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4 D. eVIflhflIn
I a
"You don't wean It?" exclaimed Lor
ry. "Then he way be any one of the
three you have mentioned?"
"Let ine tell you what the grand
duke's secretary says. I have the of
ficial notice, but left it in my desk.
The runaway son of the grand duke Is
called Christobal. Ile is twenty-seven
years of age, speaks English iluently,
besides Prench and our own language.
It seems that he attended an English
college with Prince Dantan and some
of our own young men who are still in
England. Six weeks ago he disappear
ed from his father's home. At the
same time a dozen wild and venturous
retainers left the grand duehy. The
party was seen in Vienna a week later,
and the young duke boldly announced
that lie was off to the east to help his
friend Dantan in the fight for his
throne. Goting on the theory that Bal
dos I8 this same Christobal we have
only to provide a reason for his pre
ferring the wilds to the comforts of
our cities. In the first place, he knows
there Is a large reward for his appre
hension and be fears our police. In the
second plae, lie does not care to direct
the attention of Prince Dantan's foes
to himself. Ile missed Dantan In the
hills and doubtless was lost for weeks,
but the true reason for his flight is
made plain in the story that was print
ed recently in Paris and Berlin news
papers. According to them. Christobal
rebelled against his father's right to
select a wife for him. The grand duke
had chosen a noble and wealthy bride,
Anld the son had selected a beautiful
girl from the lower walks of life. Fa
ther and son Iualrreled and neither
would give an inch. Chrlstobal would
not marry his father's choice, and the
gran11d duke would not sanction his
union with the fair plebelan."
Here Beverly exclaimed proudly:
"ll doesn't look like the sort of man
who could be bullied Into marrying
an1ylbody if lhe diin't want to."
"And he strikes me as the sort who
would marry any one he set his heart
upon having," added the princess, with
a taunting glance at Miss Calhoun.
"Umph!" sniffed Beverly defiantly.
The baron went on with his narrative,
exhibiting signs of excitement.
'"'o lend color to the matter, Christo
hal'. sweetheart, the daughter of a
game warden, was murdered the night
before her lover fled. I know nothing
of the circumstances attending the
crime, but it Is my understanding that
Christobal is not suspected. It Is pos
sible that he Is Ignorant even now of
the girl's fate."
"Well, by the gods, we have a good
ly lot of heroes about us!" exclaimed
"But, after all," ventured the Count
ess Hlalfont, "Baldos may be none of
these men."
"Goodl heavens, Aunt Yvonne, don't
suggest anything so distressing," said:
Y'etive. "He must be 01ne of them."
"I suggest a speedly way of deter
mining the matter," said Anguish.
"Let us send for Baldos and ask him
point blank who he is. I think it is
up to him to clear away the mystery."
"No!" cried Beverly, starting to her
"It seemls to be the only way," said
"But I promised him that no ques
tions shoulid he asked," said Beverly,
almiost tearfully, but quite resolutely.
"Didn't I, Yet--your h ighlness?"
'"Alas, yes!" said the princess, with a
pathetic smIle of resignation, but with
loyalty in the elasp of her hand.
rn HAT same afternoon Baldos,
blissfully Ignorant of the stir
he had ereatedl in certain cir
eleR, rode out 'for the first time
a a mlembler of the castle guard, He
And Hiaddan wvere detaIled by Colonel
Quinnox ,to act as private escort to'
Miss Calhoun until otherwise ordered.
If Hladdani thought himself wiser than
Baidos in knowing that their charge
was not the p~rlncess lie was very much
snistaken. If he enjoyed the trick that
was being played on his fellow guards
gnan his enjloyment was as nothing
when 'omlpared to thle pleasure Bauld.os
-was deriying from the situation..
Tile royal victorha wvas driven,to the
fortress, conveying the supposed prini
cess and the Countess Dagmiar to the
home of Count Marlanx. The twvo
guards rode bravely behind the equl
p~age, resp~lenldent in brilliant new u
formis. Baldos was mildly surprised
and puzzled by the homage paid the
young Anuerican girl, It struck him as
~proposterous that tihe entIre popuhition
of Edeiweiss could be in the game to
deceIve him.
"Who is the princess' companion?"
Jhe inquired of Hladdan as they loft the
Rii BARR :
&g M'0UTOF0N, -
hi s SAutho o Graustark M A
C~oyright. 1904. ty DOM.
S Mad aOd (4! P21
... ~ ~ ... %K 4
castle grounds.
"The Countess Dagmar, cousin to'her
highness. She is the wife of Mfr.. 4n
"I have seen her before." said Baldos.
a strauge smile on his face.
' The Countess Dagmar found it diffl
cult at first to meet the eye of the new
guard, but he was so punctillously
oblivious that her courage 'was'restored.
She even went so far as to whispler in
Beverly's ear that he did not renieinber
her face and probably would not ree
ognize Yetive as one of the eavesdrop
pers. The pri'ncess had flatly retused
to accomipalny thei -ou the visit to the
fortress because of Baldos. Struck by
a sudden impulse. Beverly callediBail
dos to the side of the vehicle.
"Baldos, you behaved very nicely yes
terday In exposing the duplicity of
those young women," she said.
Hunting the Maribou.
Hunting the muarabou is attended
with great difliculty. as the bird pos
se(:es wonderful enuning and often
contrives to outwit the most skillful
hunter. Witih ntig',able dignity It
measures the grounid between itself
and its pursuer :ud takes very good
care not to exhaust itself by too rapid
flight. If the hunter iioves slowly the
bird at once adopts. an eQUIly easy
pace, but h' the liunte'r quickens hI:
steps the birdj Is off like an arrow. It
is very dillIcult to get within gun
range of this calculatl:ig creature, but
the natives adopt a novel ieans of
vapturing it, which the bird, with ali
jt.; as:iuteness, is unable to compre
lind and falls an easy victim. A
tempting morsel of meat is tied to the
end of a long stout cord, which the
skillful hunter flings to a great dis
tance. as lie would a lasso. the halt
falling 113 icar the fleeing bird as lie
cnn aim it. He then conceals hl:n:elf
hastily behind a bush (or crouches low
on the sand. The marabou, which Il
ways keeps its eye on the hunter. see
ing him vanish. (juletly stops and de
Yours the balt. when It 13 easily se
cured by the hunter. who runs toward
It, coiling the rope a:; he goes.
Carlyle's Recipe For Shirts.
Here is an extract from a letter of
Thomas Carlyle, in which lie asks his
sister to make him sonie shirts and
sends the measurements. How many
women could make a shirt after them?
"My Dear Jenny-* * * In the mean
while I want you to make me some
flannel things. too-three flannel shirts
especially. You canl get the flannel
from Allek~ if he has any that he can
well recommend. You can readily have
them made before the other shirts go
off. I have taken the measure today
and now send you the dimensions, to
gether with a measuring strap which I
bought some weeks ago (at-one penny)
for the purpose! -You are to be care
ful to scour the flannel first, after
which process the dimensrons are
these: Width (when the shirt is laid
on its back), 22%/ Inches; extent from
wrist button to wvrist button, 01 inches;
length In the back, 35 inches; lenigth in
the front, 25%I/ Inches. Do you under
stand all that? I dare say you will
make It out, and this measuring band
wvill enable you to be exact enough."
Began With "D" Anyway.
"An' wheni they gits to Italy."" gaes
on Bill, growin' quite enthusiaste,. as
you might say, over th' idec. "he~'111
hav'e th' time of his life ruminatli'r
roun' them old 'Salaces of the dog.
"Dogs!" I gasped. "Palaces of trhe'
"Doggles, then, I s'pose yon u'tigft
call it," says lhe, "If you're so, bhamed
Ipertlklar, though it ain't spelt thtt
way. It's spelt dogs, only with the
"Bill Gladox," says I. "for an uued
ju('atedl man you are th' most ignorant
I ever nee. Do0 you miean to tell ime
you ain't never hear' of th' dodges of
Venice that has been mayors of' thi'
town for th' last hundred years or
"No, I ain't," says he, "an' no one
else neither. Tiher' aini't any such
folksn there. Dodge ain't ani Eyetpd'an
name nohowv. It h)'lOnmgs in Connect I
cut. Not but what ther's a few muebbe
in New~ York an' Ithiode Island, but not
in Italy, not by a derned sIght."
American Magazine.
No Use For a Label.
Shopmnan (to undecided customer
come to purchase a dog trough)--Would
you like one wvith "Dog" painted on it,
miadam? !Customer-N-no. You see.
the dog can't read, and my husband,
doesn't drink water!--London Punch,
Clerk's Sale,
Stnte of South Carolina,'
County of PICceOs. -
In Common Pleas Court.
In 1-n1rananciti of ia decreetal order
m do in the follm)%vingunamed case aid
on file in the clerk's offlee, I will mell to
thle high.+t bidder, during the legal
'hot1ra for anle, f't; Piokoire eom tilouse,
S. U.. ian Saleaday in, December, 1907,
the followiig-doeoribed real est tte upon
thq lernis hereinafter mienati oned, to-wit:
.1amest otter., tal.,
John iTrotter.
lst. Allftlh cerlain piece, parcel on
trac' tif lutad lying and being situate in
tl county and state aforeaaid, contain..
ing 106 and 174100 aereR, iWore. or Jess,
'i, repreoonted by plat of survey Imaide
iln the div sion of tle estate of G. MoD.
Trolttr, deceased, on the 251h day of
Septemlver. 1907, by 0. A. Ellis, sur,
v-yor, and better known as the home
troict of O. McD. Tio fler, de easard.
uidjoiiiug laid 4 of B. P. Aanuldin, Jer,
gnsoni's tandsa, R, ese Bowen tnd others.
2d. All that other piece, paro I or
tract .of land lying and being situn'e in
the county and atte af ,remaidl,containinisg
119 aind 83-100 aores, more or less, as
shown by pl. t of survey made inl the
diviiioni (if the estate of 0. Mo'). Trotter,
deceased, oan the 25th d -y of September,
1907, by G. A. Ellis, aurveyor, it being
the northern portion of the estate of 0.
Me. Trotter, *leceans.d, adjoining landa
of M. W. Simmons, the home tract, Ed.
Hendricks aid others.
Tern's-Onesh .if cashs, lalance on a
credit of twelve months from day of sale.
Tle credit portion to be ser'ured by a
bonid of thle purohanoni and a mortgage
of the premise<, satid mortgaige bearing
interest from dity cif sale :t the rate of
eight per cent. per annun, with Ie v to
I he purchiaser or ptirelhasers a pay all
cash onl d:ay of sale. Torima of sile must
b,- complied vith in oue hour after sale,
or the premises wi)l be resold rt the risk
of the forme)r puiirchaser or purchaisers.
Pnuaehsear or purch amera to pay for all
p .pers a .d for recording tho satue.
id. -1. Clerk of C unrt,
Clerk's Sale.
Stain of Snth Carolina, County of Pick
ens.-h a C, mimon Pleas Coirt.
In pIo]rnnsan eo of a decreetal order
isade in the- fhill-awing-nsamed oaso sia
on ill- in thM eirk's (f100, I will seNl to
til highest 14i. ler dihring the legal hours
fel- H:lfytt Pcineggau ci~urllusue. S. C., on
"ala lay in Deunmiber, 1907, the follow
iig-deecrahed read estate, upon th eterms
hereinafter muentioued. to-wit:
Licenma Riggion,. of a., Plaintiffe,
Clsyton Colliu, et aL., Defendeuts.
All that certain bract or plaantaion of
landa in ansid county sad state lying on
waiters 'of Crow creak,. waters of Kaeowee
river, containdog bwo, banodrod and aifty
six (256),asores, more or less, being all of
t-net tract of 'acd repvienanted by ai plait
an.l survey of sme--msade by Tho-s. D.
GLarvin, surveyan' dated the-19th day of
April, 166%4i leesa ttfty a'yI one- fonrth
(50*) ares soldi off thiereikomi to Dsaniel
Alexander bay the said dJordan Rice, as
wvill appear by deed from Tordana Race to
Dauniel Alevander, dated Miarch 12, 1872,
and recorded ins Deed Book "A," at
eages 78Sband '7a of the records of Pick
ene counity, 2l t7., reference being hereby
made- bao the~ above-menstioned deed and
plait, and to a plait of the portion sold off
from the originaa traict made by E. C..
Edena, surv.'yor, dated May 8th, 1907,
for* a more complete deseription of tne
remnamaing 256i acres, more or less.
Tsrmaa-One.i,alf cash on dlay of sale,
the bidanca. on a credit of twelve months.
The credit poartion to hear interest sat
the rate of eight per centum per annum
until paid, and.,to be sejured by a bond
of the purchmaser and mortg'age of the
premises sold, with lesave to the puarchaset
to psay all caiab on day of ale. Terms
of nsle mnat h'e complied wvith in one
honur. or the premises will be sold on
snme day of sle at the risk of the former
purchsaser. Pmsohaaser to pa~y for ll
papers anad recording ansme.
[Reial.] Clerk of Coaurt.
Notice of Final Settlement amd Dis
Notice is hereby given thaot I will mask"
applientin to JT. B. Newberv, Egq.,
.Tndge raf Prob te for Pickens omnnty.mi
the State o.f iPonth Carolinua, on the 5ths
dlay of Deoembi'i, 199)7, et, 11 h'o'ock ias
the forenoona, or na5 anon the'reasfter na
aia appliitcan enn be hiear, for leave
ta make final ciettlemnst of the estate of
W B. Singleton, deceased, and ob'tain
discharge as executor oif said eshite.
Nov. 7, 1907, E~xecntog.
Ashmore &
,WE have jus$ received
Dress Goods and Sh
right up-to-date Iin oa
Bring us you r Produii
ens, Eggs, Buitter, Peg,
We will pay the top <
anything yoll have fo
Our Motto: more
Shoes, 5
It will pay you to s
buy your Shoes.
Yours t
J. CAU'TID,, W. T. O'Diia.4.
P eaident. Viet Pre'si
Capital - -
Deliosita - -
F, B. MORGAN ". . " 1)
Acconats of Mewbalnt. F o r, ini, ai
H. A. RI T
WlIld F E M l.,\G
*HIGH, rg e
can run throughi
or clirnb over and
-Fall SI
Va'rious ebaiges in styhn'i ol ~I'r '4
n e i ner, We want tok. ui*,,
pay? The new featurensii~A n Me ng ,i ,g
Coods Sent or
at big lot of Now
Res. Our stock Is
ey resPect.
ce, suc as Click
n11uts, Potatoes, et.(*
)f tile llarket for
r sale.
goods-for less Money,
'goods for same Money.
Ce 1s before you
H. C. suhIxar,
- 5,SOOO,00
0II. . I R Y
litIii tit. i uis liitfe1
t. crawl under
break it.
h, *i se r.4 i :,, ar* . 5 i 4 r..I Iin.

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