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The Watcher on the Tower.
The stranger journeying on the
South African veldt will "ee almos)t
alywhere it litle sentinel onI i tnli
towel', evident(Iily watehing with4 g'rv.t
cuil'losity every movei t of te aS:S
(irby. T alit little Sveintllt- is th lit' r
kt. Whetither this lile1' aiI wa lives
nlear the nilit b111 br:Iit wn*:II.- to
uist. It ns at spylig ower Is 1nlknowil.
lail the ierkat .i never (nrl I',o re
Theli miejrkat Is ensily 1r::Inled, butI Is :a
oori'vee of grenat I 1! bl Its 1niai:jy
pjosse-Sor. N41 anlinntil inl the worbi4 f'or
I !t Z( c lt l (" t. Illw a ill r.' :, 1 I en1
:uly ot1lhr living hlig id so uch in
one's way. If b. a very 14u1gh11 itlk
customerpl jndu bs ver Y cuite. Oftenl n
<lo0 oivertake:: and4 gives it waIut he
f.ito le:s is ti 4.111 1 do g-1l4race, but as
s410:1 as tle 411'g 41e':1uts the little
wvatcler goes 1l I his way as if nothing
To 11CI thers f in 1i Tt(von,
'lil who are delicnte, feverish I
:111d ro will get immeIII'inte relief fronil
Mlother-l (mrny's Sweel Powdlets for chil
.'ren. They cleanse the stomneah. act In
th' liver, llialilg IL siekly clild sitollg
311(1 healthy. A certain Cure forl worims.
8141 by all druggists, '-7w siipl4 I-'r4 .
Ad Ire'ssAllen S. Olml, J1e.Ioy, N Y.
Indignities to a Statue.
The viquelstrirlin slatuv il'* fihe l'rinenv
of Oranl"" onl 'ollege Gren.I)blin,
h 111s 9 li le ra lly w1 ith s to odl th e s to r m s 401f ,
Centuries. TheI, Stalv u :let 1111 m111any
tin esenpe! from 14esirictlimi. kiti on
ocenisloll H for-ve!li [ail'i4t. was fl4l'l
1110r1d1 thev steed enhnily cuitting. off
th1e headl with I saw. Latter still, in
ti l it Ii nt *ry. he1. -ta1u1 was bflown
up1it' i I ;luif , I w I 4 'iler. ( )in that ) t'oa il
slry 1:h s s(enIt n114 . ntl. llessi(go to)
8ia1' i'Illp SV'uIIpIlk Il"t IIH:Ltllilg toui
Sir l'fpCramlpton, a1 leading. 1)ulin
1urgon. to aItitn "a titled gentle
man" who hind heen thrown fromi is
hlors Inl ('ollege Greenl and badly hurlt-.
During :1 strilket of po4lleie ill 1Im)bliI the
eligy was crowned witt i hattered tin
''Scrub youriselt daily, and yoi're not
Clean ilnsido. Clean inside mellans Clelal
Atollilc, bowels, blood, hver, lean1,
hialthy ti".Llo iL ever y orgarn. lor.l:
Take HolliSter's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 Teat or Tablets.
Praying to Be Let Out.
I ai onneetl't village tltre is a
clergyman note d not m1lore1) for. IIs eull
dition tihnu, for thet length of hils ser
mon11s. -\ N1 w 1orkr who wvas ) n11:
tive of the vililage, halppening t) he
there Over Sulhlldy, stiritIed to cllill
to ilear the noted Idiviine. B1ellug, 11s; he
feared, i litle lat(4, le paused outside
and asked of tile old sexton if the serv
ices hald beeln holding long.
"Indeed, yes; more'n nil houtr the doe.
tor hats been prenelulg. The congre
gation aire praying now to be let out."
-New York Times.
If you have kidney and bladder troub
le and do not use Foley's Kidney Cure,
you will have only yourself to blame for
results, as it positively cures all forms of
kidney and bladder diseases.
Teaching the Parrot.
Owners of these interesting birds
must remember that if they wish them
to talk well the best time to teach
them 1s in the evening with the caige
covered over and placed in a dark room
and the teacher enunciating the words
slowly and distinctly and persistently.
The natives ot India consider that at
slight operation upon the bird's tongue
is necessary before it will speak easIly.
--London Express.
Torm ton yearai I was confined to my
bed with disease of my kidneys," writes
R. A. Gray, J1. P., of Oakville, Ind. It
was so severe that I could not move parult
of the time. I consul1te1d the very best
medical skill llvailble, but could get no
relief until Foley's Kidney Cure was1
recommuended( to me. It hlas been a God.
se1nn to me."
The Tamtnany society of New York
was organized in the spring of 1780 by
Willam Moogley, one of the leaders of
the "Liberty Boys." On the 12th of
May of the same year Mooney was in-.
stalled as its first grand sachem. Thia
soeiety took its name from a noted In
diani chief named Tamanend.
Tile pleasant purgative eff'ect experi
need by all who use Chamberlain's
8tomachi and Liver Ta~blets, and th
hoalthly condition of the body an~d mindl
wiich they3 create makes one feel joyful.
PrIde, 25 cents. Sample free at fick.
ens Drug Co.
Meant For Encouragement.
As a paltroness of struggling andt dis
coluragedl artists and musicians Mrs.
Foilln wats not) 1111rlkedly suiccessful,
althiouigh Shle 1113d Iilnty of mioney3 and1(
a1 watrml hleart and( was interested in
arIt and1( art ists.
"I've brought some of my sketches
to show1 y'ou," said( 011e poolr youing
man11 whomll shle ha~d atskedl to catll upon01
tier. "hut1 1 do not feel satisiled withI
themll. They03 are not as good In sonme
waIys as the work 1 did a year ago."
"Nonsensel" cried Mrs. Foleni, withl
ioud cheerfulness, platting him on' tihe
:dhoulder. "You paint just as well as
;'ou did last year-as well as you ever
have. Your taste's imfproving-that's|
.pl!"--Youth's Companion.
A Quaint Theory.
A quaint theory is that of a Frene
mystic who holds that the four potuts
of tihe Compass have an influence Oil
hIman ie lith'anid well being. Travel
lng west, asserdts thIs authority. ini
dIlleem mnelancholy; traveling eastw-ard
brings cheerfulness, souhliward lan
-1nor and Irritability find( northw IA-(d
enlilmes. It is a question of elvetrinl
currnits, andl(] the liIIIlu(ce ts felt not
only wen traveuling. but a1so wleni at
home. The best posture for)1 workingp' Is
to face o1eitr iortil or -1s, Says tlie
Fremnelhunantu. III these )! illons you' re
(!Vpei pitive waves of' -ltilly, the
nei(gUttivP (iiurreits comi r front Ile othi
or Iwo) 11i11S, south ni11l vest. EveOn
th IA itinrov l. It Seeis. If hI le
1,414) IIIO lthe be h Inr t o WrIeh th) ie north
III tho vnU '. 'l'o sle'p Ill (Il contrairy
pol -: in~es Iglhlinare an1d genI-;
Ak eold is much10 mlore en1sily enrIedI
win the Ibowil are op.m-0d. K.nimIfIdy's
h, x;1tiv4 Iolony and Tar )pols lhe bow
(ls 1nd(i di es t hle .44o ( pl l o t f t 1 he sNSivei
inyongo ol. Soldt by Pickenls Dru1
The' iiitl tisloerias of1 NewVtuilhin4h'i4
hav) e bluai 1.4oI,mierl tfor nonriil 10
ye:rr~. They' rIlU 1Iexceed those of
ll4illelm' ,1try hi t h11w w l id.
Vetlast soxty. in Daoo14er.
ToII than111 hilf of mankfind over sixty
years of age SuItfer' t fmil kidney and(
bl-ider disorders, utiually enilarganeImt,
()f the prostit glal(t. This is boilth
painiuil :nd dangerolX, and Poiny's Kid
i4'y Cure shovid I taken at the irst
11gn of an(llger, as it Corrects ireguiliii
it and has uired many old m11en1 of this
diseas. Mr. Rodi 4y Birniett, Rockport.
Mo., writes: '" Suffered with enlarged
piustate gland and kidmey trouble for
years ind aifter taknig two bottles of
Fol y'9 Kidny Cur'. I ft--I b-itIr tI1111
I i-ve tor twenty eal. althiougl I ti
now 91 years old,"
Teak Is supposed to he the most lIn
perishuatile of woods. It con1tainis an
essentIal oil that saflrIlrds It against
the atick of insects ani tle chanie
of temperaulre as weIl as ust m11 .
ture. Teak Is 1much useti for pilinl.o
uIm the sills in houise Iildihhg; also in
the colistriletion of rilway ages.
OURE AtL SKIN T1N 1101 lm.Es.
Sulphur the Accepted Remedy for a Hiuni
dred Years.
Sulphur is one of the zreatest reiim,
dies iatlrnl ever glave to man. Every
physician knows that it enreq skin nud
blood troubles. Haieo(k's Liquid Sul
phur enables you to get the full ilm't-fi
in the most convenient form. Don't Ike
Sulphur tablets or wofers or pioden d
nIlphur in molasses. IIamock's liinid
sulphur is pkasaiit to take ami perfeet
in its action. All druggists sell it.
A well known citxou of Danville, Pa.,
writes: "I have had an aggravatel cane
of Eezema for over 25 yearh, I have
used seven 50-cent bottles of the Liqnid
and one jar of your Hancock's LigImo
Sulphur Ointment, *and now I fo-ii io
though I had a brand now pair of hadi,
It hus cured me find I n ct-itain it %ill
cure any one if they persist in usint
Hancock's Liquid Sulphur according t(
diaectious. "Butler Edgar
A Pastoral.
It Was a beautiful night. The gen
tle 7,ephyrs of the evening played mu
sically amid the silky leaves of tht
turnip trees and the. onion bushes am1
wvafted from across the distant thib
the delicate fragrance of the growing
cabbages and the faroff odor of thu
bean trees.
"Betsy," he cooed as they sat on~ th<
rickety wooden fence surrounding .\rs
1FIlligan's pigsty, "'Ow bee-a-utiful is
lull' Jes' tink ov it, Betsy. W'en wt
are married we'll have a pig all ozi
our own, all to ourselves."
"Willyumn," she whispered resentful.
hy, "why should we want ter buy n
pig? I shan't want ter bay a pig
when I've got yew!"
Then all was silent once mnove except
that the gentle zephyrs: still played
amid1( the fronds of the e( >hage hushes
and the sIlver thronted frog still sanig
from the roof.-IReynolds' Newspaper.
Thie popular remedy in Otuego counity
and the best friend of my fimily,"
writes Wmn. M. Dielz, editor andt piub
lisher of the Otsego Journal, Gilberts
ville, N. Y., "Is Dr. King's New Dis
covery. It bars proved to be an inifali
ble cure for conghls and colds. 'imakingt
sbort work of the worst of them. We
always keep ai bottle ini the house5. 1 be
lieve it to be the most valuable prescrip
tions known for Lnnig andc Throat dis
ealses." Gnaraniiitee~d to netver disappoint
the taker by Pickens Drug Co's Drug
store. Price .500 and $1, Trial boitle
Justifiable Indignation.
One evening JIohni Scott (Lord Eldoi
had( been shipig rather too frly1 of
the convivial howl wvith a frIend In
Edinhnuirgh, and1( upon0 emnergiiug lito
the air hiIs 1intelileet beenmne consider
ably 'onlfuIsed. Not beting ale to dis
tInlguish obijects wilth any3 (degreie of
certainty lie felt himself quite capab11le
of losing his wvay to 1his own home.
WhIle in this perpllexity lie saw soxme
one1( coing towardl himi wvhiom lhe
asked, "D)'ye ken whaur John Scott
"Whaur's the use of your speerinug
that question? You're John Scott him
"I ken that," answered John Indig
nantly, "but it's no himsel' that's
wanted-dts his house."
Nature of Aerolites.
It Is thought by those who have spe.
chilly studied the subject that a ring I
of aerolltes revolves around the sun,
porIions of it very hic kly Studded with
them, whIle InI o ther portions' they are t
only sp:rsely senitierl. Eve 'cry year I
(lit vileaIrt's orbit nithroulgli this ring t
11nd. comles lin contact w%.ith thle atero- ,t!
liteS. Allotlier theory. not n'eessariily
III colifIlet w ith t o:1o Just given, ks 1I
SIhat Mueteors 1 1%. itlier remn ofll thel
wolghtil material of, thec sohlr systeml C
o 0 l o rl io n s o ' thei l g rea te r s I oI , t 'I ' I
vN'.ich0l till splie is fill.-New York I
The Limit of Life
Then most eininient medical sei-tfats
are't ntmn11imlons. ill the( convin1ionl thalt
the nrL Ie Ieid limii'ation 4f hnI
man life is i-mvi veNiur below she attain
nicit. possible ithtil ie lvit'el knewl
edg. of wit1h ithe rlueo is nlow pissessed. ec
The crifical perinal thatt. de1terminie, its M,,
durationi .s# mlls t.) bo betweenii 501) and (160; al
1th-i propier' 'ar' of t'li body dniing t.his s.
udeli icanot, h% too sr1ngil rg'd; Ila
C:I I'crl Itss: ''s t1 be i1g fittal to longevi- I ti
ly Nat Ure''j be st heliper' -fter 50 y)-ra b:
4; I.11 zriv liitors, the swaltilio tonlic
inedicin1e thlt revitaliz--s every urgan of
tle holy. Gn .ranteed b-y the Pickens
rig Co. Drnggiris't.g 50c. i
Hoad Down. .
The hai1bit o' wu alking "head downl" d
see:Is to be gi' n up1111 u1. 1 crIn-'
]lot help nticling that a1 vast mwajority -t]
of mnl' atre gazing bInkly at the pave
mntl -.I- they proceed. Are they un1
ler'se1 il1n thought' Arte tlhy W0,al; il
tiht- ieki? Are their alits too lieav'y? d
1)o they try to avoid acjtnalnlnce'!
Are they endeaovoing to make ai iml
PrVes:sioln that they are working oit
4om' giant problem? Is there any
thiig Ietty inl tile pavc'ementt Are
tlhirll' shoes attraIctiv*e? Are they l
silled to lift their eyes, thir'ow out
theli' chiests an1d look the worl(d inl the
face? IHow. many Ilel do you kniow
who sit erect in a puiblic conveyance,
eyes on the level, head we I poised on
a straight neek?-New York Press.
is Aln expiriolI as cld a tih 1r-.e. No
donht th rising and setti- g. cf the su
is iho mtst regiii' porfurtialon hi th1
1n"ivorse, uIlles it is the ac' 0ion1 , f the
h1vIe' 1111( bowels when regulatel with
Dr. King's N,"w Life Pills. Guarilnte, d
by thii Pickouis Di'ig Co. Druggists, 25e
Did He?
A young mall wlhio was preen'te]il
from ma kiniig his 1s11ual oveniilg ea
sen1t his aldor'ed one the followim.l note:
'''TIs shl tlat absence conquers
love. But, oh. bellev'e it r.ot: I'v%.e
tried in 'vaiin Its power to prove. And
thou art not 'orgot."
The hearl'ess young wo1m returned
It wi all thlie romance rmoved by
wiie acr'oss the back, "Ah,splatter!"
-l'anisas City Star.
"I want to Roy a few words for Cliim
berlam's Collie, Cholerno and di.rrhoea
r-madv. I hav used this -preparlition
in mv fimily for tie paiii tivo years l nd
i 've r. comnmended it to i nnmber of
people in York con'uly aind have never 4
kiwnn it to fiil to effect a cure in any
inasanee. I rel that I caninot say too
niau;b for the best medicwine of the kind
ii the world."-S. Jamison, Spriing
Gire v... York connty, Pa. This remedy
is 41 folsi by the Pickena Drng Co.
The Greek athlete of the gokien age
tr'alined on new cheese, dried figs,
boiled grain, milk and warta water.
lie ate mo meat whatever.
A 'volmin worries ntutil abe geta wr'mk
les, thenu wcorries becauwe shie has them.
If 51he- takes Holhister's RocKy Mountain
Teai she wonbi have neither. Bi'ight,
smiling ince follows its use. 35o Tea or
['ah b-ta
Ought to Know H-ow.
The animal trainer being afek, his
Iwife reported for duty in his stead.
"Have- you over had any exprence
In this line?" asked the owner of the
menager'ie, with some doubt.
"Not just exactly in this line," she
said, "but my husband manages the
beasts all right, doesn't he?"
"He certainly does."
"Welfi,. you ought to see horw easy I
can manage him."-London Opinion. i
- ..
But Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diar'rhoeii Remedy Cnred Him.
It is wilh pleansure that. I give you
this unsolicited testimonial. Ahout a
ye ~r ago whe-n I hadl a cals- of the me'a
sles I got caught 4ont in a hard rain and
the measles settled in my stomach and
bowels. I 11 -d ani awful timo and had
it not b'een for the use of Ohamberlain'as
Cholern, Coili and Dicarrhoea Remnedy,
I (44)1n1id ot hacve posmibly livedi but a few v
htonir longe'r, but thanks to this remedy
I am now ationg and well. I have writ
ten the above through simple gratitude
anid I shmll always speak a good wcorsi for1
tis remedy.-Sam H. (Owin, Concord.
Ga. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
"What nonsense all this is about
men getting on theIr knees when they
propose," said Mrs. Parslow to her dlear
friend. "My husband didn't do any
such absurd thing when he asked mue
to marry him."
"lie did when he proposed to me,"
said the dear friend without thinking.
About Surnames.
A curious custom which was prova
eut hn England, even as late as the
eventeentli century, gave rise to a
lumher of surnames. It was the cus
0111 of wearing patches on the face
licl originated with the ladies of
lie court, who wore plasters cut fi
lie shape of crescents, stars, circles,
lamonds, hearts, crosses, etc.; hence
1e word "court plaster." 4ome11 went
a far as to patch their faces with a
Lnllh:I and four, it Ship11) In full sal. a
liateaul and maySuch things. From
its (i111ou1s cirecutistlie enimie the
litte-, Cross, hip, Coulter, Castle,
rutp, Shear, Cloak. Sickles, Vane,
lagg, Crow and ('rabbe aild Iany
thers of equal sgilllcilce..-("ChIcago
For tho gond of thoso sulmering With
zema11 or other sucIh trouble, I w.sh to
y, my wife hail somlnethliug of that kind
d after using the doctors' remedi- ; f. r
me time Concluided to try ('ihber- 1
ill's Slv1'e, 111( it Provo' to 1be better
il any thing she had tried. For sale
r Pickens Drug Co.
They Shelved Browning.
Douglas Jerrold wNas convalescing
romx an illness when he read Urown
ig's "Sordello." Not a consecutive
lea could lie get from that mystic pro. -
uction. It struck him that lie had
)st his reason (uring his illiwss. lie :
irust the voluie into his wife's hand. .t
Lfter several attempts to make any
ense out of the first page she returned
., saying: "Bother the gibberish! I
on't -inderstand a word of it."
Orino Laxative Ftut, liTup is sold I
ulder a positive guilalantee to (1ure cou
ipation, siok headache, stonach troll
le, or any form of indigestion. If it
%its, the manufacturers refund youri
ioincy. What imore ci illy onei do?
Donald came running homleh, siig:
'Ovel at 'Mrs. Pond's they have n11ine a
logs. Soine of thei are full blooded
ind some are not. The full blooded '
)les cost 50 cents ald the others a
inlareter. Please, imlother, cant't I buy
One,,of thlt vinlpty bloilei o es "-St
Lou is liupulic.
"Everybody Should Know" C
1ys 0. C. Hays, I )rolmitnt, 1s1i1(s I
it Il 411 l11htif, Nlo., 0111t lluckleni's Arni- c
i is the qulickes. and sllst l'ahlig t
alve evera pplhti to a sore, burc. or 4
Volnd or to a case of Piles. I've used t
t aIti Iknow what I'm talking about, i
iuairated by the Pickeins DIig Co, '
)rniggihs. 25.
What Did He Mean?
She lives on1 Emerson street; lie lives
t few blocks farther east. She hadl a t
>Arthday recently. and he gave her a -
Inte han4d mirror ats a present. She
,Van delI -h1t ed.
"Im giil you lke it." h i
'Think of m1e once in awhile when yol
Ise it, will you?."
"Yes. indeed," she repifed. "I'll think
)f you every time I use- It."
"Oh." lie said. "you don't have to
hi1lk of ie all the time."
Somehow or other she didn't quite
ike that reply.-Denver Post.
rhambelat.n Colle, Oholera and Dlir -
rhoea flemeldy Hatter than t
Three D[octora.
"'three years ago we hid thlree doctors
rithi our little hoy anid everything they
siuld do seemed to be in vaini. At last
rbein all hlope seemed to be gone we bai
pml using Chanmbrlain's colhe cholera
md Diairhoea Remedy and in a few
ioure lhe began to improve. Today he
H asI healthy a chikt as parents coulid
rish for."-Mrs. B. J,.iohnston, Lin
on, Miss. For saule by Pickens brug
The "Punch and Judy"' is a relie 'If
anl anlent mystery, "Pentiuxs Pilate
and the Jews." Types er symbols of
Mr. Punch have been~ discovered r
amnong the hieroglyprtes- of' Egypt. andt 1
I~erelanlheumlf andl Pomperf have given
np the puppet after- being burled six
teeni centuries.-Exebrange.
Bllood Poisonung
'esllts from chronic constipation. whichl (
s quickly cured by'Dr. King's New Life
Pills. They remove all poisonous germs ~
~rom the system and infuse new life and.
rigor, cure sour stomach, nasifa, head-.
iche, dizzinesa and colic, without grip- I
ug or discomfort. 25e, Guaranteed by s
Pickens Drug Co.
A Card
This is to certify that all druggists anie e
mthorized to refund your money if Fo- I
cy's Honey and Tar fails to enre your a
lough~l or cold. It stops the cough,
ils the lunga aind provenlts seriousf re
uli from a cold. Cures la grippe oulghli f
ud prevents pneumniau ind consumlp-|
ion. Contains no opiates. Thes (Genu :
ne is in a yellow package. Ref'us* snb i
titutos. Parkins Phalrmac~y, Liber'ty,
sud Pickens Drag Co.
For ain U1mpa~ired4 Appette.
To imnprove thle appeitio und11( strenuigth
in the dijestion try a few dosest of Chamn
>erlaiu's Stomach and iver Tablets.
MIr. J H. Seitz, of Detroit, Mich., says:
'They restored my appetite wvhen im
afred, relieved me of a Lioated feeling
mud caused a pleasant and sitisfactory
novement of the bowels." Samples
'ree. Pickens Drug Co.
He-I could kiss the (dust you walk
n. She-What's the matter with the
liust that does the walking?-London
Does Your
Heart Beat
Yes. 100,000 times each day.
Does it send out good blood
or bad blood? You know, for
good blood is good health;
bad blood, bad health. And
you know precisely what to
take for bad blood-Ayer's
Sarsaparilla. Doctors have
endorsed it for 60 years.
On fre uenit ennae of hadibland is a sluggish
stibstanc s aro tihe absorbed it tte biood.
Koop tho bowuis open: with Ayors Pills.
Made .0. Ayor ro., lowll, Mass.
Aiomanufboturorl of
We have no scorots I We publish
the formulas of all our medicines.
Jotice to Debtors and Creditors.
All personsI holding claims agailst the
state of di. late O i . Al xiader
mat premwnt t ho Same dIly proveln oil
r )f fore thle 15th dy of OCtoler 1907.
r be debarredt pavniont; and all persons
idebtel to tihe said estate. must make
ltymnt onl or bpfoie the above (ate to
'. J. Mauldmi attornie.
28ep1i07t3 Laura II. Alexander,
Ad nuisrntr ix.
locky Mountain TeokNuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy People,
Brings Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A specl flo for Consti pation, Indigestion. Liver
nd Kidney troubles. Pitules. Eczema. Impure
looti. Und lreath. Sluggish Howels. Hondacho
ncacnc'ic. Its R1ocky Motintatin Tea in tab
t form. 35 cents a box. G(inin inmado by
IOLLIwrERt DaUo CoMPANY. bladison, WiS.
Thtt tru-tth i wangr th a11 fitction has1
neo mnore bven demonstrated in tle lit.
le towin 44 F. dr TmlRie in.u., ti.e rosidence
f C. V. Pepper. tio writ. ,: "J Was in
ed, entirel.v 11sabl1d with hemorrhagns
f the lu-gs andil thro it. Doctors failed
a help tme0, a1nd1 all hopis h1d fled Vhen I
egan tatking Dr. King,s New Discovery.
hled instant. relief came. nit coighing
o0n 4 ceased; the' bleeding diiniiisihed
apidly , 1111d in three weeks I was 111)1
c) go to work." Guaranteed cnre for
oughs aed colds. 50v. aid 81.00, at
"ickens Drug Co., drug store, Trial bot
la free.
Clerk's Sale
Connty of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
o the following named caRe and on file
a the Clerk's office, I will sell to the
ighest bidder during the legal hours
ur sale at Pickens Court House, S. C.,
z Saleeday in October 1907, the fol.
3wing described real estate upon the
erms herein after mentioned towit:
Anna M. Riceby
Mary A. Bentley and
Frank c. Maenhiin.
All tbat certain piece, psicci or tract
iland] lying anid beiing in the county
md. state aif~i ore I idtontaining eighty
ight and three-four tha (882t) acres more
r less, lying on both ides of the South
ru .Railway andi adjacent to the public
eighway leading from Easley. S. C., to
3reeoville, 8. C., it being the same land
ep~resenited by pInt made by .,. W.
3r nso* )il, uveyer, diated February 4th
887 wvhich plait is re corded in Deed
look "L" a~t page 220 of the records of
"ickens county, S. C. wvhich plat refer
nee is hero made for a more complete
Terms---One-hal f cash1 and the ba lance
n a credit of twelve months. The ered
portion to be secured by a hond of the
nrehaiiser and a mortgage of tile premi
es sold with interest from daty of sale at
per cent on the credit p~ortion with thle
rivilego of the purchaer 1 payinug all
ashc on day of sab-.. Tforms of salo must
0 complied with within onie hour cfter
alP or' it will be reso.ld on1 samell d y.
Purchaser to pay for all p~ape're and
r recinC(lg of same~l.
Clerk of Court.
-iHDr. King's
New Discovery

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