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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, f. C., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Will cure any case
beyond the reach of M
Pickens Drug
Farimeis' Union
Bur'eau of
Illfoi'111 ati0ui,
........................ ...
-Comli Uetel Iv the
South Carol iss Fisrriers''Init nil usI anii
Co-Operiative Unforx.
... ............ ...... -................. ................
Coli i t let t l auns iitetided for this depair
IeCit should be addsi ssetl to J. C. Striblhig,
endleton, S 0uth Carolina.
When the wires begin to ring out the
minimum prices of cotton let everybody
join in a regular swan song to stand for'
the minimum price and all will be well
for the whole South.
Before you offer a resolution thint is
likely to revolutionize things to any con
~siderable extent ask yourself if it is
right. And then the second thought
can it be done?
Just so sure as there is a good time
and place to begin; 1here is it good timo
and p'ace to stop in everything. It is
stated that the good wife of a Farmers'
Union muan gave birth to three sons in
one day. At the next meeting of the lo
3.% union a committee was appointed to
e >qnire of the brother if he meant to go
ou, and possess the earth for itimself and
family, or did he intend this three at a
ti no as a mild protest against foreign
immigration? At last account the com
mittee was not in shape to report.
Oh, no' Whien your local was organ
iz.d the thing was not finished, Yolu
were not organiztd for the purpose of
pasilg a few strong resolutions to bluff
the other fellow, but to co-operate with
each other for the good of all. Organi
zttion without co operation is something
1lke apeinding A lot of time putting on
style and losing lots of sleep and other
things too numerous to mention to win
your position, and then for the lack of
grit and pluck. let some other fellow
take the prize.
"Eternal 'vigilance is the price of lih
erty." You need not fool yourself by
thinking that since you have knocked
out the bucket shops, bully-ragged the
cotton speculator, bluffed the New York
Cotton Exchange and fly-blown the Gov
ernment Cotton reports, th-it you can
now retire to your homes in peace nnd
plenty; you must keep at it all the while
looking for the same old enemies to poke
out their heads in any new place. Keep
your organizations strong and steatdy to
deal a deadly blow to these snake heads
every time they peep out of the bog be
To1r ten years I wa confined to my
j bed with disease oif my kidneys," writes
R. A. Gray, J. P., of Oakville, Ind. It
was so severe that I could not move part
of the time. I consulted the very best
medical skill available, bat could get no
relief until Foley's Kidney Cure was
recommended to mec. It has been a God
seun tonic."
Union Meeting
The union meeting of the Pickens
association wvill meet with Griffin church
P" on S.sturday befoieo the fifth Sunday in
this month, full delegations are request
ed from aill the churches.
Devotional exercises at 10 o'clock.
First question, '-How can we get.
chuiroh members to attend Saturday
meetings?" Opened by Jesse J. Lewis.
S.econd question, "His Foreign Mis
sions been a success as conducted by the
Gospel Mission plan? Opened by J. H.
Miller. Other questions will be discuss
ed as time permits.
The pleasaint purgative effeo~t experi
need by all wvho use Chaomberlain's
8tomachs and Liver Table ta, and th
~'healthy conhdlitioni of the biody and mind
;whuich they create makes one feel joyful.
Pric(55, 2i5 cents. Sample free at Pick
.ens Drug Co.
MIss AntIque-Do you think one can
get too ohg to marry? Old Batch-No;
but you can lose the faculty of pleklng
a wline.-LIondon Mall.
of Kidney or Bladder Di
edicine. No medicine can
Conpany,;Pickens, Parken's Pha
Harris Reunion.
The Hiawatha Hotel was the meetin
place of a merry party both old an
young ist Saturday St pt. 14th. 'I'l
Occa4iou wasi the birthday of hirs. M. J
Harris. For several years it has bee
the custom of tihe family to got togethe
an11d enjoy tho hearthstone of childhoo4
oic" again.
There are only two boys and they al
ternate in making their homes the scen
of this happy event.
The day was very pleasant all throngl
but the energy with which that excellen
dinner was attacked showed that thi
feature was by no means lacking in it
terest, and well might it not be, for,
long table under the cool shade of th
oaks was ladened with delicate dishE
and sweet mnats to suit the most exacl
ing tastes. The cooks, it appeared, wer
quite satisfied with the justice done t
the meal, and the guests were dolightei
wth the fI ivor of v..rions sa lads, satuce
and sweets.
In the afternoon the company assez
bled in the parlour and sang by reque i
"Shall We Gather at the River?" wit
other Songs, after which Scriptures wer
re ad and prayer was. offered.
It was a most enjoyable day, an
those present went home feeling that i
was good for them to have the privileg
of going up to the Hiawatha that dy.
Those present were: Mrs. M. y. Hai
ris, T. D. Harris and family, J. D. Hai
ris and family, of Greenville, Mrs. Joh
Harris with her husbanid, son Rosco
and niece iss Alice Baird, Mrs. Anm
A. Turner and son; Mrs. Maggie I
Fowler and ,hree children; Mrs. W. I
Cason, husband and] son; Mrs. 0. E
Johnston and two children; Mrs. Fral
cis LeRoy, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hei
dricks, Dave Harris of Gray Conrt; Mr
W. Joese0 and Revs. S. P. McCarty ax
D. D. Jones.
M. T. Lyneh, Editor of the Phillip
burg, N. J., Daily Post.vrites: "I hua
used many kinds of medicines for ook
anid conglis in my family but never an
hing so good as Foley's Honey and Ti
cannot say too much in favor of it."
Card of Thanks.
Words cannot express our appreciatlc
of thmoe f iends who have al a-d ti
lonely vigils and stood watch in the %a
ley of tihe shadow of the great sorru
that has come upon us. N6 sweet
memory can live in any heart the
the memory of their untiring devotio
to the one who has left us. The wave
of sorrow break upon every shore, an
wehope that friends as true may gath
around them should sorrow invade thei
homes. H. W. Farr.
Notice to Teachers.
An examination for teachers wvill bi
held in the conrt house at P'ickens o
Friday Oat. ber 18. Examinations wi
comnmee promptly at 9 o'clock. Al
plicants to furnish their own staxtionery
legal capj piper preferred.
R. 'T. Hallum,
Co. Supt. E I.
DOMINOUARDS-..The new house
hold gamai that combines and exe-le hot
Cards !'nd Domintoes. Canvas~sers was
ed to 'mtroduce into every commmit
bamtple game and paJrticulairs, postpaki
Ohoumteau Ave., W.* Louis, Mo.
Convalescents need
Iment in easily digested
0'Scot' Emields
Sment-highly concentra
'I It makes bone, bloc
''putting any tax on thi
4 CarsBach e
R Do not risk having
sease not Bright's Disease
do more. or Diabetes
rnacy, Liberty.
Election Notice.
g Pickens, S. C., Sept. 17th, 1907.
1 Whereias a petition from Central
e school district No. 9, has4 been filed witi
. the County Board of Education of Pick.
Is counut Y asking for an election to de.
r termine whether or not a high -school
I shall be ettiblished in said distret.
Therefore, it is hereby ordvred that an
election be held in said Fehool district
a on Monday Oct. 7th tt the school house.
The board of trustees are hereby ap
i pointed managers of said election.
t The election to be conducted in M.
a cordance with the "High School Act"
I- ap)roved Feb. 19, 1907.
a By order of County Boad of Educa
e tion Pickens county. R. T. Hallum,
a Sec. & Chrm. Co. Bd. Ed.
Roadside Wit.
ie who matched wits with the au
D thor of "The Ancient Mariner" had in
I deed a lively task before him, for Cole
a ridge was never caught napping. The
poet was so awkward a horseman that
his riding often attracted comment of
anythiag but a complimentary nature.
' One day he was riding along the turn
Lpike road in the county of Durham
a when a wag who met him fastened
upon hIm as an excellent subject for
sport. Consequently he drew rein and
said in an impertinent drawl:
"My graceful friend, did you happen
to meet a tailor on the road?"
"I'm inclined to think I did," said
Coleridge meditatively. "I was no
sure at the moment. but he sald some
. thing about my meeting a goose far
ther along the road."
* The wag put spurs to his horse. and
* the poet jogged calmly on his way.
. Past Salaries of Actors.
A humber of autograph letters o1
Edmund Kean supply some lnterestinl
information about tihe salaries of actori
early in the nineteenth century. On4
relates to an offer by Mr. Ellison offer
d Ing Kean ?3 a week as acting man
ager of "the new theater in Wycl
street." Later this rose to ?25 a month
In 1820 Kean was offered $12,000 1
year to go to America. In the prim(
of his popularity he received ?200 foi
a week in Edinburgh and apparenti
reached the highest point when Mr
Bunn wrote from the Theater Royal
Dublin, on Feb. 8, 1829, and offered
him ?50 a night to play in Dublin and
Cork.-Liverpool Mercury.
nS Home Influences.
& Each one of us is bound to make the
little circle ,In which he lives better
and happier; each one of us Is bound
to, see that out of that small circle the
widest good may flow; each of us may
n have fixed in his mind the thought
u that out of a single household may
L flow influences which shall stimulate
the whole commonwealth and the
whole civilized world.-Dean Stanley.
r Get Too Important.
"What has become of the maid you
thought such a prize?"
"Oh, I had to let her go!" replied
the second fashionable woman. "Atfter
aher operation for appendicitis she
a: thought she was one of us."-Philadel
il phia Ledger.
' Wisejay- imut 0be a great pleas
uretotel ajoke to an acrobat. Soft
boy--Why? Wisejay--Because he tum
bles so easily. - Morristown (Pa.)
T 'ines.
A Good Gtaess.
Mother--Mercy, child, how do you gel
your hands so dirty? You never sawl
mIne as dirty as that' Child-No, hut 1
7 guess grandma did!-Phladelphia In
a large amount of nourish
ion is powerful nourish
d and muscle without
s digestion.
50o. ANDr $1.00.
H. L. LO(
W. H. Chasta
Oct. I R. F. D- 3, PICKENS, S.
Presidet. Vie Pre 'idoet,
Caqita1 - - -.
Fitta - - - -
Depositu - - - - -.
Accounits of Aterohauts, Farmers, Firms, and Itidividu
We Are No ReilyI
Sring6 aud Slim,
Nothing but expense was spared in the
goods. We are satisfied that we have t
right styles and the right prices.
Don't Let Cheap Talk Sell Yom
But examine ti
If our goods are not as represented, yol
them. Some goods are higher than last
divide with you. We have everything in
Dry hod, Notions, Underwear, Boliery
that the average customer wants, and we al
the price as low as same goods are sold an3
When you come to Greenville, come t
make it pay you.
A.K. Pai
West End, Gr
(Igl H1iE s_01
Per cent Q0)1 Pei
Discount O3 Dis
The entire stock of Mei
and Boys Clothing in t
Reduced Prices.
Alli sales cash. Alt era
be paid for. No goods s
proval. No clothing res
Come and take you~r c:
20S..Main Crec
.E E,
H. C. Suny,
,000, 00
drs solicited.
selection of these
be right goods, the
t Goods,
he quality,
i don't have to buy
season, but we will
an0 ghon,
>solutely guarantee
E see us, we will
eenville, S C
ii's, Youths
he sale at
tions must
ent on ap
mrvIIe. S.

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