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Pickens Sentinel-Joura
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
TFomPsoN & RIonr. PRoPs.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Fostoffice as Second Class
Mail Matter
l'ursuant to a call made by several
of the members of the Methodist de
nomination iu and around Pickens, a
meeting was held last Thursday eve
ning, October 31st, for the purpose
ofltaking into consideration the pres
ent and prospective financial status
of the Pickens circuit. This meeting
was well attended, and much enthusi
asm and determination shown.
Among the matters discussed was
that appertaining to the salary of the
preacher for this circuit, and definite
plans were ebaped by which this im
portant factor in the welfare of the
circuit will probably be more liber.
ally and consistently attended to.
It is well that church members ar.
becoming more alive to this need of
their church. This is a growing
community and :be churches com
posing the Pickens circuit will profit
by any earmest, diligent effort to pro
mote the financial side of their busi
ness, The preacher cannot go an
less he be sent, and sonding him is
the expression of a call for the means
whereby he is to go, if it is expected
of him to devote his whole time and
talent to the work of the church.
This is what this community needs
-a lively awakening to the needs of
the ministry - -and when this realiza
tion Lreaks upon the pcople of the
church in full force, it means to the
individual member and to the church,
as a b'ody, that the work of the Got.
pei is having effect.
The pcaching and the work of the
preachers and those aligned with hin
have not been in vain, but, in the ef.
forts that now speak through definite
action, there is proclaimed the result
of earnest, pious labor and sacrifice
that consecrited men and womn,
preacher and laity, have sought to
reach throngh months and years of
strivings agvainst s'eeming imdiflerence.
But the time has cotme for larg r
action. In the spotntaneous move
men t which is' decidledly and definite
ly taking shape in the Methodist
ranks, the whole community may feel
a measure of gratitud', because as
one peopl)e, the mission of all the
churches or every denomination see
in this some fulfillment of their bopes
and all are partakers in the resultant
There is no grumbling or comn
plaining in the effort to advance the
cause for which Christian people
should be and are united. There is
no endeavor to criticize or censure.
The Methodist, church is simply wak
ing up to realize her need and her
opportunmties, and1 the first stepping
ston:, to larger achievements is that
support to the cause which is neces
sary to its preaching, and this our
peple seem determined to provide.
I ICountry Weekly vs. City Daily.
In tusse days of rural deliveries
many are inclined to compare the
county pat r with the big city sheet,
and (x pct~ as much from the one as
the other, for the money.
Now, friends,don't be lhke tho Irish
man whten buying the boots-want as
largo as you cans got for your money,
Rememnber~ that the little "old home
paper" has its niche to till, and you
don't wa'nt to get along without it.
You wvanat to keep up wvith the gossip
of the neighborhood. It sorttr
sm~O'ths out the wrinkles and brings
ua little nearer to friends and kin
folkH We kinder look for the home
. aper, no mattetr how smn ll it may3 be.
There 'is something about it tha
can't be filled by the sheet from th<
big city, far away. We are all built
along these lines, and miss the litth
home paper when it fails to show up.
and so we kick and threaten to stop
it. But Sa'rah just says: "Now, Jo)mn
you can't do'thai. for I won't know
%Vho went to see Snith's girl last
Sunday." And so we let it run on,anld
then comes the collector, for the men
must be paid and the editor must
So I am going on the grind again
and coming to see you. Now I ap
preciate an invitation to "call again'
but sometimes wore than others
However, we will all keep in a good
humor and I ask you all to pass we
up all the little pieces of news afi sat
Show me the imnprovements on your
farm, stock, etc., because Mr. Thomp
fun hab turned this column over to
me and I expect to give an account.
of my meanderings and ruminations
in plain old homely way to my own
liking, and to the best of my ability
have a pleasant word for those I
come in contact with Now friends
with &our help this column will be
for you and me. ZEKE.
Henry Blvens Dead.
And the mother gave in tears and
The flower she most did love,
For she knew she would find them
all again,
In Fields of Light above,
It is with a peculiar sadness that.
the writer pens to day the death of
Henry Bivens. Just as the light of a
ne-v day was thrown npon the world,
in the early morning of hi i life the
spirit barque of Henry Biveus set
sail upon that unknown sea from the
shores of which no ship has ever
in ido a homeward sail.
It is kad to see one (lie so young
and (toubly sad when that one proin.
is4-d to be such a noble character, for
there wa that in Henry Rivens the
child that showed what Henry IWvens
I lhe man would be, but G.d gave this
life and lie has taken what Was HiW
Iwn. A V H.
Death of Mrs. Mary P. Nalley.
MrUs. Mary Pettigrew Nalloy aged
75 years, widow ot the late Thomp
s< n Nalley, di*ed at the home. of bet
son, Rev 0. B. Nailey ou Satuirdav
Novomber 9th, 1907, at 10 o'clock p
l,, after a lingering illess of wor<
than a year. She was laid to rest il
the Fairview cemetv-ry tihe follo wing
Mon day, the Rev. Powei's conducting
the funeral services. Mrsi. Nalles
leaves two eons and one daughter
beside about thbirty five graid-chil
droni and great-grand-child ren anm
numerous other relatives and a hosi
of friends to mourn their loss. She
was a true Christian anid a beautifu
character. She is gone but thn
good she has done atill lives.
Kyle Singleton Killed.
Westminster, November 5.-]
horrible accident occurred at J.. J
Cromner's gin at Tokeena on last Sat
urday afternoon. Kyle Singleton, th<
fifteen-year.old son of Thomas. F
Singleton, was caiught by the fly
wheel and hurled to death. BotI
arms were cut off and his legs atu<
lbaek were broken. Young Singletoi
lived about 40 minutes. It is sur
posed that he was oiling .the engin
when the pin fastening the fly-wbee
to the shaft caught his elothinrg. H<i
wvas the grandson of Mr. andi U.rs M
P. Singleton, of Taibor. His matern
al graind parents are Mr. and Mrs
W arren B. Jones, of Pickens county
Thbe body was buried at Cross Roadi
cemetery Sunday. fu neral services be
ing conducted by Rev. J. A. Camup
boll, of Townvill. The bcreavet
parents and relatives ha~ve the symnpa
thy of their many friends in their sat
a ill etion.- Westminster Correspond.
enit?'t( the Keowee Courier.
SWrite ait onco and learn why we secure beat
Positonsi, aind best salaries for our gcraduaites.
Bright and Shinin,
A sunburst of bargains in Shoes that v
dary of limited means, broaden and dign
e life.
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where. There a-e' lots of poor shoes '0
made and some stores must sell tfiem.
Only the best-at their price is good u
enough for us-or for you if you !
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late in shoes, our methods are a sure
ty of satisfaction.
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W ILL- ,
Practice in all Courts la Sonthi Caro lla
Sumnmons for, Relief
(Comnplit not .Served1
County of P ickens -. .
In Commnoni Plens court.
S. Victoria 10dens,1 IPlainitiff, -
Marthnt Te'rrell, James Terrell, Carey Terrell,
Lelar Tiereoll. Lizz.Ie Tlerrell, Hiessie Terreil, A.
C. Terreil and A sherry Terrell.
'ITo the Defendants above namecd:Dendt.
YQu are hereby sumfmonedi and requir
ed to anaswer the complaint in this ac
tion. which is this day filed ini the
oilcee of the clerk of court for Pick
ens counnty andl to serve a copy of your answer
plan t on the subscriber at is olece at i'ic~a Thses h
a. u., withins 20 days after the service hereof,
exclusive of the day of such service: and if youLa
fail to answer the complaint within the time gosa
. aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will ap
ply to the court for the relief demanded .In the cas o- o
a Complnt.
JT. P'. CAREY, Frayo
Toa the A bsent defendant James ier el a
Please take notice that the summons and comn.
plaint In the above statedt action were illed in esyuhv
thie ill cet 01 er of cu, rt for Pickens county
) 11.Pintiff's ttorn ev.entilhrs
-Notice or FinDal Settlement aud Discharge, akt tta
Notice is hueraby given that we wvillofay i
1maika application to 5. B. New ber3 Esq., da
Judige of Prob~ate for [Pickens co unt., mn
the sitate of South Carolina, on the 22d1pie
-onyv of November, 1907. at 11 o'ciock in
. h forenoon, or 88 soon1 thereafter as
eaid application can be heard, for leave
-to make final settlement of thet estate of
T. WV. 1l11l deceased, and obtain dis
chsatge as adIministrators of said estate.
Oct. 24, 1907t4 R. M, HI LL,
- . R. HILL,
LADIES:-Do you hanve any trouble
wvithl your childrens stockinga? I havo a
line of heavy ribbed h1080 for winter, anad
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Itutely fact.
A little more of that cheap crockery.
A bargain in coffen b~otih green and
'A~td Local represenatautive for P'icken~s(i
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u'omnmission basis, Experience desirnble, butI
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:or all the Peopkml*%19. (
rill fatten the lean purse, enlarge the boun
ify the dollar, and brings s>Inshine into your
Our Alm.
-g Thirty-three years ago Mr. W. T.
; McFall established this business
' house.
0 During the many years of his success
I o ful merchandising he made for him.
C self a reputation for honest value and
U square dealing that will always be re
: membered.
Our aim is the same high ideal. We
0 believe in the straightforward honest
- method of dealing with our custom
3 ers. We want to make you our .
o friends.
CL This may be old fashioned but if so it 2
is one of the good oid fashions that 4
-ee should not be laid aside.
in the Direction of this Store
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iapes. Extended, enduring, easy-bending,
time of year for you to consider buying such
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'd hard to dispose of at anything .like a fair
Inec-Price Cash Store

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