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The Gontinel-Journal Cqinpany.
Subscription 81.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Sutered at Pokens FustofMBO a. second Class
Mail Matter
A I ading New York tailor says
that many young married women
come to him to learn how to pack
their husband's clothes.
Princess Ludwig Ferdinand, of
Bavaria, it is said, recently formed a
society to promote the wearing of
shorter dresses.
The German emperor is extremely
fond of the huge white frankfurter
sausage, and has a su 'ply of them
made fresh every day in his own
One of the most remarkable rail
way bridges in the world is that
which connects Venice with the main.
land. Built on 223 arches, it is 12,050
feet long.
Senator Clark need not have gone
abroad to find a "lack of confidence
in American securities."
Editor-"No, take it away; I don't
buy poetry." Poet -"Well, all tbe
editors who have read this say it
isn't. Wou't you look at it, sir"
-[Cleveland Leader.
A New Englandclontemporaty sas
there was no neod of sending 4 con -
mission to Europe to study immigra
tion. Not very much, it seems.
Some of the commissioners cane
back knowing less about the subject
than tbey did before they started.
-[The State.
The millenium must be near at
hand. The whola of Sunday and Sun
day night passed in New York with
out a single case of death by violence
being reported.
Austere Persou-"I can't tip you,
young man, unless you have change
for a tenner." Waiter, sizing him
up-"Keep your dimo, sir: I imv. n't
a nickel about mue."-Chicago News.
Tho Chinese punish thieves by
burying themi alive, while gamble'is
get off with a fine of "fat pig.''
"aiptaius of industry." such as we~
have, do not exist in China.-[Colum
bia lIecord.
Don't see why Newport's smart set
should enthuse over a monkey that
emokes cigarettes, when so many af
feet $2 cigars and a loud, English
drawl .-Constitution.
She was an heiress and he w as
poor, but otherwise honest. "How
much do you love me, dear?" she
asked, after the manner of her sex.
"I love you," he replied in a tone re
plete with candor, "for all you are
worth,"-[Chicago News.
You don't have to be introduced
twice if you have money.--[Phila.
The Formesan goveirnment has do.
cided to spend $15,000,000 on irriga
tied works.
You can take awvay a Kentuckian's
whiskey but you can't make him quit
fighting.--Indianap >1is Star.
The factories in Lawrence, Mass.,
are running to their capacity, with
upwards of 35,000 persons finding
steady employmant therein.
Nor cani a woman who bangs a
kettle on a crane be termed a nature
faker.- [St. Joe News.
At all railwvay stations in Gerrmaniy
there are automatic slot machines
which, for a two and one-half cent
i --d". le'livers a ticket, without
* lai-", ,to <'I' who has no railway
aixious contemporary. In prohibi.
tion states, yen..
About eighty tons of woolen rage
Bro c411l4-01, 11111 e I n- rua
and shipped chiefly to England lnd
France. They are sorted in Snyrna
by women, who get twenty-three to
thirty cents a day working from dawn
to ounsiet.
On account of high wages paid in
the ehipyards in the United State
bordering on the Lakes a number of
American yacht, barge and steam.
boat owuers have been seading their
vessels to Canadian dry docks for re
A young mother in Spokane had
engaged a new nurse for her baby.
The nurse came to her and said: "I
don't know what's the matter, mad)
am, but the little cries and cries. I
can du nothing to quiet him." The
mother thought a moment. Then,
brightening up. she said: "I re
member now. Baby's last nurse was
a Southern mammy. You will find
the stove polish on the third sheif of
the kitchen closet. "
The last blow has fallen. Glucose
and aniline dye have gone up, thus
boosting pies, jams and sodas and
all the delicacies of the chemist's art.
-[Detroit News.
If fourteen railroad companies and
five express companies are conspiring
to drive sixteen creamery compqnies
out of business, how much shall we
pay for butter next winter?-[St.
Lemis Post Dispatch.
Nature studies should bb found in
all grades of public schools, from the
kindergar'en to the college; that it iH
of the utmost importance, since ii
appeals to practical life, and for de
veloping our highest and best good
by bringing us cl so to nature's heart
and near to nature8 God.
A. medical magazine of Englant
gives cause for the great increase o:
appendicitis, which is worthy of con
I Hideration. P say- this 's due to the
substitution of iron and steel for Wh
grindstones in the flour mills
Minute ptarticles of iron becomi
mixed with the flour and cause th,
A negro was detected in Green
ville last week in the act A dressing I
dog, intending to sell the meat II
!mutton. He made his escape. Mu
ton will not taste good in (reen %ill(
for some time.
Do not kill the bull bats. It il
said that it several p)arts of the
coanty the gunners are killing tlh i
1t is~ against the law. The penalty
is $20 line. Look out or you will hi
brought up for trial by the gam<
warden. L~ is a violation of an aci
of the legislature.
Is Your
Hair Sick?
That's too bad!i We had no
ticed it was looking pretty-thin
and rough of late, but naturally
did not like to speak of it. By
the way, Ayer's Hair Vigor is
a regular hair grower, a per
fect hair tonic. The hair stops
coming out, grows faster,
keeps soft and smooth. Ayer 's
Hair Vigor cures sick hair,
makes it strong and healthy.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Sold for over sixty years."
A Mado bjJ. 0. Ayr Co. Lowen,.Mass.
Hiay Fevor anud Summer Colds.
Victims of hay foyer will experience
great benefit by tatkinig Foley's Honey
and T1ar, as5 it stops difflenlt bireathiin im
mediately and heo:ls the iniflamlied air
passages, and even if it should fail to
euro you it will give instant relief." The
genumne is in yellow paickage.
Sore Nipples anld Chapped Hands
*: ...k.ered hr apl.yinug chanberlal z
Trouble and Never Suslect it
Prevalency of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarm
Ing increase and remarkable prevalenc)
of kidney disease
Whjitekidney dis,
orders are th<
most commor
diseases that pre
vail, they are
almost the lasi
recognized b)
- p!atient and phy
sicians, wcho con
tent themelves
tohth doctoring the efects, while the orig
inal diease undermines the system.
What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge se
often expressed, that Dr. Kilner's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
fulfills every wish in curing rlieuniatisni,
pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
and every part of thle. urinary passage.
It corrects inability to hold water
and scalding pain in passing it, or bad
effects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne
cessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many
times during the night. The mild and
the extraordinary effect of Swamp-Rool
is soon realized. It stands the highest
for its wonderful cures of the most dis.
tressing cases. If you need a medicine
you should have the best. Sold by drug.
gists in fifty-cent and one-dollar sizes.
You may have a sample bottle and a
book that tells all
about it, both sent free
by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y. When RomeetswaM-nt.e.
writing mention this paper and don't
make any mistake, but remember the
name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
the address, Binghamton, N. Y.
Pay Up Your Notes.
All persons owing us by note or no
count for stock must come up by the 13t
of November and make payment, or the
usual course of collecting such accounts
will be pursued. BATES & ROnINSON.
Weighting a Horse's Stern.
Some of the officers and men of a
vessel once anchored in the harbor of
Funchal, Madeira, went ashore for a
horseback ride around the island
About halfway up the mountain w(
came across a little mizzentopman
flushed and evidently very warm, rid
Ing a spirited little horse with a ston(
tied up In a silk handkerchief slung t
his tail.
The first lieutenant laughed and said
"What are you doing with that hand
kerchief. Brown?"
"Why, you see. sir," said Brown
"that when I first hitched her up sh
iitched badly, being too much by tho
head, so I just rigged this stone on af
and brought her down to her bearings
and she saIls now like a clipper, sir."
"On a Man-of-war."
For lhn good of those su-ffring witl
eczema or other such trouble, I wish t,
say, miyv wife had Homething of that kino
-1ind after using the doctors' remedi-s fo
t sole time concluded to try Chalmb-e
lai n'h Salve, "11(d it proveri to bo bette
tha'n any thing she had tried. For sal
- by Pickens Drug Co.
The trouble is, your liver',
sick. One of its products,
"bile," is overflowing into,
your blood.
You can't digest your food,
your a ppetite is poor, you
suffer dreadfully from head
ache, stomach ache, dizzi
ness, malaria, constipation,
etc. What you need is not a
dose of salts, cathartic water
or pills--but a liver tonic
Black- Draught
This great medicine acts gently on
the sick liver, it purifies the blood,
renewvs the appetite, feeds the nerves,
clears the brain and cures consti
it is a true medicine for sick liv'er
and kidneys, and regulates all the
digestive fuinctions. Try it.
At all dealers in nm. Jicines in
25c packages.
Sore NI'ppIes and Chapped Bands
Are quickiy cured by appliyinlg Chaeu:urinin's
Salve. 'Try it; i' 'e a succes. P' ice 25ccents.
Oures Oofds: Provonts Pneumonia
Carload of Obelisk Flour .iust rceivoi
at H. A. Richnv's.
Conpany m ill insure an)
Every trace of kidney
- i$100'.ill '
Baltimore, Md.. foi
ney trouble UVA
A Word to
For Sale byPICKEls
Ready for Fa
W Only live fish swim up strei m. and a
Goods and shoes. Which way are you g
h-COEP1et6e 1180 Fal
Wohave ever shown ad Our Pric
31y <'i6*% !f ( p <'I J n ( i a laite fit
and ranging in price from 1oc to $1.50 thi
goods before you buy vour dress.
White goods are largely in :use tis
ply of these, at the OLD PRICES. No
goods, E I can sell . ou Gaitou fal I ( s ait
10c the y1rd.1 !Jcans andl Caussin:ers fitr r
I can slI 1 1ood ld Twill Flanuel 8
from 50c to $10 the pair. Shoes, well e
shoes made for the n:oiey. We mi he ge
Come and see us.
West End,
No waiting for frosts to ope
new stuffs have broken their cas
ing you their way.
The woman who '-shops" will
bargains among our dress good:
too many. It's an old story of
er than the goods cost us.
The lady who comes to our s
be sure of this much-that eithe
serviceable. We know what evi
is wvorth. \Ve know it is righti
suited to sensible service. Any
the dainty way in which our
airy lightness about them so th;
without weight.
Everybody is A
It is all right to visit our store
the buying p)art. Simply come
see if every word we say isn't tr
anybody. It's a b~ad business po
Yours for a si
W. F. Freer
.1 "AT rT rpE O.
F one having any trace of
-rouble is eliminated by
paid by the Inter
JIemIl Co.. of
any case of Kid.
CL will not help.
the Wise!
11 and
ter Business.
I headed for A. K. PARK'S for Dry
oAug? We have the largest and most
11 aild VWilr Goods. A
es Shall be the Lowest.
I vi.iid oss( itment of M3 les oud colors,
a yard. Come and let us sihow you these
ea-on. We have provided a liberal sup
twitllhtandinug tie advance on cotton
PMt 3 i's l.I< . A ((d cn fcr Fe doid
:en arid bo3 s wear, f tiWe old p) icts.
t 15c the 3ard.I J3it i1liets at all prices
epybody knowN that we sell the beat
od all that we tell y
Greenville, S C
n~ the dress goods burrs. The
es, aud here they are beckon
find the most tempting sort of
. It's an old story of buying
selling out at prices often low.
tore to buy a cloak or hat can
r will be stylish, sensible, and
try cloak and hat in our store
ai quality, right in shape, and
woman will be charmed with
goods make ip-. There is an
Lt they seem to be almost
sked to Come.
simply to look. Never mind
For your owvn satisfaction, and
ue. It doesn't pay to deceive
luare deal.
nan & to.

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