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"I am1 happy to have pleased your
highniess," he said steadily.
"It may linterest you to know that
they cease(d to be ladies in waiting aft
er that expostire."
"Yes, your highness, it certainly is in
teresting," he said as lie fell back into
position beside lladdan. During the
remainder of the ride lie caught lhimii
sr-if time after time gazing reflectively
at the back of her proud little head,
Possessed of ail almitiost tincoi ntrollable
desire to touch the soft brown hair.
"You can't fool that excellent young
rman much longer, my dear," said the
countess, recalling the look in his dark
eyes. The saei thought had been af
flicting Beverly with its probabilities
for twenty-four hours and more.
Count Marlanx welcomed his visitors
with a graciousness that awoke Won
der in the minds of his staff. His
marked preference for the American
girl did not escape attention. Some of
the bolder young oflicers indulged in
strrept Itious grimaces, and all looked
with more or less compassion upon the
happy faced beauty from over the sea.
Marlanx surveyed Baldos steadily and
coldly, deep disapproval in his sinister
eyes. He had not forgotten the en
counter of the day before.
"I see the favorite is on guard," lie
said blandly. "Has he told you of the
lesson in manners lie enjoyed last
night?'' Ile -as leading his guests to
ward the quarters, Baldos and laddan
following. The new guard could not
help hearing the sarcastic remark.
"You didn't have him beaten?" cried
Beverly, stopping short.
"No, but I imagine it would have
been preferable. I talked with him fot
half an hour," said the general, laugh.
in-g significantly.
When the party stopped at the drink
ing fountain in the center of the fori
Baldos hialted near by. IHis face wat
as impassive its iarble, his eyes se
straight betore him, his figure erec
:and soldierly. An occasional sarcas
-tic remark by the Iron Count, mean
-tor this ears, made no Impression upoi
'the deadly composure of the new guar
who had had his lesson. Miss Cal
houn was .consclous of a vague feelin
-that she had served Baldos an il tur:
when she put him into this position.
The count provided a light luncheoi
in his quarters after the ladies bat
- gone over the fortress. Beverly Cal
houn, with all of a woman's indiffer
.ence- to things material, could not bu
see bow poorly equipped the tort wal
as. compared to the ones she had seet
an the United States. She and thi
countess v'isited the armory, the ar
senal and the repair shops befori
luncheon, reserving the pleasures o!
the clubhouse, the officers' quarter:
and- the parade ground until afterward
Count Klatlanx's home was in tht
southeast corner of the inclosure, nea:
the gates. Several of the officers lunch
- ed with him and the young ladies
Marlanx was assiduous in his atten
tion to Beverly Calhoun, so much so
in fact, that the countess teased hel
afterward about her conquest of the
old and well worn heart. Bever3
.Abought him extremely silly and senti
-aenta.1, much preferring him in tht
.character of the harsh, lmplacable mar
At regular intervals she saw tha
straight, martial form of Baldos pmi
the window near which she sat. HF
wats patrolling the narrow piazzi
whieh frontegl the house. T1oward thi
clIose of the rather trying luncheon shi
was athnost unable to control the im
gulse to rush out and compiel him t<
sidile. She hungered for a few min
udtes of the old ti::ie freedom with him
The Iron Count was showing hei
somte rare antiqute bronzes lhe had col
sected in the south. Tfhe luncheon Wat!
*over, and the countess had strolled ofi
Anoward1 the hastions with the youni
'vfic'ers, leaving Beverly alone with th(
lis. Servants came in to clear th(
tables, but the count harshly ordered
them to wait until the guests had dle
"It is thte dearest thting I have seen,'
salid IBeverly. holding a t'are old candle
tsi(,ik at armi's length and1( lookinig at 11
In ats many ways as the wrist could
tu. Ile lt ose151 sleeve's (ended jutst be
sOW thet elbows. Tshe count's eyes fol
JowedI the graceful curves of her whitc
t'oreamii with an eatgerness that wvas
linn oying.
"I prize it more dearly than any
* thter Itiece in my collection," lhe said,
"it camie from Rhome. It has a history
wichl I shall tr~y to tell you sonme day
'ind w1hich makes it almost invaliable
A4 .Germa~n nobleman offered me m
.smnall fortune If I would part with it.'
"And yout wouldn't sell It't"
'I was saving it for aun occasion
zjaotr higenan li 1anantA bla tnt awm~
Author of "Graustad -
a ftjIghit. 1904. by C-"I
load mnd Coo'ws,
glittering. "The glId hour, has con
when I can pmrt with it for a recou
pense far greater thanl the baron
"Oh, isn't It lucky you kept it?" sI
crlied. Then she turned her eyes awi
quickly, for his gaze seeied greedi
mieavoring to pierce through the la<
Insertion covering her neck and shot
drCs. Outside the w ind)w the strU
tramp of the tall g:ird weit on im
niotonous ly.
"The reconupense of it sweet smile.
tender blush and the unguarth
thanks of a pretty wom11a1.-. The cal
dlestICk is yours, Miss CHPalhoun--if Y<
will repay me for my saerillee by a
cepting it without reservation."
Slowly Beverly Calhoun set the ca
diestick down upon the table, her ey<
meeting his with steady disdain.
"What a rare old jester you ar
Count Marlanx," she said without
smile. "If I thought you were In en
nest I should scream with laughtc
May I suggest that we join the coui
ess? We must hurry along. you knol
She and I have proimised to play tenia
with the princess at 3 o'clock." T1
count's glare of disappolntlent lastf
but a moment. The diplomacy of eg
tism came to his relief, and lie he
back the gift for another day, but w
for another woman.
"It grieves me to have you hur
away. My afternoon is to be a di
one unless you permit mie to wa-tch t
tennis game." he said.
"I thought you were interested on
in the game of war." she said poh
"I stand in greater awe oft a temi
ball than 1 do of a canion hIll, If It
sent by such an1111 rm 1 your," nt
he not only laid his eyes, but his haa
upon her bare arm. 'She started as
something had stung her, and a c
shiver raced over her wari flesh. I
eyes for the inoment held ler spc
- bound. He was drawing the hand
t his lips when a shadow darkened t
French window, and a stber ratt
Count Marianx looked up instani
a scowl on his face. Buldos stood
the window in an attitude of alert
tention. Beverly drew her arm an
spasmodically and took a step towa
the window. The guard saw by I
eyes that she was frightened; but,
his heart beat violently. his face %v
the picture of military stoniness.
"What are you doing there?" snar
the count.
"Did your hIghness call?" asked 13
dos coolly.
"She did not call, fellow!" said 1
count, with deadly menace in his vol
"Report to .me in half an hour. Y
still have something to learn, 1 se
Beverly was alarmed by the threat
his tones. She saw what was in st<
for Bialdos, for shdi knew quite as w
as Mariann that the guard had del
erately intervened in her behalf.
"He cannot come in half an haou:
she cried quickly. "I have somethl
for him to do, Count Marianx. Besid
I think I did call." Both men stna
at her.
"My ears are excellent." said M
lanx stiffly.
"I fancy Baldos' must be even bett
for lie heard me," said Beverly, hers
on1ce more. TlIe shiadow of a si:
crossed the face of the gunard.
"lie is implhertinaent, insolent, y<
highness. You will repart to mel tonm
rowv, sir, at 0 o'clock in Cplonel Qu
n lox's quairter's. Now,' go!" coiimman(
the count.
"Wailt ai mlinute, Bald1os. WeC are
ing ouat too. WVill y'ou open that w
dow for' me'?" Baldos gladly took it
a 'ommai~nd and1( threw opena the le
French window. She gav e him a gra
ful glance as5 she stepped through. ai
lie could scarcely coniceal thae gleama
Joy thiat shot into his owni eyes. '1
dillrk scow'l 01n thme !ounlt's fiace imil
absolute Ily no0 impresslion i:joni hima.
closed the window and followed 1
pances behinad the coulet.
"'Your ;;uaird Is a iless treasua'
said( thaceaount griml~ly.
'"Thalt's wvhalt y'ou sai h about the c*:
diostiek," said she swveetly.
She was d istuirbed by his threat
reprimlan 111al dos. For' soame tIme 1
It grew upon hera thit her frlind i1
b~een bullied and humaiailiated, peril:
ini t he( presenlce of specta Iors. Ihcese
mlenit fired her cu~riosIf y lulto nl'tl
WhIle the generai w'as explhInIng<
of the new gun carrlages to the coul
ess Heverly walked deliber'a tely over
w~here Haldos was standing. Ilndda
knowledge of English wasi exceedina
Clerk's Sale,
State of S. uih Caroliin, (
County of P ekens.
In Common Pleas Court.
In rttuance of at dcoreetal ord
m do in the following-niamemd case a,
on tile in tWe olerk's office, I will sell
the highest biddor, during the le
hor o alie, at Pickenia conuihous
S. 0.. on Saleiday in December, l(
the followitig-loe4ribed real est to npi
the termis heei-ter mlenit-.ned,0 to-w
James T rol tor, Ot al.,
1 iin Trtt.ter.
e lat. All Ii . eorlain piece, parcel
trict. of lqtd l' ing 1ad being sit uato
's th ieoulty ind istte afreid, lf olai
ing lt anti 17-100 acres, imol e or les
to 11H rer)ae by p of survey1m
yinl the tlivis4iont of thbe e~state of Og. Mc)l
y Trotter, deeahed, on tis- 25thli day
September, 1:07, by C. A. Ellis, sv
y v3yor, and better laowni ats thi imit
D triaet of G. .MD. Trotter, (iecoetst
adjoining liind, of B. P. Msnuldin, Fc.
a gmon"ia lnid., Ri eso BowuIen n(l othei
2d. All that other piece, parcil
n tract of lhmd lying and being situiae
c- thie county and1 statte aforemaii.,containiii
119 and 83-10) acres, mnore or less,
shiown by pl)t of %urvcy mmdii inl t
Slivisioi of the esfiitt of G. Mio' . Trott<
deceaseiCd, Oin the 25th (1,y of Septembi
a 1907, by (. A. Eilis, - urveyor, it hIei
r- tht- nortlitrn portiouof theoeatate of I
r. Meo). Trotter, deceased, adjoining Jan
of M. V. Simmona, the home tract, E
Heidrioke at d others.
to Termlat-Onewh!lf cash, balance oi
d credit of twelve months from day of sa
0- The credit portion to be scured by
id "bond of the purchaqAi and a nor ga
a of the premises, sitid mortgage bohril
interent from d"ay of sale sit th.- rate
Y eight per cent. per annum, with lew
the pirichaiser or purchasers ,.t pay
3e casi on (ay of ale. Terma of aale" mi
y be complied with in one hour after sa
it- or the premiste will be resold it the r
of the former pnlrCiasier or purchase
Purchaser or purch siers to pay for
ptpers a. d fur recording the saie
d. A. J. BOGGS,
if [S- al.1 'lerk of C( urt
t. Clerk's Sale.
to 81at S of sonth Carolinn, County of Pi
he .m.-Iu Common Pleas Court.
ed ~In )Irananics of a decreetal or
.mdei in the filli 'ivng-naumd cs11;e 1
at on fil-- it the clerk's oilice, I will sell
at- the highest 1-idtler during the legal ho
sy for maepatt Picaeos courthouse, 8. C.,
rd Salexlay tn December, 1907, the folh
er inig-deseribed real estate, upon th ett-r
f hereinnifier mentioned. to-wir:
Licema Riggina, et al., Plaintiffs,
Clatyton C'ollim,, et ad., Defendanta
All that certajin tract or platntation
he landa in ansid county anud state lying
-' waiters of Crow creek, waters of Keom
ou river, containing two hnndred and fi
six (250) aceres, more or lesa, being all
re thnat tract of !and represented by a I
elI atnd snrvey of same1 maade by Tbo.
Ib- Oorvin, surveyor, dated the 19th day~
April, 1854, less fifty andu one fons
' (51i) sores Bold off therefrom to Dai:
esg Alecander by the said Jordan Rice,
ed will aplpeari hi- deed from lordant Rica
Daniel Alexiander', d~od Mmarch 12. 18
tr- andt reordled in D)eed Book "A,"
algts 735and 736 of tihe records4 of Pi,
er- en eounity, f4 0., re'ference beinsg him ri
mi lade ton the aibove-menitionied deed
IIpiat, aind to a pliot of the portion sold
or fmmon the original tracot made by E.
iur. Eden'1l, snr'veyor, dated) May 8th, 19
Inl- for' a mlor'e cmpitete dsscriptlion of
ci) reain uing 256 soren, more or less.
Trma-n-ne'-hal f each on dlay of 'a
Is. the hahmeiin on1 a credit of twelve mont
as The. edit porttioni to hoar inaternal
nig the mate of esight par centum per nun
te- initi paiid, antd to be acjured by a br
14) of thle piurel.nae'r ud mortgaage of
li'pelamse sold. with lemiyo to tile pinrOhns
de to paly s'l (taSh 'in daty of sale. Ter
of' sasle mnat lbe comtiphed with in
enj honr. or the proesnt* will beo sold
anme da of i salit the risk of thle forni
"X purchsas, r. Pn c a~m r to paIy for
A. J1. 11OGGS,
to [Seal. Clerk of Coinit
'a Notice of Final Settlement and [
Niotice ist htieeby givet ihnst T w 'ill meri
..appicattioni to Je. B3. Ne'wheryv, TK
IJndge oif Pr'oh .te for- Pisketns cinnlly,
-the State oif South Ciarioliina, on th lit
'a day of December, 1997, at 11 0'clocks
nt the forenoon, or nas s~on thereapifteri
to Baid apaplicationt can) ho hieard, for lei
nt's to make final) settlemeont of the ctte
sly W B. Sitigloton, deeceased, anti out
discharge as executor of saidi ett.
Ashmore &
E have just received
to ~Dress Goods and S]
right up-to-date iI (
Bring us your Prod
ens, Eggs, Butter., P
We Will piay the top
or fliaythling you have 1i
Our Motto: ""
It will Pay you to
nel buy your Shoes.
3. J. CATER, W. T. O'DrL
die President. Vice Pre
l ofits - -
S Deosits - -
Wt F. B. MORGAN W. 1. 0
isk Aojutai of Merohauta, Fartners. Firms,
all -
HL-. A. RI1
HIGH, r wE wI
Bull TT.
Proof .
"' Tight. '
Can run through
ok or Climb over an
----iIE N
Fall S
Sel F~.H lI 'I'
aoi 108 WeIu:gI1 wan t 1 14 ep ) yo ys.,
paUv? The new~ 1 featurea in Mui.1' A phpaai:
C oods Sent ce
a big lot of New 4
oes. Our stock is
,Vey respect.
uice, sucl as Chck
aInuts, Potatos, etc.
of the inarket for
b'r sale.
9 goods for less Money,
ergoods for same Money.
see us before you
D 1901.
it, H. C. SHIRLEY,
Kidaut, (Joshier.
,S. C.
-- $25,00Q,00
- - S,000,0G
It. J. P. SMITH.
and I''dvidnina solioited.
s. s. c.,
it, crawl under
:i break it,
ty les
\ir B R1 Iii Ctts irG't'ia
~n Approval!
LE, S. C.

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