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Entered April 28, 1908 at Pickens, 8. 0., as second classmatter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
The Gatherer.
The Comings and Goings of People
Some you know, some you don't.
The Auf Weiderschen club met last
Thursday evening with Misses Mattie
A:, Thomason and Mamie Gaston at the
Pickens Inn, The members of the
club were delighted to find on enter
ing the house that the regular rou
time of the club had been dispensed
with and the meeting was to be a
Hallowe'en party. As those who at
tended stepped upon the porch they i
were confronted by a ghostly figure, 0
the sudden and unexpected appear- I
ance of which frightened some of the I
guests exceedingly. After this ordeal
was passed the members of the cihi)
were ushered into the parlor, which I
was artistically decorated with ferns t
and flowers and looked as if the I
fairies had bpni at work inside of he
house, despite the fact that the imps
of darkness seemed to he holcling
high carnival outside. The games
participated in were novel and np-ro
priate and caused much merriment
There were two uessina contests, in
the first of wbich Miss Lucia Folger
won the first prize and Miss Bes1
Ashmore the hoohv prize. In the
seennd contest Bruce Boggs was the
*socessful winner of the first prize
while the boolv prize was awardeI
to Miss Marie Folger. At 11 o'clock
-thn guests were invited into the
.dining-room, where dainty refresh.
i"'nts wore served, after which the
jolly crowd assembled in the hall to
say "Auf Weiderschen." Those pres
ent were Misses Essie Earle, Emily
Brivht, Marie Folger, Lucia Folger,
Guesie Cureton, Bess Ashmore, Azile
Cogburn, McVeigh Hutchinson, and
Messrs. Ernest Folger, Wayne Maul
din, J. P. Carey, Jr., H. S. Ramsey,
Robert Hendricks, Bruce Bogge, Ju
lius Boggs. Jr. R. E. Bruce, Christie
Robinson and Claude Thomason.
R A. Bowen says that all who wiqh
-to attend the weekly prayer meeting
of the Methodist church wili he cor -
dially welcomed eaory Tueslay even
iuig at 8 o'clock.
Paul Robinson, of Easley, was the
guest of Hagood Bruce, Friday night
Miss Mae Robinson, of E-isley,
visited hor friend, Miss Lois Newton,
last week.
Mis. - Smith and Miss Salie
Kennamur, of E-isley, visited Mrs
A. M. Morris last week.
Miss Sue Wyalt, a mighty prettyi
and charming young lady of Brushy I
OCreek, is presiding over the dry goods'
department at Ashmore & N mmons'. I
Muaj. J. J. dewis is gri' ving over
thie loss of his little fo\ terrier, "Billie
Wilkine,." which occurred at the
-Gr -enville fair.
I.awrenjce Jonne, Edward aid Byrd
Looper,of (Cross Roads, visited friends
in. l'iekens~ laet week.
J. TI. Rtichey visited in Green ville
last week.
Master Milleyn Griffin bas beeni
ill for several danys.
Miss Lucia Foulger visited relati--es
a yd friends in Spartanburg, L4riday
and Saturday.
Miss Helen Boggi' is visiting rela.
tives and friends in Columbia.
Misses Eva and Florence Huitchmens,
*of Greer, are visiting their brother,
Johnu T. H{utchens.
Mrs. Berit Williams, nee Miss Sa-.
die Richey, of Gainesville, 0 a., is I
- visiting her mnotiber, Mrs. H. A.
Misses Ida and Flora Sutherland
ire the guests of Miss Lois Newton.
Miss Ada Clardy and Mrs. - Aller,
>f Piedmont, visited Mrs. Troup Par.
ridge last week.
Frank Day, of Eas ey, visited
riends in Pickens, Monday.
Mr. J. D. Smith, formerly of Li>.
irty, but. now of Cartersville, Gn.,
nd Herbert T. Parsons, of Liberty,
vere visiting in Pickens last Thurs- ]
lay. Mr. ,Smith was l:)Oking well
Ad is eajoying fine health. He met ,
Vith lots of his old [email protected] while in
The Pickens Chapter, U. D. C, t
vill meet with the president, Mrs. T. i
r. Mauldin, Friday afternoon, Nov. 8,
L907. The following program will
)e rendered: The opening song,
'Dixie," by the chapter, Paper:
'Shiloh Monument"- Mrs. Cureton.
iusic-Miss Earle. Reading: "Af
er The Battle"-Miss Hutchison.
>aper: '-Reminiscences of the War"
-Mrs. E. A. Gilreath. 1
Master Henry Bivens, second son
if T. L. Bivens, got badly burned
in Sunday morning. The little fel.
ow had on an outing gown and was
tanding in front of the grate with
ds back to the fire when the garment
aught fire and Henry was seriously
)urted before bis parents heard his
iries and reached him. Mr. Bivens
tot his hands badly burned In tear
ng thg burning clothes from the
Our Baby Show.
Our < fforts in the direction of a
Aby show, which is open to the
ivorld, will necessarily have to be con
iucted by means of photographs.
We ask all who contemplate ent- ring
'his contest to have good photographs
,aken of the child, or twins, as the
mase may be, and ask the photogra
pher to mount the photo on an un
markea card. Put this in a package
md put your name and address on i
he package, but put no names or
marks of any kind on the photo.
When we receive the photo we will
give it a number and enter the num
ber on our book and opposite the
.umber the name and address of the
arents. In this way the judges will
mot kq1on who the winners are until
Ne pub'ish the names and the pho.
A $-of them.
Several nice prizes will be given,
which will be announced later.
Anyone can enter who wants to; c
,he age limit is 2 years or under; the E
)hoto is to be the property of the
;ENTINEL-JoURNAL, and the names of
he winners wvill be announced in the
sune as soon thereafter as we can get
>ictures mode from these photos to
>rint, showing the successful con
estan to.
There nre no strings attached to
his, and you are not compelled to be
subs'criber to this paper to enter
he baby show. Of course we want
ill the readers we can get, but we do
mut make this an obligation on your
part. If you want the paper we will
ippreciate 3\ur subscription, but wet
nake no requevs that you become a
LADIES:--Do you have any trouble
vithr your childrens, stockings? I have a
moe of heavy ribbed hose for winter, and
-an fit them from ab'uit six yorgra old to
arge ladies size. The colors are abso
utely fait. t
A little more of that eblenp) crockery.
A bargain im coft' both green and
>arecd. T. D. HlAIU.
.W. M. Horton, dentist, Pit'kens, S. C.
nii be in his oflice Monday of each
veeok. If you need his professional ser
reo wvrite hin and he will call at your
.For Sale,-155 acres of 1.-nd on- east
ide of Twelve Miile River adjoining
uids of Norris Cotton Mills, WVarreni
lopkins and others.
28t3 T. 0. Robinsen,
The good ladies of all denomina
ions met two evenings at the home
i Mrs. W. C, O'Dell, president of
he W. M, 8. of the Baptist church,
ud finiahed up eight quilts for the
3aptist Orphanage; they will send
leven quilts this time. Besides, the
ociety supports a boy. Will write
aore of their work later or,
Misqes Florence Davis and Ger
rude McWhorter are teaching school
ear Brevard, N. C.
As I don't believe in doing things
n the halves, I have been trying to
et a boy who can play the jewsharp
1 accompany we to the poultry show.
A we rode the streets he would play,
Haill the conquering hero comes."
'hen I am sure to win the blue rib
ion un "Sir Thomas."
I am destined to be like the old
idy in I he mountains of Georgin,
'ho. when the preacher was telling
D prepare for the day of judgment.
'It will do no good for me to fix up.
know I won't get to go, for John
vill be down in Alaban with the
vagon and steers,"
How Pickeis cin brag about M.
M.'s showcaseo! Why. one among
>ur best merchants has had 'em Po
ong that we are used to them. Lib
!rty merchants don't advertise, but
vo have as fine a set of them as any
own of its size Yes. and three ex
.ellent doctors. In fact, all of our
olks are kind, noble and good, ex
,ept some.
I am going to promise the people
f my "kid" wins the scholarship, to
give them my picture along with the
'kid's " I issure you it will be worth
year's subscription for a scarecrow,
kside from the fact that you will be
getting fifty-two copies a year of a
Ilean,' wholesome sheet that no other
ian fill the place of, for what news
iap,'r can fill a county paper's place?
Some, perhaps, think that I write
sight of nonsense, I only do so to
ielp drive dull care avay. I would
uffer my right band cut off before
nditing anything that would cause
nyone o sin. Fain would I have,
lou "detach your hetrts from base
ud. groveling things and set them
n the Supreme Creator as the only
ource of true happiness.'
Thanking you all in advance for
our votes, I rema'in a
Letter from M W. Hester.
Now the crsh has come, and the
aan who is not prepared to hold his
otton ind, finitely is in a bad box.
ed our law--makers are the cause of
b. Like I told you in last yeam 'a
ampaign, we can't expect Newv York,
iiverpool, Blarcelonma and other coun
ries all over the glonbe to make laws
suit South Cirolina. If we only
ad the money that has been sent
ut for whisky anid toi pay express on
ame to circolat alnmg us we would
e in a better fx, But supposa that
a place of exrting this money we
rere importinig it in double and
reble ga'antities, how mnuch better
vould be the resu.Lt Besides, we
vould not he' entirely dependent on
ne crop that is gambled over
broni hout the whole universe.
IP's not lo~gic for the people to get
oo good, There musat Le a little bad
nixed with it.. It is just as emissential
s a positive and negative p~ole in
alectricity. I have knocwn men to get
.0 good as to look like they might
ret to, heaiven, without the help of
&&2 29222222 .sec
Hnyotn; hut I have found that sort '
to be 'about the sorriest of all m n be
that I deal with. And my rule is, uin(
"Too good, no good." I
If this thing will stop by only flre
causing a few farmers and merchaants see
to throw up their hands and not I d
throw millions out of employment, her
we should be prayerfully thankful. -[
And let is further pray that our Be
law-makers will go back to Columbia Is
with the welfare of their own people Sti<
at heart and enact such laws as will
holp our own people and make them 3u,
al independent of any other state or
nation. Respectfully, Sm
Entered Into Rest,
It. B. Cochran, of Calhoun, died at
his hotue at 12:20 a m. Sunday and Ian
was buried at Mt, Tabor church, thn
Monday Oct. 28th at 4:30 p. m. *rhe t
funeral services were conducted by wh
the Rev. Henry of the M. E. Church, mil
and the Rev. K. G. Finlay of the
Episcopal Church. The pall bearers
wero Thurman Cochran, Walter OP
Cochran, Ernest Cochran, C.cil tre
Cochran, Cleveland Carey and Ray Ne
mond Smith, all nephe wa of the de co(
ceased. The music was conducted by Co
Mrs. Walter Gassaway of Central.
Mr. Cochran was born at the home ha
place M untain View Farn, nettr ac<
Clemson, December 11, 1873. Ho-. pr
atteded school at Clemson a year or
so, then went into business at Cal
houn whbre he worked oont-inuougl., i
for 12 veat s. bI
Novemrlle 25th, 1903 he was hapi- b
ly mArfied to Mies Lna Merre of b
Cane Creek. They lived on the fiam W4
until the last year of his life, when
he was so sick tbey moved to Cal
houn that he might ieceive better at- th
tention.-Seneca Journal.
For Rent:- A good farm. o to 3 horse av,
crop. Good house and outbuildings. ti
Close to Pickens. Apply to Edwin
Earle Oct. 31
dtr 0 Loial represenitative for i'lckens ha
and vicinity to look after renewals
-ate nud1, increase ,tubscription list of ft to
prominent nionthly miiagazine, on a salary and
commission basis. Exiperience desirable, but
got necessary. Good opportunity for right per
"s. Address1-ublisher.StationoNew York. e
Will receive bids for sale of 5 room ele
honse und lot containing nine-tenths of
an acre more or less in the town of Lib
erty, S. C. nutil Decombier. 15th. Pur
chaser to pay for papers. Terms to be mO
stated in bid. J. C. O'Dell. the
Banbridge, Ga.
Salmaqundi. ""r
Mr. Carnegie wishes a pearpetual ha
president, and would doubtless bean
glad to s--e a king and regal trap. Sir
pings and flummery at the White
House. The laird of Skihon might
then be "Sir Andrew" instead of ai
merry Andrew.-[The State. ant
Our di'spensary system will prob
ably lead to the production of the
beet flavored salt water fish toI be t
found on the Atlantic coast.-[Newvs Tia
sndI Courier. T
In round figures, the area of India at
's 1,500,000 square miles; the United,
States 3,500,000, and Rusia, includ- to
ing Siberia, 8,000,000 Mai
Great Britain owns more land of of
North America than the United Thb
Sitates- ver
Los8 Angeles has over thirty-five Wa'
women who- are eat fling thei'r' living ki
'is barbers. wi
The numb'r of persons to the h
square mile in this coun-try is sevon
teon, while in England it is 480O s
The Farmers' U'nioni in Aniderson ohc
has taken 2,600 ake or cotto ofas ..
market, Siling the warehouse.
or Ppace for 5,000 more has been
Ef the play, "A Modern Godiva,"
as had as it sounds it opght not to
allowed, anld if it is not as bad the
li nce will be disappointed.
leporter --"The society leader's
t husband was an actor and the
aud was from Boston. How shall
esoribe them?" Editor - .-'Oh, just
d the article 'Ham and Beans.'"
Chicago News.
firm; one constant element of luck
Lenuine, &ulid, old Teutonic pluck.
ik to your aim; the mongrel'8 hold
will slip,
only crowbars loose the bulldog's
all though he looks, the jiw that
never yields
igs down the bellowing monarch
of the fields. - [Holmes.
Vhen the teleph. ne wires are over.
a the speed of transmission is at
rate of 10,000 miles a second;
3re the wires are through cables,
ler the sea the speed is only 6,000
es a second.
joi)greessman Burleson's recent
ning on the trail of the federal
isury was magnificent music, but
w York, as usual, "had got the
n-skip and gone,"-[News and
[t seems to take just as much
rd chasing for a girl to land a no
ount man as it does to land a
ze. - f Atchison Globe.
Bishop Potter's language, when
ked if he had dined with a negro
ihup, shocks those wLo expect no
iguage of chance to come from a
ibop He said: "I'll wager two
illinge the bishop of LTOisiiana
)uId have ceepted an invitation (o
3et Bishop Ferguson." This is not
D reply you would expect from a
her in the church.
It is s,%id that the eyelids of the
irage man open and shut 4,000,000
les a year,
Jrystal, melted and electroplated,
i been successfully used in France
counterfeit gold coins.
len. Isnaae R, Sherwood; who wa,
oted to congress from the Toledo
bio) district, returns to that body
er thirty-four years. He was re
3ted after three attempts.
3ara Bernhardt, in denyin 9 a )r.il
r that she will soon retire from
stage, said to an interviewer:
bis may, of course, be my last sea
, as the rumor says, for 1 am an
woman and my life is in God's
ids, but I shall play until my death,
I the fate I hope for is the dleath
Henry Irving died."
rohmn WV. Riddle is the only bachelor
ong the American ambassadors
I the most accomplished linguist.
is popular at the czar's court an
aks Russian fluenitty, being one of
few in the diplomatic service who
e mastered the language. The
rkish aanguage he easily learned
Bn he was secretary of the legatin
Jonastan tinople.
'The peopleO and the corpora
us," said Senator LaF'ollette in
dison the other day, ''remind me
a woman and her little boy.
nre was a very large chicken and a
v Hmall duck on the table and the
nan, pamusing with the carving.
fe raised, said, 'Johnny, which
you take, chicken or duck?'
Lck' piped Johnny. Buit the mother
ok her head 'No, Johnny,' she
I in a firm yet kindly voice, 'you
"t have duck, my dear.- Take your
lice, dlarling, take yem' cho~tg but
'can't have duck. "

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