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Dry Goods, clothing, Shoes, Ha
Buggies and Wagons. Alm(
For the past month we have been receiving New
Pickens. We are not much on "HOT AIR", but we I
in 1897 has been phenomenal and we appreciate the fa
ces are always right; goods bought right sell themselv<
Our Dress Goods Department, as usual, is
complete in every detail, largest stock we have
ever shown, all the latest styles and patterns in
Flannels, Serges, Pannamas, Henriettas, Broad.
cloths and silks, Outings, Flannels, Kerseys,
Blankets, Rugs and Art Squares at all prices,
Largest stock of Ladies' Cloaks and Rain
Coats ever brought to Pickens, all colors and
styles from $2-50 to $15. The Kenyon Rain
Coat for Ladies, $7-52 to $15
Clothing, Clothing!
When it comes to clothing we are the whole
show procession and all, we have the largest
stock, best styles and patterns ever shown at this
store, suits for men $3.50 to $25, for youths $2-50
to $15, children from $i to $7. Buy the "Horse
Shoe" brand if you would have a fit, and remem
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gen
Chase City buggies, Iron Kinig stov
and 7-ioirls Shoes, Lynchburg Plov
Butterick Patterns.
J.s Cl McDonald, who w~
Pickens Sentinel-Jollrmal r flt of this conty is
____ ____a% the home 4his brother
Happenings of a Local and Personal eon.
Nature. F arers ara now turnin
Ashmore & Nimmons change their c o s i ver
ad. this week aod give you soe he g
pointers to think about.
See half-page act..of the Pickens Sea.ofFlrTo
Drug C.'. T'hey are talking boliday Te aeterfl n
goads pretty stout.antlly)whitstoy
Mrs. J. N. Hallum received a coop
of White Wyandottes, Monday, that Pchtafoisszec
are beauties, They will be entered in a odeu iea e
the poultry show,.r say oni l
Willie Thompson bas received an Te okhr fe rd
addition to his family of American H.B-.oCriBc
Dominiques, anid he will be a contest- rgC~Moe&M
snt in the ioualtry showFogrTrny&coalc
Watch this paper eaeh week ito' aeercsi bsppr
interesting news about the .centest.temaego drie
Save your coupins aud vote 4,hem hieoecokiulf
where they wil4 do the most good. mte otr vrg u
The rural earniers cannot work A.B eenadwi
themselves, but you can show your Fatradhswn n
appreci'rtion of their faithful ervicewofrteattoyer
by eaving your coupons, voting, .andineasaridinic
working for them.datmaehiagn
Do you consider anything of yourThysyte10 wvi
mail catrior? If you do, spread your- wihth Ln Sa
self and win him that fine top-buggy Teltl 'oya-l
we are going to give away to the n Mr.om atsi
lucky one among themz. atron fe hr
At a me.eting of the Poultry Asso-mnigtadwabui
olation held last Friday evening~ alTnebrae
of routine business was gone overartsh
- held, as fo'-ih fmnyfinsi
, vice-prosi.horfsrow
IN. Hallum, B eeec oora,
0 . Thomp- rn ilb 01 u
son, executive committee; W, WV. Glepe~~oofr i
Voight, superintendent of hall. An mrbgy ate o
interesting meeting was held and th ool rdco o ae
show was turned over to the tendlorliso atocrvra
mercies of the executive committee,frmanayoe v tn
who will do all they can to make ofwild)eltoaenU
the AsociatiasucessNvtinb t 1 owmgo a.ti
ts, Gents' Furnishing Goods,
)st everything in car lots.
Fall Goods daily and now we can show you the be.
ielieve in doing things and showing what we are d<
ct that the secret of our success has been square d<
ber if we can't fit you out of our stock we are s
sole agents for the International Tailoring Co's (
line which is the best Tailoring Concern in the S
world, suits from $15 to $45, a perfect fit guaran- i
teed. Overcoats for everybody, from $5 to $25. 1
Rain Coats for boys and men $7-50 to $15. Big
stock of Hats, among them the celebrated Hawes
Hat at $3, The-Stetson at $5 and $6.
Shoes, Shoes!
There is no denying the fact that we have the
shoe trade of the town, if you want good shoes
you can get them here, but if you want cheap,
shoddy shoes you will have to hunt the other
'feller". The secret of our immense shoe trade
is, we don't handle cheap shoes, the best or noth
ing is our motto. In coarse goods the old relia
ble Battle Axe stands out far ahead of any other
ts' Furmishmng Goods za specialty.
es, New [loire sewing machines, I
Vs. All v1lner's.
as once al B. 0. Robinson has just receiveId a Master
eriously ill car of fino stock. his 7th L
near Sen-l Last Satutrday a son wais born to deligbtfull
Mr. and Mrs Luther Boggs. The army of h
g their at. thtrd day after mloving into their
fall grain now hotis-Ocouce News. Since 19
>rtant an& To be sure the departmeut stores has collect
tell you thet if their -goods are not eviiders.
nley & c i tisfactory you can 're-ur-n thern Last wt(
ouncement Sure! But you have to pay the ex- jtown trese
ur initerest Ipress or freight both ways and you Th'e easse
decide to keep them. If your honae lows: Book~
merchant's goodls are~ not satisfactory Agnewv, fig~
mn boast -of you take them back .and it costa you Steph--ui .
f advetis- nothing. Robinson,,
o ounttsY. Next T'eesday evein te Presby-liurop
and getit. terian Synod will con'vene in the Firet do far- ti
a,, P'ickens Presbylerian church in Anderson, to 'to $291 wl
ilain and remain is session tour duys. The pobee; $50
cupy hit- members of the Synod have bea R. bonds;:
and all of very much amused by' a request of a tery and re
rs and aL prominent pastor of one of the largest Tork an is
interkesting churches in the sta-te to postponeThsaiy
ar. the session ol the Synad on account
of the state fair; in Men
B anidreon '1The Hender-sonville (N. C ) Hustler Died, Oct.
have beeni says: "Dr. Childs, the financial agent Mr. anid
ins Tiir- of WVofford College, Spartan burg, has an illnesi
heir homa. bout ht the King Morris residence and age. Li
is playng move m, an is0 no full-fledged I ttle ci
isavi edi .ni of Hetnideri-unculeh, ~and a most who kne,
Stt. (idirble, one, to~'>i. D.. Uinilos p.rcch- The angels
blib'I of Mr. ((d a very pwful iftirermloti at the Would ta
3d Sunday Melblodist church last Sundtay, and But camnei
iIOoss frote i made a mos~t favorale improwiou on And plut
v'I thei dayv his manty hiearers." ,1he le, t
hthlehem.,3J Th'e Cilver-t carrUosp) ident~ of the The jowt
ie the sym,- Sylvana Valley (N, C.) News saiys: They took I
i hster"Jim M:)rgan, Kmise-y Lm n ing, P'or- T lc
ter .lorgan and Obecar Lyons last we-ek
-i-Iisiung col. drove south to lhailey withi produ1ce, Ho is gathe
d. of C. P and Bent Cuningham took ne ow along Bright je
arth, a li t.o furnaih m ilk and but Iter for- the He sough3t
f, fammg gang. The- last we not iced of the And tooki
This '~~ h awd wasH 1ken hantgin~g to oneO endr flt our der
id is a fin- ofi the rOp)o and0 the cow at the other For awhii
f good land enId. JDen was breathing hard and When Jesul
is sale on wished he had thiat over-coat off or- the Ho onlyt
m dear cow was in -the npatn."
Furniture, Stoves, Hardware,
;t stock of General Merchahdise ever shown in
>ng. The growth of our business since we started
-aling. We sell nothing but the best and our pri
hoe, in children's and women's cheap shoes . the
xodman shoe is the shoe you want, every pair'
ruaranteed solid. Zeigler shoes for women $3,
3-50, $4 and $5. When it comes to nice shoes
or men there is nothing to it but The Walkover
Lnd the Boyden,. the best shoe made to-day for
k3-50, $4, $4-50, $5, $6.oo and $6-50
Hardware of every description, stoves, tin
vare, turn plows, harness and saddlery, belting,.
;hingle saws and cross cut saws.
The largest stock of staple and fancy groceries.
n the county.
Buggies, surreys, furniture and wagons in car
ots, See us for anything you need. We haven't
:he space here to tell you of half we would like to
)ut come to see us for- anything you need, we
mill treat you right.
Yours very truly,
ex & eo.
Sole agents for Mitchell wagons,.
[lawes $3 hat, Boyden, W 5piover
1). B. Finney celebrated Card of Thanks.
irthday yesterday by de. Mn EDXrroi:- Please allow us space
y eItertaining a small in your valuable paper to thank our
s young friends. I dear friends and neighbors who were
a so kind to u, during our loved one's'
th of A pril Mayor LBoon sickness anb death. May God's rich
td $61 in ine farom the est blessings rest upon them. May
dthey never know such sorrow.
ek'sbuenes netedthe Isaoc SilEHIFFr and Children.
ury the sum of $65 00 "ABckHir-aralla
disposed of were as fol- treat fl fra u n ie
er Clinksentles and Halevn asrn nditrstn lt
bling, $5 each; Henrv' A. Apa httkswt vrbd
wiling wvhiskey, $30; Fr ankAdioiNv.1.
y-ptue-ed with 25 pints of *--- -
erson, uined $25Noc.
ie diebursements amount '' h lcosadptoso al~.
ich was spent for salary of adCapnesCeksho lsrca
for one coupon on P. R Petisfrmecscoldtitha
130 for cleauning off ceme- mnino hsCut sigta h
pairs; lumber for bridges;abvnae coldtrtsecno
t t; tretliht, t hr d a ct s---ft l one .itrea n ndir
eryecoomial dmiistand aIx touny ard iteresider plot.
Audtitoriumn Nov. th1907, 1Ocok
1Tththetl daehercfto aptosofLte
r.EM.Glta, afterete' reksho dsrcs
of amontwihscrletPetitiosl atfr ome scoo dthit hof
liewiy aou 4 eas Nvber, 190ed wihte oy Bm oaininEd
Id nd vslovd b al acsulatind hin couty asking that,1~, the
a ,iber nmd sco dsturictAsb consor'l~
direntt; ste u is , t e tc dare, intoy 2n wdistrict. h fr
e erycooia adi istra Tolnthe cyB ad illnide ysaid
uit or ouehldpot-tions on rov. 5th10, alt 11Jcok
14, the fitflowauher o of ' i~iHl~lgos
Mrs.E r.mGistrcateror ladSa l.uat't
of ake monly;it scarle I will sel fo at yhom to the 18t ofd4'
I i was bo ut;rso al Noe bern 10 omyoc f rm .otann
did totel so they mae, ng, 2 aosCl.o h am
loher aa ht or g ol n thescroowmade -ser
rined thfirst e we . I tic is hou eod gods. ~ t e il
~vels fr his rown~- infllm .l. lcasho tor J.a.n , lace .o
em~i cas k e nly; stufgf il oI~ for sh ' to highw . :.5..
terithet oneo azfeml r I C. ~e+ .i y
therfoenon, ris BcrowIn.U.r -
..totice ofinal Settemen t aI !ist*
e she wa only loNed-ice m hill b ivn att alut wejn wil
calond our (lrhn re a rgeres dinh r i1. aa
ook His own, Oct. 24, 1907t4 n:. mt I I LI,
A .lFiun:No. I R. in. ill LI
Am In. r.

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