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Are coming in daily. Along a
First; We have constantly
economical, no matter how che
Second: We have exerted
stock and allow us to quote yoi
Third: We have bought w,
looking for in our stock.
Our bid for your trade is I
Dry Good
We have a large line of D
skirts waists we can show you
goods. All kinds of Domestic
Chevoits, Chambrays, Shirting,
anything in CLOTH.
Ribbons of all shades
Anything, and Everyt
Our Summer Sale of Sho<
stock shoes. We have put in
ways miles ahead." Also "Ki
"Delineator" and "Superior" 1
Pickens Sentinel-Journal
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
J. L. o. TrlIOMPsON, EDIron.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at, Plckens Fuatofilco as Second Clasa
Mail Matter
Ganderbone's Oct. Forecast.
Copyright 1907 by U. II. ieth.
Welcome, welcome, sweet October,
when the quail shall whistle shrill,
when the coal man gets in action
with his pesky little bill; whewn the
frost and pumpkin poets sing the old
familiar strains, and the foot-ball
gladitors scramble each others brains.
Doubly wvelcomne, hallowed season,
When the wvild goose travels space,
When the hunter in the wildwood
Shoots the rab~bit in the face.
When the last years hat made over
Shows up inl the now fall stock,
And the bug-fed turkey shudders
Every time lhe sees the block.
Secretary Ta'ft will be0 the leading
presidential candidlate for the month.
He will rcech Japan onl his trip
around the world, and when lhe steps
ashore, thle island will tip up. The
Alikado will have hlim lifted to the
Imperial Roof Garden with block and
and tackle, and the populace wvill
hold the roof up whilo Bill and Mat
snibhito eat rice coke together and
open a bot tle of saki to the continued
amijity r i ait. 4'nI.
I 1 ('ll i' - 'I e (ou''t rv, lI ( id('l
Roosevelt will procet d ona his alniut'
l lines our stock will soon be c(
kept in mind the fact that peop
ap, everybody knows. We boa
ourselves to buy good quality :
i prices and we will convince yo
[lat you want and need, In ord
>ased on the above good reason
s and Notions.
ress Goods of all kinds. Fo
the prettiest patterns in the
s, Sheeting, Drilling, Plaids, Bli
, Cottonades, Jeans, Calicoes.
and widths, Laces and Embri
Ling in NOTIONS.
:s ridded us of almost all of
a complete line of "Miles" she
ng Quality' and Arnold shoes f
>rands for women, all leathers ar
fresh water cruise. He will go down
the Vis.!issippi from Keokuk to
Memi1phis, while cheering multitudes
congregate on the banks and count
his front teeth. Uncle Joe Cannon
will buy another thousand feet of
lightning rod, buckwheat cakes will
renew their tug-of-war with Epsomn
salts on the innards of man, and the
cost of living will take a bird's-eye
view of the economic proposition.
The autumn nights inspiring shall
grow a lit tie longer, and the breath
of fall on cider sweet shall growv a lit
tle stronger. The husbandman sha'll
sell his hogs and think t->i prosper on
it, but the good housewvife will take
the dough and buy a winter bonnet.
County fairs will be in full blast,
The heavy fra .'rance of roasted
peanuts will decoy the cautious nickel
from the pants pocket of the loving
a wain. The toy balloon will drag the
small boy around the grounds. The
man with a long awning on his capn
will sit on the tail of the winged-footed
trotter and slap her around the track
with a barrel stave. The rman in red
underwear will rise in a balloon hang
ing by the toe nails, and the family
that Rouosevelt is enthusiasuci about
will weave through the crowd tied on
a clothes-lis.
The husky huskers of the corn
Will thrill his little ballad,.
The raccoon in the forest deep
WVill eat persimnl)1 salad.
The robin-rebreast growing chilled,
Will slowly southwvard Ilutter.
And the angels in the skies will catch
The scent of apple butter.
The moon will be full on the 21st.
Camnpers will go off' to the woods to
play poker all night and sleep all
dlay. Hog-killing time will fI the
hog with concern about his near fu
tare, and ho will hustle around after
acorns inI l>Liilosophic enjoyment of
\JE W d
mplete. Our buying has been v<
le want good quality in everythin;
;t that we have left it off (the shoc
it cheap prices. That we have su
a that these things are true. We
er to suit everybody we have a va
s. No matter what you want we
r suits,
newest Be
-in ;act,
)ideries. Sid(
will tell
>ur old
es: "Al- Grocer
>r men. And
d styles. and a 84
The foot-ball rooter, full of root,
"ill go off on his Autumn toot; the
plaver with the college hair, the while
the horus and trumpets blare, will
butt around till he is thrown and
some one breaks his collarbone. The
lusLy sound of rah-rah-rahs will urge
the fell and bloody cause; the girls m
mass and co ors come, will sing and
screamn and swvallow gum. The giant
fullback. fierce an dout, will pick a
little fellow out, kidl in his slats and
change his face, and maul him up and
down the place, and when the foe
shall .cease to breath, will proudiy.
claim a victors' wreath.
The farmer with the mortgage.
Who is prone to giving notes
Will figure up the proceeds.
From his corn and wheat and oats,
And wonder if his cash in hand
Will pull him out the hole
Or whether be will have to give
A "mortgage on his soul."
The hunting season will keep the
rabbit on the wing and the quail on
the jump. The crack shot from town
will range into the coun try with his
burr-proof gun and bamnmerless
coiduroys. Hie will flush a bird and u
almost hit a cow, and then buy his
game from a native who sports a
bored out army musket.
The Amalgamated Game Self
Preservation Society will require all,
hunters to carry a large license tag so I
that all game may know when it is
being legally shot at.
Trhe baseball fan will lose his job,
the highball fiend is broke, the A
mothball fiend is now abroad spread
ing odors thick as smoke. The ice
cream soda has fizzed cut, the ice
man slacks his pace, the small boy P
saves his nickels nowv to buy a comic
face. For Hallowe'en will soon be
here with pumpkin spooks and ol
pranks, and if the hoodlums pass us
up we surely may gie thants. C,
.ry discriminating in all respec s.
g. That the shoddy article is m<
Idy article) we haven't got it in anI
cceeded we ask the privilege to proN
take great pleasure in showing you
riety of every kind of goods. You
offer you the best quality at the lowe
steads $2 up
Bureaus $4.50 up
Waslistands $2 up
Mattrasses $1.7
Bed 8i
boards, Sofas, Chairs, anythii
called Furniture.
dware and Farming Iuiplemen
t You later about our Dise Plow
s, of course; P. Ps PO
I many other' Good Things. c
Cuts a b
-' plamned
- or busin
- tastes4, a:
4/ signedl S
- in style
I~ I~I i dress
-Ud We'
Stewart, Anderson4
0 glad(, be glad(1, the~ worst is past,
'.i'he nextr few wuik oeek loo!, o
he tramiip hia qmit1( ithroa because bidd
It's tinu'e for* lfawng w.od. I o'clock a
ovemnber crilp I.- *,n t bei way OCased, 1
W~ithi cold Thai~nks.iiving iris, 1 tractsa
nd( PrZesilent will se the daw iy.Pas<
Ini timei for' turlov p, ags timhe pro'
WVRITiR TO 1)AY for frie saimplo anc on10 01
ece anld pirtieni- rs of D omnincardis.kl fo papi
)lSehold game ev,-r inven tod. In..
ructive for young. Fascinating for
di. Excellent hiolhday prlesent. 50o
>Stpatid. DOMINOGA R DS CO., 1807
ontcan. St St 1.is, .
Ist ex,
\e to you. Inspect our
through our lines.
wifi\ find what you are
st prices.
1g that Cai be
Ls of all Kinds. We
i, Turn Plows, etc.
Flour is the Best.
olll'teolls Trtet iellt1
ig i1
essI ha
3d not
-Bloct. ui mae specially de
ack suits and overc',ats for hiin,
adapted to is enacting dfemands
We believe they are wh~at he
searching for and ask him to
nd find out.
rShits, b~est made
i to $1.70.
ess Coon collars,
~ar well 15c 2 for
Fill Mail Orders.
E Chiders.
3 sell to the higheo t responsiblo
Dr on3 Oct. 21st, 1907, at 10
the resijdeceI of T. WV. Hill de-.
80 acres of land cnt up into
anging from 121 to 56 acres.
xhibited ou (lay of salo or any3
of sale, one-fourth cashi, bail
10 daays time. Purchaser to pay
's and recording Pamoe.
WV. E. Hill,
R. R. Hill,
S. S, Harbin,
Ann; ;I

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