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Entered April 28, 1903 at Pickeus, 8. 0., ae secood olassiomatter, under act of Congrems of Marob 8, 1879.
Pickens Route 4
Dreamer. sickness was the cause of
y staving away so long. My dear
Ather has been very ill for tlree weeks
it is mueh better now.
Mrs. Hester Rigorlin visited her moth
MIrs. Sallic Chapman last week.
G. W. and S. 0. Dorr, of Euou, visit
I relatives in tliis. part last week.
There will be services at' Griffin 'on
hianksgiving, beginning it 10 o'clock.
DPreamer, I thank you for the synop
a of Petrarch and Liura which I find
ery interesting to me for I have a little
xperienc along that line myse'f. But
y looking up we have pictures by the
ngels and whisperings of all that's
right aind fair. Even when the blue
ky is covered Aith leaden clouds, we
ay remember 'hat patience and not
espair bringo a reward. There never
was a trouble that could not be worse; if
we can mond it letq do so, if we can't,
lots beautify our lives as much as we eau
and cover our crosses with roses and
speak of the plenisant things instead of
the nupleasant ones. Girls we will not
always find this journey of life what it
seems, nor, does it lie all the way
t'irough verdant v~dleys and flowery
meadows, nor is it always bright with
the sunhght of pleasure. You will not
find a bed of rosos to ,eoline upon
every time you are weary; we must not
expect it if we would not be disappoint.
ild. We may find some deep gullies to
cross an the briars will tear our nice
elothing, We will find i lenty of roses
by the way but they grow among thoris
and if we would gather them we must
not be afrrid of a few scratches. We
should not have our linen mote spotless
than our character. Keep your con
science clear and your heart pure and as
you go into the word you will make that
name for yourself that it is your right,
nay, your duty to do. Do not sit in the
r. parlor whilegyour mother goes about the
household uties all day with the help
of one girl when there is work for six.
Do not let her wear old clothes that you
ma. wear silk, for when those busy
2' hands are folded over that loving heart
that has ceased to beat, your heart will
ache dud you will think if you only
-could bring mother back yon would love
her ais never before.
We all like the kind of people that arp
always doing something and jor, ulways
saying I mean to do something some
# time.
We are going to do a kindly deed
Sometime, perhaps, but when?
Our sympathy give :n time of need.
We will do so much in the coming
We will banish the heartaches, the
.doubte and fears,
And we?'l comfort the lonely and
dry thaeir teare,
Sometine perhaps, but when?
We will give a smile to a suddened
'Of the heavy burdens, wve'll share a
Sometime perhaps, but when?
;Bometimne we're going to right the
floumeme the weak we'll help make
noetime well come with love's
- weet song,
Som'etiiejperhiaps, but when?
'ala E4.Aroit: I will write you a
few dots from our commuaunity.
We haive been having some rainy
weather and the roads are getting
-very bad.
Obristmas is nearly here and many
4.re not yet through gathering their
Samuel Edens visited Mrs. Marga
ee Edens, his mother, last Sunday,
anfd rep->rte a fiae time.
W. iUosemon E~dens visited James
Ediens oin last Sunday.
We are listening for the wedding
bells to ring, shortly but would like
enuch better to get some of the cakes
it Santa Claus don't break the ring. 7
Boys, get on a rush and Yote for t
your rural carrier. The contest will b
o001n close.
W. H Rigdon is havinr a now a
buildinig put up on his Galloway i
firoperty and others are repairing and
building in this community.
H. H Lynch has his ginnery run
ning again.
I will write again soon if I do not
lose my pen. PAPA'S OI.DEST Boy.
Wasn't 1st weeks paper bright a
and chatty? I felt liks sayiig amen
to the editorial on "Thanksgiving."
Let us render fervent thanks on that
day at least. It will be hard to make
them real and heartfelt unless we y
have been in the habit of thanking
our Heavenly Father for each gift as
we receive it. As Thanksgiving Day
is a milestoue in the passing year, it c
'should be made as Pleasant and
oh erful as our means will' allow.
Turkey and cranberry sauce are not g
nfceaAry to a hAppy feast. Do the
beit you can and make up the lack in
love and good cheer. t
What an iniRpirati->n the cheerful,
hopeful person is, one who can say
through all the trials and vicissitudes
of life: "The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not." When I say a cheerful
spirit I do not mean those who spend
their time in mirth and gaiety, never i
stopping to r fleet on who am I. and
what am I and whither am I going?
Take time oh friends, "Take time to
be holy."
Since I told about my preetty tur
key I have had several oflers to swap
Sir 'Tom. I exchanged one- of his
sons with a friand. I was reminded
of the two boys who went to town
each with a sack of rabbits for sale.
One went back home without having
sold a isingle rabbit. His mother
asked what was the reasmn that he
had knade no sale, when , he replied,
i ell, no one never asked me what I
had." Directly the other son came t
in, his sack empty, anti his pocket t
jingling with money; on being asked
how he came to sell out he said, "As e
I walkei the streets every few steps '
I'd halloo 'rabbits, rabbits!' ' I ha
looed "turkey" but did not think
about it being free adveetising, so
please forgive the offence, Mr. Editor. v
"Old Farmer," If I could write as 1
well as you, and the rest of the S.J c
contributors, I'd not let my nen grow I.
rusty. I
Dreamer's baby kissed the twvo [
contest babies and when she wvent to y
take her customary nap said, "I don't s
wvant to leave them off mama, 'et me I
take 'em wiv me to shut-eye town," '
and went to sleep with the paper in f
her arms. C
Thanking you all for the good send j
off~oo gave the~ boy. I still remain e
your, Dreamer.
Hazel Happenings.
IDear Editor and Readers,'I will, r
after so long a time, csome forth with I
a few more scattering lines.
(4eneral h'eahl is good.
.Farmera are very near done gath.:
ert ug crops, sowing rye, et ct ra.
Messrs. John . Langston, C. E
and W. E Thomas, and Mrs. Eliz'a. r
both Gillespie visited at the home of r
A. TI. Winchester lest Nunday and v
M inday.
L 0 Giltrap and son Ed. visited
Daniel Winchester lest Sunday.
C. P. Gi-ilespie's sale was very well ti
attended considering the roughness.
of the weather. Messrs .on. trin -
nd Jesse Allison of Piedmont, was'
I attendance at this sale. Mr. G.
od family left the day after the sale
)r their future home near Piedmont.
Willie T. Chastain bought Mr.
rille-eple's farm and will we presume,
ake to himself an holpmeet, - id be
uie in Mr. O's stead.
D. W. Cantrell, Jr , has purchased
part of the James Porter farm pod
as moved to the same..
Messrs A. L. and Elijah Edens
ave been surveying land in this sec
on the past week.
J. R. Meece, of RoIUman, N. C.,
as moved his large saw mill to this
ide, having located on Dauiel Win
hester's land. He has a good plant
nd can make most any kind df lumu
or you want.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
leece, on the 17th uit., a son.
Well, hurrah for the contest in
our paper. Mountain Sprout.
Dots from Dalton.
Good morning Mr Editor, I have
ome again as it has been raining
nd "Jack Frost" lis not got me yet.
W. E. Thomas and family were thu
;uests of R B. Lumkii last week.
Misscs Sadie and Stella Parker
isitedl Misses Pearle and Bi2ssie Dal
on last week.
Mr. and Mre. Robert Curtis visited
Jr. aLd Mrs. R. B. Lumkin lust Sun
Misses Pearic and Bessic Dalton
vere the guests of Misse Hattie and
dinnie Nix Sunday ast.
Misses Rosie and Minnio Herd
vere the guests of Miss Essie Lum
un last Suaday.
Mr. and Mrs. B F. Mauldin spen
sunday with the family of J. E Nix
Sam Bolding of the Prater's sectior
nade a flying trip to Walhalla lasl
Priday. Look out girli.
The writer worshipped at Milt
ireek last Sunday and heard a fine
ermon by the pastor. Rev. J. E,
It looks as thoub the wedding
Oig will ring in the Mile Creek see.
1011. 63n.
Mesdames S. F. and W. E. Curtis,
made a dying trip to Greenville last
reek. Uncle Tom.
Six Mile
Hellol "Papa's Girl," I saw in last
?eek's paper about the undersigned
ot working mu-ch, ad having -0
auch to write. W by, honey, God
less your soul, you don't know it
ight. I work hard all day and do
ay writing at night.. I would ask
on to comne down and spen~d a week
itih me and help m.. work some, but
don't think you could bold ont to
pork longer than a da y at a time,
r any one that ?on't work much
an't stand it long at a tiine, so you
list come down and we will see who
an do the most work.
E.irl Akexande'r p'.-sed1 thirough
lix Mlile on his wa.y to, , n
al, to his wmik at S. Rt. K-lley'su.
ist Monday, wvhere ho had been vie -
ing home folks in the Stewart
ect ion.
When 1 see Daeamer and Cleavie's
ieces I get a ten cent ismile on my
ace for I know that I uam going to
end something good Let onur cor'
e'spondents wake up and see what
re crn do for our little paper.
Robert Manidin, and wife visited
ue town of Catechee labt Thursday.
Gordon Pickens has set himself up
a new stirrey.
Mrs.. George Dur'ium gave the
>una folks a singing last Sunday
A Pair of
Two of the Con
We will publihli two ntiv next we. k
can publish the pie'ur.
N. D. Tayor will bo in his atdoo in
day thereafter ur iil Dec. 15th.
Thi- c'utet et se; Dveenbor 18:l% WO
afternooun which va ;ruity eij yd
by ill prealant.
Yur tcI ibu spent. onw tay butl
,veel. u- . v li'lt-e to.w. v! ,at - I
S. D1lm 1-11s a ..,d folon Oil
h li-.ger,
P. W1. Willionu is putting up a
nice r sid nce on Mtin lstret in tLe
town of Six Mile.
31rs. J. U. N hba but, calld to
Andirson on account of the ieki.eas
of h.-r muother, Mrs. , illivan, who is
t 11.
iws E' ie Arno!-. i its d iin tle
King stetion last neek.
Friku what I saw a few Siandoa3d
ag# I think the wedding.t 1ell8 will
ring real soo, at flit helioe of "Ie'pn's
Girl." Guesa labmt .o wheat phe nieant
wlen she was witinifig, 116t jst hated
to t41 it. Do,'t you uppo--e it "as
Shat way, Mr: E-litor? 'I would be
jpt like her it I was q-,iug to get
maprr:ed, I don't Ihint I wonld toll
the old folks for they might hok
cross-.Eyed ut me Ro I f ..s this is
eningh "aid aboit 1hi1, Qo gaod Iye.
W A Hind, icks viited in L bat.ly
and Anderson lat w--ek
Hog killing is the oitl r of tie day
at unr house.
Some are talhiag f owing vwheat
nowv soon. It is almost timea
Miss Ermma Heijdaicks, of the King
section, visited her aunt, MEs. Lula
Arnold, last week.
Health of this commnwinty is very
good at present.
I am truly glad to know thait the
corresponde~lnt, Mointin Boy, is not
deadc Comec ag~aiaa, with ,.iour iLP~nm.;
tell us. all the good niewsi frm 30our
I will ringm ofY for I sa com ~ne at
coumng; it ltoks to ame like that ne
baagev, so success t a 'J H~ K>'INTI..
Jwauax. aind its many rendters.
"1 Ie's onae or thei get -ri(ch-~quic k sort,
"Yes, his wealthay uan(le died very
suddenly."'---eeveland Pl~ anae-. -
THIS COUPON entitles t
TIhe Sentbine-Jouarnai
5 votes for.............~.....
5 votes for M iss......
5 vno for. ~ .~.
testants in our
Semd in) yor phoIograpi early fo we
Pwckeum nevt .jtuirdjay and ovry Saxtur
Keep Your Eye on the Vote
They are All Climbing-Some Faster
Thn Others
Iosa O'Dell, Liberty, 4.275
R F 1'ead, Pickeis. 2,195
R L Hiendersou. Pickina 1,170
Jake Allgood, Liberty, 610
Middloton kiester, Pickens 1,860
C 0 Maters, Central, 2,085
Wm Mullirix, ''entral, 00
D ( humli.-e, Euthy, 415
B F Freeman, Pickens, 2,1(160
- MuWitorier, Liberty, 800
Frank HendrickA, Plcke"s, 1,895
Hal Hogg', U1alhou1, 400
-- Steele, Central, 200
Dreamers' Arthur, Lib-erty, 2.930
Miss Luoia Earle, Pickone, 3,125
Tillman Garrett, Hurricaue, 1,405
Mism Zora Smith, Central, 1,865
Mtbs Lona Balentine, Central 2,685
Miss Lida Lemlie, Esialey, 295
Mli-i Essie Kolle!y, Pickens 830
Mis Kitty Edesm, Pnampkiutown 360
Mi.n' Elkio Herd, Pickens 80
Miti Viola O:lstrap, 1,000
NIiR Pearle Dilton, Hurrienne 405
Lena~ Baldino 2,685
Zora Smithl 2,0J(0
Mattio Bowen 215
Lida L'slie. 295
Almai (layton 8,125
Lucia Rarle 3.065
Essieo Kelley, Piokens 830
Viola Gilstrap, Pijckena 1,000
Lizzio Garrett 1,261)
Nora Chlnaman 330.
Peario Datltnni 405
Flora Winches'te'r 430
Leona~f Ch pmanZI! 200
Lida~ TJhomani 235
la E'rced 425
(aty ~dousH 640
he holder to 5 votes in
l's Prize Contest.
...-..... ............Rural Carrier
....... ..... for sch ola reni

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