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Remarkable Demo
Chicago's Strar
ist Before
P 'nmense Paras
Known Man With a f4
Obicago, Ot. 28.-Special.-Ex
citement over the marvelous cures of
L. T. Cooper continue unabated.
One of the largest crowds that has
yet called upon the noted philanthro
pist visited him yesterday, and a
remarkable demonstration of his
power was given before the entire
audience. Selecting an elderly gen.
tleman, whom he noticed carrying an
ear trumpet, Cooper motioned for
him to come forward. He poured a
few drops of a peculiar liquid into
the man's ears, then rubbed them
softly for a moment. Stepping quick
ly backward to a distance of sixty feet
he asked in an ordinary tone, "Can
you hear me?" A look of surprise
and delight spread over the man's
face as he :answered, "Yes, I hear
you perfectly."
The gentleman was Mr. John Auft
sing, 87 Boston avenue. Mr. Auft
sing stated that he had been deaf
for many years. He said
"For nearly nineteen years I heard
nothing. I had a terrible, rumbling
noise constantly in my head that was
almost maddening. It appeared at
about the time I lost my sense of
hearing, and no matter what treat
ment or remedies I tried, I could find
no relief. Once in a long while I
jus6t barely distinguish a noise, butir
all these long years I was unable tc
bear a human voice. I had given uF
hope and had reosgued myself to a
- < ben I read of the
sgo I began the Coop
A my conditiem wae
almost immediately improved. I be
gan to have confidence and took the
remedies faithfully. Now, thanks tc
the Cooper medicines alona, I can
hear as well as I ever did in my life
My family, and every one tkmt known
me, will testiey to the won<kerful cur<
in m3 case. It shall al-vays be grate
ful to Mr. Cooper for what he hai
done for me and I want ether pea
ple who are deaf to know that ther<
is yet hope for them." Mer~y of those
wvho called 'had come to 'thank Mr
Cooper for *what lie had done fot
them, they hiaving previosly written
him a statement of their condition
and havirng followed his instruction,
had returned to toll him of theiu
A geotlemian by the name of Nmil
Winkler exhibited a glass jar, con
tamning a parasite eighty ifeet long
which he cluimed had passed from
his system avfter taking seven doses
of Cooper's medicine. T~e' parasite
was alive and squirming. .and Mr.
Winkler was anxious to know wvhat it
When Cooper informed hinm the
cause of his ill health had been re
moved, he was greatly relieved, and
was profuse in his thanks to the phi
Thousands of people viewed the
parasite and expressed surprise that
such a thing should exist in the hn
man system.
Mr. Winkler is a well known elec
trician, living at 182 East Ohio
street. In speaking of his experience
he aid:
I have been more
g. I have had se
- - d any food that I
wouMd M wo nauseate me. I
would have had dreams almost every
night, dizzy spells would compel me
to quit work. Black spots would ap
pear before my eyes when stooping
onr and rising qnul. T mwould
astration Given by
ge Philanthrop.
te From System of Well.
Dw Doses of Peculiar
s Paynfor Service.
feel tired moat of the time, in fact, I
have had no life in me to speak of
for the last five years. I tried vori
ous treatments, and one physician in
St. Louis was recommended to me
and I was under his treatnient for
some time, but as usual I obtained
nor lief.
"So many people asked me to try
the Cooper preparations I decided to
do so, and after using it for a few
days this awful thing passed from my
system. I feel much better already,
and I want to say right here that I
thank Mr. Cooper a hundred times
for wbat his medicine has done for
we. I would not take $5,000 and
have that thing back in my s)stem
A story with a touch of pathos was
related by a gentleman conversant
with the facts that illustrates the
kindly nature of the philanthropist,
and explains to a great degree his
wonderful bold on the people.
A delicate woman whose face bore
t-aces nf care and suffering, and
whose frail body was distorted by the
ravages of disease, called at the
Public Drug Store and asked for Mr.
Cooper; but he was out and the little
woman turned away, resignedly, but
sadly disappointed.
'To her it was another stroke of mis
fortune, and she turned her weary
steps tovwud the little home, where a
sick husband was awaiting her return.
But her .disappointment was of shor t
duration, for Cooper was just then
coming up. the street. Noting the
careivrn look and balting step, he
came cquickly forward -and assisted
her carefully over the -crossing. By
a few kindly, well-directed questions,
ho learned that she bad been to call
upem Mr. Cooper to secure medicir"e
for 'her sick husband, who had be u
ill for a long time, -n-able to providE
even the barest iecosRities for hi
little familty.
The poor wvoman 'was greatly astorj
istied wvhen she fcmxnd that she was
talking to Mr, Cooper himself. He
assisted her backI to -the drag store,
supplied her not -oney with theriequir
ed medicines, but a'lso with a goner.
ons handful of sil-ver, andl sent hear
borne with a t-ight heart and 8smiles
ebining through tese. That night
a 'big ba..ket of groceries wvas left at
the little home, and it was not hs*d
to guess who was the donor.
An'other fesaure (ACooper's visit to
theis city, and -one 'that has attract
ed a great dea.1 of attention. is the
many cures of rhenatism that haave
been effected by the 'use of his remue.
dies. Among the numbiner who made
statements on this auhtoct wvas Louise
Hermian, 945 North a'eunue, wvho said
''I .have for years 'been a sufferer
from rheumatism and kidney com
plaint. At times I was unab'le to
walk and my* back waus very weak.
lAy limbs wvere very sore anid swol1len
and I wvas in a very nervoti e.,n~lhtiow,.
I could~ not sleep at night, nla a fd4
tired in the morniug, andl wouIhl ufi en
have sever s headaches. Mv hen' thh
Scott's Em utsk.
nursing mothers by in<
nerve force.
It provides baby
- and mineral food f<
Will cure any case <
beyond the reach of mc
Pickens Drug 4
J9Ill Al
'Wanted-100 bushels peanuts.
Cleamtes arid 1-wCci::!x the hair.
1'rontotes a ) :rit g t7h I
Nfever Pails to lictoroGry
Hair to Its Yothflo
Cures =aI dipeas heir Wa ing.
iocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy People,
Brines Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A specific for Constipation, Indigestion. Liver
end Kidney troubles. Pimples. Eezemn. Impuro
.Iood. InAl Breath, Sluggish Bowels. Headache
and 3acknche. Its Rocky Mountain Tea in tab
,ct form. 35 cents IL box. Genuine made by
We earnos,,y request allyoung persons, no matter
how limited their means or-education, who wish to
.obtain a thorough businesstraining and good posi
tion, to write by first ma2l for our great half-rate
'ifecr. Success, Indepenameeand probbl fortune
areguamnted. Don'tdclay. Write today.
The Ga.-Ala. Busl=is College. Macon. Gao
b id citirily broker: down and I haid
begun to fteela it.~i life was not, worth
hiving. -I--had tried diffeent mnedia
cinles, but to no avatil. "Noduing seem
ed to help .me sand I dad not. -know
wvhat it was to have'a wel[ or happy
"One evening I was readIng. .ii the
,papers what grer~t - resus ( ooper's
New Discovery'antd Quick Rebief were
accomplishing in Obicego and Imade
up my mind to give them a trial, and
if they were what the papers -said
-they weore, wthy theu I would' surely
.receive sowne benefit.
"So I puarchased some of thie med
icmne and after the first few dJays I
nsoticed that diy sleep was more rest
4ail and that the pain in- my limbs
was not so- bid. I kept on using
the medicens. and after two weeks
-I had nearly recovered my health.
I ean never say enough about these
miilcines5, for I "ever expected to see
a well daiy isgi in,'sand bore I am en
joyuhg life with my friendsl, and all
dt- 10I tibe WVui-dea 11l *r-.w J)ur,
"I wasto n it Iha r. it ist lin- great
ed-, rtterly vil tile worn'g i.,r it hag
mae e ai well wo'sjuti whez e all oth.
e failed."'
n strengthens enfeebled
reasing their flesh andq
'with the necessary fat
r healthy growth.
s: soc. A ND $1.00,
M., ~U 11'%.6~,t
>f Kidney or Bladder Disease
dicine. No medicine can do m<
Jompany, Pickens, Parken's Pharmacy,
111 Acres
in Pickens county-8 miles north of
50 acres 50
in cultivation. Lot of it fresh.
If you want a bargain make me an
)AMS, Sen
Imagine anything mo
to have learitburn aftei
Ou Heribri aud
Will relieve any form o
we ask is for you to giv
prepared especially fOr
Pick ens, : : : :
Price 50c The Bottle.
It 'wi be to l'arn that the leading medi- 1
ca? svriters and teachers of all the several
seiols'. of practico rcmmenld, in the ANI
strnlgest-te'rms possile4, ee ht a1( (d eery ..-.
fngsedlienit entering into the comp jositloln
of Dr. Pieroe's Goldent AlodicaIl)iscovery V
for the cure of weak stomiach, dlyspl(esia,
-catarrh of stomnach, "liver complainht,"
torpid~ liver, or hillousniiess, chronic~j howel
whaaitever region, name or nature. It ~is
alse 1 spleific remnedy for alil siuch (hronic
01r lumg stand ing cases Of ('a t arrh al t ii Pe,
throat and lung disease (except consump.' AND
tioni) accomn pa nied wit hi severE' coughus. It
is not soJ good for acteP1t colds an td ioughst,I
bttt, for lnger'inlg. or chric cases 5Q it is IOR
especiail ll telcous ini prod~lucinog per
feet eures. It eonta ins Ilacnk Cherryharkc,
Goldeni Neal root. HIlodroot. Stonie root., **
Afantdrako root anid ( leenl's rt&t,-allI of
whichel are highly piralis'd as remedies for
all the abIove mntioned aff(ct hons bly sneh)
eminent medical wvriters and1( toechers as
Prof. H~artihl(ow, (if .Jefrson led . Coi- 'l'
logo; Prof. liiare, of the Il'i of Pa.;
Prof. FileyO Elilingwood, AfT. 11., of Heii
nett Aled. (biliege. Chicago; P'rof., .Jlohni S. Viii
Kifng, M1. I).. of 'incuinnail t-i ; 1Pr1of. .Johtn
M1. NCuddler. .\. I ).. if 'intcinn~ta t i ; P rof.-'r n
Ale'd. Collegi'. (Chicago, anld scores oif .er
others ( ital ly eiet , i t t ei r eypySV gll| ,ti
schools o frtii' . I ".4i"
Trho "Jo fdeni MlEdia DO1iscovery " is the o. I
only mied icine lput . lp for satle thirotught lo.
dru'lggists for like~ puitlei('. tha:1t has anU~~ Otliii
mforo thall anly numblllr o.f (ordlinary teti- 41
mnonii s. Open ptublicity of its formulta ,
is t he bePSt poss'ile4 gta aty of its mlerits. eil
A glanco at this iulishedi fornollai w.ill runl t
show~ tini "G oldeni Al edical lIi)cover' -n rore a
c'onta~tins no0 pioiSlso 11, mrmfl or(1'11 hht- lPly to
forming druItgs and1( no~ alco(hl l-Ihemijcal ly mi
mr1et, tri pie-refi ned glycein leinp g used Il~inteel
I lst ead. 01lycein11 is enli Ir(ely un toh joe
tioniabtle and besides Is a moist usefl lit 'rei T tie
in Ihe (cure' of all1 stomacht as well 3asironi- lentis
Is them highlest mnedicatl athior'it~y fir its (liP'itil
usO im ail suc ases~tP1. TheIo "l)iscoverv "k on the:
it contenltra ted giyVetrie extrae t oif na t liveo
med icinIalI roots itand i it alit itnd rel iab1lie
A booklet of oxtrtact s from 031mnnt', -
medical authorities, (endtorSinhg its ingre
dilents mailed free mii request. Ad dress I
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Hufll(o, N. Y.
Cures Backache
Do not risk having
not Bright's Dzpeose
re. or
Wca, S. C.
'e annoying than
your meals?
f Indigestion. All
e it a ir ial. It is
South Caroliina.
-IHDr. King's
low Discovery
IIDili0Ions for ie lief'.
(Conmplint Itot Served p
Ilouinf lilken s ,*'ii
Tlerrell, .llaines' TerrellI. :'are Terrell
errel, I. ,Wi(i Terreli, lienn Teri '
ili iiniti A sheriry Terrell.
nrie hetreby~ lai,,runume rodl ree~nir
liusner ti he J o n~ip~inl i n i -!
ef te 'ierk or 'c0I11 I o lii '-*
IIty'1 i i 3611 huerv a II o py of igi c-nr nswe
ii tihe 'Plbscribler nii Ji~ ~ .l Ii,,1
thu i -:in ' lIn e; i e g h lrgI
o. hiirt for' the re lid t ;Iuii i h
.jil y9,l(. r
htl ~~~ defenduanti I.imr'. \11 t tl
e ofl clerk of conrt to or j~,
:OS KIdnqva and n iea~

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