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Dry Goods, clothing, Shoes, HE
Buggies and Wagons. Alm
For the past month we have been receiving New
Pickens. We are not much on "HOT AIR", but we
in 1897 has been phenomenal and we appreciate the
ces are always right; goods bought right sell themsel'
Our Dress Goods Department, as usual, is
complete in every detail, largest stock we have
ever shown, all the latest styles apd patterns in
Flannels, Serges, Pannamas, Henriettas, Broad
Cloths and silks, Outings, Flannels, Kerseys,
Blankets, Rugs and Art Squares at all prices.
Largest stock of Ladies' Cloaks and Rain
Coats ever brought to Pickens, all colors and
styles from $2-50 to $15. The Kenyon Rain
Coat for Ladies, $7.52 to $ 5
Clothing, Clothing!
When 'it comes to clothing we are the whole
show procession and all, we have the largest
stock, best styles and patterns ever shown at this
store, suits for men $3.50 to $25, for youths $2.50
to $15, children from $i to $7. Buy the "Horse
Shoe" brand if you would have a fit, and remem
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gel
Chase City buggies, Iron King sto
7 Shoes, Lynchburg Plo
Butterick Patterns.
Pjckiis~I~~finliAunnl *is s Juniata Davis, o
Pi e PS Sentinel-iloun N.1al a.""" n'Sa"uda
with her aunt, Mrs. J. 1T
Happenings of a Local and' Personal Liberty. 'She returned
Nfature. day. witb Miss Dore. C
- . will spend a shiort tiene ii
Mts. Clayton Newton is epending -b Th'orris (iramimar
a -few~kdays ,with Mrs. M, W...Newton, Monday, 18th1t
of Librty. Erie~ of Cefitral., princij
Photograp~hs of the babies . Mrelirye Newton, of Liber'
coming in, anid next week we. wi4 'A l parents are urged t<
coirranence priating the .little -o6de .children present on day
picure..so they mity be pr operly
'Miss Maud IHunnicutt has returieed 'Baldy WYhitenire, :bhe'
to Seneca, after spending a fortniabt cine veeder from Brt
with 'friendst in Easley and Green-1 was in Piekens. Tu
ville. --[Seneca J oral. Wednesday, leoking ofi
Dorbt forget, the poultry show andBaldy says col'eetione .in
the baby show will be pulled oftoalina this year are the Lx
gether', Isc. 19-20-21, and be sure~ arnd his mediines cureai
and make your entries in both events 1glass eyes to wooden leg4
in plenty or time. .- . I .Our exchanges are a
Married, Nov. 10, at the residence
1- of the ofliciating clergyman, Rev. B onnttewrd h
C Atkinson, P. M. Martin and Mi ~ss o enbnigS
Bessie Ma w. Much anod everlasting ~ ~ Camn
happiniess to the young couple. b .MD ia
Our baby show is creating quite a atothtwilipt
furore among our lady friends and a, erprbshl
subscribers. What is sweeter orpltyhawlldn
prettier than a baby-a girl baby-.- pre
uinder ''sweet sixteen,'' and how can
she help winning a prizet hl ubro
The funeral services of Henry B3iv- yrOo hpaa
ens will be held at the residence of ai onEas bu
.' 'PY~ ~r~ebot threirbrckr, etrop
u ' ~ agas the rkili . hi e t
cae o co hangay i
V * \ 1'rof ,heldckn a iCo.'e,
S~ith.sonofMr.andMms. oah by wh icte tehapman, c
daugter f Mr andMrs.J. wned u y J.re McD. Brol
tori Rev W.Ci. eabo'uassite Eas watope, thaand 'wiltpt
pleant ecepionfollwed t ptenwas haliciol adowinf
hoeof he goom a bickinWhie anmbe ofj
Lts, Gents' Furnishing Goods,
ost everything in car lots.
Fall Goods daily and now we can show you the bes
believe in doing things and showing what we are d(
fact that the secret of our success has been square de
ber if we can't fit you out of our stock we are sl
sole agents for the International Tailoring Co's C
line which is the best Tailoring Concern in the g
world, suits from $15 to $45, a perfect fit guaran- $
teed. Overcoats for everybody, from $5 to $25. f4
Rain Coats for boys and men $7-50 to $r5 Big a
stock of Hats, among them the celebrated Hawes $
Hat at $3, The Stetson at $5 and $6.
Shoes, Shoes! V
There is no denying the fact that we have the
shoe trade of the town, if you want good shoes
you can get them here, but if you want cheap,
shoddy shoes you will have to hunt the other
'feller". The secret of our inmense shoe trade
is, we don't handle cheap shoes, the best or noth- t
ing is our motto. In coarse goods the old relia
ble Battle Axe stands out far ahead of any other
Its' Furnishing Goods a specalty.
Ves, New H oime sewing machines, I
ws. All winuers.
Flat Rock, Tow" Creek school will open on %i, se, Jo
mnd Sunday! Ihe. 25th instant with -Miss Hattie ited relativi
. Clat'on, of Eairle as teacher. . Saturday.
homne Mon-.
Married at the residence of M. F. The boa
layton, who Ilesk-r on NoveIuber 13, 1907, Mr. building a
p fhere. Jae Htubbard to Mies' Floride gasoline en
School will Crow, all of Pickens. M. F. He'ster, house. W
Prof. W. T. performed the ceremony- the courth
>al,.and Miss Mr~s. Lena Aleares Cocran, widmio ck in the
~3, assistat of the late Rt. B. CI.Pnan, of Cal- ""''lA gr
of opening, heun, and her sister, Miss Lilie' payers~ ort
cassd. 'Meares, of Soni'ca, wer visiting "Fl"
ovaluied-frien)ds in Pickens Tuesdlay. *"
yard, N. C. Ephriam Cooper cane into town Me
eaday -and Men day carrying a gun in his hip-' hlora- ,
er usiesspocket for proteetion. Mayor La- ge
South Oar- Boon thought that Epfwiam's money of -the m
st of his life, was safeFr in the town treasury, and jOconuee C.
iything from relieved him of $10 fur violation of ''en31t Ainso)
thte law. aind the C
beeni (Gran
i1 bragging W. P. Long, who iaves on) the Crow Lodge of
aut Eastatae Creek road, about a mile from Super-. sisted in tI:
i'e is a se viser Loopr'sa, met uts with the bad 'Secor d Re
the window lack Monday to lose his house by fire.I attached t
tore, raisedi The contents of the hounse were saved, street's cor
mn the farmn but a bale of cotton was burne:1. Themoe.1
',ou the Big fire caught from the stove' WValhalla.
ac seales for Emnmet Goodlwin is an expert rider Ms.1u
Cururio has onl the mtore~-eyele and~i st rac'ts coni- JMrs . Dm
two pounds siderab~le attenaI.un when-i '' the on&
streets. Air GOsod win bia takeni the Ion the 31st
Ild - agency for the htirkle, ancd ais an ad- Hrrma
Lr th i.I the maehine lhe rides at a snerifice. cermtery.
14, got initi. 1. . . .III~ The bereav
.fl o EFvans you want a nmehine f or a sog. path~y of a I
Cnapmnan ini Washington P. Cunin iaghiam died jwork on '.
mntly Evans at bia residence on the Farr's Bridge i dwelling ii
lihiauself up lH aml four iles west (of reen vilie it will sooni
11. C..orone,.r Tu'iesday afrtern-Io)n and11 wals buried at - -- ----Johr
M m)iIany, ali Bere-a Cihurche Wenesday' afternoon ftrip t~o Ca]
f the ot he at 3 o 'clock. Mr. Cuninighami was a and 3I1rs.T
ieltin .. The suo of the l ate George (CIInnin ghami Col lege, vi
Wing somje- iad wVas bornt an I rearcd lit (Greer ial 'Je, Sn tu
~hr origi: al where he livedl until hisa m rrriage to --- --Mise
e C'iapman Miss Mamie Suddlith. Hie wasi a dea- spent Sund
lily killed by jcon of Berea Church and also a Lillie Bort
ohn Ibann." I wooim'n of the wVorl.1 n..a a,,d
)OD S.
Furniture, Stoves, I-lard ware,
t stock ot General Merchandise ever shown im
,ing. The growth of our business since we started
aling. We sell nothing but the best and our pri
ioe, in children's and women's cheap shoes the
rodman shoe is the shoe you want, every pair
uaranteed solid. Zeigler shoes for women $3,
3-50, $4. and $5. When it comes to nice shoes.
>r men there is nothing to it but The Walkover
nd the Boyden, the best shoe made to-day for
3-50, $4 $4-50, $5, $6.oo and $6.5o.
Hardware of every description, stoves, tin
rare, turn plows, harness and saddlery, belting,.
hingle saws and cross cut saws.
The largest stock of staple and fancy groceries,
ri the county.
Buggies, surreys, furniture and wagons in car
>ts, See us for anything you need. We haven't
he space here to tell you of half we would like to,
>ut come to see us for anything you need, we
vill treat you right.
Yours very truly,
x &so..
Sole agents for Mitchell wagons.
lawes $3 hat, Boyden, Walkover
iie and Hattie Earle vis. Creek, WOrshiped at Pleialt 114,
a at Clemson College last Snnay.--Misses Annie an& Cr
He Konnetnur visited at bhe homeo4f
rd of counissioners are J. TI(tifl, in Pickena,
neat little house for thMWaen it of
gine in use at the court-I(apCreeeatngtei
hen the imiarovements on oaa e lgSudi'-~a
Duse are completed, the ele otoiryisedrhi'a
tower, anld the groutnds a eta eety- omi
deICi au~l seeded, the tax- ogn n fPi bg' r-fi
be coiunty wviil be proud of ig'ugmn iie tDlo h
rty aiint of their comms- wo.---.o eladiu.Li
'les P. D,-ndy <Hed at. hisPifim.--N.. cnrrrs
illballa, Monday, at 4 p.* ml., amnrPesatHlcurh.
*rs. Maj. Dendy-Wl wasG Tne mn red fMs i.1i
at prommen.nt citzona ofofCnaltroguths eiv
mity, He was at promhi ar or olan ha h a~r
, taken both the Chapter'lwa hswiin~i~ ee;
onncid degrees, and haslopfo rasedyeoty.
di Master of the Grandl-[lnaiHl o.Fr at: ,
South Carolina. He as.-T
uo organization of Co. C, M cola hspae~it~i
g. S. 0. Rifles, and was 13,18,udr hmnrnc.
Hood's division, Long- mn fMs etajns.o Ic
pe, and was twice pro- n ony ews frhv .r.c.
was buried TPuesday atcsslten--.-..~5
ham, the beloved wife of ---M.adMs ) -.K w
irheam, died at her home rronerenalarsinti.:.
nut,, atler a short illness,. e ly ih te lte'
s .'Pro limd to rest, on the M.adMA onE
lay at Six Mile BaiptistViiit.-NwHp o.v;1.
She leaves a husband andFtc y
atives to mourn her death. --
ad have the heartfelt sym
morst of friende.-----Th~e
'. E. Pinson's handsome I~ilsl tryhm ntm tt .
moving on rapidly. andNoebr107myfr,, .IL
be readly for occupancy. 1iars..iarso o 'f, *w J
Gassaw~ay made t lin hia( atr.Alo7v.,.-i,
houin, Sund~ay. Ml' ur. ,bgy vglanl i ~'ftig.
S. Rlamsey, of Clemson lgtosadtec0)mceIh.i
sited relatives lnear Six ctl,2bod5w,*allto
eday niighut and Sunday. Lto Ihshtlgol
es Berta and Ethel Jones '''fi5 ahfrlid
ry with their cousin, 1lia5Sal eisa 0olc a n
mughs, of Praters.-----c .(I4F '
EdgaThomasdinPockeile hacel, S.-~.
Mr. nd rs. arrn. S itB, o

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