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A Lazy Liver
,May be only a tired liver, or a starved
iver. It would be a stupid as well as
savage thing to beat a, weary or starved
man becauso ho lagged in his work. So
in treating the aifrvIng, torpid liver it is
-y ro mlash it with strong
rpid liver is but an
I -nourished, enfeebled
. - ire weary with over
jo stomach and allied
-- . and nutrition. Put
them in working order and see how
quickly your liver wi!l become active.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
has made many marvelous cures of "liver
trouble " by its wonderful control of the
organs of digestion and nutrition. It re
stores the normal activity of the stomach,
increases the secretions of the bloo(i-ialk
ing glanls, cletnses the system from p'ii
s0101s accumulations, and so relieves tie
liver of the burdens imp)osed upon it by
the defection of other organs.
If .ou h ave bit ter or had I aste in the morn
ing. 15)(x 01r vUribl a l, i i li, cotI (IA 1o191nP,
foul breati. colist.lpaled or irre4g'2al.i howels,
feel weak, easily 2irect, d'stanient, frvityuitn
l adalies, ipall or (list (.e'1 1 si o f :icf balk"
gnawing or dlistr- ]s . oett fellg In stiI -h10,
pserha- nast'n, llu (er o r "isij ?., Inl
tiroat after eating. ant liuire(d ymnpionis
of w(l< staIMI'h ant turi2 v1114 I no m21iel
"ltiv will Ieleve .Cou more 1 ro2in'1 tly or'vinreC
yon 1ore Is'1'12rafelntly 1111n11 I) tor Pieree'i
Gold'ln Medical D-ovry. I-111aps only
a art1 th fle abovv syIItoms ill 1b' h. preset i
at oi 11im1 n10 .ve 1x2) to torpid lIver o
bilionIsnwPs a.11141 weatk stocihne1. Avoid all
lot lr'Uad and hiseu lts. griddle .ealkes and
Ot her inlli( gest ibl food and 1 ake lite "(oldeln
Mldival lisc.ver'y " -eg lily ancild slick to ItS
use t1nt 11 .vol3 are igoriouts anid SI r-.g.
The " Discovery " is n(in-secret. ntoni-alco.
holle. Is a glycseric extract of n1aIve lint'eiel
nal roots With a full list. of its Ingrit'lents
printedl ons oach hot tie-wrapper and at tested
unlei oath. Its ingredib-ns aire -nilorsed
and extolled hbv th nt eimtinet Im22dial
writers of the atge ad(1 ar2e recoitnmiende-1 tc
cure the (iseases for which It is advised.
Don't accelt a substituto of un2aiown
composition for this non-secret MEDiCINN
Fishermen Don't Like to Meet Women
When Starting For Work.
Superstitions as to its being most
unlucky to meet a woman when set
ting out to fish or upon any journey by
sea are not uncommon. From it head
land on the Donegal -coast the writer
was one day anxiously watching a
small smack beating across the bay
agalist a heavy s-ea iltd stiff breeze
which had suddenly sprung up. After
a long and hard fight for it the little
craft mnde the pler in safety, and up
onl conttlolences being offered the ship
per on his recent hardsthips lie said:
"Sure, what better luck could I havel
Didn't I meet a r-dh1eadedI woman in
'ing the moment I left
walk down to the hoat!"
Ie color of Ihe woman.i'F
act of her being the first
ith after the man left
e1.A'ned to be the determin
ing fa- (ors in the day's luck. But fin
other places tie objection to such1 in
enconnter embraces hair of all shades
and any hour of the day. it, being am
.-ply suilelent to bring the ill luck that
any woman 'hould pass you by ju.t
as you nre walkhig down to the boat.
Only a few weeks ago the writer visit
ett a small 'fishing village on 'tire Gak
way 'coast atnd just before gettig ou
hIs car to retur-n home was chattIng
to the landlady of the little lin. A
strappilng young fisherman wiio was
walklug down the road toward the
harbor suddenly stopped, climbed over
the fence and made his way to lils
boat maeross 'the fields. The writer oh
served to his hostess that time yonng
fellow must have mistaken him for a
process seirveir with a wrrit 'for him.
She laugh~ed rather dlerisively anti 'said.
"[t's not you at all, sir, -lie's afraid -of,
but me. lIe's i-nst going flihing and
would not pass5 me by if you gave him
The fill of his 'mat of gold."-London
"This 15 ia sad Case," sa1id the asylum
attenidant, p~ausin~g before a p~ladde.d]
(-eli. "There is 110 hiope for the p~ilen~f.l
"What's theC tr-ouble withl hli? ask
ed the visitor.
"Hie thinks he understands a rail
road time table."--M1 waukee Sentinel.
Business Locals.
Notices of Sale, Wants. Swap, etc,
inserted in this Colurnn at 5 cents per
)fine for each insiertton. Nothing taken
for levs thaui ID cestm.
For Fale-Fanmilv horse, years o d
gentle, fast. D ES
Fon SArLE-17 acros, oIigin l'c forest,
1 ileiiis north of Pickens, $30 an ere;
75 acest west of Woodall Monntain. 10
a11ce branlch bottomn, balianlen inl timlberl
price $10 acro, cash1 deval. Ki F. K1rra.
U. F. D,, No. 4, Pickens, S. U.
Youi Iave not, heard nothing froti Old
Moore il in long time, I .. inl Earh-'s
old drug store on the corier. I M, j 'st
hat tile--whlio ng, iloig i-elliig b'eef mai
(ithmg anel inth'er. Ihtit now Wt.
(.oil)( to factis: I want to huNtv Nour (h v
Iiclbs. nen i .4, rawv Ili. s m11;-1 ;,ii
('l. i -Ilists of hh 4 .-1io i r 1e'-d I tetitl
anl cotton Stieeds. I wanlt sonli' shep, [
Want SoIle pdrk; I Can't, (M] hardly
what I dio want. Th ld ()(Ii arlot .
J. I D. Molerc.
A few firlst chiW4 s, wing nm-e':!,is,
sii litly Iied to hIe M(11-l at gre--Ilv re
di li-ed pi ices. \]so sew ig uieie (
Panevd. Call -it (Graig Bi-.s
o. P. Kiigt.
A sk to sev our ass55 iniviit of reimnma
- a S. P'rice liv the bitielh 10o the yard,
(r ig Bros.
Carload of Obelisk Flour jtist received
at II. A. Raehey's.
Stories of the Greatest Practical Joker
of His Day.
Of the list of geniuses the name of
Theodore Hook Is near the top. At
sixteen he was making a big income
and enjoying great popularity. ilis
name was blazoned in the papers as a
prodigy, his I)ortraits we 'e in the Alhop
windows, and he had fred dmission to
all theaters and other places of amuse
ment. For years lie was a social and
literary lion. Ills last words were:
"It is only to the grave that I must he
carried. If my poor children were
safe I would not care. I am suffering
under a constant depression of spirits
which no one who sees me in society
dreams of."
Rook's practical jlokes were the talk
of the dlay. Ills int imates egged hiin
on continually, and there was nothing
lie would stop at. One day they point
ed ot to him as an appropriate speci
men for his uiiseumu a gilded eagh- of
enornous dimensions which had junst
been ereteed over a grocer's shop. A
few weeks afterward while ienterinin
ing his coterie at dinner at one of the
-old taverins lie ordered the "gam ne'' to
be served. To the astonishment of the
guests the waiter entereld the room
'staggering under the burden of a dish
of uniusual size. On uncovering It
tihere was produced the idealleal eagle
whieh I0ook as n practlcal joke had
-contrived to carry off. Merely for this
sort of fun Hook used to pull off
'knoekers and bel'l handles, carry away
-tradlesmen's signs, overturn the boxes
of sleeping janitors and do othier derin
Iment until lie had a roomful of honse
'hold. attachmenvts andl street orma
Ouje night Hlofk was passing a great
hlouse where there was a reception of'
'the swellest of I'he swells. Dinner hail
just; bieen announced. IIe said to -the
friend aiccomnpaniying himu: "Johun, T'm
;goig inI here to spend~ the evening. Cal
'for mec at 1 1 o'clock." The friend was
horrified. Said the in protest, "YTou '(de
'nmt know these -grandl people, and you
:are ndt an invitued guest." "That's a~rl
fiight. Call for me at 11." Kneockinig
at the door, he gave his lhat confident
'ly to the' lackey and was ushered up
stalr's. Enitering the dIrawing room, he
afl'eetedh at first to have discovened his
ist'ake and potmed such sallies ccf wit
that the host and hostess adtually
pressedl him to stay f'or dinner.
At 11 o'clock, when his friend .called,
not 1mowing wlhether lie would aind
Hlook at the reception or' in the loc'k
up, lhe was more than astounded onl
ee eAeq IupP p H
~M e~e .H
~PP!'pue 9
We aII
E claim that the
tory mledicile
dclful endolrsell
have purchasecd them from t
We unhesit
see a caso when'(
satisfact 10 .
To all who e
rheuiatism wh
pleasure in exp
ble efflct of thec
WE 5
entr g te 1rnwINN-lg mnom to See HTOok
59c'i1eid at th pinn1o dellver-ing soiue '\x
tempore pimtry to it hevy of the f:ir
est. NVomTI' in the galhering. Perceiv
ing the entranwe of this friend, the
'practleni.ei'r, who had1 not hitherto
' 11n 1d is n:mC, arose and sa%'d:
uI'm v'oy much pleused with your fare,
Your oIVl- .1r J Ood 'Is yousTr soosk
My frieid's Mr. Terry, th piay-r,
AndI T N Mr. Thmrodor I [i "
The 'kitg. heinig prisenit ail full of
enjoyinlt. took n. g'Irent failey \o Ilonk
and innle.ljsintely appoinItoi himn) tren'
lnrer 'to 1hit Islauri of Ot Maulr itius
-with :i -salary of q10.000 a year.-New
York tPress.
A Big Boiled tiinner.
C'ooks in la rge ltels anid hoarding.
houses mayi3 think they get tiry meails
on n big sce irt whiein it coimes to
whiolesale' 'ookery' the litt le villaige of
'is,-o the Loindon and'. Southwesterni
.rnIlway. England, surpamsses them aill.
At .a 'imrbtecue held there some years.
ago anx ox was bo lied, not roastecd.
wh'iole, and this ils how It was done:
A large hble wals dug in theC grourud
nnd linedi with hrici.k. Inijde this a
tank iarge enough to hold the ox was
built. The enrenas was then lowered
into the tank, hiaiiig first been placed
in a case formead by3 heavy crossbars.
to whieh chanins ~wre attacea. Pul
leys froin a scaflshding above weree
used to roinse and lower the ox. Maniy
vegetables, such as searrots, onifens, cah.
higes andi :potatoes, wvere boiled with
'the ment. 'he boili~g required..seven
SummIIons f'or Relief.
STi.\ThiC Ol' 5O(M'TII ('.\h'OldN.\ I
Countys PicJhtkenis ('
lin ':ojsnion Ple's rottrt.
S. \.'it rhis 1slce s, Plintill'i,
Laeliar Terrell. LIzz'ie Terreli . O i e~t TerrellI, ..
11 i ' ss's la i i iner the essl'sijt ini ihi *it
Ir hi c is th " II isiy s.i int Ime
i:ii io'. the 'i el i 5f 1oni' for P'iik
iiit u~ tin ''-tityntisv a o,1 ...-, ests sate
t'bib s.'sit o li ii the stab s sli a hj. s : i u og Pj sgens
i. (is' -s. n ii' -I l iti day s ter ~ - the s's ice er -f
'fai Ii *s w - tti'het's in ii V.I;i stit i nne
af neI i . siith u hiii I Iin h' is m ii.,sni n isi ny.u
Psly ist he l itst '-Ior ssi is .'S'a d in the
.1 I:'5 sbuit's.
.I . ~ P. i '.f
Trte .\t hont anledarni .whye ti flrr-ns:
heoitheeiof mier ofsu alria fr oticke,ilu at
'e now Selling the Celebrated
In inaniense Quantities
sale of tlhemf inl Pickens is larger than any
ever introduced into this city. We are
ents of these preparations daily from tl
tin gly say t..at we havA
they have not given <
;uffer from stomach troi
.o will call on us we vi
aining the nature and i
5e new medical formula
Yew Discovery, $1,00 per bottle, six for $5.
ier's Quick Relief, 50 Cents por bottle.
L will sell at my hc
John 3o:oughs farm, n<
rough's mill, a stock
merchandise, invoicin g
1 good mare mule 9 yea:
horse wagon, 1 2d ha~
buggy and harness, i
buind les of good bright
bushels corn. Term~s c:
I beginis at 10o a. m. and lasts unt
w. w..
Pickens Route 2.
With a severe cold, it is
B~oit & Company's
Laxative Quinine
s just exactly what
L'hey r egulate thEe 1)0owel
elieve a cold in 24 hour
d especially for
BOLT & 4
'ickenls, : :S o,
Price 25c The Bol
other propric
-eceiving won
eCOIIC peopewho
e yet to
ible and
rill take
>rne on the
3ar the Bor
of gen eral
about $100.
:~s old, 1 one.
~ndedl open
ubout 1,500
fodder, :iG>
ii ever'y aric~elie Es
you nee(..
s, and winl
it h (' -l

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