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~o . 'o :otv to d i h
w ado ovrokn'tegonsfro
pis Beverly o
eneedad howm ersfuo ar
I wace h p
elvres stood in the
window overlookingthae grounds from
the Princess' boudoir. Beverly had just
entered and thrown herself upon a
"Yes; he's here," shit said shortly.
"How long do you, with all your
cleverness, expect to hoodwink him
Into the lbellef that you are the prin
cens?" asked Yetive, amused, but anx
"He's a great fool for being hood.
winked at all," said Beverly, very
xuch at odds with her protege. "In
an hour from now he will know the
-truth and will be howling like a mad.
man for his freedom."
"Not so soon as that, Beverly," said
Lorry consolingly. "The guards and
officers have their Instructions to keep
him In the dark as long as possible."
"Well, I'm tired and mad and hun
gry and everything else that isn't com
patible. Let's talk about the war,"
said -Beverly, the sunshine in her face
momentarily eclipsed by the dark
cloud of disappointment.
Baldos was notified that duty would
be assigned to him In the morning.
He went through the formalities which
bound him to the service for six
months, listening indiferently to the
words that foretold the fate of a
traitor. It was not until his new not
form and equipment came into his
possession that he remembered the
note resting in his pocket. le drew It
out and began to read it with the
slight interest of one who has antici
pated the effect. But not for long was
he to remain apathetic. The first few
lines brought a look of understanding
to his eyes; then lie laughed the easy
laugh of one who has cast care and
confidence to the winds. This is what
he read:
She is not the princess. We have been
duped. 11st night I learned the truth.
She is Miss Calhoun, an .American, going
to be a guest at the Rasile. Itefuse to go
with her into Edelweiss. It may be a trap
tuid may mean death. Question her bold
ly before committing yturself.
There cane the natural impulse to
make a dash for the outside world,
h if necessary.
**round, he won
.! been deceived
.onal American.
retrospection lie
ble it was for
A 40.1 )- m isrincess. Every
act, every word, every look, should
have told him the truth. Every flaw
in her mu squeradiug now presented it
self to him, and he was compelled to
laugh at his -own slinplicity. Caution,
after all, was the largest component
part of his makeuip. The ,craftiness of
the huuted was deepliy rooted in lls
being, lHe 'saw a very serious side ts
the adventure, Stret ching himuself upon)0
the cot in ,the corner of the room, he
gave hinmself' over to ;plotting, plan
ning, thinking,
In the midslit of his flhoughts a suad
den light burst in up)on him, Iis eyes
gleamed with a new fire, his heart
leaped wilth new animation, his lekod
ran warmi again, Lea.plug to his feet,
he ran to the windo0w to reread athe
note from -1(d Frianz.. 'Then he selfled
b)ack and :laughed wi:tht a fervor~ that
cleared thve brain of' a thousand vsague
"She is Miss Caihoim, an Amerlean.
going to be a guest at the castle;'' not
the princess, but Miss Calhoun. Once
more the memory od. the clear gray
eyes leaped into life. Again he saw
her asleep .in the coach on the itoad
from Ganlook. Again lhe recalled the
fervent throbs his gnilty heart had
felt as he looked upon this fair crea
tine, at one time the supposed treasure
of another man. Now she was MIss
Calhoun, and her gray eyes, her en
trancing smile, her wondrous vivaell~y.
were not for one man alone. It was
marvelous what a change this sudden
realization wrought in the view ahead
of him, The whole situation seemed to
be tra nsformed inito something more
dlesirable thani ever- before. Ils face
cleared, lis spirits leaped higher and
higher- with the buoyancy of fresh r'e
lief, his confidence in hiimself creopt
back iuto existence. And all because
the fair deceiver, the slimt girl with the
birave gray eyes who had drawna him
Into a net was ntot a princess!
"-' "'at site had not
- - . * 'esent p~osition
ire him 01r with
'diee. To her it
plealsant comf
the *~ ~ ~ ' saw the good
- -re .. t:king himt from
the(ol life and putting hint into lis
present p)osition of trust, Ie had
helped her, and site was ready to ihelp
him to the limit of her power. is
piosition la Edelwveiss was clearly
enough defined, Tfho more he thought
"Author of "Graustark" -.
-Mead and Company -
of it the more justifiable it seemed as
viewed from her point of observation.
Ho w long she hoped to keep him in the
dark he could not tell. The outcome
would be entertaihiing. Her efforts to
deceive, If she kept them~ti>, would be
amusing. Altogether he was ready,
with the leisure and joy of youth, to
await developments and to enjoy the
comedy from a point of view whleh
she could not at once suspect.
His sulitle effort to draw Haddan
into a discussion of the princess and
her household resulted unsatisfactorily.
The young guard was annoyingly un
responsive. He bad his secret instruc
tions and could not be inveigled into
betraying himself. Baldos went to
sleep that night with his mind con
fused by doubts. His talk with Ihad
dan bad left him quite undecided as
to the value of old Franz's warning.
Elther Franz was mistaken or Haddan
was a most skillful dissembler. -It
struck him as utterly beyond the pale
of reason that the entire castle guard.
should have been enlisted in the scheme
to deceive him. When sleep came he
was contenting himself with the
thought that morning doubtless would
gIve him clearer insight to the situa
Both he and Beverly Calhoun wvere
Ignorant of the true conditions that at-'
tached themselves to the new recruit.
Baron Dangloss alone knew that Rad
dan was a trusted agent of the secret
service, with Instructions to shadow
the newcomer day and night. That
there was a mystery surrounding the
character or Baldos, the goat hunter,
Dangloss did not qluestion for an In
stant, and In spite of the instructions
recejived at the outset he was using
all his skill to unravel it.
Blaldos was not suinmoned "to-the eas
tie till noon. HIs serene indlfl'erenlce to
the outcome of the visit was calculat
ed to decelve the friendly but wvatchll
Htaddan. Dressed carefully In the
close fitting unIform of the royal guard,
taller thani most of his fellows, haind
somner by far than anly, he was the
most noticeable iigur-e In and about the
barrac.lks. Iinddhin coachedl 1him In the
way he was to alpproach the p~rinicess,
Baldos listening with exaggerated in
tentes's and1( with deep re'gardl for de
B3e-erly w~as in the. small audience
j)'1m oflY the main receptIon hail when
he was ushered iuto :her presence. .The
servants and ladies in waiting disap
peared at a signal from her. She arose
to greet him, anmd he knelt to kiss her'
hiand. For a monmenlt her tongue wa-:s
bound. The keen eyes of tile new
guardI had looked into hers with a dIi
rectness that seemtedl to penetrain her
brain. That this scene was to bei one
of the most Iuteresting in thme little
comedy was proved by the fari that.
two eager yotag wvomien wer'ie hidden
behind a heavy cur-tain in a (omerQ of
the room. The Princess Yetive andf
the Countess ] anmar wvere there to en
joy Beverly's 'lirst hour of athority,
andl she was aware of thieiir prewne1te.
"Ihave they '0o(1 you that you are to
aet as5 mty espll guat~trdh and1 escor't
she asiked, wuith a queer (lutiter in he(r
voice. Sonwhiow this tall fellow wvith
the broad ahasthders wasl not thes samel
as the ragged goat hunter she had(
knowni at irst.
"No, your highnmess," he said easIly.
"I have come for inlstrutiOms. it
pleases mie t4o'kcnowv that I am 't have
a place of 2mnor and trust such as
"General Marmanx has tol me~ that
a1 vacanlcy exhts. anud 1 haive selected
you to fill 1,t. Theil comlpenlsationi will
be attended to by tile proper p~ersonls,
and your duties will b~e explained to
you by 011e of the otlicers. This fiter
1n00n, I believe, youf mire to aceolimany
mne oni miy visit -19 tile fortress, which I
am to insp)ct."
"Very~i we-ll, your highmess," he' re
spectfully salid. ie was1 thinkting oft
Miss Calhoun. nn Amerlenn girl, al
though lie called betr "your bi1ghnies'."
"MIay I be permiti ed to -k forin
stru1ctions5 that cani come11 onily fromu
your highness?"
'"Certainly,'' shei relied. Ills man-t
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