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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickeus, 8. 0.. as secoud olassimatte~r, under act of Cougress of Maroh 8, 1879.
Xeen Local I
In L.T. C
At Present Time Yoi
The Public Ey<
The Pickens Drug Co., ti
Many luquiries Regardi
Since the announcement last. week
that t bey had secured the local agency
for the famous Cooper Remedies, The
Pickens Drug Co. have been besiege(d
with inquiries regarding the celebrat.
ed Mr. Cnoper and the work be Ji,
now doing in Chicigo. III rebponse
to the cxpressedl desire of many per
S01 for miore liws Iegir-ding this,
remarkable yung mwin and his m-td
icine, tbe follow% In.g k ii kenU Ij i a
recet issue of the Chicago .louinah
Siill mire eCs s are heai1r(t from,
anld thev continu-d si-mof hum1"anl
ity poured into the( Public Drug1 Co,
1-50 State street, yest rday in stomeh
for the remarkable n2ew discovi:y (f
m1(ediine. The deadfrthu.e
remedies scems toi grow laiger' (itch
day. Thousanid of Chicagwmitia, who
have suiffered for Nears with chronic
stoi->ch trouble, clitanih 111d riheu
mittism tire being imide happy every
day by the use of this peculiar -em
edy sold by MUr, Coopr.
An ho1 or So., pe1 t. tit the Co<'jer
hea I tarters would convince the nost
skeptical persoll that this iew treat
ment is something -,ttirely di1 erent.
from an3thing else ever s.ld As
Usual, Mr. Cooper was busy all day
receiving kind wirdis and thanks from
the hundreds who had been entire'y
cured by this simple preparation.
Mr. John Sclh wirizenl, liviig at
'1363 Fifth ivele, had tle foliowi)g
to ioas:
'I have had humatlism for s- veral
yiriis, siek tt ie stovi h'l, felt toi :1
and ( du11 most, of the tino-. I ls
in the wl a of i . , f
pra"Aieal'Y''''.id li e
to try Cooper's Nvw it 4. i., I
s>, and the resul is IOa' rli , a it tof
Fal1*1111'1s' Ultioll
Bilr-val of,
- n-iiu') ed bi y I 2e
SsouithCrlim(ie2ii Icnmers' 'lii enin ud
i 'o-operntiv Union.'
('one ii nti onijiis itded fio tliide d i
mii.nt shonh~lt he alri'ssed to Jn.. C. strudli~g
2'Nlo NS TIA II: N(,i "2l-,
TPhe circla2r fori thei Farmerist~' F:~de.
cationael and2( C:o-opert'ative Union of
Amewrica, S. C D1ivision), issued from
0 reeni vil b.', S C.. (1 aited Oct obe'r 17th,
and~ signed by 1B F Earle, S 0. and1(
Trea'., oriderjing thle locails if the
,''onnitlE'' oif thle sito ttio vote0 022 ispIo
sition of fuinils palid illo the I sitate'
treasuty is wvithoi ut anthoria o'f the
constitution 0or thei endors1ehmenta of
the I)1resid n or31 I0 e' ''i Ive (21 louIt,
and therefon'. you1 will talk( noncei oif
the saamo. 0. P. Ooodwini,
J1. 13 Pickett, Pa's. 8. C I)
( b. Ex Comi,
Grenville, S , Oct. 25 1907
OUR CO'I"l'ON LE 1l'Elt.
C 21.051 O ori:n JanuaDN W 111rH I.i V E: Is'
Just at this juncture while New
York is doing her best to make mioi..
ey so tight that farmers can't get it
to hold( thir prod1ue off' the mnarket
for profitable nricen, our iF,.me,.
ioper's Work.
M g Man is Much In
ofa Bnsy City.
ie Local Agent, Receives
ng Mr. Cooper and His
rh( umuatisn, my stomach does not
bother me any, and I have a good
a1ppetito--can eat anything I want.
I am feeling better than I have for
yearp. I want to say right here, this
is the gi'etest inedicitie I ever heard
of. You may use my name, for I
want others who aro troubled in the
same way to be relieved as I have
L~en "
Another eltiler was Mr. W. B.
Ste - art, 109 West Madison stret t, '
who sai]:
"I hav bad stomach trouble for
yvams, Ilmnd 1111 , (iwt: "0" is aillieted in
this way knows what an awful dis- i
ttrssed f.Aling it cans(s. Many it at
time I have felt. ht I would give 0
most ai.y pr icE: to be curt.d. It v a It
by accident thatt I heard of tVi* man
Coopr's remedies. I ilmediatltAV
mad1(e upj mindi to buy~ at treatment of
him. I have been using it about two
weeks and it is impossible to t!il lihoI w
it lib goo it, has 'one mile. I feel i
, ,gt ther dillern'; I have more lif'. I
and energy thau I have had for year.-,
This medicine certainly does stimu- -
late and strengthen the whole system.
The tired feeling and weak condition
of the sturach has entire-y passed b
away. I feel well again."
Mr. Cooper said, in speaking of the
matter: "It usually takes from three
to live weeks for people to feel tIjei
e'ffects (if medicine in such cases. I
will have hundreds during the ri -
I ol-nili~le Of my slay in this city call
and thank mate for what. the medicine
has done fcr them in cases of catarrb,
Iaduel. troible, rhenimaiism and ner- C
1 1nes.11a always glad- to# shak<-o 11
hvith11 perIIns hi Eve hi-ui re
stored to ha h;:di. If there is faything I
Ihat we shuld a ppr-ciat it- ImI this life V
it is IItd henlh "
Cotton Union is makiing permantlltil
arrangem nts for busin-sa in the way
of storing their Cotton inl foreign
countries lear the consumers of raw
Aftir cool deliberation and careful
inlvestigatioin o'f t lhe cotton situation
in Amnerica and its siubjectioni to ma
niipuilationu by. New Yoirk which heas
for yeiais pot oil panics aund held up
mIoney~ and( cont rolled the price of
otna. thieir will, I he Farmers' Un.
ion) has beec 01ne deuspertely in earnest
anid 11ut1 onl her paint to battle New -
York out by going a lround1 her barri
cado direct from southern ports with a
hercottouto foreign na'iiufact urers. t
Test, shmiplmients, lbht 50 bales, then t
S50) bdes, the n t hree thouan baei)1 )11 e
lots hav e already been mlade direct 1
by cotton produmcers on this new plan91 t
anud all c'onctrned are dielighited withI
the change.
T1he advanmt ages and indumcimni ta
arel' tha . tiaehouiso stornga ennui ho
had1( across 'thme 'vater for 8 cents p)er1
biale antd money at from four to si;
per~ cent. A our farmers' wae'
bIonsesi are no1w being filled to ovet .
1l1w in places and New York is tight -
tening her strings on money for cut
toni storage, we are delighted to
chronicle this new mode of relief for
iutthe'rn cottoni farmerois who have I
tot) long served as slaves to the up. I
Can You G
'Neither too High or too I
Can You Hit tll(
Iis is at pieIur1e' of the bluggy wI al, goi
If yoii Iihe -i inter.st in * V 411u1u
irrier clip the eoupon from this piaper
11d s Ll them 14 u1, with his 1m,1111-: id
ulmbrl of roltil: tHy Ilro wortaa 5 Vot-s
ad th cLuror receivin~g Pthe greatest
iimboer will got th a-.ufaI l b- dmontI
t]gt.ry a Ch ris'm n11s. For the dollar yolu
ny oi subs cription you hav '201 votesg.
.1 num1ber have paid up and carried tle
;up lbs with flii. but. IIese coiupolns
oted befor- the issue of November 14th
1ay w%,in yonr carrier an extra pi:z. of
5.00, for the rru ier wIho leas "d Ih
rSt piili: hed report, which will , 4 (m
b1e aove d-t", will revive yi ze of S.,,
Do not expca,*t the cirier to eame to
o1 retgnlest!ilg your subscriptions or re
ewals. Uncle Sam does not allow -'the
boys" . so-icit a wsp'per subserip.
ions therefore the boy who rides in that
uggy will have the satisfaction of
n1owing that his fric ud phyed the r1b.
f "SnLita Clatus," and londed the buggy
I his Stockiig. Keep your eye on the
.suo of Nov. 1-Ith for thre is a suirprise
Irty ill store fir you. Send ill yo111
Iapols b-fore that date and help land
mt liver for your favorite.
How ahontt. tIal 1 yIng ri nd who is
inling for a (mill . in ac m eei co1.
ila~~~~~i au aiU(11 I t coluler flfil c.
C, ieemIaTl *di. the m 10 Cai lpoil
DInts the sw..- titilber of voles fo:r
im or bit r .'
Thcrv is a tIally prize for [i(I voil ilg
Ii ' 1 hit) r I i.., th lrg I niim lr ()f
M.e,- ill h1I.r awshp. Wih ai extra
rizm of 5 to t i n tarting o i wla
le gr mat l si un lb ifr of v-tes At tIam 1i I'st
ult1ishcd rport Nv'.v. 1-11i. Inl case of
tie tIl pr-z1e will be divi.md.
THIS COUPON entitles
'Ihe Sentinl-Jouri
VOtes for.............
votes for M iss. .....
o f..........
votes for..........
ailding of New Y .rk wheno we have
t leaast half ai d. z*-a I $ goas )I orts 11n
Me southern coast for iahippiung ctot
>nl as8 New York hjas. Ad as these
tain thaves'tl in New. Yor)k hloe (robll.
edi loreigna Sponea&rs as w,-d faa saon h
rul growters', thisa new'.' idlel (if dii tm
r~adae w'Ih thmIle manuf11) actumrers ui. d
oaneUtil' tof hot U it! hlrestsl u
Oar enem.ie1.s to till tuirn in) the~
otltoi tratde arte exp4cte~d to pult npl at
sul and11 its 1 "rmotars are prlep~an d1
a e Ita' Iheir moii emntla s and( check
In the first move New York and(
ithlers have obj. eted to atdvancemnents
ma 1,11Is oll I aupilenits of csttLon to
oreignI pota lut I hroaghI the (t0nr
esy of internaational trading in cut
uess at All?
Aow-but Just Right," Wins
Exact Namber?
Ig to uive lwaiy to solit P. 1). 0 rrivr.
W/ in- 1)1 1 gi n%I it .i wa)1y in
rliz s inl place. of ptin 41g it inl comtis
slonls to, a collector: Se
at1 idl mark onl tho pantry door the
unm1her, (.f votes., that0 will was it >5 11rize.
Ko 3p-1ur onl till. issule of Nolv. thll 1.1th
aid .i what it am j): guesser you are.
Baby Show,
Open to the World
All the ladies a1o in iere d ,Th.
6 wietest Babe in Dixie'". Of course
you know nd we pl k'oy,
Ia111 the babe At your hou1s0 is
the ' Sweetest. Babe in Dixie.'.' So send
the little 'Tot's" photo and win it prize
tu the Sentinel-,'ourutd's "Baby beauty
We shall offer i number of prizes to
be announced next week for the Imud
somevst I lhY two yeris old or iunder.
Send us a photog. aph of your baby,
giving aiflio age and place5 of residence.
Do not write on th photograph. Asi
sool l I he pht4tgrp belgin to coelit
inl we will silect I'wo1 each1 week t-> -rllce
the coluni us of th1e 80eltmel Jouirn) iiial.
Thelve wN-ll h. seleclted by JIot No a11 will
have ai v(ilal ('5;,ne. At the clo-e cf
the vontest. :ill the photogrmu'hs will he
pinced in tlhe hanisA of a c )munI;II tee w 1(,
will IwIrd the priz -s. No iinames will ho
pub1h d until we print. the ptilttarei of
the Wit) ing 1) zIbivs.
ud~ tui ph'togrjpah arly 41) w .n
prinlt its p - r to. ho to Ilh,, w.-id
wh~at a h-mlds '1m)( l-)t of younlg:4.rs. we
lave- ill Ilh! failiy of 84-e tile! .11)11.11a1
Competitionl openl to the wm.1
the holder to 5 VoLes il
al's Prize Contes:.
............. Township
............................. for scholarship.
toun, the southern planters will for a.
time be compelled to place their s ot
toni at tforei portsa b)e.fore they' can
draw finy monuley onl their cotton
which they are doing as cotton is just
as safe on water and in foregn ware
hossas it is liro Th'lere is no risk
here and tihe farmers canI well iaflord
Io wait, about three weeks for ad vance;'
monts. An as for New York money
ti miove coittoni wi th the sou therni cot.
ton grower's own cotton0 Carries its
own) collate'ral with its self and( all
this bambhoozyle aboutt it taking si:ch
he4 ge capital to simpl' move or ship
('ottOnl is pure Newv Ydrk rot.
I A-ICE 'rsT c'rrNMLLB K
WVhy is it that some -f our banks
arle getting up money to aid cotton
'growers in warehousing thi.. coto
out of reach of the cotton bears and
other banks of larger capital state
that they cannot get money to ad
vance on cotton to bel) the farmers
in their fight for profitable prices for
If you will go down deep into these
excuses you will find that there are a
lot of stockholders and oflicers in
these banks that can't give aid in re
tiring cotton fioin the market that
are also stockholders in cotton mills,
who are interested in keeping the
price of cotton dowi,. Now any boy
that has e ough buti wass seme about
huim to run a piadar box knows that
all the muotney advanced on cotton ex
neg't about 20 per cent, goes right
back ihto circulation again.
Farier now is the time to spot
your friends and st-lnd by them when
you g.) to deposit your ioiey.
III this whole matter of making ad
vancementse onl c!t otton it is a matter
:f business and in selecting our
friend, the )ankers that will not aid
the farmera in getting profitable
pric-t for his cotton hais made his
Ahoice with those who are int.ore'sted
in hIolditg ldown the price of cotton
aui it is but fair to urge farmters4 to
ebmose their friends while tle test is
10n1, for the simple reason that a friend
in needI is i fr iend inideed.
W. W. Smith,
v.nMslS UNION,
'Tie Far'ners' 1U1nion doe4 not ob
ject to the towns, cties, railrotads aid
other interests growing in wealth.
but as the f rmr is the minit prodtc
tr of all this wealth we insist that the
. Mming interest, lis faril house and
style of living, CIIrVCIes, schoolhiouse
and roads, shnll be up In pace with
;.Very other interest. We simply de
mand a square deal and are confident
that we will through our organized
efforts get our share of the g.)od
things as we go ulong.
The farmer who refuses to join his
craftsmen in their organized efforts
to protect their coulummon farming in
terest i an orphan. He has no re
cogniz sI head of his calling or father
of his farinitig famuily'. And if he did
not )we mother earth for the materi
al it took from her bosom to grow his
body, 'old mothe*r earth should refuse
to take his eqrc*ass home to hr bosom
again when lie is dead.
Triplets Provod Too Much.
W niit the stork left triplt-s at the
home of John Cavanaugl, BIooming
h Ill., he took to) t.'e wois and
haa teLt be(en seen since0.
Cavananugl was a hard workig
farm) :r and enid eavored1 to) give his
family all the comfort~s possible.
W hen the st' rk brought the eleventh
child to his1 hiome lie betlievedl that the
nlumb~er fully entitled hitm to a mem
bership ini the anti-race suicide club,
and when the birci left triplets, in
creasing the number of his children
to fourteen, hie d'campedl, Iierst turn
ing his out crop into cash.
The neighbhors ralied to thle asusist
ance of the mother, and an e-ffort
will be made to indIuce the father to
ret urn.
Too Good a Chance to Miss,
A farmer's son was plowing, and a
great black cloud (f crows followed
the plow, pickmng up the worms that
wriggledl in the rich, chiocolate-colored
The farmer' rani into the house, got
his gun, fired at the crows and pop
pored his son's legs with shot.
The young man fell down,and whern
his father ran tup to him lie groaned:
"Didn't you see me fathiert"
"Yes," said the old man, "f saw y
well enough. but I didn't like to miss
the chancea at tcaro."

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