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Pickens Sentinel-Jourlal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. L. 0. 'rHOMsON, EDITOR.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fostomice as Second Cla0s
Mail Matter
An Account of an Egyptian City Thirty
Centuries Ago.
Probably the oldest letter in the
world 1o the letter of Panbesa, written
fifteen centuries before Christ to his
friend, Amenemapt, a scribe.
The manuscript is of perishable
papyrus, and It Is amazing that it
should have survived for more than
thirty centuries and still be legible.
It is preserved in the collection of
the British museum. It has been sev
eral times translated. It presents an
Interesting picture of life in Egypt in
the time of Itaimeses II. It is more In
the nature of a literary production, at
poem composed in celebration of the
visit of Pharaoh to the city of I'a
Itameses, than an ordinary letter of to
Pianbesa "greets his lord, the scribe
Amenemapt, to whom be life, health
and strength," and then goes on to de
scribe the verdant fields, the thrashing
floors, the vineytirds, the groves of
olives, the orclards of figs, the great
daily markets, with their fish and wa
terfowl and swaris of purcliasers.
The citizens had their "sweet wine of
Khein, pomlegranute wine and wine
from the vineyards," and to these they
added "lheer of Kati."
Tlere wvas Iiusic in lei(y furnished
by the siigetrs of tile sclool of Memphis.
On the whole, l'a-alieses seems to
have been a hisP31anllt pllcie to live In.
"The lesser folk are there etltalwith
the great olk," and l'albest writes
that its mai.1idens were "in holiday it
tire every day," witll locks "redolent of
perfumed oil."
To lothra14 Ill This Town,
C'hildren 'who are delicate, feverish
111d Cro3s will get immediate relief from
Mother (I ray's Sweet. Powdet s for chil
dren. hI'ley clanse tile stomach, act oil
tile liver, tmlakiing a sickly child strong
an(d leathy. A certain cure for worms.
Sold by al1 druggists, 25c kample Fre..
Address Allen S. Otisted, LeRoy, N. Y.
By the way, lly shoemaker is a lu
iciant, and he likes musicians for his
customers to Judge by tile following,
stuck uip Ill Ills window:
"If you are Schubert (shoebare).
collie to the Sclulann, and if your
Purcell allow it, come Bach, and coni
Ofinbach wheni you're out Chopin."
Scrub yourselt daily, and you're' not
clean inside. Clean inside mleanls clean
stomach, bowels, blood, liver. cleaui,
hlealthly tissue in every orgarn. Moral:
Take H~ollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
S1on Tea 01r Tableta.
New Guinean War Canoe.
At Matupi is preserved tihe last of
the great New Guinean wvar canoes,
This is an illmmense and wonderful
structure seventy feet in length, which
besides several hundred natives could
carry six anld a half tons of cargo upon
the deck joining tihe canoe proper and
the outrigger.
At either end is a quaintly carved
'wooden figurehead, 9r' tail, covered
With cassowary feathers, and the im
mense Outrigger consists of a whole
palm tree hollowed out and shlarpenled
fore and a ft.--London Standard.
if you have kidney and bladder troub
le and (do not use Foley's Kidlney (Jure,
you will have only yourself to blame for
results, as it positively cures all forms of
kidney and bladder diseases.
Mr. Newed-Yes, dear, every time I
shave I save 20 cents. Mi's. Newved
Oh, lov'ey, whly dlon't you sh~ave often
er, theni?--Chicago News.
Makes Kidneys and Bladder' Right
A Disconcerting Interruption.
A goodi story Is told of a dlisconcert
ing initerruptiloll whlehi Mr. G ladstonie
onc~e expicedC( whenl ad(dressi ug a
woan Isutffraige imeetitig inl Leeds. In
thle course of his speech lie paid( at
graceful comlpl~iment to thle eloqiuence
of thle hidies0 wvho had1( previously spo
ken and fitrther' gallantly iremtarked onl
the great pleasure wIch it gIves the
othler sex to alsten to womenC~ talking.
Pausinlg for a mlomnent after this ob
Oer'vai on, Mir. Gladstone, like his aui
dlie::c:'. was3 thbrown into an1 unelxpeCt
v;!:c pruhd. I froa the8 h at o the
is::!, e : 1-.11 in lhe brom'.e:Ct
Yo~i.:K :le:.:t, Ei'h, 12:d. th'sii't
no,:n '. edi .v.t, I seest"-Wes t minster
Ways of the Waves.
Waves are deceptive things. To
look at them one would gather the in
pression that the whole water traveled.
This, however, Is not so. The water
stays in the sae place, but the mo.
tioni goes on. In great storms waves
are souietiies forty feet high and
their crests travel fifty miles an hour.
The base of a wave (the distance from
valley to valley) Is usually cQnsidered
as being fifteen times the height of the
wave. Therefore a wave twenty-five
feet high would have a base extending
375 feet.
A cold is mucb more easily cured
when the bowels are opened. Kennedy's
Ltixative Honey and Tar opens the bow
els and drives the cold out of the system
in young or old. Sold by Picke n; Drug
Her Ancient Sacred Cat.,
At Assult a little while ago a Ger
man lady was much pleased at halv
lug secured for a considerable sum
the niminy of a sacred cat. She was
delighted with her bargain, and the
Arab dealer was quite satisfied with
the sun he received. But with the
curiosity inherited from our first poor
mother she began to examine her mum
my. She looked at it closely and even
picked a hole in it. Then. encouraged
by what she saw, she proceeded to
rip it open. Her mummy was stuffed
.with the London Dally Mail.
Men Past Sixty in Danger.
Tore than half of mankind over sixty
years of age suffer from- kidney and
bladder disorders, usually enilargement
of the prostate glauds. This is both
)ainful and dangerous, and FolAy's Kid
i-ey Cure shovld be tnken at the Irst
sign of danger, asit corrects irregulari
ies and has cured many old men of this
diseas. Mr. Rodney Burnett, Rockport.
Mo., writes: "I Suffered' with enlarged
prostate gland and kiduey trouble for
years and ofter taking two bottles of
Folay's Kidney Cure I feel botter than
f have for twenty years, although I an
now 91 years old."
How to Avoid Cramps.
"You often read of people dying from
cramps while in swinmming," said
Jame" D. Rose of Martin. Tenn. "Peo
ple don't die from cramps while in
bathing. The water gets in the ears.
Uoods the eardrums and causes the
nerves leading to the brain to bheoue
IIralyzed. This naturally forces oth
er vital nerves to cease I)erforiniiiig
their lty. and the resuilt is death. If
people who go inl .wiimmluig would put
I ottonl in their ears the niluiher Of
leaths froium craips would be much
smaller."'-Nashvlle Tennesseean.
Sulphur the Accepted Remedy for a Hin
1redi Years.
Sulphur is one of the areatest rene.
dies nature ever gave to man. Every
physicifan knows that it cures skin and;
blood troilhies. Hancock's Liquid Sul
phur enables you to get the full benefit
in the mosi convenient form. Don't take
Sulphur tablets or wafer.- or powdered
hulphulri inl molasses. Han11cock's liInmid
sulpulir is pbinsant to take and perfect
in its action. All druggists sell it.
A wvell known citaxen of Dainvill-, Pa.,
writes: "'I haive had an aiggravatedi case
.f Eezema.llh for over 25 years, I havei'
used seven 50-cent bottles of the Liqulid
and one j *r of your Hncock's Liquid
Slhur~m Ointnmnt, "and now I feel as
though I lad a brand ne0w pir of hands
It has cured mia anid I amif ceitain it will
(enrel any on0e if they persist in using
Hancock's Liquid Sul phuri according to
dli.Iections. "Butler Edlgar."
Thie pop~ular remedy in Otsego county
and thme best friend of my fmimily,"
writes Wmn. M. Dietz, editor and pub
lishier of the Otsego Journal, Gilberts
ville, N. Y., "Is Dr. King's New Dis
covery. It hare proved to be an infalli
ble cure for conghs and colds, making
short work of the worst of them. We
always keep a bottle in the house. I be
lieve it to be the most valuable pre-scrip
tions known for Luing aind 'Throat dis5
eases " Guaiiranteed hi s never disappoint
the taker by Pickens Drug (Co's Drng
store. Prico 50c and $1. Trial bottle
"II say, 'ow long 'ave HlI got to
walt for those chops III sent to be
warmiedl hover?"
"Why Alh et 'cem up, boss. Yo' tohe
me to eat 'em.''
"You blawsied hidiot, cawn't you
hunderstanzd I leuglish ? 11i saiktdIls
tinctly to 'eat 'ema up."--Judge.
For an hmImaired A mipet to.
To improve thme appetite aind strength
on the dijestion try a few doses5 of Chamn
beirlaiu's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
Mr. J H. Seitz., of D~etroit, Mich., says:
"They restored my appetit(o whean im
paired, relieved me of a bloated fedling
and caused a pleasant and siatisfactory
movement of the bowels." Samples
free. Pickens Drug Co.
Girl! (to crying little brother)--Aren't
you :ashaimied of yourself, DI )ck? Bob.
lh' 7:mys lie has already giv-en you two
hi to.: nieh---ne tr eay unanle _Lhf
A Jubilee.
Some years ago. before Queen Vic
toria's death and about the time that
the queen's jubilee vas to be celebrat
ed, the following conversation betwqen
two old Scotciwonien was overheard
on a street corner in London:
"Canl ye tell me. wu mman. what Is
it they call a jubilee?"
"Well, It's this." said her neighbor:
"When folk has been married twenty
five years, that's a silver wuddin', and
'when they have been married fifty
years that's a golden wuddin', but if
the mon's dead, then it's a Jubilee."
Landonl Mall.
The Limit of Life
The most eminent medical sci-ntists
are unanimous in the conlusion that
the generally accepted limitation of hu
man life is many years below she attain
ment possible with the advanced knowl
edge of which the race is now possessed.
The critical period that determines its
duration seems to be between 50 and 60;
the proper care of the body during this
decade cannot be too strongly urged;
carelessness then being fatal to longevi
ty. Nature's best helper ifter 50 yotirs
is Electrio Bittors, the sciontifle tonic
medicine that revitalizes every organ of
the body. Guaranteed by the Pickens
Drug Co. Druggists. 50c.
Japanese Flower Decoration.
In the Japanese method of flower
decoration, to become a master of
which a man must study for at least
fourteen years, seven years of hard
work making him only fairly profi
cient, only few flowers, are used.
One beautiful bough is considered
ample aesthetic food for a day. The
Japanese know that only one beauti
ful object at a time can be appre
ciated, and they aim at plucing that
object in Ierfeet relation to its sur
roundings. A vase of flowers in a
Japanese house is the principal
thing in the room, near which the
chief guest of the evening is seated.
is an expression as old as tihe rece. No
doubt tho rising and settii g of the sun
is the most regular perfolr1iauen in the
universe, uless it is the action of th'
liver nud bowels when regulated wit
Dr. King's Ne''w Life P11s. (anmaanteeda
by the Pickens Drug Co. Druggists, 25 I
The Anchovy.
'The little anchovy' Is a fui of no
sniall Importance, being very largely
used in various sauces, hesides the
numbers that are pres rved in ici.'kle.
It 1- common in the Mediterranean :and
is also foil on our coasts. The ipper
Jaw of this fish is longer than the
lower one. The entire Iength of tle
fish is usually from four to five iinches.
but it has been seen measuring upward
of seven inches.
"I want to s:ay a fev words for iham
I) b ;i t i's Calie, Chleiir and diarrhoe
rmaiody. I have used this preparaition
in imi.y famaily for tie past. fivo years mid
have recomenieidd it to a nunher ofI
pe'ople ini York emmn'y anmd have never
known it to fail to affect a cures in any
instance. I fell that I cannot say too
miurh for I he best mnedicine of the kind
in time world. "-S. Jamison, Spring
Grov'e, York county, Pa. TIhis iremedy
is for sale by the Pfickens Drug Co.
"Don't you hmave trouble In keeping
your wife dr1essed in the height of
fashion?" "Not at all. The trouble
would come if I didn't!"
A womain wvorries uutil she getR wvrmk
lea, then worries because she has them.
If she takes Hollistter's Rocky MJonnitait'
Tea sheo wouldl have neither. Bright,
smiling lace follows its -use, 35c Tea or
.Pab lets
The Neck of the Bottle.
On the neck of a wine bottle a rIdge,
can usually be seen. This rIdge has a
purpose to serve. It Is not madle mere'
ly to decorate the neck of the bottle.
WVhen the bottle is opened and its con
tents have to be poured into a glass
the ridge Is adjusted to thme top of the
glass, so that the wine cannot trickle
down the sIde of the bottle and then
on to the tablecloth. -- London Tele
Old maids wvould be scaico and hard to
Could they be mamde to see. [find,
Nowv grace and beauty is combined
By using Rocky Mountain Tea.
Friend-Canm't y'ou give me a tip on
stocks? Br'ok~er-Yes, but in consith'.-r
then of our long fri'endlshipj I won't.
Towvn and~ Country.
But Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ad
Diarrhoea Remedy Cured iim.
It is with pleasurei that I give you
thin unsolicited testimonial. Ahmomt a
year' ago wvhen I had a case of the mna
ales I got caught out in a har id rain and
the measles settled in amy stonamch and i
b~owelR. I had an awvful time tanud land
it not been for the use of Chmaumerlaint's
Cholern, Colic and iarrhoeau Roucieh, t
I could not have possibly lived biut a few
hours longer, but thanks to this remedy
I am niow strong and well. I hiavo wr'it
ton thme above through stimle gratitude '
and I sh all always speak a good wvor.l for
tis remedy.--Sam H. Gwin, ConcordI.
Ga. For nn hb-rm Pkn.. Drg o
A Lesson In Shopping.
Managers and clerks in large depart
ment stores of necessity have to deal
with all kinds and classes of people.
and they often have most amusing
experiences, owing to the pecuIiarities
of their customers, says the Plhilladel
phia Record. While waiting for an ex
change at the silk counter in a Market
street establishment yesterday a clerk
told a West Philadelphia shopper a
story which she has since been circu
lating among her circle of friends.
"An uptown customer," the clerk said.
"last week had six yards of a most ex
pensive silk sent C. 0. D. The next
day the package was returned to us,
and upon it was written: 'Returned. I
was only teaching my daughter how to
For the good of those suffering with
eozema or other such trouble, I wish to
say, my wife had sumetijug of that kind
and after using the doctors' remedies for
some time concluded to try Chamber
lain's Salve, and it proven to be better
than any thing she had tried. For sale
by Piokens Drug Co.
When a command performance is
given in Constantinople the sultan
makes up some special jokes, which
are introduced in the course of the
play. A high official tells the court
iers these jokes beforehand, so that
they shall know the proper places to
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup iR sold
under a positive guarantee to cure con
stipation, sick headache, stoinarli trou
ble, or any form of indigestion. If it
fails, the manufacturers refund your
money. What more can any one do?
"Why does a fellow on a small sal
ary, like Sinallchink, dress so extrav
"He fears people will think him poor."
"And why does old millionaire Keg
gercoine dress so shabbily?"
"Ile's afraild people will think he is
"Everybody Should Know"
sa3y- G. C. ys, a promielint business
mn of lu'ff, lMo., that Buckles's Arni
ca is the quicket and smest heahling
Q!%iv everw applie-d to :1 sore, hnllrn or
wound or to i csleic of pille. I've ised
it amI k now what i'm 'alk in about,"
G.1arante1di'd by t P'ik'leIs Ding Co,
Drnggists. 250.
In Barodta, India, a f'avorite sport
is a list fight in whIle tih fighters
wear a1 steel Is ih h'is fr inl- (
(ble clatws. The coimliittits, whiiou]
hl e belen enrzed vithi a drink of li- '
uld opiulmli iixedi with an inuilsont of
hemiip. enter Mie arena sinlging. One
of them is certain to be killed.
Chame1h sOlc hlr n ir
rOmen itti-mitecy ntfter]ha
Thr ' ce,Doctois.
"' rleCe eais ago we lhad three dGctorsa
with Iou' littie ho,' and ever'ything they
c-uld do seemed to be in vain. At laist
wheitn all hop) seined to !-e- gone we b3
g91 ising Chitamberlaii's colic cholera
aid Diarrhoea Remedy and in a few i
hio.S he beCgan ti imfprve. '1Tody lit' 11
is as healthy i child ats parents could
wish for."-Ms. B. J. Johiston, Lin
on, Miss. For sale by Pickens Drug 1
Ladiy H~elp~er (to small boy)-Will you
have some more bread and butter?
Small Boy--No fear when there's kike
about. Lady Helper (trying to be
kiud)-Cake? Certaluly! Will y-ou have
llumI or seed? Small Boy-Plum, in
course. D'ye tike me for a canary?
London Punch.(
Bleed P'olsonanig
results from chronic constipntion, which
is quickly cured by Dr.' King's New Lifec
Pills, They remove all poiionous germs
from the system and infuse new life' and ~
vigor, curo~i sour stonsch, nasa, head I
ache, dizziness and colic, withuat grip (
ing 0or dscomfort. 25c. Guaranteed by
Fich~ens Drug Co. - '
Mrs. Hlomer' (reading)-Here's an ac- 1
count of a village parson who left the
punlpit to b~ecomie an actor. I wonder
what could1 have induced him1) to (10 a
thing like that?
Home))r-Perhaps he thought the do- d
nations of eggs and1( vegetaibles would
be miore liberal.--Chicago News.
A Card i
Tihis is to certify that aill druggists nie p
author'zed to refund your1 money if Fo
ley's Honey and Tar~i fails Ito (enre yours
Dough or cold, It stops thme cough, 8
heals Ithe lungs ando prevenits serious re- P
su Its fromn a cold. Cure~'s lai grippe cough cr
ion . Conttains n.o ojiates Thie Genn
ne is ini a *'ello'w package, Refus' sub- "
dIit tloe. l'~aa 'h ~t Phtarnmc, Liberty,
mdPees rgC . 1a ga
Thle Chantc'el lot'r 'Aginesseau i, findinug
htinit his wif 1k al ways ketlit him1) wauluhg
t11iarir of ati hourl afteIl r thle dinn~ter
cii had i'nug, r'esolvedl to devote the
ime to writling a boo0k on jurlspru
ence and, puittinig the pr'oject in ex
cut ion, in course of time produced a
1'ork in four quarto volumes.
Sure Nipples and Chapped Hands
are quickly cured by applyling chatmberlair P
nive. ryv it - a succss,,, Pric~2.ui tni
For Thin.
Poor Blood
You can trust a medicine
tested 60 years! Sixty years
of experience, think of that!
Experience with Ayer's Sar
sapariin: the original Sarsa
parilla e n prl the-,
doctor-i c -,w for thhi l,
weak ienv , .acra C :bdity.
But eTej, fll, CAVT. clipe.~:, an
Its best %..'rk 1 . ; e I i v, i...
bowels constipated. For the best possible re
suits, you should take laxative doses of Ayer's
Pils while taking the Sarsaparilla.
.dO 0. C o el. Aa4s.
aso manu W euwoo
6 's AQUeCURS.
We have no seorets I We publish
the formulas of all our maedioines.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding claims against the
state of the late Claud H. Alexander
inust present the Pamne duly proven on
)r before the- 15th day of October 1907.
kr be debar red payment; and all persons
indebted to the said estate. must make
payment on or before the above date to
r. J. Mauldin attorney.
L2SeplO7t Laurn H. Alexander,
Your Chance.
YOU lave to pay for 1IOLMAN's
IBIL.ES. and 1tit's what 3011
Let. me otder one# for tlit Birthd1ay
3ift for yo11 lnther, Mothur. IInisbaand
Wife. (hild Sister or r.other withl Ilnaie
tailp' in gold withou 1exlr- cost.
D. ]). JONFS,
Piela-es. S c.
kocky FMountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy PeOWe
Brines Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A. speciic for Constipation. Indiges-tion. Liver
nd Kidelney trouble.i. Piltes. i-xzeian. impuei
lood. hn:d ilre t ii. Sciet-iL h IHowels. Hendache
rId 3ncl'eIC. Its Rocky Mot.ain Tea in t. b
t, form. :i., cruts a box. GJenu inc nade by
OLLIsTIat 1I )U COMPANY. Madi son, \\'is.
ClIrk('s Sale
County of Piekenis.
In CotiL (if Commollnil Pleats.
In Jpnmanco of I decertal order lndle
I the foll.. .. ' 91
I the Cle
ighest bil
'ir sale at. I
n Salesdas'
nving de .uomi e-.a aeet upon the
Ainca M . Rliche(y
Mary A. Bentley and
Frank C. Maulidin.
All that certain pie0c, parcel or tract
I land lying and being in the county
nd slate afortsaaid containing eighty
ight and three-fourths (887) acres mior'e
'r less, lying 011 both sides of the South
rui Railway and adjacent to the publie
ighway leadang from Easliey, S. C., to
lrebnville, 8. C., it being the samne land
rtpreset.t d by pleat made by s. W.
Ernnswon, surveyer, dated February 4th
887 wvhich plait is recorded in Deed
rook "L" act page 220 of the records of
'ickeans counly, S. C. which piat refer
ace is here nmade for a more complete
Terms-Onec-hal f cash and the belane
a a credit of twelve months. The ered
portion to be secured by a bond of the
urehaser arid a morigago of the premi
is sold with initerest from de'y of sale at
por cenit en the credit porhltionl with thte
rivilege of the pulrchaese r palying all
ish on day of sale'. Terms of sale must
a complied with withain one hour after
1,1 or it will he rieold on1 smit dal'(y.
Puirchaser to pay for alhl papersl' and
ir recordling of samne.
A. .1. BtOOSfr. sj
Clerk of Court.
WITH Dr. King'sI
New Discom K
FOR Cgiygge TaI

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