yceri no. This agent possesses
intrinsic medicinal properties of its own,
being a most v'aluable anti-septic and anti
ferment, nutritive and soothing demul
Glycerine p lays an important part in
Dr. Pierce's Goldeni Med ical Discovery in
the r'nre of indigestion, dyspcepsia and
weak stomach, attended by sour rIsings,
heart-burn, foul breath, coated tongue.
poor app!etite,~ gnawing feeling in stom
ach, bill ousness and kindred derange
meats of the stomach, liver and bowels.
Besides curing all the above distressing
ailments, the "Golden Medical Discovery"
is a speellic for aill diseases of the mucous
membra nis, as catarrht, whether of the
nasal pa ssages or of the stomach, bowels
or polvie organs. Even in Its ulcerative
stages it willI yield to this sovereIgn rem
edy If its use be persevered In. In Chroice
Cata rrh of the Nasul passages. it is we'll,
while taking the "Goldlen Medieal Dis
covery " for the necessary conustitutional
treatment, to c'leanse the passages freely
twvo or three times a (lay with D~r. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy. This thorough course
of treatment generally cures the worst
In coughs and hoaraeness cauisedl by broni
chial, threat and lung aff'ectionus, except, coin
sumption in its advancedl stage's. the "Golden
Medieal DI)scovery" is a most ef1ilienut rem
edy, especially in those obstinate, hang-on
coughs caused by irrit a tion and congestion of
the bronchiaI unous mnembranes. T1he " Dis
covery "is not so good for acute roughs aris
ing from suddon colds. nor must It, be ex
pected to cure consump ition in its advanced
stages-no medb'ino will do(1 that-but for all
the obstinate. ('hronic coughs. Which, if neg
lected, or bady 13 reated, lead unp to consump
tion. it ia tho bost medicino that cant be takeni
mean. Ive knownI you long enou, to
drop the 'ms. haven't I?"
She fixed lIC-r lovely eyes uipon him
with I menuiirg gaze. "Yes. I think
you hlve." she said. "What prelst do
you wish to substitute?"-London Tele
To Mnth4sra in Thips Town,
Children who are delicate. feverish
and cross will get immediate relief from
Mother Gray's Sweet Powder s for chil
dren. 'They cleanse the stomach. act on
the liver, making a sickly child strong
and healthy. A certain cure for worms.
Sold by all druggists, 25c sample Free.
Address Allen S. Olmated, LeRoy, N. Y.
Jackie-Does your father know any
thing about music, Tommy?
Tommy (wvhose father is an old po
Jackie-Well, what does be know?
Tommty-Hie kntows how many bars
there are in a beat, for I have heard
him tell mother so.-Tit-Bits.
Scrub yoursalt daily, and you're not
cleani ins'ide. Clean inside means clean
atomach, howels, blond, liver, clean,
healthy tissne in every orgarn. Moral:
T'ke Holliater's Rocky Mountain Tea.
850 Te or Tnblets.
"What Is meant, pa, by 'carrying
coals to Newcastle?"
"A woman studying languages, my
son."-New York Press.
A cold is much more easily cured
when the howels are opened. Kennedy's
Lexative Honey and Tar opens the bow
els and drives the cold out of the system
in young or old. Sold by P'ickeno Drug
The judge looked at the prIsoner
eompasslonately. The man had been
charged with stealing a pIe. "No
doubt," kgs honor said, "it was the
pInch of poverty that brought you
here?" The prisoner shook hIs head.
"No, judge," he replied; "de cop dat
pinched me is de richest on .de force."
Meni Past sixty In Danger.
Tore than half of mankind over sixty
years of age suffer fronm kidney and
bladder disorders, usually enlanrgemen t
of the prostate glands. This in4 both
pain ful and dangerous, and Foiny's Kid
icy Cuire shiovld he taken at the thatt
sign of danger, as it corrects irregnlatri
ies and has cured nmany old meni of this
diseas. Mr. Rodney Burntt, Rook port,
Mo., writes: ''i Suffered with enlarged
prostate gland and kidney trouble for
years and asftor takinsg two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure I feel better than
I have for twenty years, although I aim
now 91 years old.,"
in Sweden the p~uhile houses are
closed on Saturday-pay day-while
the savIngs banks are kept open until
midncighit. No goverament can force
a man to save his money; but this
Swedish system at least encourages
hinm to deposit it where it Is most liikehy
to hb e of se
utnillins for Relief.
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas.
Aurie H. Fuller. Plainiff,
Alonzo D. Youig, Archibald F. Young,
William L. Younig, Joseph W. Young,
Vicettie Drake, Defendants.
Summons for Relief.
(Complaint Served.)
To the Defendants aboved named
You are hereby sumnioned and re
q ured to answer the complaint in this
this action, of which a copy is herewith
served upon you, and to terve a copy of
your answer to the said complaint on
the siubscribersi at their ofilee at Pickens,
8. C., within twenty days after the soir
vice hereof, exclusive of the day of such
service: and if you fail to answer the
ctnlapiaint within the time aforesaid, the
Plamtaiti in this action~ will apply to the
Court for the relief dematndedl in the
Dat,-d July 24th, A.D. 1907
A J. Boggs, C. C, P.
- Jones Fuller,
J. P. Carey,
Plaintiff's Attorne3 s.
To the absent Defendaints, William L.
Ye-ung ann Joseph W. Young
Take notice tha.t the summons and
comliaint ine the above stated case were
filed m the "~file of the Clerk of Court of
Common l'leas for Pickens County on
the 24th dlay of J uly , 190i~7.
Jones Fuller,
J. P. Carey,
ii Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Your Chance.
YOU have to pay for HOLM AN'S
BIBLES. and that's what you
Let mue order one for that Birthday
Gift for your F'athjer, Mother, Husband
Wife, Child Sister or Brother with name,
stampert in gold wvitho~ut extra cost.
D. U. .JON ES,
Pickens, S. C.
A cheep lot of good crockery. I
bought a lot at my owvn price. Ceips and
saucers, reel (ina,, 25e, 64 in. plntes 15e
.t. I want to see how quiick this lot
will go 'it albont hlf~W price. In th-- lotis
told d'coratedl wore goinix the sme way .
Wood's turnip rEned in hulk at
Poley's Kidney Cure
flakes kidneys and bladder rIght.
ho ky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Mediolne for Busy People,
Brings Golden ifealth and Renewed Vigor.
A spoolfic for ConstIpation. Indigestlon, Liver
led Kidney troubles. Pimples. Eczema, ImDure
31ood, Bad Brcath, Sluggish Bowels, Headache
md Backache. Its Rocky Mountain Tea in tab
Bt form, 35 cents a box. Genuine made by

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