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Friday an
We want to say a few words
nery, We're mighty proud of <
partment and we have good re
have a stock that would show up
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trimming but all good and mode'
These are the very same ha
worn in New York, Newport an
day, and not any of last year's ci
The ready-to-wear articles ai
rect, but if you wish to carry ou
and still be in the swim, Miss G
She has the materials and knows
don't forget, that our Dress Goo
of the Markets, at skimmed
could not go wrong if you tri
from this NEVER BEFORE E(
At. present we ar
our 34,250 square fee
we had more room, st
ble penny makes the
Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas Court.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
in the following named case and on file
in thle Clerk's office, I will sell to the
high~est bidder during the legal hours
tor este at Pickens court house, S. C.,
en satesday in November 1907, the fol
lowing described real estate upon the
terms hereinafter mentioned towit:
John Ferguson, Truatee, et al,
Jolm Ferguson, et al.
1st That tract, parcel or piece of land
known as the J. 0. Ferguson lands and
better known as the home place lying
on both sides of Town Creek waters of
Twvelve Mile river the whole of said land
having the following metes and bounds
as shown by plat made by J.W.Brunson
surveyor, on the 7th of A pril, 1883,
reference to which is hereby referred:
Beginning on a B. 0. 3-O N 17 E 64
Stone 8x Thence 8 73 W 18.50 to a hick
ory 3 x o N 13 1-2 E 15.50 to stone
3I x o N 69* WV 61.40) to a Stone 3 x
N. 2jEl12 to a Stake 3 x N 87.1 WY
-27.750 N 88t o W W 25.25 to a Stone
3 x o S 181 W 8 to aStone 3x o 53 wi
10.45 to a Stone :3 x o Thence N 59 1-5~
wV 8.30 to a Stake 3 x o thence N 412 WV
15.20 to a Poplar 3 x o Thence S 88 W
250) to a Stone, Thence N 2l E 17.33 to a
Stone 3 x o Thence S 681 W 17.30 to a
Pine 3 x o Thence S 4 W 45:00 o W;
Thence S 80s E 10.46 to a Stone 8 x o'
'Thence S 10 4.5 W 35.94 to a Stone 8 x o
Thence B 431 WV 6.05 0 8 4) i WV 10.75 to
a Stone, Thence 52 5-6 E 44.15 to a
Stone 3 x o Thence N 631 E 57. P 0 3 x
o Thence 8 86) E 23.50 to theo beginning
corner containing one thous~and acres,
more or less.
2d Atso, all that tract of land lying
on the Fox Squirrel Ridge and having
the following metes and bounds as'
shown by a plat made by J. W. Brun -
* a ' November 20th, 1883. Beginning on
a stone and running N 2 E 8 to a stone
*.8x o Thence N 204 WV 42.50 0 Hickory
3 x oStoneB 3 x oThenc N 756 E
Hickory 20.40 to a pine Thence N 59% W
40.70 to a stone Thence S 48 WV 4.64 to a
pine 8 x 0 Thence S 10 E 19 to a Stone,
Thence S 25 W 21.15 to a Stone Thence
, 14.80 to a tnne R x o Thance N 571 E
successful and laj
s the seventh anm
eath Bri
t Saturday, and A
about the Milli- It eclipses at
>ur Millinery De- Cotton, Wc
ason to be. We woven in all
well in a large
pe, color, style and
led on the Latest Have been I
up. It seen
ts that are being new cases e
d Washington to- all. Wear<
op. ,They are so
e all chic and cor- they are stol
your o'wn ideas is because m
yourown deasManufactur(
Lston will assist you. the mercha
what's what. But in earch
ds are the Cream ne d
milk prices. You children. W
ed when choosing chap that gc
a like the Irishman ih
t of floor space wc ar4
ill as we haven't got il
;turdy pound," and all
"A word to
N.20 to a stone 3 x o Thence 8 w( E I
58.50 to the beginning corner, nontain.. v
ing one hundred and thirty-five (135)
acres more or less.
3d Also all that parcel, lot or tract of
land sibeate, lying and being in the
county of Pickens and the state of Somb -
Carolina containing two hundred anmd
flfty-eight acres, more er less and
known as- Olassy Mountamn purchno-'d
from W.. E. Wetborn ands bouedd byr
the lands of C.. L. Hollingsworth, B. P
alauldin, W. T. Field, D. K Hlend icha
and others and the same Ie situated~,
tbout two miles east of the present town1
of Pickens.
Terms: On~e-baui cash and) the balancre
on a credit of Twelve montha,, the credis
portion to be secured by a bond of the
purchaser andi a mortgage of the premi-1
aes wvith inteiest from day of ank I
at 7 per eenst on the er..dit
portion with the privilege of the
purchaser or pirchasra paying all .ash
1)m (lay of sale. Terms of sale must, hei
Ixomplied wvith in one hour after abil or
it will be resold on same day.
Purchaser or purchasers are to pay
for all papers and for the recording of
same, A. J. BOOGS (Seal)
Clerk of Court.
Clerk' S ale.
County of Piokens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
In pursuance of a deoretal order made
in t he following named ease and on fille
in the Ulerk's offlee, I will sell to the a
highest bidder duriung the legal hours
for sale at Piokons court house, S. C. oun
saleday in November 1907, thue foi
lowving describecd remal estate upon the
terms heroinafter muon ioned towit:
H. L. Trotter et, ad.,
/ 'Plintith'
Joana Burges.
All that picco parcel or tract of land
in the county of Pickens and State
aforesaid containing one hundred and
thirty six acres more or less~ adjoining
Slands of N. A, Keith, William Edeons, E.
B. Hooker and others.
Terms: Cash on daiy of sale; terms
rgely attended C
.versary celebrati
ice Mot
LL were PL-EA
iything ever before shown he
ol, Silk, and Mixtures. Ev
Our Sales
>henomenal and yet the sto<
is inexhaustable and we are op
vrery day. We aim to have en
almost ashamed to tell th
low that we are afraid you w
Len goods. But that isn't the
re buy in such large quantiti
-rs think we are a committee t<
nts in some town. It is t
Boots and Shoes, for men, wo
ork or Dress-week-day or Su
>es courting in a pair of our
ossett Sho<
at- took one drink t(
(owded-our misf<
L, we mfaust sacrifice p
the wise is
7s in Low F
er sale or the premisesc will )n resold on
amne day at the risk of the former pur.
ha-er. Purchaser to pay for all papers
iud recordiug same.
A. J. BOGGS, (Seal)
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
ntyht of Pickens.
In court of Common Pleas.
Ini puaace of a detcretal order made
n the~ following named case and on tile
ii thme Clerk'as oilice, I will sell to the
uighest bidder during the legal hours
rsale at Piakena Court House, 8. C.,
mu Saleaday in Novemm~or 1907, the foi-I
4)wing described real estate upon the
ermai herein after mentioned towut:
tank of Pendleton, Plaintiff.
lames Peek, et. alt., Defendants.
I All thai certain piece, p 'rcet or lh
at land in the corporawe limita of thme
ow of Ventral containing onietouth
O) of an~ acre mo)re or less and knownm asi
hie lot purcbased by samuos Pet k froor
sm. Caroline Rowland.
2 All that piece paurcel or lot of lwau
ni thme corporate limits of the town, of
>entral onutaining onei fourth (1) of an
,crea more or tess, and knownu as the lot
)urohnased by James Peek from, Billy
Terms: Cash ou day of sale, terms
xmnut be omp ied with ini oneo honr aftr
ale or the premises will be resold on
mamie day atr risk of former piurehasmer or
purcharsera. Purchaser or purebasera to
ualy fur papera anud recording of same.
A. J. BOCOS (Seal)
(lerk or Court.
Clerk's Sale,
Conunt~y of Piekanra.
In Common Pleas Court.
In pursuance of a decretali order mamde
in the following named case and on file
in the Clet-k's office, I will Bell to tihe
highest bidder during the legal hours
for sale at Pickenas court house, 8. C.
on Salesday in November 1907 the fol
inwing danaribed tranin of land nnnn
pening ever hel
-row Co
re, Jute, For men don't try to
!ry fibre under a chair, but he
sight, and if the youn
k keeps Shoes for ladies, then
ening up have both proved th
)ugh for judgment, and know
e prices. Also they are kindre<
'ill think Many people W(
secret. It such a short time. It
es. The right kind-we have
> buy for that wear. We don'1
de same ever, because ever is
men and that they will outwear
nday. A elsewhere for the san
Come and try th
will be satisfied.
)o much-we're ove
rturne is youir opporti
ofit, o it ma e I'0) 1.
the terms hereinafter mentioned towit:
B. F. Lawrence Jr.
Joseph B. Lawrence, et. ad.
1st All that piece parcel, or tract of
land l.ying and being situate in the state
andc eeuatiy aforesaid on the waters of
Keowee River contaiining 117 acres
more-or le4s according to pl1t of! survey
made-soiunn.y by R. C7. Edens surveyor
on the 1126I day of Sept. 1907, scaid piat
beina~ en Sale in the Clerk's, omloe, Pick
ens oouenby,. &. C.
2nda All tchat piece, parcel or tract of
land1Ilyi-ug and beiaug situate in thce at s
and comuty aforesaid on waiters of Kei,
we.e Biceu contaizaing 122 acres more or
less. areoudinrg to- phst of survey m 'do by
E.. Kc Edens auveyor on the 12th dacy
of. Sept, 19&0.. Said Plat being on
files icc the. Clerk's offle Pacens county,
s C..
3rd ALL that piee, parcel or cret of
land Lying and being actnate in the state
and county aforesaid on waters o~f Keo
wee River containing 124 acres more
or lessc aecording to Piat of the same
maade by E, C. Edencs surveyor ou Sep
tember 12th, 1907. Said Plait being on
file-in the Clerk's omole Pickensc county,:
s& C.
4th All that piece, parcel or tracot of
land lying anad being situate in the state
~ad oaunty aforesaid on waters of Keo
wee River eontaining 74 acret more or
less, according to Plat of sanmn made by
E. C. Edens, surveyor, on tihe 12ta daiy
of September, 1907. Said Pl at beinag on
file inc the cjlerkq ome~e, Pickecas counaty,
S. C.
Torms: One-half cash ai'd thec balanace
on a credit of Trwelve mouaths. The
credit portiona to he seonlred( by a bond
of thes purchasero or puaracaasers anud( a
mortgaage or mfortgacges of thae p~remnise
with interest fromc (lay of salle at 7 per
cent on credit portion witha tice privilege
of the purchaiser or purchasers paying
cell cash on day of Hale.
Teams of sale must boecomplied with
within one hour after sale or the
premises will be resold on same day.
Purchaser or purchasers are to pay
for all papers anid for recording the
same. A . J. BOOGS (Seal)
Clerk of CJourt.
I in this
sit on his feet or hide them
gets them right out in plain
g lady fortunately wears
a Quality
the minister gets a job. They
at they are people of good
when they get a good thing.
I sould.
)NDER wh) their shoes last
is because they don't get the
the RIGHT kind--the kind
claim that they will wear for
a long time, but we do claim
anything that you can find
te money.
em and we will guarantee you
rflowin~g. With all
inity-while we wish
After all "the nim
South Carolina.
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