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Eitered April 23, 1908 at Pickean, 1. O., as seoond olassimatter, nudor not of Congress of March 8, 1879.
The Gatherer.
The Comings and Goings of People
Some you know, some you don't.
Miss Willie Mae Lathem, of Green
Ville, is visiting her grandparents,
4 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Richey.
Mrs, E. B. Webb has returned
from a pleasant visit to her parents,
Dr. and Mrs. West, in Atlanta.
Mr. Bivens, of Waxhaw, N C ,
was in Pickens last week on account
of the death of his nephew, Henry
Misses Janie Jackson and Mary
Going and Henry Lander and W. td.
Hagood, Jr, of Easley, visited in
Pickens, Saturday.
Dr. E. B. Webb is enjoying the
comfort of a pair of alluminum auto
mobile goggles, presented to him by
Dr. J. N. Hallum, of the Pickens
Drug Co.
Ben. Martin, of Easley, was in
town Saturday.
Dr. E 1. Webb was called to Eas
ley on professional duty last week.
Mrs. Will Heath, of Albemarle,
N. 0., visited the family of T. L.
Bivens last week.
Mrs. Lizzie Stephens and children
were the guests of J, M. Stewart,
Mesdames Emma Major and C. E
Robinon have returned from the
state convention of mission work.ra
which was held in Columbia, and ie
j0ort a pleasant and profitable visit.
Capt. J. A. IGriffln, while getting
out timber last week, fell and got
badly bruised. Fer several days be
was unable to walk, but is some bet
ter at present
Mrs. Tom Ligon and daughter,
Annie, of Six Mile, visited friends in
town Monday.
Miqs Ninan and Homer Suthe
land, of Table Rock, visited friends
here Tuesday.
Sire. B. N. Glazener und daugliter.
Miss Zonobia, of Cross t-ads, visited
in Pigkens, Saturday.
Mrs. M. A. Hamilton has returned
from a visit- to her daughter in Greer.
Jas. Craig and Richard Freeman
were on the sick-list last week.
Miss Josie Boggs, of Easley, was
the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. N
lHallun', Saturday and Sunday.
31;ss Gladys Manidin visited in
Pickens, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stansell, of
Liberty, visited Mrs. Dave Stanseil,
Mrs. Flora Lathem, of G cenville,
'visited her parenti', Mr. and Mis. H.
A. Richey, last week.
B. Lewis spent Su aday in Pickena
withbuhs family.
J. E. Christopher, of Cateechee,
'Craig, viaited the family of N.acopne ~ i red W A~
*Chrisitopher, Sunday.
WValter Griffin, of G reenville, spenst
Snunday with hiis mother, Mrs. Florrie
-Gr fin.
Miss Nannie Kirkey has gone to
Salt bake City, Utah, to visit her
b~rother, Jameins Kirkstey.
Miss Chris tine Sutherland is visit -
ing her grandmother, Mrs. Florrie
-G ifln.
Am->s Dodgens left townt Mondaiy
night of last week quite unex pected
ly. His many friends and creditors
wish him a pleasant visit and speedy
A Pair of I
Two of the Cont
Baby E
We will publish two more next week.
can publish the pictures.
N. D. Taylor -will hp in his studio in Pi
diy thereafter nutil Dec. 15th.
This contest closew December 18th. 1907.
John Ligon, of Anderson, was in S
Piukens tast week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Ilagood and
Master .ack H:good, of Etaley, were p
the guesta of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
lIagooId last Sabibath. it
Mies Lyula Fulger and Annie C
Shanklin, of Pj'awley, were the gu sta "
of Miss Lucia F-lger, Sunday. f
Mr and Mrs Jas. Hagood and son d
Ben, of Easley, were the guests of t
Miss Lucia Folger, Sunday. p
R A. Bowen has had a large barn 0
built, which will greatly add to the ti
comfort of his stock during the cold h
weather. p
Mrs. Evie Thornley has had a neat f
wire fnce put up on the east side of d
her garden, which improves the ap
pearance of that street,
\fr. aid Ms. Frank Hendricks a
were the guests of Elbert Mauldin e
-nd wife Bund'y. d
The Auf Weiderachen Clu) met 0
with Mrs. Emily Bright last 'hurs -1
day night at the residence of her a
sister, Mrs. Robert Roark. Cards a
were played to fifty, after wvhich re.
freshments were served, and the S
members of the club bade each other a
gotod-bye, to imeet tagain next Ihurs- I
ds y evening. is
Mrs J. F. Bauaister, of Liberty,
spent several datys last week with her
mothe,-, Mr. RI. A Bowen. t
Geo McC.,nneauhy, of Greenville, e
visited frienda in Poekenis, Monday. t
Miss~ Mae R,binson, of Easley, vis- e
ited her lbrother Biiley last week. t
Miss Hanniah Bright, of Easee3 ,.
was the guest of Mrs. J. V.. Stewart, I
Friday .
Prof. J1. W, Switteni~urg, prinopal of
the Prokeiss Graded school, extends a
cordial inv tation to the patrons to be
presen. t at the opening exercises 0on Fri
day morning the 22d1 instant.
.1. M. (antt has left all of his shop nc
counts with B. F. Paa~ u for collectiona t
anid wrants aill thiose owing him to comoc B
forwvard and2( nimke pa'.ment.
The Twe.lve M i e school will open on t
the 25th inst., Miss Ada Gillespie as
WVolf Creek aelh'ol wvill Open on 25th
inst., with Miss Josie Boggs as teacher.
Mims Hattie Mason, of Gwinesville, e
Ga.*, visited her kinsipan, R. B. Roark, I
last week.
Pay your gnanol( bills at once. I enn
not ca'rry Iheso neccount6 any longer. (
Come to soc r s prepared to miakt, settle. t
ment. H. A. mRIOWv L
estants in our
Send in your photographs early so v
okens next Saturday and every Satui
all These Orphans Have a Thanks
Dr. Jacobs of the Thornwell 0
banage, Clinton, S. 0, writos:
"A little child alone in be worl
Ri bright black eyes tilled with tear
uine to me bold by the band of
ood woman. Only five years ok
Ltherless, motherless, she finds he
3lf after a long ride on the ears, ni
er the care of a friendly traveler. 1
ie door of the Orphanage, Bi
oor little thing, she knows nothir
f where she is, doeb not even knu
le place from which she cane; at
as her name written on a slip of p
er as an introduclion to the kim
iendo who are hereafter to care f<
er. She bringa a ittle package ai
er her arms -it is her all of worldl
ods. So it us only a few wee'
go, but nov luw dift--rent. Teaj
re dried. She i opening her brigI
yes to the lea.,is that come to b
aily. Fallirg into the routine
Lapel and school and dinner an
las, she is waking up, her 3oon
>ml is speaking through lips an
ogers and feet and din'pled cheel
Someone now loves the little gir
oumeone puts her to sleep at nigt
rter her lips baue whispered, 'Oti
'atber.' She is fluid u, a hone, alh
finiding herself, she will some da
ad God."
This little child ,uns welcomedt
ie loving care of the. Thtornwvell Or
hanage, Every one of the 25
uildren in the school of that inst
ite have had mwore or less of Lib
ae experieciel. It i's true that 1.4
veen bem aind grim neec-asity. te
toI-daly a strong wall of defencC
~ut the peoplo w ho lovt* Ga d an
tle children are thatU wvall. The Oi
haunage 1 is unde Presby)n-r 3 in cor
ol biut it is fo.- all urphtana. Ii.t turn1
orLe away breanso of its fatiher
aithd. TIheren art. 158 orphains frn'r
intlh Catroliuna un der its ucare, 0
(m1m 0Georgiut, 23 from Ph.lria tIn
in1 rest fromt Ien othetr Southeor
Laes. Not one hast at. living fathei
Senid gifIts of p)roiiions or mo'oe
the Th'ornwev~ll Orlphanatze, Cliintot
.C., muaking chick, p'i able to Ik)
Oat of the $1,975,IT,091t gros
tirnings of all te ra Go-id in tb
Fnited Stat es in the) last, veuer of ii
rstate crmmerce record, $i41,875
36 u'as from the epress biei(
In this t rnfli, lie public paiid tolls I
Le e.xprfM c'.a'painies of sorm(thi~n
ke $83,750.00n)
Health good, everything lovely and
everybody happy.
Corn-gatbering holds sway these
beautiful days.
Ge. Lewisi and V. M. Nations
visited the family of Mrs. Alexander,
near Salem, last Thursday and Fri
Mrs W. A Perry visited relatives
and friends in Greenville and Abbe
ville, Saturday and Sunday.
T. H. Nations and 19. A.' Powel
visited friends in Oconee, Tuesday,
and ersjoyed a fine hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Nations vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Brown, at Seueca,
Saturday and Sunday, and report a
pleasant visit. 'FnAIR GIRL.
Easley, Route 2.
e As no one but myself ever writes
from here, I will occasionally let you
know that some of us still live. And
probably it will not interest many of
your readers to know who is visiting
in this neigborhood, so I will write
- on another subject.
Well, have been imitating the lives
of my grandfathers. I killed a goat,
a sheep, a hog, and one of my ntigih
, bore seut me a quarter of fine b6ef,
and I ordered three gallons of Bour
a ban, and have been having my "nog"
, three times a day and oftener, and
r- in the meantime I got tired of meat
I and ordered fish, oysters, etc. So
it my "nog" gave out, and I awakened
it from my Rip Vanwinkle sleep, and
g my hands told me they bad every
w crib fall of corn and not near done
le gathering, and when I went to sleep
% I only had 16 hogs, and when I
d awoke I had 26; also more goats and
>r pnore oattle, and the boys bld been
I. taking in new money.
y - So I commenced asking myself
a questions. I thought I ought to be
s the competent one, as I had my
t brain washed 'up, rested and nour
r johed, so I answered the questions in
I rotation sati..factory to myself- I had
i better stop before 'I answer unsatis
g factory to some one else
I But-we will have three wontbe
more of good times.
r An Appeal for the "Bread Line."
r The Boweiy Mission. "Broad
y Line," at whic. 1,000 |men who are
ont in the. streets for the iiglut are
0 given a breakfast of hot cofl'ee and
-rolls every morning at one o'clock, is
0 one of the most 1 athetio. sights in all
i- the wide, wide world. Logig before
e the hour of opening, these poor~,
starving men stand in 'i single line
e that sometimes extends for blocks in
.length, wai'ing for the coffee and
I rolls. During the last winter this
-breakfast was given to a total of 144,
1000 homeless men andl boys and m up
Sto (late nearly half a million of the
hhomeless have had their weary tramp
ii aestfully interrupted by this uniq. e
2 ministr ation.. The first of these
E Breakfasts is giveni on Thuanksgiving
I) morningad h last one on te o
.lowing Eatster mornig, Al together
y the Mission supiplied, ti is year, over
,) 2,000 meals and 10,072 lodgings to
'.hm les n anid boys4.
IIt isa for this graind. philant hrop)iC
a w.)rk that we' ask your kind anid iraic
e I I i dco-operart ion. TI'he homeless,
.frienriless, disheartened men and1(
- bonys of the Bowery arc not native
INew Yorkors, but meni and boys who,
o until withim a year, lived happily at
~tho o d homestead with father and
mother and perhaps wife. Theyare
stranded here, and in despair, appeal
to the Old Bowery - Mission, whiob,
for over tbirty years, has been to the
unfortunate, as the rescue, cities of
old, a haven of encouragement, rest
and protection. Soall we turn them
away? It rests with the good people
of this codutry to Idecide this qns
tion, a~d nay God 'graciously blp
you to decide it' hright. -John 0.
H-arle, Financial Secretaty, 92 Bible
House, New York City.
Gospel Mission Mass Meeting.
Prater's Creek Baptist church has
called ajmass meeting of all the co
operating churcbes . in church and
migsiou work to meet with them on
Saturoay before the first Sunday and
the first Sunday in December 1907,
for prayer and counsel and to study
the wor'd of God. for advice and in
formation and to agree upon a plan
for the work for 1908 in church and
mission work. All the co operating
churches will please note this call
and send inessengers to meet with
us, and ail other Bapti.t church
es ind individeal members who want
information on this direct or Scriptu
ral plans of the church and mission
work, have a special invitation to at
tend this meeting and let us reason
together and search the Scriptures
for information as to how the Lord
wo'uld have His work done and let us
take the counsel of Jeremiah, "Stand
ye. in the ways and see, and ask for
the old paths where is the good way
and walk therein and ye shall find
rest for your sorbl."
Eid 0. P. Bostick a returned mis
sionary from China who is now in the
home land will be with us as will
other brethren from abroad.
Done in church conference and
signe-1 by order of the same.
W. C. Seaborn,
IJ M. Entrekhi, Nod.
C. Ulerk.
The postal service of the govern
ment was carried on at a net loss of
$10,542,941.76, for the year ending
June 30, 1906.
A emoety writer in a Saouday .Jir.m
nal finde that there' ar "countlesi
American girls worth millions." And
the longer they remain countless and
deikeleea the happler ar d the richer
they will bo.
It is roL hard to believe that there
are muen in this country who would
be willing to pay handsomely for the
purpose of showing that the govern
ment had failed miserably in opera.
ting its postal system.
Practically all the great railroad
corporations of America are reported
to have decided to increase the we..
gus of mnIaloyce. The aggregate in
crease will a-nount to about $100,s
000,000. Such an advance in wages
is demanided by the iricrease in the
cost of living.
One half of the world doesn't care
a strawv how the other half lives, or
dies either for that matter. Supreme
sollishness and grasping after the
almighty dollar are the motives that
rule two-thirds of mankcind to-day.
Thel l~resident gets a salary of only
$50,000 a year, and whenu it was pro
piused to make an1 annu)fal aippropria
tion of $25,000 for traiveling 4x pensee
a storm or protest, was ralisedl. The
New York Commierial says the trav
eling expoees of Emperor William
cost the German government fully
$500.000 a year

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