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The sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1906-1909, September 19, 1907, Image 3

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that we carry th
up-to-date line i
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largest stock of
this town. It w(
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be the best tailor
Besides being se
the suit they are
make in style, fit
[email protected]
COlothing, Shoes,
Chase City buggies,
and Zeigler Shoes.
C all F or Buttericl
Pickens Sentineli-Journal
Happenings of a Local and Personal
F. E. Fendley, of Easley, -has
moved to Pirokens and has accepted a
position in the grocery departmarut at
Folger, Thornley & Co.'s.
Miss Nora Jones, a charmning
young lady 'from Greenveile, 'has
charge of the dry goods d epartment
of Folger. Thornley & Co.
The super intendent of eductiom
is preparing thbe school apportion
mnent and widel send themi to the
trustees as soon as completed.
Lost-Bletween Pickens and Eas
ley, the bottonm cart of a brass an
tomobile lamp. Finder please re
turn to H. A. Rtickey's store, Piekens.
There will be apuicnic at Hunters
mill on Saturday evening Oct 5th.
The public iis invited with full baskets
as supper will be served at. 5.30 p.
Hon. Geo. S. Legaro, Judge Dun
can Baker and Bailey Robinson re
turned Saturday from a pleasant trip
beyond Bald Knob, where they went
to catch mountain trout.
MisB Nora Hinckle, an experienced
trimmer, will have charge of the
millinery department of Freeman &
Co. Their announcement of the
opening will appear later in this
Carlisle Newton got caught in the
belt of an engine at the brickyard cnI
Friday afternoon and tyhen unitan
gled he was found to be badly bruised
and to have a severe cut on the head,
He was unconscious for some time.
He reeived prompt attention and
his injuries, though painful, are not
Censidered dangusnannd at this
have made this lin
can say without boast
e best, largest and n
i Pickens County.
Lrgest Fall stock in
iness. We will have
Clothing ever showr
can't fit you out of st
nternational Compa
and we can take y
t 01 ovet coat, guaran
isfaction. If your su
ternational it is righ
ood clothes knows i
ing concern in the w<
vetal dollars cheapel
fair superior to any o
and quality.
eR T.
Hats and Gents' Fui
Iron King stoves, Ne
All winners.
k PattUans.
writing he is resting as well as can
be expected.
The tax books will open the 15th of
October. The total taxes this e-ar
amount to $08,201, against $G8,682
for last year, and 3,.512 polls and
1,944 dogs as against 3,784 polls
and 2,800 .dogs last year.
Miss Gaston, o-f Baltimore, will
have charge of the millinery .depart
mnt~ of the Heath--firuce- Morrow
Co. The opening will be held next
month, the .dates of which will be
announced later through this paper.
David 0 8taneell has bought the
Jenkins house and lot from WV.-H.
Prince and will move to town right
away. He will clerk for Freeman &
Co. Mr. Prince is repairing his
property where Hf. A. Nealey now
lives, and will move there.
A slick trick was worked on Craig
Bros., Saturday evening, by a negro.
He told one of the clerks he wanted
to get pay for some chickens he had
sold to them and began to take up
the amount he claimed was due him.
In the rush of bus~iness the clerk
waited on him, and after he was gone
reported the transaction, an it was
discovered be did not seil hbam any
chickens. He has made restIuiti,i
and claimed it was an error.
WVe call your attention toi the half
page ad. of Stewart, Andelrsoni &
Childers, clothiers and habier dasher.-,
of Greenville, wvhich appears ini this
issue. These yomily tuen are~ well
known to many of iour re ters M,
Stewart, for the past I I yeasrs, hats
been with the American Seitinitg Coi.,
of that city, in the capa1city oif waire -
housemnan, shipping clerk and oatton
woighier. Bob Anderson is kniown
all over the country, haying for 14
years been head salesman for L.
Rothschild, while Prince Childers,
the other member of the firm, is from
i, SHC
a aI.
i in
ny's TH
it is
t as.
L to Boy(
'n'isingm Goods a, Spec
w IIome sewing mnacl
Ithe Brushy Creek section of Ander
son cointy, who for the past fow
years hs lven traveling in the upper
part. of the state, and is also well and
favorably known. These young fel
lows are all good business men and
number their friends by the score,
all of whomi wish for them much sue..
cess in their new venture.
The many friends of Eugene Alex
ander wvill be glad to kn~ow~ that he
was ab~le to g >for a -ide on Tluceday
withi his faithful physician, Dr. E. B,
Webb, who has fought for over a
year for the life of his patient.
J. D Moore lhad a watch stolen
from him last wveek, but soon got on
the track of it and ran it (down, to
gether with the party who "booked"
it. He got pay for the watch and
says that is what he had the watch
far-to sell it.
Mrs. WV. 0. Willard, of Liberty,
will have her millinery opening on
tihe 27th and 28th insts , and invites'
her friends and customers to call and
inspect her line. Her milliner has
just ret urned from AlantLa wvith a se
lect sto.'. M'1*s Wil lard also carries
a line line of( d ry gooih. dlr.e. oods
and n11 ot ionsI and isbuilb-ig up a
s-ph-nudid tradeif. Whet: you buy
to the mlinute.
Foni 8SA LE - 12 hor1se I- ugl I b.>iler
andio 10 -horse eniginre. iin good ioder,
Voighlt, 2 umile's inoirt h l l-:sley.--tf
End iu acre See. .J. .3b-. Bruce.
A (-iOq ehe ot ofi g.,01 4roceriy. I
bout a lot act myI~ ownvc pirh-. (Capj-t acnd
Sciucers, real. Clhin Ii 250, '. i in. phuite 150
*met. *[ wanti to see how ciniek tis lot
will go at abhont half price2. Ini the lot~ is.
gold decorauted ware going the same way .
Wood's turnmip seed in bulk at
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right
)ES, 1
5.O, 4, 4.1
Jen Shoes for $6
ir Shoos, for aie$20,
ch for our
ialty. Sole agents loi
liies, Hlawes $3 hat,
Are the best sel
the world. The
for it. They are
prices are not to
Only 60
Per pound. TI
Ladies like.
J, N.
Pickens Gra
'1 eli b i' )t i ,a 4 d~ 1) . 1 ] i l b ~
tal fee of fifty cout~s
'Iui ioni rates for thlos ho I)are neithe
1st alid 2d Grades,
3(1 alldI 4tlh Orades,
7ti alIId StII Grades,
9)ti alld 1 0th (GradIes,
By ordeir of ""
lo, E5 .
and $6.50
3., 3.80 & 4.
- M1itchell wvagonls,
Boyden, Walkover
ing candies in
re is a reason.
good and the
o high
le kind the
ded School
i er 1yi n cl97 1 .
r iii tho disitrict, nior trnswfer:s a mte as

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