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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. 0., as second claselmatter, under act of Congress of Maroh 3, 1879.
Wealthy Philant
City is Excited Ove
Cures of a Mystei
A' Eccentric
Strange Stories are Told <
Distributes Great Qu
Clothing and
Clhica!o, Oct. 14, Special-'he pw
pile of this city Pie greatly exe tel
over a number of remarkablo cures
w'hich hivo been ff-Teted by a
we-dthy philanthropist Lby the name
of Cooper.
4 His hnaclquarters at The Public
Dr!g Store is bewiged witb crowds
-of 111en an11d women eager to bo cnred
of their ills.
Cooper is a quiet, gentlemtanly'
persm, with the appearance of a stn
dent, rather than a business man
He is apparently a'out thirty-o or
+ two Vears of ago. lie firt came in
to public notice by his philantihropic
work atmong the poor. The large for
tune he pofsses-es has made it posi
ble for him to dit tribut many wag
on lomds of food and clothing among
those it ir digetm circumstances since
he arrived in Chicago.
The first that was known of Coop
er's power over disease was when Mr.
J 1hn Stauber. of 1607 Broaidway,
Cincinnati, Ohio, who was in the city
,on business, declared that Cooper
the philaithopi-t, was the same p-:r
eon who saved his life last March af.
ter he had been given up t' die by
his physicians. Mr. Stauber state.d
that last March the doctors hid told
him that be would not live until May,
-s he was in a terrible condition; ev
ery one said he had cnslmption; he
had a na!ty cough, with freqient
hemorrhages, dizzy spellk and wis so
we'ak that the least exet tion or ex
-cile nent w mid completely pr.'st ria
bm:; there were severe pains ill tho
stomaich and back, and his kidneys
were in baud condkiion.
"After my pliyicians gave ma up,'
said Mr. Stiub-r, '-Mr. Cooper heard
of my ce and called to s30 me. H
left a pdeculiar medicines whi-hi I b,
g-an taking an,(d immediatly Iegan to
improve. .\ly cough itp pe , my
st((omlac~lIhno oge:r.( disI tessed m l, an0d
may ki ineys were it, perfIct conditIon.
weeks5. mind to) lav I amI as well as8 I
(ver was~ ini my life"
A fe-w davs after this Mr. 1I. L.
SidwlW' , a j ustiev of th pea *2co hiving~i
at 3:;22 Deairor street, re'port, (d
that Cooper had cured him of a so
vere case, of stomach tr,.uble with a
few (doses of his peclhiar mledicinQ.
Htis troubIle hand bom of' longI
stanidug and hlo had tried mIoII dar
tors atdal icitins withifl Yilb.
.From the first (d se of Cjooner&'s mi
icine he bn.:an tot imnprov, ;and I IAIo
day iinl)pparently' good( h, abhi.
This wats folio :wed by the1 in;mo
r emnarkable curd of Ni r. T'i'M- A e
str nup'Oy'edi at i he Omanlm P.edug
Compamy, and living at 3210 SMon th
Mo)rgan strett. .lr. ~\'ebster had
sueelreil for years with pinz in hti
atomich, (dizziness, palpitation~l of
heart, backacht and all other trouib.
les. HeI catme to Cooper's he'adqum
ters anud displ ayod an) Inormiousa tap
worm, whiob ho said had passed from
is system after he had taken a few
s Chicago's Poor
r the Remarkable
-ious Man Whose
ities Are
of a Quiet Stranger Who
antities of Food and
Cures Disease
ut Pay.
Webster said all his suffering bad
left him as if b)y magic, and he felt
li:e a new being.
Tim rep)ort of these remarkable
cures flew through town like wildfire,
and the Public Drug Store where
Ctoopor is making his h eadquarters, is
beseigeil by people suffering with all
manntier of "iinents.
The physicians of the city are
amatzed at the work he is doing, and
;iave tried to shake the wonderful in
itc'etee lie has over the people, even
going so far as to threaten prosecu
tion, but, a lie doesR not accept any
noney for hi services and does not
give out ainy mediciie himself, they
have been powerless to interfere.
Cooper creat.ed considerable anuse
mnit at the expense of the doe
tors by askuing them why they did not
write their prceript.ionls it E'lish
s> their patients would know what
they were taking.
Since the interest has become sc
wide spread that Cooper cannot meel
the people personally, he is receiving
an enot mous mail, and keeps a large
force of stenographers employea an.
swering it. In the meautime stories
of marvelous cures continue t pour
Mrs. 0. Fry, living at 182 Oai
street, had suffered agony foi
m mnths from rheumatism. In telling
alout her c ise, she said:
"1 have had rhmaittism fir ov.-r
nine years It * has been getting
Vworso every ye:ir until I have he. in
alm-st a crip)le froi it fo
te past tighteen mon tht. I have
been unable to write for over threc
yors, as the knuckles of my haude
were S) swollen I could not close mi
tii._ urs onough to writo. Evc-rv joint
in my bodyv wasi in the ;ttle shape,
sniollom ad intensely p-iinful. The
sufferitng hats been too groat to tde
&.cribe. I have seen a doctor every
w ve! fo r I' -m ntIhi anmd hav tit it-d
inl ovi ry way t get wuell.
"LIi it weekt- I camne her andW
bought. someI of the1 Cooper' me~dI
ci nes I ve told to come batck\ in
c C e. I ilhdIi notil uroe I have'. come~it
baak-ay', just to expriss m
"YVou se'' my handscl. 'ITie sw~elung
I i yo dlwill lenld moC ai pencil Ii wdll
Vhow ytui at I can wri te,"' .\lr;. Fri
here took) the pienil and ttw'' it
r..adlyu. "I told a necighr who
Ihe ait*5 d 'uniy be it isn't t e ..ed i
cinet: maybe it ' 'nimethio a'. nr.' I
omiethinug Ilo wvas I shtomhl k .-p ''n
tainm the meodicine andu' 1 aiI i-ol
h -r to doC likiewise
Cooper climns to have r t ivei iheli
for'tmulas of the awd~icines be is numa
frman aiged priiet in a 8leepy Spar -
isMh town in Old Mexico. The M. -
cans helieved that holy water or some
supernatuiral element cntered in Ic
their composition.
(onone receives an enormom dan..
wail. Lettets are CoUliig in f:
every part of the state, asking for
The philanithropist rewlas eory I
ter carefully arid replies to each i
advising the remedy which is apl
Cable to ClIch individl'tl (Io
Vhile his reunitrkalble cures are I
chief topics of conversation, ma
stories tire heard on the streets i
in business platcos of his goodness
the poor. His gifts of food, m7or
and -lothing have reliuved a gre
amount of di8trests, and liavo greti
eudeared hin to the peoplo.
He is beginning to shOw the gr
straii he has been under the p
two weekb, an it. is unu<ersto>d tl
he will remain here only one mi
Business Locals.
Notices of Sile, Wants, SWIlps, ete,.
iserted i this Columni at 5 vents Tier
line for eitch insertlont. Nothina taken
for less tha10ta cents.
Fou 8.ii--17 nerni, origitnul for<
11 miles north of P !ickns, .330 an n<
.75 acres west of Wood'll 1onntain,
acres briielh hottomn, bailtlne in] timit
pricok $10 imore, (cash d -al. E. F. Kl.:I
11. F. ., No. 4, Picikei, h. C.
Yon have not henrd nothily from I
Moore inl a1 Iong ti:ie', I ..m ill E1.
old drug store on the conier. I am j
ha tlie-whanging along selling beef
one thing ai no tler. But now
come to facts: I want to buy yonr<
hides. green hides, raw hictis and
other kinds of hides,also your seed cot
and cotton seeds. I want some slice
want some pork; I cai't tell har
what I do want. The old 'ILrhet.
J. D. Moori
A few first class s. wing machii
slightly used to be soM at 'greatly
dneed prices. Also sowing milchin ei
paired. Call tit Graig Brosq
0. P. Knigh
Ask to see our assortnmint of remrt
laces. Price by the bunch 10c the y
Cr -ig Iho
That truth is straingr thin fiction
once more been detn.mtraithd in lie
tic town if F dora '.'i.O., t i.e reoiid
of 0. V. Pepper. to writ- s: -.J vwm
bo-I, entirely disablh-d with hemorrm
oft lungs ati'd tihro1t., Doetors ft
to help me, and ail hfopl htAd fiAl wht
begain taking Dr. KirsNew% Disaov!
Ted iiistaniit reiiif Clie. Tho con t
soo'n ilsed; t!u ble'ing dIin!ll i
rapidly , ia'd inihr tl wel Iki wa a*
to ; to work " Mlarandoe i e.-n-o
e-:.sae-1 ohia. 50'.. w-al 81.00,
P'ieloms Drug C.>., druig store-, 'r::0i
tlo free.
A Woman's Back
amany aehes aid patins caused
wkineses aIld falling, or ott.w disJp
m o:. Of t le ji!vic ortrans. Other sy
tewis tif feletit we alnss are freqlu
hi-:adacheo. ies immlinary specksg
derk spits iolingt bi-fori e Ihe eyes, gi
Irein dLi 1isa!.meinhh-d dIrainsl fronm pi
or ain., .a int. spis~ wil hi geria'i I wveak ni
I i.,.n cons:idLerabtle iinmhiler oif the aibI
symptoin arei prieent, there' is ino reim
th I wigie j;nieker'. riif or a mol~re
Iliresciplt inn). I! ha II:, re lcord of ovier <
y ii' of enres, 1 1. i he miisI jail
i 1n ' erit ing tiie Lin :il rengt~ hiiiing
v w !. '(In IiI l eici : c ie e I . ijii It. I iim
of'i I t19 . l eieji ell r ia lt i V ' n t eiiw -
nal 'roo fol te nd i o i lL r- ond i
a! oimdon theI iug i--wian' and
t sii* under ontu h ::s correct. 'L
Eviery1 K:)f' inrdii enier: ino
Eril eri'(Lt i pteion I hiasith II'i: n r tn
djrsemeni Li f Ithe1))1 most (lt iml modV. i
i Itler., ofal eiij several Iiho-s oifr~ li;
non-proiyi'fesintere: ilonialsi iinih
i.t o r tlk i, havng l.n
irtedLi~i ol vunui. ysaul p Li' '
in numbers1 to exced ti iihe enid or..
niugven to an ~th ier meill i:-n exunt
I I)w enre1 ofm woman's oillorys. s5L
Von4.i li etum ted liid t jinc4reiai any meie
fogr-chiatell grovnlcsmedy tor L-o
cndy.ro.evntot iedn
1ICK bNI. 4. <
"-E 11m ERH A'iD 1S E AND 0 C0
t Bull TATH
can run through it, c
or climb over aid bn
hry r-.
I 1- 1,
i re-Sos
lit- Ra
or ___
'e 1 CC1.C ~ ~ *
h Ied
U : .I
* 1-0IIT0'U
:t 3
VT.un ENErusyr
rawl under
.ak it.
Je .0With nadwo have
him. Ti school or collcge
his cIot1.(% e ,houl4d echo his
1ot his ti 's or his unIcle's.
.0ch havie made HpeciMly de
snil az (Ii evrer ts for him,
pied to 114 e'nnctinig demands
We Ilieve they Oro what he
niching for and ask him to
iljdl oit.
Shirts, best'made
to $1.50,
s Coon l l('0ars,
lcl. 15c 2 for
i Mail Orders.
( 1 ! i'
(lOothles for Genmtlemn"
ider :hey 2 r' pronmm eed in
.e I -tet. Canm we do 8o to
,p provaI!
>E L
.S. C.

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