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Entered April 28, 1903 at Pickens, S. 0., as aeooud classIuaatter, uuder act of Congress of Marob 8, 1879.
Starts Off
Ross O'Dell of Liberty R,
Prize for Carriers of $5-c
R. F. D. No. 3, Wins the
Who Wil
Next Published.
The contest has started o
he-interest taken up to this
not show the true strength
many coupons in the hand
been turned in to this office
vote and would, maybe, hai
To vote early and as ofte
You will see many new <
published report and there 1
is plenty o time for new ei
section gets busy the vote f
upward. Vote your coup
near the top.
Don't forget. As we stt
in the price and dullness 61
pelled to extend the date o
Photos of the little tol
and next week we will cor
faces of some of ' Mama's
The vote for the various
Ross O'Dell, Liberty,
R F Herd, Pickens,
R L Henderson. Pickens
Jake Allgood, Liberty,
Middleton Rester, Pickens
C 0 Masters, Central,
Wm Mullinix, Central,
D G humbert, E tal-y,
B F Freeman, Pickens,
McWhorter. Liberty,
Frank Hendricks, Picke s,
Hal Boggs. Calhoun,
Dreamers' Arthur, Li' .rty, 9
Miss Lucia Earle, Pickens, I
Tillman Garrett, Hurricane, 5
Miss Zora Smith, Central,
.Mifs Lena Balentino, Central
Billie Welborne
Miss Lida Leslie, Eqsley-,
Lena Balentine
Zora. .giith
Ma;ttie Bowon
Lida Leslie.
.Alma Clayton2
Lucia Earle
L'zzie Garrett
'Nora Chiapman,
Florat Winebes~t. r
Leona Chiapman
Sida Elrod
The Gatherer.
'The Comings aind Goings of Peop
Some you k-iow, some you don'
nlY MISS 081 olhiI:JUiAllD
Tl U.ID. 0. Chapter held its
ular .eating Friday afternoon at
'residence of Mrs. T. J. Maul
That beautiful seetion, "After
Battle," wvas read by Mrs. 0. E. 1
ilisoni and Mrs. T. J. Mauldinl r
an'eara1 shart selentimas o m
Gets Busy.
in The Lead.
F. 'D. No. 3, Wins the Starting
o. Miss Alma Clayton, of Liberty
Starting Prize for Ladies of $5.00.
1 The Finals?
Rteport November 28th.
- -0 -
bnd we are very well pleased with
date. The published report does
of the contestants as there are
s of the people, which, if they had
, would have shown a much larger
,e made many changes.
-n as possible, is a pretty safe plan. j
:ontestants in the field at the next
ivill be surprises for you all. There
-tries to come to the front. As a
or the entry in that section climbsi
ons early and keep your favorites
Lted last week, owing t.o the slump
F the cotton market, we were com
F closing until February ist.
:s are coming in for the Baby Show
amence showing our readers the
prizes, to date, is as follows:
- --0
1,460 Ionument, Quite an elaborate pro
655 gramme was arranged for nest meet
210 ing of the Chapter which, if rendered
830 by those appointed, will make that
405 meeting a most interesting and in
600 structive one. Dainty refreshments
410 were served the Daughters by their c
7 charming hostess.
445 The Auf Weiderschen club met
400 with Miss Gussie Cureton at the res
idunce of her mother, Mar. K. L
|115i uretmn, last Thurisday evening.
,860 Am< ng the refreshments served was
g480 something quite novel in the way of
865 small eake', which were the size and
405 shape of cards, with the colored spota
24 represented thereon with icing.
Smith Griffin, of Greenville, came
over in his automobile last Thurs
405 day.
865 Miss Ellen Hiott, of Eashi y, visited
200 her little friends, Lizzie and Alice
245 Tnompson, last week.
Dr. Jas. Gitliland, of Essley, was
,5151 here last Thursday on professional
McD. Bruce visited in Greenville
480 last Thursday.
220w Hon. J. P. Carey returned from a
business trip to Greenville last
400 Thursday.
2 Jo* el Griffin visited relatives here
-J. M. Gantt, wvho for some time has
been a salesman for the Heath-Bruce.
Morrow Co.. left Friday for Char.
lottesville, Va., where he has accept
e-ed a p 'oiti1 n with a company that
has the contract for laying pipes for.
' the waterworks of that town.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones Fuller have
Imoved to their ne bome. in Green_
ji1. Mrs'. 3. M. Gantt and children are
the Ivisitin'g relatives in Liberty.
o-Drs. A B. Wrrdlaw, Frank Fergu
endl so and W.. C'. lilack, of Greenviale,
loh were in town last week.
Can You Gi
"Neither too High or too L
Can You Hit the
[hia is a picture of the buggy we are gol
If you take an interest in your mail
tarrier clip the coupon from this paper
ind send them to na with his namue and
mumber of route; they are worth 5 vote-s
tnd the catrier receiving the greatest
umber will get that b, antful Piedmont
auggy at Christmas. For the dollar yon
?ay on subscription you hnve 200 votes.
A. number have paid utp and cirried the
3oupons with them, but these coupons
voted before the issue of November 14th
may win your carrier an extra prize of
V5.00, for the carrier who leads at the
first published report, which will .e on
the above dta, will receive it prize of $5.
Do not expect the Carrier !o olme te
you requosilig yourt, subacr-ipjiouil 61 to
newals. Uncle Sam doe'-ro t allow "the
b-boys" oz soliuit bewsp..per subacrip
tions therefore the boy Whio tidea in that
buggy will have the satisfaction of
knowing that his friendq plyed the role
af "Santa Claus," and landed the buggy
n his stocking. Keap your eye on the
saue of Nov. 14th for there is a surprise
)trty in store for you. Send in your
oupons before that date and help land
hat flyer for your favorite.
How about that young friend who is
>ining for a couren in -a'obmm'erobi odl.
ege, remember that the same coupon
ounts the s'me iiumber of votea for
im or he'r also.
There as a pretty prize for the young
ady v ho receives the Jwgest number of
ote in her towuahip. With an extra
irize of $5 to the one.--tarting off with,
he greatest numher of v--tes at the first
mblished report Nov. 14th. In case of
tie the prize will be divided.
THIS COUPON entitles
The Sentinel-Journi
votes for......... - .........
votes for Mv ss...................
of........................._ .,
votes for.............................
Prof. Finley, if D) cuaeville, who
was professor of naitlaerna'ics in tl.e
bouth Car'lin C dieCse for four yearrf,
isited in lhekens I 'et week.
J. D. Smith, of Gainesville, Ga.,
isited friendq in town iattt weo k.
Jos and John Bireck, of Central,
vere in town last .veok.
Dr, Frank Smith, of Easley, was
n P'ickennsinst. wvaet..
R. Mr. Giles, of Anidersoni, wans in
r)wii ilouday.
WV. M 'H agood,of Easley,visiteud his
rmn, lBruee Hagood, laist week.
Miss K(ate Hayines, of Liberty, vis
ed friends in Pickens lust Thursday.
J. P. Carey, Jr , visited friends ini
brangeburg last week.
Liess at All?
ow-but Ju4t Iight," Wils I
Exact Number?
ig to give awity to some R. F. D. Carrier.
We are simply giving it away in
prizes in place of paying it in commis- d
sionti to a collector: See.
Go and murk on the pautry door the
number (of votes that will win a $5 prize.
Het ) your on the iaan of Nov. the 14th
and Fee what a poor guesser you are.
Baby Show
Open to the World
All the ladies are interested in "The
Sweestet Babe in Dixie". Of course
y4.u know and we Jill kuow,
that the babe itt yonr house is aj
the ,'wetest BDIAe in.Dixie." So send S
9% little "Tot's" plut, and win a prize
in the Sentiuel.'ournal's "Baby beauty I
We shall offer at number of prizos to
be anutounced next week for the hand e
somest LIaby two yerrs old or under.
Send nn a khotogi aph of you r baby
giving name ago and place of residened.
Do not write on the photograph. As
soon as the phdtographs be*gin to come
in we will seleet two each week to grace
the columns of the Sentinel Joffrnal.
These will be seleetedl by lot so all will
L an-eqnal ohance. At the close <f
tUi 'onteft all thb phatograipbh will be
plned in the luandq of a o ammittee who
*iWdw0'h the prizes. No names will be
puleiAhed until we print the picttres of g'
the winuing babies.
Send the photogniph early no we c in
print its picture to ah'w to the world
what- a handas'me lot of youngteis we
have in the family of Soutmel Journal 11
Lenders. 75
Competition open to the world. ac
the holder to 5 votes in
al's Prize Contest. o'
- .................Rural Carrier cc
....... Township
................... for scholarship. al
Loland Boggsa, who has been eta
tioned with his conipany in New Jer. 1a<
-tey, has sever. dI his connection with
he atrmy tin accept a jin-it n mn Sa- at
Mis-es Jessie a'ad Nellie Pairsons
of Liheg tv, visited rela'hes in Pick
ens last week. aid
The muny friends of Prof. WV. E, H<
Dendy wvere glad to see him in Pick
ens, Saturday. For live years this
gentleman wvas professorn of be. Pack. ei
ens Graded School, which place ho CN
r:e.ned to accept the position of Ent
princeipatl of the collefge at Douglas.
v'ilb-., Ga. 'Io
Miss Clovie Roper, of Easley., vis- a cn
ited relatives in Pickens last week. jcli
R. E Goodwin visited in Gnvilmlm I
,at Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bruce and their
ttle daughter Catherine spent 'ast
eek in Greenville with the family of
B. B uce
Mesdames Emma Major and C. E.,
'binson are in Columbia at the state
>nvention of Baptist mission work
'8 as delegates from the mission 4o
ety of the Pickens Baptist church.
IMiss Ninan Griffin, of Liberty, is
lending the wiuter with her aunt,
rs. Will Bruce.
Miss - Palmer and Ben Jones, of
re-enville, were the guests of Rev.
M. Stewart, Saturday and Sundaiy.
Miss - Warren, of Ea0ley. visim.d
-r friend, Mrs. C. E. Robinson, last
Mrs. W. A. Thomaq has returned
1)1m a visit to her mother, Mrs. Luke
iughn, who has been seriously ill.
Miss Cecil Hester, who is a student
Rock Hill College, came borne last
linraday on account of a sprained
Miss Lucia Folger was called to
isley, Friday, on account of the
mth of her uncle, Perrin O'Dell.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Banister, of Lib.
Iy, are the guests of R. A. Bowen.
R. E. Bruce and Christie Rbbin.
n visited in Greenville, Sinday,
Nl1oti puo sale, soquiasa wap, et
0 o acuhs neton otin91 400 00aken
II IlW sI U01JO 0.11 'Catil I) pu i"jt
!IS SIaliFlosqi 0.1hose,11 8 rj C)XOA4
nele,4j fast; 11 p ice l s175.jo
Fr *ula nb-ie rin jo uojsearreI 0ho
1.ljj Ipq SUUtio03 iualm~tl jo 49aaoj
In sal S2; tiM oan iid ol in guood
2) oq4 no *1ulaal ul Sumeanuo
un jo dnoa1 u vn'rinr u ral forq,
a ucrslws lofWoN 10 MuJa
rBusiness Locals.
Notices of sale, wants. Swaps, et
iserted Ina ihim coltimn at 6 cents per
line for each Insertion. nothing taken
for less than imcents.
For Sale-Family horse, 8 years old,
tile, fast; price 0175.
For Sal-Aneri.n ingle barrel elot
in $2; MoClllin saddle in good ftx
. 50, D. D Jones,
Fot Sfacs-17 ros, Ioanigtuil forest,
miles north of Piken , $80 an acre
acres est of Woodhe l mountain, 10
des branch boto. balantce in timber,
iot $10 acre, (!iit deal. e F. KRri.
F. D., No. 4, Pickent, S. D.
You have not heard notwing from Old
glyoste soldog im.I . in gEale-s
cewprices Alon seing behie and
ctined anli a raigor B tnow
Amk to asee ou arnt of ormnry
les. grieby hienc r0w Ite adal
iarloand of Obelk Four aust rcottod
H. co.o Rices.IwatnieseI
ATsmED,-rk0 bucash ell ard wll
atI dohes. are pricJ ash arortrae
aov. .ti Ahmor & . Nmmon.,
Ao fe,-155s lacrs ofwii --nd on eas
pkinpmand lotheswn ahiee
313 T.. R..bion,
skt com sNrm.atofremna. t
p. Groo houtse bitndbl otmbingd.
Crtogcen.Apl ros.wi
rla]o blikFot ct. 31ie
il rcie biart force sl or 5trade.
isovn ot Acoltaimg ninons.o
aore maore1 orls if thetow of Lib
y. of Ntril DCetomils, 5h.ar
pins tipay forpers. Trmtob
tdinbi.C. R.O'e,.
nbriOcn. 81

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