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Pickens Sentinedournal
The Sentinel-ournal Company.
TUOMPBoN & Riony. Pnops.
J. L. 0. THOM PSON, Even.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Bates Reasonable.
Entered at PICkens Fostoffloe a Second Claus
Mail Matter
Steal $100,000 and get off. Steal
a pair of shoes and get two months.
Yet certain grave persons 'profess to
an inability to understand why there
is discontent with the workings of
the law.
We take no stock in the statement
from the census bureau that there
are twenty million women in this
country over the age of thirty years.
"She blushes every time I kiss
her," "Good graciousl I should
think she would."-[Houston Post.
There are few editors in this coun
try who would not have done just a
John Temple Graves did in accept
ing a $15,000 job on the New York
Billy Sundty, the baseball evangel
ist, is quoted as saying in a recent
sermon: "The world is so full of
hypocrites-these sizzling, peanut.
beaded, slow, corruptible kind of men
--that when they go to hell, hell will
beso full of them that their feet will
be sticking out of the windows." But
Billy never dared to talk that way to
an umpire.
Those Wall street fellows who have
been rocking the boat got the worst
of it,-|Andeison Mail.
Of the 59,005 employed on British
sailing vessels 928-or one in 60 --
loose their lives by drowning, wherens
of the 162,129 men employed on
steanmships only 674 --or one in 124
--are drowned.
Tho eflicial statistios of India show
an increase in the value of imports
amounting to $10,000,000 and of the
exports to $*6,500,000 for July of
this year, as compared with July,
A devotion of a stork to its young
was strikingly showo during a fire
at Basol. The nest was set on fire
by a spark from a chimney, but the
mother bird refused to sleave the
fledglings, and all were burned to
Fgom .October 1 all leaf tobacco
shipped into Shula from every source
is ta..ied 49 cents for each 80 pounds.
Manufactured tobacco, such -as cake
or cut cigarettes, cheroots, cigars and
sznuil' of all kinds, is taxed at the rate
of 2.08 per cent. ad valorem. Simia
gt ta most of her tobacco supplies
froem Calcutta and Madras.
The farmers of Burmah have rec
ognized the commercial value or the
peanut and have this year increased
the area planted to 78,743 from 37,
110 acres last year, and it is reported
that a much larger area will be plant
ed to this tuber next season. Thus
far most of the peanut planting is
done in the provinces of Magwe andl
Rigsb~yWigeon- -" says he couldn't
live without his wife." Jigeon-"I
guess that is abour, right. She is
worth over a million."-[Blrooklyn
The 01(1 headgear which Geronimo,
the Indian chief, woro in his last bat
tle wvith Gen. tViles, has been bought
by Robert W. Weclls, of Washington,
and will be given to the Smithsonian
For some reason, says the Wash
inlgton) Post, the Carnegie hero comn
nadsi.n lhas aq yet paid no atten
t 'i. to th w.te * j whot wear a hat
"What's wrong, old mant" inq'irad
Asoum, "You look rather haggard
this morning." "Yes," replied iitb
man. "I made a discovery last nigh-t
that staggered me." "You don't
Ra1 What was it?" "A bottle of
10-year-old rye that I didn't know I
had."-[Phila. Press.
Annie Louise Carey, the greatest
of American contraltos during her
operatic career, has just passed the
sixty-q'itith anniversary of her birth
England was first in-the world's
trade until 189?. In that year the
United States for the first time took
the lead of the entire world, beating
Great Britain by $100,000,000 on
trade totals, and we have since al
ways kept in the van of commercial
An many as 36,000 people have
been crowded into England's great, h
church, St. Paul's cathedral. This
was when galleries of wood were v
built in every niche and corner of 0
the building. The ordinary seating a
capacity of the main auditorium of
St. Paul's is only 4,000 people.
The "bigger" tho men in the crime t
business, the more it is essential tIL t
they be run in and locked up. tTe
samn as the smaller fry. -[Chicago
Senator Carmack hitthe nail squiare st
on the he'td and drove it in when he "
Raid that Rooserelt was the "biggest d
fake in the Uanited Rtates." ci
The recent finav.cial flurry is a
strong argument in favor of postal fit
savings banks. ti
A Tribute to Robert B. Cochran.
At his home in Calhoun, South
Carolinn, at 12:20 o'clock Sunday K
morning of October 27, 1907, after a
ingering illness of more than a year, pa
the noirit of Iobert. 13. Cochran pass
id quietly and peacefully away. His
vife, one brother and one sister and
i few friends were at his bedside
He was the youngest son of Robert
A. and Emeline Coahran deceased.
He was born December 11th, 1873. l1
and remained at the old homeostead I
and c4red for his aged parents while
they lived, for he was greatly dev,- ]at
ted to them, but for the past year he b
has reeidet in Calhoun.
Having been connected with A. J.
Boggs' store for ten years, lie was
wv:ll known for his sterling busineis pr:
:inialities. - ch
His motto wvas honesty and truth-i .E
ruliness. He was very energetic and va'
ambitious and had :very high idea eai
Robert B. Cochranwes a -mjember tin
of Mount Zion Church at"Central be
ing an efficient officer of that church, ser
having served in, the capacity of
steward for a number of years, and) ret
not being satisfied with anything doI
short, he always gave in a full report thc
to his pastor every year. SW
Being a young man in the prime
of life, he longed to get well and take
his place in the activities of life, but
blod thought best to take hirm.
While we would be glad to have
him with us again, yet it is comfort
ing to know that he has relief from
tho pain and suff ring which he en.
S1ured so long
On November 25th, 1903, he was
in trried to Mliss Lena Meares, of
Beueca, wvho, with one brother and
rour sisters survive him.
The burial took place at Mount TPa
bor Church Monday aaLeruo-n. The
fn eral services were conducoted by
bis pastor, Rev. W. S. lien ry, wvho
was ably assisted by Recv. K. G. Fmn.
ley, Reetor of thme Episcopal Church
it Clemson College. Tlheir discourses
were very comforting and instructive.
Just as the sun was s'etting behind
he western hills we lowered his cas
set into its last resting place to
iawait the resurection.
'Shall we gather at the river
Where bright angel feet have trod;
With its crystal tide forever
Flowving hy the Throne of God?"
'Yes, we'll gather at the river,
l'hat flows by the Throne of (God."
Have You
a Friend?
Then tell him about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Tell him
how It cured your hard cough.
Tell him why you always keep
it in the house. Tell him to
ask his doctor about it. Doc
tors use a great deal of it for
throat and lung troubles.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Bold for over sixty years."
ha, no 1t- Weu .
the formula. fa our medloines.
noo yer's Pills at bedtime wi
maten recovery. Vently axative
To clean bronze wash it with pul
erized whiting, then rub with paste
'plumbago and saffron and heat the
rticle before a slow fire.
The Glad Ring.
The ideal state of love will never
nte to pass until the wooer can use
te glad ring in his voice and save the
rice of a diamond toward provisions
or te Arat year In a flat.-Spokane
Vash.) Spokesman-Review.
He Didn't Like a Crowd.
Mrs. Gotrox-Mabel, dear, are you
ire Mr. Woodby loves you for your
If alone? Mabel-Yes, I'm sure he
tes, -vnnmma. He is always sp rest
ss when you are in the room.--Ex
In January, 1849, one year after the
'st discovery of gold in California,
ere were 10,000 men mining there.
dney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
pers is sure to know of the wonderfui
cures made by Dr.
Ki lmer's Swamo-Root,
the great kidney, liver
and bladdcr remedy.
V It is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
tecnth century; dis
covered after years of
scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
nent kidney and blad
der specialist, and is
midcrfully successful in promptly curing
ne back, kidney, b!adder, uricacid trou
and Bright's Dicase, which is the worst
m of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilncr's Swamp-Root is not rec
imenced for everything but If you have kid
y, livcr or bladder trouble it will be found
t the rcmcdy you need. It hs3 been teated
so rany ways, in hospital work, in private
tcice, among the helpless too poor to pur
ice rclief and has proved so successful in
~ry case that a special arrangement- has
mr made by which all readers of this paper
o have not already tricd it, may' have a
nple bottle sent free by mall, also a book
ing more about Swamp-Root and how to
1out Af,yosu have kidney or bladder trouble.
ten writing mention reading this generous *c
pr in this paper atdd
d your address to
Kilmer&GCo.,Bin g
nton, N. Y. The '
ular fifty cent and Ilomoot swamp-noot,
lar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
)ott't make any mistake, but remember
name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
amp-Root, and the address, Binghamton, a
on every bottle.
. cmpany will insure any ot
Every trace bf kidney troi
$100 "atote
Bultimoze, lMd., for ion
ney trouble UVA QCL
A Word to th
For Sale byPICKENS
Ready for Fal
ax Wint<
Only live fish swim up stre: m. and oll i
Ocods .ud sloes. Whieb way are you goij
Complete line of Fall
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fancy nc
very few
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ie having any trace of
able is eliminated Ly1
i by the Iuter.
iuioul Co.. of
v case of Kid.
will not -elp.
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