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Pickens Sentinel-JoUrnlll
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TuoMrsoN & RicuY. PRoPs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Piokens Fostoffice as Second Clas
Mail Matter
They will not let Harry Thaw rest.
Even though he is accused of a terri
ble crime there is no use to tub in
the fact that he owns 200 shares of
Standard Oil,- [The State.
* Who wouldn't be a bandit at $150,.
000 per? That is what Raisuli got
as ransom from the British govern
ment for Sir Harry Maclean.
A poultice of mashed onions and
salt is the latest cure for snake bite,
The old remedy is good enough for
up.-(Lancaster Record.
"Cwsar thrice refused a kingly
crown, and that ended it."
"What are you driving at now?'
"Roosevelt has to enter a fresh
denial every week."
Judge McDonald, of St. Louis, has
decided that if a man riding on a
street car jumps from it when ho
thinks a collision cannot be averted,
he is still a passenger.
The arrival of 1,000 unmarried girls
in New York from Europe last week
reminds us that 5,000 Georgians,
North Carolinians, TennEsseeans atnd
Alabamians come to South Carolina
every Sunday on courting business.
-INews and Courier;
We have the horsoless carriage,
TINhe wireless and all that;
Also the loveless marriage,
But not the birdless hat
If the pricC keeps soaring, pretly
soon the careful shopper will demandl
to know, "Il this all cotton, or mere
ly half-wool?"-f[Iecord.
A French writer says that Ameri
cans owo a great deal to the trusts.
Well, aren't the trusts collecting it?
Theb country is tired of millionaires,
sa the Detroit News, and some of
the millionaires are getting a little
tired of the country.
"You ought to be ashamed," said
Mirs. Corntossel, "to stand there and
tell me that you have tr'aveled three
days without anything to eat! The
story is false on the face of it."
"Lady," an sweredi Plodding Pete,
reproachfully, "I may be an undesir
able citizen, but I ain't a nature
faker."-Washington Star.
There is more money than we re
alize." says Mr. Harriman. There
must be, or Mr, Harriman would
have grabbed it, says the New York
In Society --Oh, what a tangled
web we weave when first we practice
to-deceive.- -[Life.
You will recognize the millenium
by the fact that Standar-d Oil has
paid the fine,
When girls are seen to sit alone,
A-building castles in the air,
You may be sure the cornerstone
Is usually a solitaire,
-[ Morning Star.
Bihop Moore, of the Methodist
E~piscopal church, has jusat publicly
advised his ministers to dress well,
to wear collars that fit and have the
linen clean.
Lady McKenna, widow of Sir Jo
seph McKenna, left the bulk of her
o rna of $180l.000 to societies for
toeoof hora"m and dogs. For
it 1o au' ion .'- et. o f R..n- and 11n11l e,
her twev dogos, sheo left annluities8 of
$200 enah.
Mrs. Michael Davitt is soliciting
from friends of her husband in this
0ountry such documents and other
material as may be useful in prepar
ing an authentic life of the well
known Irishman.
Marvin Hughitt, Jr., son of the
president of the Northwestern Rail
road, and himself a high official of
the company, has bought an entire
township, 23,040 acres, for a summ.er
home in the hardwood district of
Upper Michigan.
If an editor makes a mistake he
has to apologize for it, but if a doc
tor makes a mistake he buries it,
says Success. If an editor makes
one there is a law suit, swearing and
the smell of sulphur, but if a doctor
makes one there is funeral, out flow
era and a smell of varnish. A doctor
can use a long word without knowing
what it means, but if an editor uses
It he has to spell it. Any old college
can make a doctor. You can't make
an editor; he has to be born.
Persians are fond of fine clothes.
The usual costume for men includes
a collarless shirt of light, pretty
material, cut low at the neck, and
with long loose sleeves, a vest that
fits closely to the figure, also with
wide, flowing sleeves.
In Conversation-"Money talks."
"Except on the witness stand; then
it says, 'I don't remember,"' - [Hous
ton Post.
Just for Fun,
And incidentally in the interest of
business, we propose to make one of
the carriers on the rural routes in
Pickens county a Christmas present
of a high grade top-buggy.
This buggy is a daisy, purchased
from and guaranteed by that well.
known firm, The Heat h-Bruce-Mor
row Co., and we have their word for
it that it is one of the best things on
We wish we could a1ffolrd to give
one of these beauties to each carrier,
but while the spirit is willing finances
are weak, and not to show ainv favor
itism we will leave the matter in tl e
hands of the patrons of the differeni
The rural boy.s who swelter in the
summer's heat and face the chilly
blasts of %%inter in the discharge of
their duties arc a faithful lot of fel
lows, and as they travel through life
their roadways are not always
'etrewn with roses," but more often
hub-deep in mud, wvhich is very'3 try
ing on patience, morals, old cloth~s
horseflesh and vehicles. Probably
the wear and tear on horse stock and
vehicles try their souls to a greate r
extent than the wear and tear on
their morals; therefore we believe
that the carrier w~ho comes into pos
session of this beautiful buggy with
out any effort on his part will feel
that b- him the gods have been very
George Legare, Nature Faker,
Hon. George S. Legare, the fun
loving, rollicking representative from
the First distriot, appears to have
taken offenso at a harmless squib
which appeared in a recent number
of this paper regarding a sc-ca'led
fox chase. The very "offensive'' item
was simply a "jolly," and was meant
as such. The Columbia States seems
to have so taken it, and comments on
our "stuff"' in tbe following sportive
"llver since the president began
his crusade against nature-fakers.
various individuals h tve endi a'or. d
to detceive himi and the general publice
mn anecdotes of animals anid to foistI
upon innocent believers all sorts of
stories which they swvallow with as
much ease as a small pill.
"Up to this time, South Carolina
has been somewhat free from this
sort of perversion of the truth of na
tulre, but we learn with regret that a
recent and flagrant oftfendar is Repre
sentative George Legare. Only a
short time ago The State printed an
article descriptive of a spirited 'pos
sum-hunt in lovely little Pickens.
Now comes the Pickens SENTINEL
JoIvawa L aind shatte'rs the whole story
wah ai rutlhless iconoclasm. The
&xT N:'ND~ JorInmT says.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear vihen the kid
neys are out of order
. *or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a-child to be born
' afflicted with weak kid
neys, If the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
teaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment ol
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis.
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect oi
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- Home ot swap-noot.
Ing all about it, including many of the
.housands of testimonial letters receivec
rom sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmei
S Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure an<
mention this paper.
Don't 'make any mistake, but remembei
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'.
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y., on everv bottle.
* * * * *
"We are surprised and hurt tha
the congre-smau from the First dis
trict should have so cruelly deceiv
ed ui "
For a high-roller the i1on Goorgo
we think is ultra sensitive when a
little mt!JII,%-spoken truth is throwi
to the bree ze.
Pay Up Your Notes.
All persous owing us by note or ac
conut. for stock must comeo up by the 1
of November and make pa;yment, or th,
usual course of coliecting such account
will be pursued. .BATEs & ROINSON.
"Do you think young Propsley wij
astonish his friends when they see hit
on the stage'" "Yes, if they think It
caln at."-Cleveiand Plain Dealer.
When English capitalists were try
Ing to establish Angora goat raising I
South Africa they palI as much as $2
500 apiLece for goats, to induce th
Turkhsh owners of flIne stocks to risl
the severe penailties of the sultan'
laws forbidding the exportation of Ai
Ecze ma.
For the good of those snifering witl
eczema or other such trouble, I wish t<
say., my wife had soiething of that kinm
and after using the doctors' remedivs fo
sotne fitit coicluded to try Chaumbuv
lin's S11ve, andI it provot to be botte
than any tihing she had tried. For sale
by Pickenms Drug Co.
of a woman's life is the name often
given to "change of life.'' Your
menses come at long intervals, and
grow scantier until they stop. The
change lasts three or four years, and
causes much pain and suffering,
which can, however, be cured, by
Woman's Refuge in Distress
it quickly relieves the pain, nerv
ousness, irritability, miserableness,
fainting, dizziness, hot and cold
flashes, wveakness, tired feeling, etc.
Cardul wvill bring you safely through
this "dodging period,'' and build
up your strength for the rest of your
life. Try it.
You can get it at all druggists in
$1.00 bottles.
1 suffered." writes Virginia Robsont.of liast
on. Md.. "until I took Cardul, which cured
me so quickly it surprised mny doctor, who
didn't know I was taking it.
Sore Imippies and Chapped Hands
are quickly cuirc'l by applying Chmamberlai's
,aive. Try it; i' 'M a success. P'rice 25 cents.
Cure. Colds, Prenvents Pneuna
Company will insure
Every trace of kidn<
I $1004
Baltimmore, Md
ney trouble U'
A Word
For Sale byPICKIH
Ready for I
Only live fish swim ui tre)m. f
Gcods and shoes. Which wIy are
We have ever i-hown. atd 0ur P
Aly d11f.- i < ni n I h p
and ranging in ju ftic (.))) fr10c I .
goods before oul bu1y vN)111 dress.
White goods are largely il u1.e,
ply of these, at the OL) IRICES.
goods, I ('nn ell C Gent( n 1th . 0
10C ehe ynl. Ja i i l d Casinlris
I Can F4 l1 1 ;. < d 11(d Twill V1.1n
I from 50c to ,10) the pair. 8hoes. we
I shoes rmid' for 0i.- ii or v. We in:
Come and see us.
W7est I d,
We are inll e 111 t mm< tIll for 111 kim
h)ntter, sf e iV ! 1 01,14 4, Irish poifltt e
a1n11 thlig you n e to q ll. h b ig it t<
ket for it. Try us bef- re selli.g else
Ci Etc 41 ! i l is cC n plc te
t hcm fromi I) No. I iin nt shoe
51hoes 1nd( ecurIs or. 1- 0 H 1(. We4 can :
nny 1YPrice. Cl nI C to ic us 1* fri 1e IC
viniecd1 of the iii < ve for1 .A fi w n (
30y ou pair' l'fc ye hey n nial gone.
Groct rics of all k i<4: Fh nr.
of rice, grits, e.3 up, el ite f'sh, rall I
We l II !iul Pe f dr' gecd
mak e the j'ri e's ni n i p to. pon.
hancesi. (C nl 4' to see I H, brivg 3(our 1
steore. Vih le r1 3(1 'r uit t<. lan asi
tiali month inI biusiness.
We aclso have ai lot of pa~nts to (:
Ashimore 4
a a
any one having any trace of
-y trouble is eliminated by
I be paid by the Inler
ite Chemical Co., of
for any case of Kid.
IA BOL will not helP.
to the Wise!
'all and
nter Business.
ud all headed for A. K. PARK'S for Dry
'ou goitg? We have the largest and most
Fall aild #illter Goods
rices Shall be the Lowest.
e I i d vl it d Pssr. ta iDt of sty. Ivs and colors,
3O the ymid. Come nd let us how you these
[tis Feason. We have provided a liberal sup.
Notwithbtandng the advauce on cotton
s et Ist. I i 's ,rices. A .Oca one for 8e and
for n'n and boys wear, at. il e old p ict s.
nel lit 150 the y1V d. l1hktts at all pricc
11 evepybody knows that we sell the best
ke geod ill that we tell you 0b ut our goods.
, Pr k,
Greenville, S C
& Nimmons
hi of country produce, such as chickens, eggs,
S pidasrs (poohers) white pens aid just 11Co.t
us and We will give you the top of tho mar
and up to date in (very epect. We have
to is No. 13 bregan. All kinds of fine Sunday
[l you inl size, style 111n1dquality anud at most
I u buy your fall anid winiter' sho's iind lbe con
re paiis of thiose real cheap shoes loft. (Get
5.ugar, parecbed1 and grooen efire, the be at grade
snds of canned goods, (CA ND1ES, etc.
5 and NOTiONS.
a rdl notions of wuhich w'e thsink that we en
You should see our line of embroidery and
* mily and hava your fris lds meet you et our
tinig or not you are alwauy welcome. We
the lig tunde we ilad in September, Our ini
ite o'f cheaop. Aek sabout cur 14 rant pile
& Nimmons.
We have just received our New
a'all line, of the famous
Hawes' Hats,
mong which can be found styles
> suit everyone. From the most
uiet staple shape to the very latest
incy novelty.
These hats have n
ery fewi equals at th. ,i
The one pricy toe -

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