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Eutered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C., as socond olassimatter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
The Gatherer.
The Comings and Goings of People
Some you know, some you don't.
Mrs. J. Al. Stowart and children
are visiting relatives and friends in
Greenville this week.
Court Stenographer M. U. Long
spent Friday and Saturday in tonin.
Mrs Annie Sutherland visited her
mother, Mrs. Florrie Griffin, last
Mrs. I. M. Mauldin and her little
daughter, ivy, have returned from
a pleasant visit to Mrs. Ross
Eston at Central.
Mr. and Mrs. Greene McLeskey
have gone to Abbeville, where they
will spend the winter.
Midshipman Cleon Mauldin, of the
Kearsage, U. S. N., is visiting his
mother, Mrs. Debry Mauldin, and
other relatives in Piciens. It 1,asi
been some time since Mr. Mauld n
visited his ancestral home, and his
friends are giving him a cordial
Solicitor Boggs went to Walhalla,
Sattirday, to attend court, which
convened at that place Mondaiy.
J3 j Lewis spent Sunday with his
family in Pickens.
L. H. Kelley, of Pea Ridge, visited
friends in Pickens, Monday.
Miss Marie Folger visited frienda
in Greenville, Saturday and Sunday.
Js. Hagood and Frank Folger, of
Easley, spent Sunday in Pickens.
Masters len Hagood and Belt Ful
ger were the guests of Sidney Bruep,
Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Hester Curetod went to At
lanta, Monday, to enter the Grady
Dell Henderson, of Brevard, N. C.,
visited b a brother, Robert Hender
son, last week.
Miss Josie Chastain and Mrs. Ma
son Looper spent Sunrly with the
family of A C. Suthen, d.
Dr. E. B. Webb went to At:anta,
Friday. He was aeuonpinied by his
wife, who will spend some time with
her parents.
Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson and Miss
Ola Richey spent Friday with friends
in Easley.
Mrs. K. L. Cureton has returned
from a visit tu friends in Gaftfuey.
Miss Essie Earle has returned from
a visit to relatives in Westninster.
Mrs. H. A, Richev is visiting rela
tives aad friends in Greenville.
Mr s. J. M. Stewart is on a visit to
her sister at Greer.
Mrs. B. B LaBoon visited her sis
ter, Mrs. Flora Lathem, of Green
ville, last week.
3. F. Kown is on a two-weeks' visit
to relatives in Anderson.
Grover Barron,of Jocassee,h1s bees
on a thref*-seks' visit to his gra idi
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F Cauley,
below Pickens,
Mr. and Mrs. T. N Hunter, of
Liberty, visited friends in Pickenis,
,Miss Nora Jones spentSaturday and
Suniday with relatives ini Gree::vi le.
Luke Earle spent Tuesday in
Mr. and Mrs. Damve Moore visited
in Greenville, Monday.
Dr. L. 0. Mauldin, of Greenville,
srent Saturany and S..a.. ...:h r
tives, in Pckenis.
Honl. J. P, Carey attended court
in Walhalln, Monday.
Mrs. Mattie Sherifl', wife of Isaac
Sheriff, died at t.he home of her bus- (
band at Norris, 11 inst., from a com- t
plieintion of disoases of long standing, -
aged about, 50 years, She was a
member of Ruhanah church and a
consecrated Christian woman. Mrs.
Sheriff was the daughter of the late
J. Henley Mullinax and a sister of
Mrs. B. D. Garvin, of Pickens, and
leaves i devoted husband, four chil
dren, an aged mother, three brothers,
four sisters and a host of relatives
ani1d friends to mourn her death. Her
remains were laid to rest at old Mt.
Zion church the day following her
death, a vcry large circle of friends
and relatives witnessing the last sad
The Twelve Mile River Baptist
Association met with Keowee Baptist F
church last Thursday and embraced i
Sunday. Rev. B. F. Murphree was t
elected moderator and A. T. Win
chester, clerk: Taylor H-. Stewart. t
Feank Heaton and .J. S. Fox, execu
tive cominittee, and Rev. W. M.
Walker, evangelist. The introduc
tory sermon was preach d by Rev.
W. E. Ttnayer, of Greenville. Rev.
Dr. T. N. Bailey, Cor. Sec. Stute
Board Missions, was present. On
Sunday, Rev. B F. Murphree preach
ed al excellent sermon to a large and
appreciative audience. On account
of the lar- e crowd the preaching on
Sunday was done from a stand out
aide the church. The crowd was a
large one-, (xee(dingly orderly, and
plenty to cat was much in evidence,
anid every one was tilled, both spirit
ually and physically. C. E. Robiu
son, of the Pickene Association, was
present. There is a new church
being started there, which is well
under way. It will be a wooden
structure and convenient and well
Swiftly walk over the western wave,
Spirit of Night!
Out. of the misty eastern cave,
Where, all the long and lone daylight.
Thou wovest dreams of joy and fear
Which made thee terrible and dear
Swift be thy flight!
Wrap thy form in a mai~le gray,
Blind with thine hair the eyes of Day
Kiss her until she be wearied out;
Then wander o'er city and sea and
Touching all with thy opiate wand
Come, long-sought!l
When I arose and saw the dawn,
I sighed for thee!
When light rode high and the dew
w'as gone,
And noon lay heavy on flower and
And the weary Day turn'd to her rest,
Lingering like an unloved guest,
I sighed for thee!
Thy brother Death came, and cried,
"Wouldst thou me?"
Thv sweet child Sleep, the filmy-eyed,
Murmured like a noontide bee,
"Shall I nestle near thy side?
Wouuldit thou me?" And I replied,
'No, not thet!"c
Death will come when thou art dead,
Soon, too soon!
Sleep will come wheni thou art fled;
Of neither would I' ask the boon
I ask of thee, beloved Night -
Swvift be thine approaching flight,
Come soon, soon!
Old maiids wvonld be searce and hard to
Could they be made to see. [ find,
Now grace and beauty is combined
nfly. u min imok unta ea.
Poultry 1]
FIRST: Select your Strain of Bit
Improve them every timei yo
Good Cook at the Head of yoi
Poultry Association,
Judging by the number of person
ending in their natmes for member
hip in the '1Pickens Poultry an
let Stock Association" there is quit<
n interest being aroused in thorough
)red poultry in t be county, and 0b
irospects for their first exhibition ii
Poultry showts ate educators, anI
VhOre a successful sbon% is held in i
ounty many persons are attacked b,
he "fever," and a marked improve
nent in ponltry is the result.
A show in Pickens may be a gram
uccess as an exhibition of poultri
nd pet stock, but it is destined t<
)o at flat failure fiuancially, and th<
nembers of the Association can
:ount on going dow n in their jeani
o pay the freigbt. But the tru
ancier always considers "The ganm
vorth the candie."
To the majority of people
t icken is a chicken --a pro
lucer of fruit for omelets am<
L builder of chicker pies, with a pa
ralue of twenty-live cents and wheI
fancier spenks of prices of $100 t
150 for a single bird, they sneer a
he idea and renmirk that it is anothe
Pose of "A fool and his mouy," et(t
But such prices are not uncommor
mud often go many points abov
that mark,
The Association has act(d wisel
in securing the services of Mr. Mai
shall as judge, for he is a law unt
himself, and will judge all birds o
their merits without fear or fato
a a member of the "American Pou
try Association," and recogriz'd I
hemn as an expert, he is bound by th
rules of that Association, which hold
that all "Judges are to take as muc
pains in scoring, and are to cut a
3everely for defects at small shows a
it large ones, regardless of coms
The fact that he will be preiiaf
will draw amny exhibits from abroad
is the I u lover of the featherei
,ribe is very anxious ta know th,
xact number of points his birds wil
core, when judged by one who i:
boroughly onto his job.
That a Leghorn is a Leghorn or i
inorca is a M'norca is true, bu
evertheless every Leghorn or Mi
lorca is not a prize-winner, and ther<
vill be many disappointed exhibitor
f fowls who will denounce the whol
hing as a foul proceeding. Bu
rom what we have seen of the fgwl:
n the county, unless there s im
)rtations of stock there will be
nightly few 'blue ribbons" hung nj
8s trophies in Pickeos county. How
ver, those who are not in on the
ad, will have an opportunity to set
he wondrous beauty of the poultrj
ingdmn, and it wvil not only prove
pleasdre but a s.ource of surprism
nd wondermenot, and nmany a feathei
'ill be coveted for adornment o1
uilady's headgear.
Probably thete are very few peonple
o the conty but tlbon.e who are int.r,
sted in fancy poultry who know that,
s recognized by the "American As
ociation of Faiuers,'' there are 3*
istinct breeda of chickens, wmhich
onaist of 104 varieties. Six varietat,
f turkeys, 1() breetla of ducks with 11
arieies, anid 6 breeds of gees~e wvithI
varieties, Th'lee are classed am
American, 6 breeds, 17 varieties;
Lsiatic, 3 breoedm., 8 varieties; Miedit,
rraneain, 6 breed's, 14 varieties; Emn.
'lih, .3 breeda. 7 varieties; I'uch, n
ds; Scoond: Stick to them; Third:
,i cau; Fourth: Always keep a
ir Flock. dio
varieties, 1 breed; Dutch; 1 breed, 6 do
varieties: French, 3 breeds, 3 varie- fu
ties; Oames, 2 breeds, 16 varieties. h
Of these 1 breed and 8 varieties are
Game Bautama. In Oriental Games
and Bantains there are 4 breeds with n
5 varieties, while the Ornamental as
Bantams come in with 7 breeds of 17 tet
varieties, and the m8iscellanfeous lus fr
with 3 breeds of 3 varieties. th
Bronze turkeys are the heavy
weights in their class, their standardi
weight being adult cock 36 (ounds,
with ben 20 pounds. -
The hoavyweights of the gooseo
family are the Toulouse, Embdei Po
aud African, with standird weight
for adult gander 20 pounds, and
adult goose 18 pounds. do
Pekin ducks, adult drake, 8 ho
pounds. and duck 7 pounds, wile on
the Avlesbury and Ruen staondard wi
is 9 pounds for the drake and 8 bu
pounds for the duck. dri
I laughed heartily when I sow
where the printer made me
ay "tart" expressioin instead of
I "thought" expression. Must have d
h bad "pie" on the brain. Either lie
or I forgut to put "itjfIlauef-." after
"elevatinag." But I d..ti't see how
they keep from niki'-g mist.:.:s
-flener. be
I am gld that "Oh1 Riddle" 1..
not beeni solved yet. .Miake hai .s,
o "o. R.," we are alike about writi;g.
n I can think of "heaps" until I com
r. mence-when, presto, it is gone.
I I think when Miss Two-Year-Old quits a
y riding my back while I am writing
e that I will indite something sub- fr
a blime (?) -that is, if I can think of it. tb
b I was advising m3 children to make
a the most of their opportunities, when so
one said; "Ma, did you always make tc
the most of yours?" I said, "Of
course. I demtnstrated that to my
family when only nine years old, In
those days only the wealthy could
have parasols -except the mother
e and grown daughters. My oldest a
sister was the owner of a green silk,
white embroidered parasol, that we
youngsters were not allowed to use,
And how I longed to wallk just. a th
"leetle" piece with it over my head! he
But "No, you might break it." One de
Sunday at church sister went to the
choir and left the parasol on th e seat pe
Th'inking it was my chance I opened ap
Sit, and regardless of winks and nods
from sister, I sat through the enitire "F
-service with it over mue. Didn't I W
make the most oJf my oppiortunity ? "4
Of course mother wanted to whip) mie, t
but father wouldn't let her; said it W
served sister right fur never allowing
me to use it. Father bought meo one,
so that I w~ouldn'L act "such a fool" ing
Here is a remedy for litile folks
should they comne home and a
say, "I'll never go another day to In
that old teacher": Just pretendI notf alt
to hear, but if they refuse to go the"
next daiy, call in old l)r. P'eachtree, im
whose office is very ctose, and vac alt<
it isn't a sure cure.
If I come with a gobbler under.
my arm, will that insure mec mem.
bership in thet Po.u Itryv 'a'ciation? I 'he
have one old "'aurik" that is a boa uty inS
-unot very large -but i-uch a pret tv
color. Let's hear, sister, how many m
turkes y~u have. SomIe one pre- ite
dictq that turkeys wvill be high in kn<
Atlanta-..40c a pnd. Should uater
n to weigh mighty little if I had
Now. "brotherin and sisterin," let's
send our best recipes and rener
is to the paper. Keep the ball
Iling and help each other, Of
irso I wouldn't crowd out ' Gan,
rbone" for anything, as that is too
'my to be loft over. "A merry
art doeth good like a imedicinn."
Take a handful of the root of bull
tle or the nettle commonly known
"tread salve" will de. Make a
and put one-third whisky tu keep
w spoiling. Take tablespoonful
-ee times a day, and bathe the
lbs in Same.
Now, dear Mr. Editor, I'vo been
ing to give the locals from this
ce, and find that I am not in a
,ition to do so any longer. So I'll
ess up" and qut. DnEnR.
[We have talked with the presi
at of the Poultry Association, and
assures us that if you appear with
i gobbler under your arm you
Il be entitled to me.abership,
t if you Come with two well.
2ased, stufled and roasted "turks"
the male persuasion you will be
I am glad to be with your again,
ur Mr. E-litor.
Farmers aro getting along fine
kiing Cotton.
N. G. Mauldin has a contract to
ild ten bouses at Liberty, and has
ied on the work of building eix
useIs in our town. H.) also has a
side ce to erect for Torn Ilunter in
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sulith,
Miss Leila Bello Chapman visited
iends and relatives in Liberty on
e fifth Sunday.
Hovey Sargent and wife, of Ander
13, were visiiing relatives nee r Ca
Lchee lest week.
lises Ada Pilgrim and Fanni
Ileifield visited their friend, Mis
lila Belle Chapman, Sunday.
The baptizing was well attended
P jisant Hill on the first Sunda:.
'here is no doubt Napoleon telt
'otgh the sheer dizziness of the
ight he had climbed to. "The Duo
Raguse." says the Comtesse d
igne, "once explained to me the na
'e of his connection with the em
ror in a phrase which is more or less
plicable to the whole nation. 'When
p)Oleon said, "All for France." I
vedl with enthusiasm. When he said,
raince and( I," I served1 with zeal.
hien lhe said. "I and France." I served
thi rSedienece. When he said "I"~
thiout France. I felt the necessity of
rting from him.' "--T. P.'s London
A Night on the Sleeper.
Ihave you Cver' traveled in a sleeD'
car. Uncle Jasper?"
Yes, oneet. But I didn't sleep any."
What was the trouble?"
You Cee. I'dl just greased my hoots,
I I'd heard tell a bout them portera
'ays takin' people's shoes out and.
ek in' em. so I lhad to keep uawake
night so be wouldn't git a hold of
ue, for I knew~ if lie dlone it he'd
n extra dln ac(counit of thei halrd job.
mod if 1 enn see why the company
>w5 them~u kind of things to go on."
leago I tecordl- IIerai d.
It Is Queer.
ittle Boy --Isn't fathers flueer?
ntie--In wvhat way'? Little Boy
en a h~oy does anything for his pa,
dloesn't get anything, hut If another
n's 1b0y does It lie gets a niickei.
7hien a girl with an angel food taste
rries a man with a ginger bread
ome It's a sign that she doesn't
)W on which side her bread is but
d.-Dallan News.

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